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Various Models and Systems Used in Business Communication

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Question :

The most skill for working of a business is the ability to communicate effectively so that similar message is received and send. This compose of both verbal and written form of business communication in order to maintain healthy relations with the staff members. This will help in achieving profitability in the long duration. The following factors are taken into consideration for effective business communication

  • Demonstrate various models and systems used in business communication?
  • Define method of communication and technology used in business?
  • What are the ways of making communication more effective?
Answer :


Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages through verbal or non verbal means from one person to another. It is the sharing of information between people within an enterprise which is performed for the commercial benefit of the company. Business communication is the information share for promoting products and services to customers. Effective communication is an important tool for any business undertaking as it promotes a good working relationship among the managers and staff which may increase efficiency and morale. This project on Communication in business will explain the verbal, non verbal communications, written, visual and electronic communications to understand and carry out better communication in the organization.


1.Communication Models and System used in Business

A communication model within an organisation depicts the way the messages will be send between the sender and receiver. The process allows proper sending of messages within an organisation resulting in better understanding amongst the two parties of communication. In general business, the following structure is used :-

  • Sender :- is the person from whom the message is sent. They need to ensure that the delivery of message is correct and no errors are made while sending it to the next step.
  • Encoding :- refers to the process of changing the message in a way that it is only understood by sender and receiver. This message is changed with help of using several icons, codes, numbers ensuring that only two parties to communication are able to interpret it.
  • Message :- the actual message / information after encoded and ready to be sent to the receiver.
  • Channel Of Communication :- is the medium through which the message will be sent. This has to very clear mode allowing the receiver to get perfect message. There are several channels available, company chooses the best option it feels be it mails, letters or calls.
  • Receiver :- through the channel of communication message is received by receiver, he now tries to decode it in order to understand the message.
  • Decoding :- refers to the process of bringing back message to its original form. Correcting all the icons, numbers etc. allowing receiver to interpret what sender is trying to communicate.
  • Feedback :- after receiving the message, the receiver send a feedback to sender with the validation that they have understood the message and will act accordingly.

This system helps the organisation to protect its classified information from all the discrepancies and maintaining a proper channel for flow of information allowing faster and better completion of task, resulting in perfect decision taking and attainment of goals of business effectively and efficiently.

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2. Communication Methods and Technology in Businesses

There are several ways in which communication occurs within an organisation :

  • Verbal Communication :- when the information amongst the parties to communication is shared through speech it is referred to a verbal communication. The parties should ensure that the words spoken during communication are correct and carry relevance otherwise the communication would become insignificant.
  • Non-Verbal Communication :- when the communication amongst parties occur through body language (kinesics), distance (proxemics), voice (paralanguage), touch (haptics) this would result in non-verbal form of communication. This mode of communication becomes highly relevant when there are too many people and message needs to be communicated to only a few people.
  • Visual Methods Of Communication :- When a message is communicated through signs, graphic designs, films, typography etc. involving some visual. This method is very handy if population is large and message is common, so a small documentary of sorts is prepared and put in front of people allowing them to understand the message very effectively.
  • Electronic Method :- there are several ways in which message could be sent from sender to receiver electronically. Through emails, mobile phones, video conferencing, instant messaging, fax etc. the message can be delivered easily and at very high speed to the receiver. Due to the rise in technological advancement businesses are following a communication which is fully based on technology which makes the business easy to operate and quick.

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