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Communication Strategy

University: Imperial College London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Conflicting Barriers.
  • What is communication strategy?
  • What is SWOT Analysis?
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Oxfam Australian is non-profit type organization which has goal to improve peoples life by reducing unemployment ratio across the world. Currently organization take construction project for improving employment. To communicate public organization develops a communication strategy.

Communication Methods

Oral strategy: It is the best method to communicate large number of peoples in single time. Oxfam Australian use this strategy and communicate public for addressing about job opportunity. Organization informs them about job recruitment for the construction project (Wang, 2018). The main aim of oral communication to lead effectiveness in people understanding.

Written strategy: It is another strategy which is used by organization for communicating different type of public across the world. This strategy aware public about j0b opportunity for the construction project.

Blog strategy: Oxfam Australia uses this strategy where written a blog “grab job and reduce unemployment” along with contact number and  own website. This strategy attracts public and creates expectation. Blog strategy helps to communicate about construction project and job opportunity.

Internal and external stakeholder

Internal stakeholders:  community based member and management etc. are internal stakeholder of Oxfam Australian. They help organization to influence communication strategy. For example management of organization creates plan for implementing communication strategy effectively. So, involves overall member of community in decision-making process so that get good suggestion in decision-making. On the other hand community based member also plays vital role by giving optimum attendance and offers new ideas  (Zhang,  2019). Even they help organization to execute communicate strategy i.e. following rules and become responsible for their job responsibility.

External stakeholder: Public, government are important stakeholders who also plays essential role in communication strategy. For example Government allows organization to recruit job opportunity for public who don't have job. To promote this initiative' organization provides funds services which improves their working efficiency. While public gives their involvement by grabbing job for the construction project. Thus, bothy stakeholders helps organization to lead success in communication strategy. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

Evaluation methods

There are various methods to evaluate effectiveness in communication strategy. Such as-

By using evaluation tools: To measure effectiveness of the communication strategy, evaluation tools are the best method. Evaluation tools are survey, interviews, focus group, observation etc. are evaluation tool. Organization uses survey tool where evaluates overall implementation of decision which is used to execute communication strategy. While observation tool is used to monitor stakeholders performance who carry out communication strategy. Thus, organization measures effectiveness in communication plan.

Review goals and objectives: Oxfam use this method to evaluate communication strategy efficiency and effectiveness. Organization identifies overall aim and smart objectives. To review goals and objectives conduct meeting by management and gather information to understand how close to achieve objectives.

Estimate budget: It is another method which assist organization to aware about project deadline, staff time, publishing cost and cost of selective evaluation techniques. On the basis of budget, organization analyses effectiveness of communication strategy and then implements plan well-formed in organization. Ask to do my assignment from our professional experts!

SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis refers as a strategic planning techniques which is used to support a person o company to identify their strength, weakness, opportunity and threat relevant to other competitive business project or business. Oxfam Australian uses Swot framework to analyse communication strategy. It is described below:

Strength: Oxfam Australian is non-profit organization which has high brand position across the world. So brand position is the main strength of the organization. Oxfam handle construction project and communicate people for the job employment. Thus purpose of the project is also strength of the organization.

Weakness : It is time-consuming strategy which is main weakness of the project. Limited resources are available for communicating strategy (Lili and Lee, 2019). Funding resources ate fewer who can help to execute communication strategy well-formed.

Opportunity: Internal stakeholder and external stakeholder are opportunity for the construction project. For example government promotes communication strategy by giving their involvement and provides financial services for using fruitful resources.

Threat: Emerging techniques and hostile group campaigning can create threat for communication strategy. For example hostile group campaign can distract public to connect with communication strategy. High cost of resources can enhance cost of communication strategy budget. Thus it can become threat for the Oxfam. Get Assignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!

Conflicting interests

Cost conflict: It is main conflict which is faced by the organization during conducting project. To communicate employment strategy organization have to use various resources i.e. blog publication, newspaper publication etc. influences budget of project. Thus, it leads economic crisis between stakeholder and management.

Resources conflict: Deprivation of resources creates conflict in project because member who offers heir service in company to communicate project, they don't get optimum resource. It demotes employees and management also puts pressure for executing project. 

Policies conflict: organization sets some policies before offering job to public who wants to offer their services and earn their livelihood. These policies create conflicts between employee (members) and management because they don't get such kind policies in company which they will implement for project. It leads conflict between employees and management for project. 

These are the main reason of conflict between stakeholder as result ultimately gives impact on project success.

Implementing barriers

Contingency strategy: it can be defined as a contingency plan which describes about risk that can  act as barrier during developing and implementing plan. Oxfam Australian uses contingency theory for identifying barriers in communication strategy. Barriers are-

Low employee morals: Oxfam Australian is charitable company which has goal to improve people life. By the contingency theory identified that employees moral are fewer due to conflict between them. Organization involves each member who offers their service for executing project and takes advice for decision-making. Each member wants to give weight-age of their ideas ultimately creates conflicts between them. It reduces their morals for implementing commination

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