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Unit 9 Business Operation Assignment Level 4

University: University of West London

  • Unit No: 17
  • Level: Diploma
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


The business environment encompasses both internal and external factors that directly influence a company's operations. It's crucial to innovate in areas like human resources, finance, and sourcing materials to foster growth (Warner, 2018). Taking Walmart as an example in the retail sector, this report delves into the dynamics of both private and public sector companies. It emphasizes the influence of customers and teamwork on business success, alongside discussions on accounting requirements and HR functions.


1.1 Importance of accounting for business success

For maintaining a business appropriately, an organization needs to get ready information about resources, covers exchanges, obligations, liabilities and the sky is the limit from there. This would help in breaking down whether businesses have picked up benefit or misfortune toward the finish of a period. Every one of these procedures are finished by accounts branch of an association (Doppelt, 2017). People related in this area do these exercises which are useful for the administration in basic leadership. The primary motivation behind bookkeepers in organizations are to get ready record of budgetary exchanges in methodical request. This would help relationship to discover their situation of business. In Walmart Organization, accounts division helps in recognizing and estimating the monetary data which helps in breaking down extent of value and obligation in a precise way. Alongside this, it help associations in assessing execution of business, influencing spending plan and in addition overseeing and checking the money to stream.

1.2 Functions of HR department

Crucial role is being played by the Human Resource sector which in turn define the structure and thus manages the whole business function. There are many of the people which are being attached with abilities of completing the work by improving the productivity for meeting up the demand in desired way. Below described are the functions for managing the work in described manner:

Compensation and Benefit: There are number of motivational factors which can be provided like rewards and compensation by the HR managers so that company can attain growth and success (Palattella and et. al., 2016). This will mainly help in making staff feel much more motivated and dedicated and thus this can mainly assist in getting retention for long tenure.

Training and Development: This kind of factor is highly essential for a company as there are certain needs of polishing skills of existing and new employees on regular basis. This will help in bringing sustainability within workplace.

Recruitment and Selection: This can be stated as one of the most essential function of manager which are being utilised for recruitment process within the Walmart company for fulfilling vacancies (Adjei and et. al., 2014).

1.3 Key features of employee legislation

There are numerous laws and legislations which are being formulated by the Govt. of UK for giving out safety to the employees in effective manner. Major motive of these kind of legislation is to remove the discrimination done on basis of gender, race, caste or religion (Omar, Leach and March, 2014). There are various kind of features which are mainly involved within this kind of segment which mainly secure the workers safety and thus look out for the wages which are being given. Hence, there are some of the regulatory bodies who has established laws like Employment Act, Sex discrimination and many more.


2.1 Accounting workshop

P&L Account for Walmart for the year 2017 are given below:

Income Statement


All numbers in thousands




Total Revenue


Gross Profit


Cost of Revenue


Operating Expenses


Research Development


Selling General and Administrative


Operating Income or Loss


Income from Continuing Operations


Total Other Income/Expenses Net


Interest Expense


Earnings Before Interest and Taxes


Income Before Tax


Income Tax Expense


Minority Interest


Net Income


Dividend charges


Net Income Applicable To Common Shares



3.1 An analysis on determination of roles of team members

There are various kind of benefits which are being availed an individual like weaknesses presents are being minimised by sharing. This mainly provide help people in attaining work in effective manner in short period of time. There are various kind of skills and abilities which can be enhanced so that certain aims and objectives in proper way. Being the part of the team, there are many kind of benefits which I have availed in certain tenure like commitment towards the work along with high level of satisfaction in integrated manner (Petro and Gardiner, 2015). There are certain abilities also which I have gained. Moreover, I have mainly observed from the aspect of authority that within workplace, team work helps in making goals to accomplish. Along with this, evaluation is being done by the group manager for making the objectives clear and thus adopt the proper leadership in order to gain commitment of every kind of team member.

3.2 Team Development

It is highly essential for the company like Walmart and for this company, developing team is an essential task in order go improve production and profit ratios. Below described are the stages which needs to be understood by the managers:

Forming: This can be stated as a starting stage for the team development which mainly includes the determination of employees for the attainment of business goals.

Storming: This is the second stage which mainly involves the activity of brainstorm along with roles and responsibilities for the members (Reim, Parida and Örtqvist, 2015).

Norming: In this kind of stage, there are the group people who have started learning regarding bringing innovative ideas along with solutions and collaborating it with others. Moreover, this in turn can mainly improve the relations by reducing the conflicts in better way.

Performing: When the group activities happens, there is the stage which can be understood the part role in common tasks.

When these kind of stages are being performed, group leader is being needed for having some kind of skills in order to bring motivation (Amit and Zott, 2015). Within Walmart company, there are some kind of theories for motivation like Maslow's needs Hierarchy, Herzberg's two-factor and Alderfer's ERG Theory. These kind of theories will help out in for discovering the employee's needs and thus providing high level of satisfaction.

3.3 Need of leadership and motivational style in context with different situations

There are some kind of motivational factors which needs to be bough within an organisation so that various kind of ongoing modifications can be dealt with. There are issues within company which has arise from regular operations along with some kind of barriers. Hence, managers needs to bring motivational factors along with acceptance for changes (Dijkman and et. al., 2015). Each and every kind of individual whom level of performance can be judge by leadership skills. This in turn will help out in innovating techniques so that minimising of weaknesses can be done effectively.

3.4 The way leadership style and motivational skills are used to influence workers

There are number of issues within the Walmart company on the regular basis within workplace. Hence, for creating solution it is being needed to adopt skills related to motivation and leadership. This in turn will help in bringing motivation within workers. Example can be taken up of companies who has introduced latest innovative technology within the process and thus by the help of Maslow theories which in turn can mainly influence for the objectives (Goldratt, 2017). Along with this, motivation can be given for being flexible for modifications adoption when resistivity of employees are being raised


From the above report, it has been concluded that there are some of the environmental factors which needs to be evaluated so that business can be operated in both private and public sector. This in turn will help out in conduction of operations along with process. Moreover, in this report it has been evaluated that customers should get effectual services in order to retain them for long period of time.


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