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Unit 3 Business Project Level 4 City College


Managing business organization is the biggest task for the organisation. It gives great opportunity and growth to the business organisation implement the whole task in very effective manner. Management successful business by implementing digital technology will improve the organisation goals. It improves the business quality and essential things which makes proper earning. Present report based on Impact of digital technology on business activity. This report will be explain aims and objectives of the Mark & Spencer. It also discussing the different types of research methodology and making good task implementation. This also helps to represent the best effective results making task. Project management plan and work break down structure also will be going to explain in this research. Overall research will be based on the digital technology which makes good impact on the business growth.


P1 Aims and objectives


Digital technology is the most impactful technologism tool to enhance business activities and target market plan. It is the advanced technology which gives positive impact on the behaviour of target marketing goals. This makes good impression on the behaviour of business activities (Basu, 2017). Such as M&S can easily communicate with their suppliers, distributors and customers. M&S is the biggest multinational supermarket which is situated in British. They provide luxurious clothing, food services to their potential customers. It also helps to create some more challenges and get advantages from the new technologies. Digital transformation helps to track the customer focus and interest towards the company product and services. Digital transformation provides immediate results to the organisation for their advanced development.

Digital technology impact

The impact of digital technology on human life is one of the most concern part. In the last few decades, the impact of digital technology on human life is rapidly increasing. We can see the impact in our daily life (Binder, 2016). There are few points which explain this impact more relatively:-



  • Internet:- infinite amount of information and data has brought into your house or workplace by internet. These information are also available on the road. By this, you can access a lot of information in a few seconds by downloading the web page. By this digitization, there have been many changes in banking, retail and other industries.

Communication:- as we know, communication is the most important part in our life, it is a skill to communicate clearly and effectively. By using of technology, people can communicate easily without wasting time (Cleden, 2017). But by this technology, there is reducing of face to face interaction. There are some sources, which helps in communicate with others like E-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, social media and so on. Electronic mail(E-mail) is one of the best and first changes in technology. This is the way, by which companies can communicate with others. By E-mail, a person can get all the information in just few seconds rather than held a meeting. Text messaging and instant messaging are also most popular ways in digital technology to communicate with others. Instead of talking or seeing a person, we can communicate with them by using the phone. it is an effective way and tool to find location of any person. Social media is a revolutionary change in digital technology. By this social media, people can make new friends and gain some knowledge by others as well (Crane and Matten, 2016).


In order to identify the significant impact of digital technology on business activities. Present study based on M&S.


  • To identify the digital impact on the organisation.
  • To analysing the significant challenges facing by the company.
  • To identify the best effective tools and techniques of digital technology.
  • Impact of digital technology on different department of organisation (De Visscher, 2016).
  • Company will also enhance their sales revenue by 10%.
  • To identify the profitability ratio or in order to grow by 5 % with the help of digital technology.

P2 Project management plan.

Project management plan :-

Project management plan defines that how the project is monitored, executed. PRM is a collection of subsidiary plans like cost management plan, human resource management plan, time management plan and so on. PRM is a progressively elaborated, means it is continuously revised and updated. It is a formal document, which is used to manage the implementation of any project. Project manager has authority to approved project management plan.

Task Name





Research Project




Topic name

2 days




Statements of the research issue

1 day




Allocation of resources and time frame

2 days






Review of literature

5 days




Selection of correct research methodologies

1 day




Data analysis and interpretation

5 days




Evaluation of results and outcomes

2 days




Project closer


Giving conclusion and recommendation

1 day




Results of documentation

1 day





Moreover, this is the another process of working and making good task for the organisation. From the basis of above project plan company needs to focus on their cost department which is more impressive and impactful market plan. Moreover, this is the another process of working (DuBois, Hanlon, Koch, 2015.). This gives the impactful decision making process. Moreover, it is the most required and effecting process making task. This is the effective process making task for the organisation.

Cost: Cost is the effective element tool which creates effective process making task and impressive profit making task. Cost must be required and should be effective for making needs full fill for the organisation.

Scope: Scope must be achieve effective and task process task for the organisation. Scope of the organisation must be perfect and effective process making task (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017). Moreover, digital technology has main purpose to making good management tools and techniques.

Time: Every project has one start or one ending date, this must be specific and effective flexible according to need and want.

Risk: Project includes high risk in terms of getting more activity planning process.

Resources: Resources of the project plan must be most productive and useful for the organisation. This helps to full fill the project plan in more efficient manner.

Quality management: Quality management must be according to the impressive manner and efficient process of working. Process it also very much required for the organisation to full fill the basic needs of project management (Hillson, 2017).

P3 Work break down structure and a Gantt Chart to provide frame and stages

Gantt chart :-

Gantt chart is used in project management. It is a horizontal bar chart which is developed by production control equipment. GC may be complex version or simple version. It is a simple version if created on graph paper or it is a complex version if created using applications of project management such as Microsoft excel, Microsoft project. It gives a clear example of project status but it consists some problems (Kendrick, 2015). To resolve these problems ''PERT CHART'' is designed, which is popular method of project management.


P4 Carry out small scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methodologies

Research methodologies are the best impressive model to enhance their skills and knowledge. For taking good goals making task. Research is the impressive way of doing the business activities.

Research philosophies: Research philosophy is a research methodology process which is making good skills and wants. Moreover, is the ongoing process of making good task. Besides, it will also very much effective and assessing process making task in order to full fill the business objectives. These philosophies help to develop the deals with the source and development process. It holds organisation purpose and goals and objectives (Nicholas and Steyn, H. 201).

Research Design: it is a set of methods and procedures used in collecting and analysing measures of the variables specified in the research probable research. This process of making good task oriented goods and services. It is the another research element which helps to analysing the data and do research in efficient manner.

Data Collection: this is the most distinct element of research methodologies which creates effective role planning. In which research collect the data of research in order to measure the effective research project. This makes research in systematic manner. For example researcher needs to collect data about digital technology and their important aspects of working. It has two types of data collection method primary and secondary method. Primary method includes questionnaire, interview, personal observation etc (Polonsky and Waller, 2014). besides, secondary methods includes articles, newsletters, journals. It makes good exposure and effective process making task for the development of goods and services and to get good problem solving approach.

Sampling: Sampling is the another way of preparing the method plan or method to accomplish the objectives. Research sampling is the most required and productive method to accomplish the better objective task and plan. This makes proper effective process making goals and target market plan. Present study based on digital technology and their impact on company organisations. For taking this sample further, Researcher take 20 employees in the organisation to collect data process. Employees are the samples to analyse the data and results of digital technology on business activities (Schaltegger and Wagner eds., 2017).








Not Sure


1. Do you think that use of technology has provided positive impact on customer service





2. Do you think that M&S should adopt Digital technology techniques.





5. Do you feel that Digital technology has transformed business functions?






Strongly agree




How much you agreed with the statement “Digital technology is the reason of business success in retail industry”.






Increased efficiency

Expansion of business

Creation of brand loyalty


What type of challenges you have considered using digital technology has created ?






Different methodologies applied in the project such as primary and secondary data. Questionnaire plan and impacting good knowledge base working. Qualitative and effective process making.


P5 Analysis of research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.






1. Do you think that use of technology has provided positive impact on customer service

(a) Yes

(b) No

2. Do you think that M&S should adopt Digital technology techniques.

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Not Sure

3. How much you agreed with the statement “Digital technology is the reason of business success in retail industry”.

(a) Strongly agree

(b) Agree

(c) Disagree

4. What type of challenges you have considered using digital technology has created ?

(a) Increased efficiency

(b) Expansion of business

(c) Creation of brand loyalty

5. Do you feel that Digital technology has transformed business functions?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) No Sure

P6 Conclusion and recommendation

From the basis of above action it can be concluded that, managing business project which helps company to renovate business activities which influence new business activities. Research project is essential for the organization. This present report based on the impact of digital technology on business activity (Schwalbe, 2015). Overall, on the basis of collected data researcher can easily identify the results and outcomes of the research. Besides, researcher also analyse the employees' behaviour and their views regarding advance technology. Overall, with the help of data collection or sampling, data analysis researcher can easily done the research process. It also helps to make the productive work making on the basis of some factual data. Overall, as per the market research it can be cleared that it is the ongoing process and effective task making target for getting the best possible action. M&S needs to adopt best advanced technology and digital technology which creates the best product outcomes. Such as SEO search engine optimization through which Company can get first rank on the google engine. It gives the best customer attraction and customer visit (Serra and Kunc, 2015). Through PPC pay per click is the another digital technology of making good customer reach. SEM etc. another importance of digital technology are they also provide the best technology development target market goals. Which moreover effective and process making work. This makes good impact on the business activities. Through advanced technologies company can also get the best possible action plan and also enhance the effective marketing activity. It is the influencing process making task. Moreover, on the basis of effective management tools to accomplish the business objectives. It also helps to make productive making task. Overall, on the basis of above research it has been cleared that. Digital technology is the best tool these days to adopt quality management skills. This is the best productive task for making good needs and wants. This is the effective process working good skills and wants (Trevino and Nelson, 2016). This process of making good task and better quality management.


On the basis of required task and effective making process. Besides, this process are effective making process. In this present there are various method are used in order to accomplish the management task and research things. Without the help of effective process and task oriented. This will also provide help to control more managerial skills and wants. Overall, study focused on digital impact or development of company. This more give productive task making process which is required to effective process (Turner, 2016). This study concludes better objectives and better output level.


P7 Reflective and recommendation.

As per the analysis of overall research I got to learn about the importance of digital technology. In overall research project I have done so many things which helps me to enhance my future goals (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). It also helps me top gain my research knowledge this must be effective and impressive task making work in order to accomplish the objectives of business. I also got to learn so many things which makes good process of working or which helps me to get my career objectives full fill.


Project management process has value to implement new learnings and effective management learnings. It also provides helps to adopt new corrective action plan as per the needs of the organisation (Trevino and Nelson, 2016). This must be according to the business. Learning outcomes of this project is very much effective and productive for business development.


Research outcomes are just for solving problem or issues of the company. Besides, it also helps to make the good learnings and objectives of the company impressiveness. Overall, I got to learn or adopt various skills and knowledge which helps me in my future research project. It also helps me to get the best possible action plan (Serra and Kunc, 2015). Moreover, this overall project has give impact on the business activity.


From the basis of above section, it can be concluded that management guessing business project is the overall process of making good research tools and techniques. This helps company to get more opportunity and growth. Overall, research discussed about research methodologies and all making process. Overall, with the help of research company can easily make productive task making process. Besides, it also presents the questionnaire with 20 employees and their suggestions on digital marketing.


  • Basu, R., 2017.Managing project supply chains. Routledge.
  • Binder, J., 2016.Global project management: communication, collaboration and management across borders. Routledge.
  • Cleden, D., 2017.Managing project uncertainty. Routledge.\
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