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Virgin Media: Organizational & Individual Development

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is a Personal SWOT Analysis?
  • What do you understand by CPD?
  • What is a Personal Developmental Plan?
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Personal as well as professional development is basically the process in which organization as well as individuals are engaged within a process of the learning for meeting their long term and short term goals. The main aim of this report is to analyse the skills as well as behaviour which are required for growth and development in Virgin media organization. This report enlightens the various aspects which are related to organizational learning as well as development and assess the various practices which organization uses for creating a culture of high performance.

This report gives a brief about knowledge, skills as well as behaviour required by HR professionals, personal skill audit along with PDP plan, reflective statement and SWOT analysis, comparison between organization learning, individual learning and training and development, need of continuous learning as well as professional development, learning theories, professional development plan, understanding of HPW, approaches in performance management and use of HPW for improving employee engagement.

Who are HR Professionals? What knowledge, skills and behaviour are required of them?

HR Professional plays a signifiant role in the virgin media as they are accountable for developing ,managing as well as maintaining the policies of the firm. They are responsible providing training as well as development of the employees. Training is the essential part of their job .they can make aware both employees such as new and existing about the firms polices . They are the one motivates the employees, have the suitable knowledge regarding the laws and polices and have time management skills and good in communication skills both in verbal and non verbal communication (Chen. and Huang, 2017) Need Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

. They also listen the problems of the employees and manage the conflicts between two employees. They are accountably for maintaining the records of employees and their performance indicator ,accountable for all the job related queries. HR professionals have skills such as

Communication making skills- It plays a crucial role as it focusses on the positive growth as well performance of the firms and employees.

Decision-making skills- This skills assists the HR professionals regarding payrolls,laws and polices,various operational skills and many more (Arthurson, 2015).

Leadership skills- It aids the HR manager to achieve more successful as well professional as within this manner.

Management skills- These are the skills that are more vital as well as effective as management skills focuses on the employee's salary, selection and recruitment and accountable for various management operations.

Appropriate knowledge for HR Professional

The knowledge is considered as the effective and best part of the HR team as they have to collect the information as per need. Mention below list of the knowledge.

  • They have the appropriate knowledge regarding the laws and polices of the firm and know where to uses these at the effective manner. Laws such as health and safety act,employment law, anti discrimination act.
  • They have the suitable knowledge of the performance indicators so that they can check absence of the employees as well as aids the line managers (Arthurson, 2015).

Appropriate attributes

These professional needed time management skills regarding good human resource manager

Human resource manager also required to take the decisions and gives proper motivation to the staff members. The performance of the employees can be measured with full fairness.

what do you understand by a skills audit? what role does it play in the personal and professional development of an employee?

Skills audit analysis is a process that can be identified skills gaps within the firm. it determines that the firm can meet their goals as it enables to identify the special training needs prioritizing the things where improvement is needed. Personal audit skills is considered as a good way that can identify an individual strength and weakness so that develop a healthy atmosphere. It is helpful for various individuals that keep themselves on their career track. In professional development it can identify the potential knowledge gaps that might affects the plans that are long term within a firm of an individual affects (Chen. and Huang, 2017)

What is a Personal SWOT Analysis?

A Personal Swot analysis can be done within same regarding a context of an individual in terms of pursuit of their career. It focuses on the strength and weaknesses an individual own as well as what are the challenges as well as opportunities faced by an individual falls under personal development scene (Arthurson, 2015).

What do you understand by CPD?

It stands for the Continuous professional development as it focuses on the process of tracking as well as documenting the knowledge,skills as well as experience that able to gain both formally and Non formally as per the work of an individual beyond training. It is a record about experiences of an individual, learning as well as apply.

What is a Personal Developmental Plan?

Professional development plan:

Personal development plan is basically the process through which individuals mainly creates the action plan on the basis of their strength, goals, objectives for their own growth and development.

It is very crucial for improve and develop my skills as well as knowledge within suitable manner regarding my successful growth in the future. I need to improve my communication skills as communication plays a crucial role and it is vital for the job role communication also vital for improving my positive skills. It is effective and productive for becoming the successful Human resource professional within my future. These skills assists me in effective manner regarding solving problems as well as issues that will happened in Virgin Media

Why is it important to evaluate and reflect on a PDP?

It can be evaluated and review development as it is considered as a reflective process as it has two main purpose to check that every an individual followed the development plan as well as assured to planned development aids to achieve the goals. It enables individuals to learn more about their oneself (Chen. and Huang, 2017)

.Activity 1a

1) Determine appropriate and professional knowledge, skills and behaviors that are required by a HR Professional for the job role of HR manager in Virgin Media.









laws and polices



Communication making skills-

Positive attitude



performance indicators




Decision-making skills

Simple nature



Training and development methods




Leadership skills

Problem solving







Management skill



Determine appropriate and professional knowledge, skills and behaviors that are required by a HR Professional for the job role of HR_executive in Virgin Media.


Virgin Media


Employee Name






Position/Job Role:










Technical knowledge



Time management




Recruitment and selection methods





Organising skills

Positive attitude




Induction process `




Inter personal skills




Activity 1a)




Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my current job role

My ability rating (1-5)



1 People skills



2 Good communication skills



3 IT Skills




4 Organisation skills



5 listening skills


















Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career development/job role

My ability rating (1-5)



1 Problem solving skills


2 Critical thinking skill



3 Creativity skills


4 Time management skills


5 learning skills















People skills:

I scored myself 4 because I have the ability to hear other’s people’s point of view, also I am able to relate with other people in a professional and personal level.

My high level of empathy particular place me very well among team members. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Communication skills:

I have rated myself 3 because I see my communication skills as just about average at the moment, my ability to receive and give information is quite strong but I believe I need to improve my observations more attentively.

IT Skills:

Good IT skills is very important in HR, as we all know most HR process are conducted online. I have rated myself 2 because I see myself as just IT literate because I know the basics skills to do basic things such as, opening emails, the ms word, excel etc, but to become more efficient I will need to do some computer training.

Organisation skills:

Listening Skills


1 = No current knowledge or skill

2 = Some awareness, but not sufficiently competent to use it

3 = Familiar with and able to use the knowledge or skill

4 = Proficient in the knowledge or skill and able to show others how to use it

5 = Expert, with a high degree of skill and/or comprehensive knowledge


Knowledge, skills and behaviour identified above.

Evaluation of my Knowledge, skills and behaviour

































1 Listening skills



2 Learning skills




3 Organisation skills




4 Time management skills




5 Creativity Skills



1 IT skills




1 Problem solving skills

















1 People’s skills


2 Communication skills


3 Critical thinking skills


















Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Development objectives


Activities to be undertaken


Target start date

Target end date

Criteria for the success

Workdone at time

Time management skills

By managing the meeting at time and completing work at deadlines

Resources I need here is help from peers, time table ,pen ,paper,laptop


I need one month time for developing time management skills


Observation can be done through seniors

Able to communicate policies as well as staff members within more impressive manner.

Need of Communication skills both verbal and written' communication

By listening English-speaking videos and writing something about the topic for improve written skills.

Online classes,help from peers, YouTube, Goggle and many social sites support ,also helps from co-workers


I need two months time for improving myself in communication skills (Arthurson, 2015)



Consistently practice can be done within this field

To attend investigation meeting.

Need to think out of the box and decision-making

Solving various complex cases and practice day to day think critically in every aspect of decision.

Case study,needs help from my peers and internet to go through various study and their solution



By checking the proper feedback from the customers.

Reflective statement

Make a reflective statement whether you need to reset or change your initial objectives of your personal development plan after critical reflection of your learning experience

Activity 1b


To: HR Manager

From: Your name (HR Trainee)


Subject: Inclusive learning and development within Virgin Media for driving sustainable business performance

2) Analyse the differences between organisational and individual learning, training and development.

What is learning?

Learning is basically the well-through process which allows the individuals to acquire new knowledge as well as modify the existing ones and thus helps to provide a defined shape to the behaviour, skills as well as attitudes (Dutton, 2018).

What is organisational learning?

Organizational learning is predominately process through which organizational basically improves itself with the period of time by gaining the proper experience as well as utilizing the experience for creating knowledge.

What is Individual Learning?

When learning occurs for changing the behaviour or increasing the knowledge base of an individual then this is commonly refereed to as individual learning.

What is Training and Development?

Training and development mainly refers to various educational activities in organization in order to enhance skills as well as knowledge of the employees through offering information on different activities.

Differences between the above three.





The organizational learning have an obvious nature and thus applies to each and every employee of the organization. It is generally broad in nature in which organization tries to improve the behaviour as well as skills of their employees for increasing their productivity and performance. Besides this, the main aim of organizational learning is to bring the necessary improvements within the behaviour as well as skills of the employees in order to attain competitive advantage by relying upon employees. The organizational learning plays an important role and is mainly directed towards the employees and workers of entire organization (Smither, Houston and McIntire, 2016).

individual learning is basically learning process wherein the mental process of an individual is comprehended and the improvement within their skills and knowledge takes place at individual level. Individual learning although have a narrow scope as it is mainly directed towards the individual but it covers diverse areas whether it is academic life or professional life (Corbett, 2019). The major objective of providing individual learning is to inculcate a deep understanding as well as experience within the individual through personalized instruction and thus enhance the overall learning process. Individual learning is most comm;y and widely applied in academic life where learner or students are mainly delivered the dynamic as well as effective content in order to strengthen their mental ability. Within organization, individual learning takes place among employees where their beliefs as well as perception changes towards different situation. Individual learning mainly occurs across each and every level of hierarchy within organization via internal communication, defined policies, procedures etc.

Training and development plays one of the crucial role within organization through which efforts are being made for making the employees more competent to achieve individual as well as organizational goals. Training and development mainly encompasses the setup for every employee within organization whether they belong to technical job or administrative job (Shokri and Ranani, 2017). The main aim of providing training and development to employees is to provide a better as well as deep understanding about how to perform job and its related aspects. In the nutshell, main purpose of making training and development as organizational strategy is to provide educational as well as holistic growth to employees and improve the relationship with other level of hierarchy. The main advantage of training and development is that it helps the employees to understand the areas of improvement as well as helps to appreciate their work and job. Besides this, it assists the organizations to gain competitive advantage and establish position in market by having competent employees to achieve their goals and objectives.

4) Analyse the need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Learning as well as professional development is one of the most important pillar of every organization through which an organization is able to survive in this cut-throat competition. Learning as well as professional development is predominately the way through which an individual is able to increase its knowledge base and enhance its skills as well as behaviour with the help of different aspects (Crews, 2018). Learning as well as professional development not only helps the employees to achieve their individual goals as well as objectives but also assist the organizations to drive their business performance as well as increase their productivity. When Virgin Media incorporates learning as well as professional development then it helps to increase the skills of employees for particular tasks as well as job and thus enable them to gain the better understanding of each and every aspect of their job. Thus, when employees perform better as well as increase their productivity level then this eventually increases the performance of Virgin Media as well as gain a better position and goodwill in the eyes and hearts of people. Learning and professional development allows employees within organization to know that where they lack behind and in which area they need a thorough improvement thus helps them to make necessary improvement which improves their overall performance and this directly impacts the sustainable performance of organization. Learning as well as professional development plays a key role within Virgin Media and forms the integral part and thus there is high need for incorporating this within organization.

Sparking new ideas

Continuous learning as well as professional development is important for sparking the new ideas within employees. Through acquiring the new knowledge as well as skills, employees are able to unveil the new opportunities as well as helps them to recognize as well as find innovative solutions for problems (Caples, 2018). The emergence of innovative ideas eventually helps Virgin Media to build new products as well as services to satisfy needs of customers and this increase their performance.

Increasing productivity

Employee forms the integral as well as significant part of the organization without which no organization is able to survive. In order to increase their performance as well as productivity, recognizing some means for enhancing their learning ability is necessary and this is the point where there high need of continuous learning as well as professional development. This provides a chance to employees for enriching their abilities as well as skills which eventually raises their productivity and commitment towards job. This in turn helps Virgin Media to gain an edge over the competitors as employees strive willingly to provide their best (Obedgiu, 2017).

3) Apply learning cycle theories (Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Kurt Lewin’s Change model) to analyse the importance of implementing continuous professional development. (M2)

Kolb’s Learning Cycle


Kolb learning cycle

Kolb learning theory is basically the learning theory which enables the individuals to gain a deep insight of different aspect and thus learn the new experiences. This theory mainly consist of four stages which an individual goes through. First one is the concrete experience in which new experience as well as situation is mainly encountered. Second stage is reflective observation in which the new experience encountered is reviewed as well as reflected. Third stage is the abstract conceptualization wherein the logical analysis as well as assessment of the ideas and experience takes place and thus individual learns from the new experience. Last stage is active experimentation which is all about doing. In this stage, learner mainly applies the new ideas as well as skills for performing around the world (Choy and Chua, 2019).


Illustration 1: Kolb learning cycle

(Source: Kolb -Learning styles, 2013)


Concrete experience

While working in a team for offering new internet services to customers, I encountered the new experience of working in the diverse culture. There were employees of different background, beliefs, perception in the team which was a new experience for me (Yaeger and Sorensen, 2016).

Reflective observation

I started to understand the meaning of different culture as well as viewpoints of the employees working in a team. I observed my leaders as how they were dealing with the employees in different team and analyzed the surrounding environment.

Abstract conceptualization

After the proper analysis, I started to recognize the problems like communication issues that will help me to develop my learning experience. I started developing various theories for generating new ideas (Williams, 2017).

Active experimentation

Lastly, I applied the various aspects which I learnt like communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork theories during working with my team members. I applied the team work theory effectively for improving my interpersonal skills and for understanding different culture (Klochkov and et.al.,2017).

Kurt Lewin’s Change model


Kurt Lewin model is one of the most significant framework as well as tool which helps to understand the change process which occurs within an organization. This model mainly represents the practical way for gaining the deep insight of change process and thus allows the organization to implement change effectively and hassle free. This model mainly encompasses three steps for formulating change. First stage is unfreezing in which the readiness and willingness of the people is fostered by making them aware of change and its need. Second stage is referred to as change in which the actual process of change occurs. In this stage, the implementation as well as formulation of change occurs through careful planning. Third and the last stage is refreezing which is considered as the most complex stage as in this people generally move from transition stage to stable stage. This is the stage in which employees mainly accepts the new ways of change (Brown, Horn and King, 2018).


Illustration 1: Kurt Lewin model

(Source: Kurt Lewin Change Theory Three Step Model – unfreeze, change, freeze, 2014)



This is the foremost stage within this model in which the entire procedure of change is managed by making people aware about it. For example- The management of Virgin Media for changing its organizational structure would firs need to explain employees about benefit of this change like challenging work, greater responsibilities, greater pay etc (Corbett, 2019).


This is the stage where implementation of the entire process of change occurs. After effectively communicating with the employees about change in organizational structure, top management of Virgin Media will finally formulate it. Through proper planning like acquirement of resources, planning the teams and group organizational structure will be changed (Shokri and Ranani, 2017).


Once the organizational structure has been effectively modified and reshaped, it becomes highly essential to maintain a stage of equilibrium. Thus, management of Virgin Media will provide different ways to employees for working as per new organizational structure. Like organization can provide rewards as well as recognition for helping employees to support new structure (Crews, 2018).


4) Produce a detailed and coherent professional development plan that appropriately sets out learning goals and training in relation to the learning cycle to achieve sustainable business performance objectives.


Where do you want to be professionally? In how many years?


I want to become a successful HR manager in a highly competitive organization in the upcoming 5 years.




OBJECTIVES: What actions/steps will help you to achieve the goal 1?



1I will make a thorough plan for improving my interpersonal skills

2 Analyzing the working of different HR manager and understanding their job role in depth will help in achieving this goal.




Where do you want to be professionally? In how many years?

I want to become HR executive in the organization in forthcoming 2 years.

OBJECTIVES: What actions/steps will help you to achieve the goal 1?

1I will step out of the monotonous work and will take on more job responsibility for improving my skills and behaviour.

2 I will conduct a defined SWOT analysis periodically and will make plans for overcoming weakness and fostering strengths

Activity 2

Apply knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage.


To: Director of HR

From: Your name (Learning and Development Consultant))


Subject: HPW and its contribution to Employee Engagement and Evaluation for different

Approaches to Performance Management.

Explain what is HPW?

High performance working is basically the approaches as well as practices which are being implemented for increasing the capacity of organization to retain as well as develop high-performing personnel. In short, HPW is the approach which mainly aims for stimulating engagement of employees as well as their commitment to attain high performance levels.

How does HPW contribute to Employee Engagement?

HPW plays an important role within Virgin Media and its most significant aspect as well as contribution is increasing employee engagement. There are wide range of HPW practices which are highly concerned with increasing the productivity of employees by enhancing their engagement. The main aim of these practices is to increase the performance of employees by facilitating the strategic decision-making (Mesthrige and Chiang, 2019). For example- the employee rewards is one of the widely known HPW practice in which employees are continuously appreciated for their work and thus receives recognition as well as rewards along with appraisal. This increases the motivational level of employees as they feel valued and part of organization and this in turn increase their engagement not only in their work but in various activities of Virgin Media like innovation, events, celebrations etc. HPW practices are considered as the most remarkable tool which have a great role in enhancing the engagement of employee. These helps to maximize their potential and when organization incorporates good practices then employees tend to give their best as these practices not only help them to achieve organizational goals but also helps to achieve their personal goals like high pay. This directly increases their trust and confidence for organization, and they strive willingly to take the organization towards millstone. HPW and employee engagement shares a great relation where both complements each other and thus the high performance practices provides a chance to employees for increasing their productivity as well as performance.

What are the benefits of HPW? In Virgin Media, does it improve employee competitive advantage?

Better attitude of employees

This is one of the most significant benefit of HPW where employees generally feel valued when organizations looks for new ways to increase their performance. Due to HPW practices, employees takes on more responsibilities in order to improve the processes of Virgin Media and thus this increases their overall engagement (Hou, Hu and Butt, 2017).

Better performance of organization

HPW practices are the proven tools through which productivity of employees are increased as these practices helps in their growth. Due to increased commitment as well as engagement of employees, they tend to perform their work with greater enthusiasm and gives their best for each and every aspect. Their hard work finally pays off by establishing a great reputation of Virgin Media in market and society. Thus, HPW helps to increase the performance of employees in the eyes as well as hearts of customers and society at large (Wood, 2016).


The HPW practices have helped Virgin media to attain competitive advantage and thus have assisted them to establish position in market. The value of company for their employees is one of the major pillar which has enabled them to take their brand message to wider audience. Virgin media integrates various practices for helping the employees to improve their performance and increase the productivity and thus houses HPW practices in an imperative way. For example- Virgin media continuously provides effective training and coaching to their employees in order to deal with the customers. The company integrates the various aspects like skilled trainer, hand on training within their training session which helps the employees to better understand features and technicality of Virgin Broadband (Ogbonnaya and Nielsen, 2016). Thus, through proper training employees are able to attract the customers and convince them by appropriately explaining them the features and characteristics of broadband in comparison to competitors. This eventually helps them to improve the employee competitive advantage.

Analyse its benefits with justifications to a specific organisational situation within Virgin Media to improve employee competitive advantage. (M3)

The major benefit of HPW is that it helps to improve the attitude of employees and hence enhances their overall performance. When organization ensures the use of best practices for increasing performance and appraising them then employees feel valued and motivated and this also helps organization to have a better position within market which is the another benefit of HPW.


Virginia media uses these practices in effective manner like it provides training to their employees as how to excel in job, how to deal with customers etc. Besides this, organization also provide equal opportunity to their employees by appraising each and every employee for their work which helps them to build healthy competition among employees and enhance employee competitive advantage (Jerez-Gómez, Céspedes-Lorente and Pérez-Valls, 2019).

Evaluate ways in which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment

Identify the different approaches to Performance Management?

Performance management primarily is the ongoing process and procedure of the communication between supervisor as well as employee in order to attain strategic objectives and goals of organization. In short, this process for ensuring that activities as well as outputs meets goals of organization in an efficient manner.

Collaborative working

Collaborative working is mainly the working environment which supports collaboration as well as cooperation between different level of hierarchy. This is the most important approach of performance management and is crucial for increasing performance of employees. When employees in Virgin Media work in collaboration with each other communication between them and other hierarchical level increases and this enhances their overall productivity (Karim and Majid, 2017).


This is the process wherein employees mainly receives the anonymous feedback from all the individuals with whom they directly or indirectly comes in contact. These include peers, managers, suppliers, customers etc. This is the well-known approach for improving their performance. As employees in Virgin Media receives feedback from different people thus this helps them to known what are the expectations of different people and where they lack behind, and they strive for increasing their performance (Mesthrige and Chiang, 2019).


Through the various ways of continuous improvement, employees are able to judge themselves and thus analyses their behaviour as well as attitude towards different aspects. When Virgin Media feeds in the culture of continuous improvement and recognizes various ways like providing feedback then this enables employees to identify their flaws. This eventually helps them to increase their overall productivity.


Communication plays an important role in every organization whether small or big as it helps to understand the perception, beliefs and working of other people. This also works in case of managing employee's performance. When Virgin media establishes the clear line of communication then employees tend to avoid bypassing for resolving their grievances and this increases their commitment towards their work (Hou, Hu and Butt, 2017).


Training is the well-through way through which employees are being made aware of skills as well as knowledge which is required for performing the specific job. Through this, employees in Virgin Media gain a deep insight of what are the expectations of organization and what are the performance indicators. This helps them to work accordingly and thus improves their overall performance.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the approaches mentioned.

Collaborative working

The main advantage of collaborative working is that it enables the employees to understand the working of other employees and gain a better understand of various aspects like what skills are needed for performing. Besides this, another advantage of collaborative working is that it increases the productivity of employees as by working in collaboration they tend to learn the dynamics of working in a team (Wood, 2016).

360 degree feedback

The major advantage of this approach is that it enhances the self-awareness of employees. As in this, employees are provided with complete report thus this assist them to analyses their strength as well as weakness and provide an insight of behaviour. Another advantage is that it enhances working relationship. This approach helps to provide a genuine feedback of various people associated with employee and hence improves relationship of employees with others (Ogbonnaya and Nielsen, 2016).

Continuous improvement

Through continuous improvement practices in organization, confidence and trust of employees increases and their commitment towards work raises. This eventually helps to increase their productivity and is one of the major advantage of this approach. Apart from this, due to continuous improvement goodwill and brand reputation of organization increases in market and in society.

Communication and clarity

The biggest benefit of communication within organization is that employees get to know each other and understand the importance of culture, values, beliefs of different people. Effective communication enables them to appreciate the perspective of different people on various aspects. Second advantage is that it establishes a clarity in roles and responsibilities of employees and thus they clearly understand their duties (Jerez-Gómez, Céspedes-Lorente and Pérez-Valls, 2019).

Training and skills development

With the help of this approach, knowledge as well as skills of the employees raises, and they better understand the requirement of different job roles. They acquire the new knowledge and this eventually helps them to manage their overall work. Similarly, it also helps the organization to gain competitive advantage as training makes the employees highly competent to deal with customers, suppliers etc. effectively (Karim and Majid, 2017). Order Finance Homework Help from our experts! 

How do these approaches support High performance Culture at Virgin Media?


These various approaches helps Virgin media to incorporate high performance within their organization. For example- effective training as well as skill development helps to incorporate the right kind of skills within employees of marketing department which are required for persuading clients. In order to highly broadcast their internet services to large geographical areas, this company provides training to their employees every week in which they are being told about the tactics for attracting clients and compelling them to use their internet media. Besides this, Virgin media has established clear lines of communication within its organization through various softwares like HubSpot which enables employees to interact with each other regarding different aspects of activities and tasks. Due to this clear communication, the productivity as well as performance of the employees have increased and thus their commitment towards work has also raised. In this, these approaches have helped Virgin media to incorporate the culture of high performance and attain competitive advantage (Dutton, 2018).


Providing feedback to the employees regarding their work and performance have always been an intrinsic factor in Virgin media where this approach helps them to provide quality services as well as products to the customers. Employees in Virginia media receives the feedback from each and every individual with whom they have direct contact regarding their work, communication with customers, attitude etc. and this creates a productive culture within organization. Besides this, Virginia media supports collaborative working environment wherein each and every department has different teams like marketing team for advertising services, technical department for bringing improvement within its internet services etc. Through working in the team, employees of the company become highly competent and their enthusiasm for work increases. Hence, in this way these approaches helps Virgin media to bring a high performance and continuous growth culture (Smither, Houston and McIntire, 2016).

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