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Unit 5 Data Analysis Assignment Level 4 Regent College

University: University of Sunderland in London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2455
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :
This sample assessment consists of:
  • Discuss about the Overview regarding stationary businesses.
  • Discuss about the Analysis of problem 


Answer :


In accordance to stationary business which is growing at very faster rate in plenty of industries. Data analysis is said to be an essential aspect fro every business organisation, whether associated to medium and small or wide organisation. This will be helpful for enhancing positive reputation of Donald Duque that are presented in their ongoing business to evaluate present trends those are helpful in attainment of sustainable future. This particular project is providing crucial data regarding operation of stationary business in Germany. They wants to make expansion of their business for this purpose they are analysis market trend and all related factors those are affecting the overall performances of an organisation. They are not being able to sell their products immediately to their customers because of low customers base (Öberg and et. al., 2011).


1.1: Overview regarding stationary businesses

For the purpose of expansion of business organisation needs to prepare an effective plan in proper manner. In present time the condition of the wholesale market of stationary is in stable for its expansion. The management has decided to expand its business from Northern France to the Germany as the situation of the market of Germany is suitable for the organisation in order to explore its business. As per this report it has been estimated that the total turnover of the overall organisation is gathered by the different sectors is approx £ 14.8 million per year. It also being determine that a total of £ 35.2 million is used to manufacture the different types of writing and drawing materials. It is as per the total consumption which are related to stationary market. Germany is at second position among all European nations (Bryman and Cramer, 2012). It give positive impact on the various operation of the organisation which are related to the stationary business of Germany which is determine with the total fact about 70% of the total major brands which is having experienced of gaining total sales in 2015 by the organisation.

Current trends and potentials :

The organisation whom are performing their business in Germany they ascertain good position in the market of Germany. Due to the positive image all these organisation have tendency to capture large number of market shares of the market which are related to the stationary products. There are abundant amount of the various products in which it shows about the total of 5% growth in 2015. it include of the office supplies and writing instrument. This will be considered as all trends will regulate in the total 2016.

Structure of market

As per the past statistics, it has been analysis that total of 2200 wholesale organisation are doing business in the Germany which are related to the stationary business. This has been assumed that every organisation which having half of the their total turnover which is less than £ 500000. There are various retailers which have their business in the Germany. This report explains that a total of 5500 retailers are sells there products in the marketplace. They have all about less than £ 25000

Contribution of stationary business in Germany nation:

There are different changes implemented in order to maximise the total amount of the turnover in the retail market. The primary aims is to deliver which is applicable of the diversified paper and paper related for the purpose of the drawing maximum attention of different customer.


2.1: Total annual spending on writing/drawing material per capita income

It has been seen that the total earning are kept on changing at more faster rate within stationary retailing business. There are two out of three Germany's pharmacy which is regulating with wide range of products that are related with stationary. Few supermarkets and hypermarket are said to be taken into account of assortment. Henceforth, their essential targets is to gather various customers that would be capturing large market in relation to stationary businesses. It an important quality of turnover and market share from expert retailers.

Accordingly, an increment in total number of particular retailers are moving very fatly through diversified their products and making crucial improvement by delivery customers services (Peck and Devore, 2011). There goods and services form postal and parcel service, sales ticket and that will be not expected to determine in a traditional stationary store. It has been seen that stationary sector are having valuable growth rapidly with examining more than 17 % of total market share at presently. In order to accomplish with all those market that are related with stationary products as per the demand of customers.


Per capita (€)















According to the mentioned data which is collected from various countries in which market of stationary business in operating at more effective manner in formulating economic growth for their nations. It has been determine that Germany is being consider to be more accurate and reliable market which is one of the large market which is regulating in stationary business. After Switzerland they are producing effective per capita income of £35.2. This particular amount which is entirely spend over writing and drawing material that is produce through Donald Duque. Apart from this, companies wants to develop and create awareness between various country to make buying decision in more effective manner.


3.1: Evaluating total sales figure of Duques from last couple of year

Table in appendix

From the table shown in appendix, it has been determine that proper growth is to be attained by stationary business out of their total sales that is incur from their diversified market operations. In 2015, they are able to sale more than 165000 of their production into various places. This can be regulate with increasing total sales with 182000 in 2016 (William Jr, Glover and Prawitt, 2016). It is operating in overall sales which is done to generate total earning of office furnitures and drawing assets.

(b): Mixed pie-chart

According to the above pie-chart, it has been seen that printer is contributing very minimum to total sales as compare to other products from 2016 to 2017. In respect with other parts of cartridges which is valued about overall growth of 2% increment in total sales during the time.

(c): Correlation cost effectiveness by presenting scatter graphs


Total sales (in €)







Correlation coefficient


This is essential to make use of effective use of scatter chart that would indicate total value which is associated with two variables which are being indicated over the chart (Shagoury and Power, 2012). This particular diagram is showing positive correlation between their total sales which would be made during the time to get more reliable results during the time.

(d): Future estimated total sales




€6500x + €162000
= €6500 (4) + €162000
= €188000


€6500x + €162000
= €6500 (5) + €162000
= €194500

As per the above trend line, it has been found that total sales estimation is providing positive results to the company. They are able to earn maximum return in 2019.


(a): Analysis of problem and conclusion






Increasing customer base


Extravagant staff turnover


Economies of scale


Impact on quality


Skilled or proficient personnel


Intensive capital need


Relocation possibilities


Loss of functional control



Total Pros


Total Cons


Total net outcomes: Total score collected from pros- Total number of conservatism

: 28-23 =5

(b): ISO those are required to follow by Donald Duque

It is very important to implement different level of standards before setting up the new project at international level. There are various types of standard which are ascertain in order to implement new chance and resources in order to increase the overall and standards. It helps to ascertain different kind of obligation which impact on the operational department of Donald Duques these are concerned with the increase growth level. Here are some effective standards are describe below:

ISO 14000 This standard is related to the management of environment which helps to attain the effectiveness in the operation of the organisation. It include about to minimise the operation which negatively impact of the organisation. It helps the organisation which impact the various operation of the organisation. This standard give impact on the different organisation which are related to maintaining the level of standard of the different operation performed in the organisation.

ISO 45001: This standard is related with the occupational and safety regulations. These types of standard are ascertain the different business organisation which are concerned with the safety measure between the organisation (Masoud and Hardaker, 2012).

ISO 26000: This is an effective international standard which is defined the social responsibility and different duties which are related to the international organisation in proper manner. It helps to maintain the social balance in the same communities of the business. This aids to maintain the standard of effectiveness in the performing operation of the organisation. This level of standard maintain the level of standard of organisation.


(a): Calculation of monthly cost regarding repayment of loan for 30years




30 years

Loan payment = Total loan amount / Discounting factor

= € 21215.85

Monthly repayment

€ 21215.85 / 12
= €1767.98

(b): Re-calculation of monthly cost after application of interest



Time period (n)

30 years * 12 months (each year) = 360 times

Interest rate per month (R )

10% / 12 = 0.00833

Monthly repayment



  • H0: According to this, research would be able to determine significance difference in total population and sample size (Taguchi, 2012).
  • H1: There is no any significance difference in the sample size and total population.



Mean of the entire population


Average of sample


Standard deviation


Z score assessment [ (Mean of the entire population - sample average) / standard deviation ]

(240 - 230 ) / 43

= 10 / 43

= 0.23

There are certain criteria that would be needed to be fulfil behind selection of best suitable hypotheses:

P> 0.05: Null hypothesis signified or true.

P< 0.05: Null Alternative would turn out or true.

According to the above calculation, it has been found that there is no any significance difference in the project. As the results is more than 0.05.


From the above project report, it has been concluded that decision for making global expansion is more beneficial for Donald Duque. It has been analyse that all necessary demand and requirements of customers are satisfied by opening of this particular business. This would assist in understanding of all problems that are related with overall performance and efficiency of an organisation.


  • Öberg, M. and et. al., 2011. Worldwide burden of disease from exposure to second-hand smoke: a retrospective analysis of data from 192 countries. The Lancet. 377(9760). pp.139-146.
  • Peck, R. and Devore, J. L., 2011. Statistics: The exploration & analysis of data. Cengage Learning.
  • William Jr, M., Glover, S. and Prawitt, D., 2016. Auditing and assurance services: A systematic approach. McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Shagoury, R. and Power, B. M., 2012. Living the questions: A guide for teacher-researchers. Stenhouse Publishers.
  • Taguchi, H. L., 2012. A diffractive and Deleuzian approach to analysing interview data. Feminist Theory. 13(3). pp.265-281.
  • Bryman, A. and Cramer, D., 2012. Quantitative data analysis with IBM SPSS 17, 18 & 19: A guide for social scientists. Routledge.
  • Masoud, N. and Hardaker, G., 2012. The impact of financial development on economic growth: Empirical analysis of emerging market countries. Studies in Economics and Finance. 29(3), pp.148-173.
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