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Unit 16 Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information-London School of Science

University: Brooklands College

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2985
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Introduction of Communication
  • Importance of Managing Communication
  • Business related to Samsung
Answer :
Organization Selected : Samsung


Managing communication is important aspect that deals with organized planning, employing , observation and revision all channels of communication within a firm and between firms. The managing communication also involve the management and distribution of new communication directives joint with a company, network or techniques used for exchanging information. It play an important role in organization as it enable in transferring information and knowledge from one individual to other. However, the present report is based on the case study of Samsung which is South Korean company operates in electronics, engineering and chemicals. The stated document is prepared with a purpose to depict the decisions taken by this company. In addition to this, it will also define the different decisions taken by the management for the success of this company (Cartwright and Cooper, 2012).



As per the scenario, Samsung has decide to use the GSM network at global market. However, the scenario management team on Samsung is required to take certain decisions which are stated below.

Target market: The management is required to select the target market in order to provide GSM services to the customers. This will assist the company to analyse the actual market.

Location: This is the another decisions taken by the management of the stated company in which they will decide to set up their office. It is necessary for the company to set up this office at nearest reach to the customers.

Finance: In order to launch GSM, the organization is required to analyse the appropriate sources of funds. This will help the company to identify the requisite source so that it can earn high revenues (Dijkman, La Rosa and Reijers, 2012).

Pricing decision: The management is needed to analyse the prices changed by the company for the GSM services. For the same, the firm is required to analyse the competitors prices.

In context to above, the management of Samsung is needed to focus on strategic decisions, tactical decisions and operational decisions. With reference to strategic decisions, the firm has evaluated the need of GSM network in order to provide better 2G service to the customers. As a result the organization has decided to introduced GSM services with a motive to provide better connectivity and internet speed. Besides this, in terms of tactical decision the cited organization need to developa divisional plan for the implementation of strategic plan i.e. of GSM services. Here, the management needs to focus on the acquisition and requirements of resources. These decisions will be effectively taken the middle management of Samsung.

At operational level, the management of Samsung requires focusing on daily operations of company such as people management and task management. It will assist the firm to attain its goals and objectives in an appropriate manner.


In order to implement the propose plan, the management is needed to get information with reference to tax, competitors and consumers needs and demands. However, the organization is needed to identify the taxes paid and other details. In addition to this, the company is also required to focus on the services offered by its competitors. This will provide an assistance to the company to take pricing decisions for the desire product. Additionally, the organization is also required to gather informations about the business laws of UK with reference to telecommunication industry. The management is also required to identify the recruitment and selection of the candidates for the new services. If the firm takes its existing employees for the new product then they will be required to provide training and development sessions for the personnel development. This will assist the company to successfully implement the plan for the new product (Blanc and Bouillon, 2012).

In relation with aforesaid context, the effective decision making can be done by adapting company's strategic plan. It will provide an insight to the to management to implement the same in a defined manner. Besides this, the establishment also needed to centred on UK business laws which leads to make the organization aware of the governmental policies. Additionally, the human resource manager of the organization make sure of the required capabilities of the workforce for introducing the GSM services. For the same, the firm needs to recruit employees having good knowledge in telecommunication services.


Samsung has both the internal and external sources for gathering information. These sources will allow the company to take appropriate decision making. The internal sources are sales figure, customers records, and financial documents. With the help of sales figures, the organization will be able to identify the company's sales and profitability. In addition to this, financial documents will assist the company to identify the availability of finance which can be used further. On other hand, the stated organization also has external sources through which the management can gather crucial information. Whereas,government websites and journals can be adopted by the company. By considering this, the company will be able to analyse the current market trends. In addition to this, internet is also another useful tool for the collection of requisite information. With the help the stated tool, the organization can identify the services offered by the competitors with reference to GSM services. By adopting all these sources the venture will be able to gather ample of information for the implementation of the plan. They will benefit the company for the competitor analysis. With the help of this, the organization will be able to identify the services offered by them (Kuhnke, 2011).


In order to increase the UK customer base, the organization can adopt marketing and promotional techniques. The firm can mainly marketing with the help of television, print media, sales promotion and online tools. Whereas, the company can give advertisements on television which will result in gaining the attention of the customers. In addition to this, the mentioned firm can also adopt print media in which the advertisement can be given in newspaper. This will help the customers to know about the new services of this company. Besides this, Samsung can also use online promotion and marketing of its new services. Here, the firm can communicate with the customers with the help of social networking sites where they can pay for advertisements which will be visible over their sites. The organization can also market its services by sending e-mails to the targeted customers. This will result in attracting the new customers towards the GSM services offered by this firm. The ultimate impact of the same will raise the customer base of this company (Cartwright and Coop

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