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Sample On Work Based Learning

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 16 / Words 3925
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
  • Downloads: 118618
Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide industry experience.
  • Producing a plan for work experience.
  • Analyzing the benefits for the proposed activities to the business and the learner.
  • Reflect and monitor and record the progress against original proposal.
Answer :


Work based learning is one of the essential tasks for any individual which enables to gain industry experience and be able to perform the similar tasks in near future. It helps an individual in gaining knowledge and experience which is required when working in a firm. According to the scenario, this report is based on the work based experience that is gained by an individual for an organization. It produces a research related to expertise provided by travel and tourism industry to individuals. Further it evaluates the quality performance of individuals at work place.


1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide industry experience

In this task, I have to research plus evaluate the travel and tourism industry that provide work placement for learning and gaining knowledge. Some of the industries which I have chosen for placement are Thomas Cook, Hilton hotel and Exodus.

Thomas Cook is the best British travel company that was listed on London Stock Exchange (Boud and Solomon, 2001). The company provides online booking through the website named as Hotels4U.com. With that, they also provide and upload online videos for Thomas Cook, from this they are trying to develop curiosity among people about its travelling plans. In travel and tourism sector, accommodation business is well developed. They make available opportunities for work based experience to those who are interested in taking experience in service industry (Dolmans and et. al., 2001). Here, placements are related to telephone operators, in-charge of reservation, associates for business centre, concierge department etc.

Another is Hilton hotel and resorts which is an international chain of service hotels. This company emphasizes on both leisure and business travel. Different people from various backgrounds prefer this hotel as the restaurants and fast foods options are well developed. In this sector, work based experience can be gained for cashier and handling accounts, waiter, serving the banquet and hosting (Raelin, 2000).
From above analysis, the preferred job for gaining work based experience will be as HR manager.

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1.2 Negotiating with work and academic supervisors a proposal for work experience

I am applying for the position of HR manager in Thomas Cook industry. The company required a professional with experience as an HR executive. I applied for this job as I am Post graduate in MBA. In addition, applying for this position will be a very good start for my academic progress and it will also help me in gaining experience and industrial insight to work with travel organization. Here, variety of tour arrangements have to be done by me which will further enable me to understand the factors that are responsible for customer satisfaction (Raelin, 2008). Also with that, the ways in which the company can retain and gain customer loyalty for the firm will be apprehended by me.

I found this job through internet where the notice for recruitment in Thomas Cook was mentioned. The job description was for HR executive with experience of 0 to 2 years. However, I have done internship at Walmart in HR department which helped me in passing the first interview round of preliminary screening.

I approached in this organization by the advertisement given on social media sites and on the company's website. Before requesting for work experience in Thomas Cook, I made research about company. In this, I explored the facilities provided by them to their employees and net wealth of the company. Moreover, I got this entire information from social media sites and through organization's website. From all these information, I am able to pass the initial level interview and test. At the final stage, I had negotiated with the interviewer so that he can select me from the list of other filtered candidates. Here, I have done negotiation based on my internship at Walmart and my skills within the context of HR. Further, my qualification in this context also helped me in getting selected for this profile. Beside this, I am also agreed to the initial salary package offered by my interviewer as all I want at this stage is to initiate a career with the company. Hence, these practices have helped me in getting select for the job description.

1.3 Business constraints on work experience

Business constraints are the factors or limitations that affect organizations in achieving their goals. In addition to this, business plans made by the firm should be realistic; therefore, it is important to detail the limitations on business activity. Some of the business constraints faced by the said organization are as follows:

Customer satisfaction: it is important for the management of an organization to know the needs and wants of their customers so that they can improve the performance of employees (Brodie and Irving, 2007). Company should emphasize on the developing customer satisfaction so that they can create customer loyalty plus generate productivity to the firm. In this context, if employees are not able to serve best to the customers then it is likely to affect their satisfaction level. For this, company need to hire skilled and competent employees in order to reduce the training cost as it is one of the business constraints for the company.

Knowing the competition: The strength of the competitors is the key constraint on business success. Company have to make such a position in the market so that it could limit the effect of competition on its business. For this, company can retain employees by giving high pay but it is again business constraints. Also, business organization is not able to offer salary to new joinee as per their wish due to constraint of budget. Get Help with open book exam to get best grades!

Quality and skills of employees: Human resource is one of the important resource in travel and tourism industry. Proper training must be provided to employees so that they can achieve business objective.

Health and safety consideration: Company must ensure the health and safety of every employees. This increases the cost of operation that affects the profitability. Hence, it is another constraint on work experience.

Availability of finance: Company should have minimum finance in order to meet the needs of the customers (Cox, 2005). Liquidity and cash flow are important this will help in providing fund when needed.


2.1 Prioritizing the tasks and responsibilities involved in work based experience

HR manager have to do many tasks at one time and further, they have responsibility of recruitment and selection of candidate, representing themselves on the behalf of the firm and they, and they have to idealize the work of employees and provide effective communication between them, guiding for career plans (Bailey, Hughes, and Moore, 2004). HR manager can prioritize their work by following a simple procedure.

  1. To-do list: At the beginning of week or month, HR manager can make a list of tasks that is to be done. Based upon it, task can be prioritize as per the importance so that most crucial task gets completed at the desired time frame.
  2. Review of workload: If any project is not finishing on time. HR can delegate their project to an appropriate person who has the ability to finish that task on time. With this, work of less importance can be completed by other and hence HR can focus on critical task.
  3. Concentrate on value: 80% of work contributes to 20% of its value. Therefore, the person can concentrate on 20 percent of workload because it will make performance better.
  4. Set a deadline for each tasks: the person can estimate time that each task needs to be accomplished. Therefore, set a deadline for each tasks.
  5. Structure the workload: Workload can be managed by deal with one task at one time. In this regard, priority can set for work and high priority should be completed on time so that workload can be managed.
  6. Don't let your inbox drive your work load: Don't check every message that arrives. One can allocate time to check the inbox messages.
  7. Keep multitasking to minimum: Starting with so many jobs won't get equal attention. So avoid multitasking.
  8. Keep a log of your workload: If the person is not sure about the interruption he gets than keep a log of working weak. It will help in future planning.

This structure will help an individual prioritizing the work according to time. This will help in gaining experience to every individuals and achieving companies goals.

2.2 Producing a plan for work experience

As HR manager of the firm I faced problems in being socialize with other. It is important for HR executive to be communicative with their staff and customers. For removing these skills it is necessary for me to produce a plan and develop skills and experience at workplace (Boud and Feletti, 1998). When producing a plan for work based experience one have to find out about its carrier opportunities and what skills lacking in an individual's for the concerned post. Appropriate actions to be taken for removing the limitations of an individual.

Issues Appropriate action Time frame
Communication skills Attend lectures seminars read books and journals. 5 months
Technical skills Training and development program Coaching Watching videos 6 months
Socializing skills Interacting with new people
Connecting with social media sites.
5 months

This plan will help in removing the limitations of an individuals and gaining advantage of work based learning.

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2.3 Analyzing the benefits for the proposed activities to the business and the learner

Benefit to an organization

Allow more task to be carried out: Work based learning contributes in increasing the productivity of the firm and increases innovation in an enterprise (De Graaf, and Kolmos, 2003). Proper training and development will encourage in prioritizing the work of an individuals. It also help employees in managing more task at one time.

Allow procedures/techniques to be developed: it helps in developing following proper procedure for the given tasks. Employees get aware about the procedures that company follows in developing any projects.
Increasing responsiveness: Work based experience help business to become responsible towards their projects. They likely to become understanding and help their subordinates in their work.

Identifying cost saving measures: Work based learning help in identifying unnecessary costs that the company is bearing. Hence, it helps in saving costs of the firm. During training programs an individual learn various things, there they also learn what measures are to be taken for saving costs.
Benefit to learner

Understanding business operations: It helps an individuals in understanding the business operations. There an individual learn how the business operate and what procedure are followed.
Importance of teamwork: When working in a company, work based learning helps in communicating with different people at one time (Andresen, Boud, and Cohen, 2000). With increase in regular communication among employees teamwork is established.

Learning new techniques: when working in a company an individual learn different techniques for completing their work. Learning help in reducing the workload and also identifying the solutions to the problems. Looking for essay writing services UK? Get help from our experts now!

Developing problem solving skills: Here, they learn how to deal with the problems and what solutions can be carried out for a particular problem.

Developing management skills: Work based experience help in developing management skills. The person learns how to manage the staff. Further, it also help individual to manage different customers at one time.


3.1 Understand the specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice

hen applying for a particular position in Thomas Cook, company cannot discriminate their candidates according to the gender, caste or any physical inability. The management of the organization should consider all employees equal so that every person with proper qualification can apply for the job. Legislation made by the government related to discrimination must be followed by the company (Boud and Symes, 2000). Government had made non-discriminatory act where any person should not be discriminate by gender, castes or physical inability. With that, company should take care of the health and safety of their employees. Health and safety are the major concern in a company, so before, applying for the job proper research must be done related to discrimination of candidate or any health and safety regulations.

3.2 Producing systematic record of challenges work experience gained by research, observation and survey

Different challenges are faced by employers and employees when working in an organization. Employers face challenges if the employees are not working properly and not non completion of particular task. They have to make sure that every person is performing according to the work given to them. Employees face challenges related to the salary, bonus, or job satisfaction (Norcini, 2003). If employees are not satisfied by their job they will not definite work for the firm. Incentive and bonus motivates employees towards their work and they likely to give best of them. Through descriptive research, management can analyze the attitudes, behavior, experience and knowledge of employees. By observing the employees and employer, company can record the challenges faced by them. In spreadsheets, management can record the challenges that are faced by employees and can take initiative to overcome from those challenges.

3.3 Revise the initial plan and reflect the further changes to be made after observation

Learning objectives Specifications Review
Communication skills Verbal communicationsNonverbal communicationsWritten communication 4 week
Technical skills M.S.wordExcelPower point presentationOther gadgets knowledge 7 week
Time-management skills Making records of all workMaintaining dairiesPrioritizing wor 5 week
Leadership skills TeamworkReduction in conflictsCooperation and coordination among workers (Solomon, 2003). 2 week
Social interaction skills Society meetingsInteracting with newpeople. 3 week

Above table signifies that revision of plan in order to boost the learning on different context. In this regard, communication skill needs to be improved so that I can able to improve my skills in this context. In addition to it, technical skills will be improved by working on MS office. Time management skills can improve by prioritizing work and maintaining diaries. Further, leadership and social interaction skills also need to be improved and same can be done by above mentioned activities.

3.4 Make suggestions for improvements and review these with supervisors

In order to review the activities that they are done in appropriate time it is important to check the performance of employees and review these by the supervisors. The activities that need to be done by the firm can be reviewed by using different methods in accordance with plan. Employees can improve the time management skills by better planning, prioritizing the work, understanding and identifying the habits and attitudes of personnel or by delegating work to others (Prensky, 2005). These skills can be reviewed in particular period of time like after every one month employees can review the performance and take measures for improvement. Make a chart for what task is important and what not, and review the same by analyzing the performance and creativity of every projects. Above mentioned plan will help the learners in attaining the knowledge on different backgrounds. Through this, company can able to attain the objectives in desired manner.


4.1 Reflect and monitor and record the progress against original proposal

The aim of monitoring is to identify the progress towards the results which have been produced. Monitoring will help in addressing results and with that enhancing accountability and learning. Analyzing the progress to the extent to which intended outcome have been achieved by the me. According to companies job description, it is found that through work based experience I gained various knowledge related to communication skills or leadership skills (Dolmans and et.al., 2001). It made me more communicative within a workplace.

When monitoring the performance I found that some of the objectives that is be achieved by the firm is based on my management skills, how I can manage customers and staff all depends on my management skills. The skills that have been developed by me is recorded in a spreadsheet or diary where all the performance measures are recorded with specifications (Healey, 2005). From past experience I found many changes that occurred in me. All these skills were enhanced because of work based experience. One of the advantage of monitoring and evaluation is that it ensures that the person is following the same direction which was established during strategic planning. From this monitoring plan, I am able to review my performance against the responsibilities assigned to me. Also, it helps me in identifying the loopholes if any so that corrective measures can be applied. This will help me in boosting my performance and will aid me in accomplishing my work in a desired manner.

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4.2 Evaluating the quality of own performance

It is important for me to evaluate the performance with the strategic plan made by me for achieving the goals in the firm. The main aims were to develop communication and development skills. Communication skills were one of the major areas where I wanted to improve myself. In travel and tourism sector, one has to communicate with various people and every person should be impressed by your work (Prince, 2004). If the customers are impressed by your work it will help in gaining competitive advantage and also establishing goodwill of the firm. For developing these skills I attended seminars, lectures, and read articles of different people.

As HR manager, I have to perform various functions related to recruitment and selection of candidate, increasing team work, maintaining the goodwill of the firm. It is important to have leadership skills in a manager as his duty is to perform various task and lead their subordinates. Earlier I was not so interactive with other people but work based learning had helped me in interacting with different people and influence them with my wordings. If the customers of Thomas Cook get influence by the management team, it will help in gaining customer bond and brand loyalty.

4.3 Analyzing the learning which had taken place during the work experience

Reflecting is concerned with describing, analyzing and evaluating the thoughts and assumptions, beliefs and actions. Reflection is one of the integral part for students placements and qualified practitioners. Work based learning had helped me in developing both my knowledge and skills (Savery, 2015). Reflection of past performance had helped me in analyzing the performance according to the practice. It also helps me in analyzing the barriers and make effective plan for removing those barriers. Analyzing the learning by reflecting back that what I have done in past and what I am doing in present.

During the work experience I learned so many things such as I gained knowledge and personal skills which had helped in reducing the limitations of the company. Work based experienced had helped me in gaining information regarding new procedures that are followed by the firm (Prensky, 2003). This also helped me increasing inter-personal skills which is very important in an organization. From the past performances it was analyzed that work experience had helped in developing team spirit among employees and also helped in problem solving techniques.

4.4 Recommendations for enhancing experience

For enhancing experience of an individual, one can recommends different techniques like enhancing by using internet, time-management techniques, etc. All this will help in developing the work based experience. Work based learning or training program to individuals can be done by providing training at different locations where the work can be achieved by an individuals (Career and Technical Education. 2009). The knowledge provided at training programs can be explained in different manner like they can be given practical knowledge rather providing theoretical knowledge.

For enhancing experience, company can take initiative to make better time management technique and providing definite work at one time. Better preparation can be done developing skills among employees and these skills will further help in providing suitable ideas related to the job done. For enhancing experience, management can provide minimum support to their employees so that they can achieve the prior goals. In addition to it, training and development session can be attained in order to enhance the learning and to boost the productivity. Through this, flaws in my performance can be rectified and hence I can work in an effectual manner. Also, workshops on different topics can be attend to gain learning and it helps in completing the work in effectual manner.


From the above report it can be identified work based experience is very important to enter into an organization or to improve the personal and professional skills of an individuals. It can also be said that work based experience rather impact very widely during the lifetime working of an individuals. This report mainly focuses on tasks and responsibilities that are highly involved in work based experience. It also produces a plan for work experience and analyzes the same. Further, they record the challenges faced by an individual during learning and also provide suggestions for improvement. At last they focus on evaluating the quality performance of an individual in an organization. Worried for Assignment writing service UK? Take help from our experts!


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