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Undergraduate Major Project

University: ARU London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Porter Five Forces.
  • Define Aaker Brand Equity Model.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A

Under this report, Organisation Project Plan Template has been developed for Bet365, which would help in identifying number of strategic issues the whole gambling industry and company deals with. Including this, assignment will imply different theories and models as well to resolve the issues faced by both organisation as well as gambling industry. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

UMP Organisation or Service Project Plan Template

Student Number:

Organisation or service: Bet365

Identify and analyse three strategic issues facing the overall sector of Bet365


Strategic Issues

Evidence (financial, reports, news etc.)



Online Gambling’s Image Problem

Online Blog (https://bestcasinobonuses.co.uk/the-key-challenges-facing-online-gambling-in-2019.html)

Aaker Brand Equity Model- With the help of this approach, the whole brand loyalty of gambling industry could effectively be improvised in front of the customers. This could be done through an example, where “The closer a brand name is tied within the industry to service or product, that is being offered by business organisations. NeedAssignment Examples?Talk to our Experts!Through following all the rules and regulations of parliament, would directly lead gambling industry to attain their desired goals and objectives, which would lead company to enhance or improve the image problem (Ladouceur and et. al., 2019).


Potential Shifts in the Economic Political Landscape (Looming spectre of Brexit)

Online Blog - (https://bestcasinobonuses.co.uk/the-key-challenges-facing-online-gambling-in-2019.html)

PEST(EL)- Considering the two factors like political and legal, carries impact upon all the different sectors. Here, it is said that gambling industry would also require to look into different aspects like Brexit, change among different policies and so on. Taking into consideration of both of these factors and developing appropriate changes based on the requirements would lead this industry to enhance their performance level. This would lead to reduce the risks in a short span.


Market Saturation

The European Business Review (https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/five-key-challenges-of-the-igaming-industry-in-the-2020s)

Porter Five Forces- This model would lead to understand the actual level of saturation can depend on consumer purchasing power, competition, prices, and technology. Through this, right modifications could be made by companies that are coming under gambling industry. With the help of this, power actions can be taken to reduce the number of risks that are available or present within the market.

Identify and analyse three challenges faced by Bet365



Evidence (financial, reports, news etc.)




The European Business Review (https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/five-key-challenges-of-the-igaming-industry-in-the-2020s)

Discourse theory- Normative–deliberative theory, is one of a theory under discourse theory, directly initiates specific theory negotiation of an agreement between participants who enter discourse in order to overcome a conflict while pursuing certain interests and objectives  (Bunn and et. al., 2019). This may consists of different regulations followed by Bet365, which would help in sustaining within the market for a longer period of time.


Problem customers


Nudge theory- Nudge is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and behavioural economics which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behaviour and decision making of groups or individuals. Ask to write my assignment from our experts! Nudging contrasts with other ways to achieve compliance, such as education, legislation or enforcement. With the help of this,  Bet365 would directly reach to an all new level of brand loyalty, where the customers would start getting right amount of benefits in specified time frame.


Corruption with gambling purposes

Online report on UNIVERSITEIT GENT-  (https://lib.ugent.be/fulltxt/RUG01/002/164/625/RUG01-002164625_2014_0001_AC.pdf)

Ethics theory, would help Bet365 to perform all the number of values and ethics in developing high range of benefits for the customers. Through this,  Bet365 would also sustain within the market for a longer period of time.

Identify and analyse the three solutions to address the challenges faced by Bet365



Evidence (financial, reports, news, best practice guidance, etc.)



Building trust

Excellence in marketing (https://www.marketingweek.com/marketers-tackling-challenges-gambling/)

Stakeholder salience- Stakeholder Salience analysis can be used for building the trust of customers on the Bet365 because according to this analysis customers have high interest in organisation but eventually have low power. Here Bet365 can build trust of customers by increasing there powers in this analysis , this can be done through various betting options like providing some amount to bet in  customer's maiden game, fast transaction of bet money to customer's account and simplicity in process of betting . These suggestions can lead in increase in powers of Bet365 customers and building trust of customers (Kypri and et. al., 2019).


Operational efficiency

Gaming Times- (https://www.igamingtimes.com/2018/01/05/celerity-brand-loyalty-challenges/)

Stakeholder salience- Stakeholder Salience analysis shows that how the operational efficiency is important for the organisation. Operational efficiency in general is the employees of the organization. This analysis shows that employees of the organisation have both low interest and  power in the organisation, that's why Bet365 has to focus  on there employees. This is because these type of jobs are not common in nature which leads in employees hindrance in doing particular job. That is behind Bet365 should focus on maintain there employees for a long run by providing adequate incentives  which can increase there interest and power  of employees. 


Data security and GDPR

iGaming Times- (https://www.igamingtimes.com/2018/01/05/celerity-brand-loyalty-challenges/)

Stakeholder salience- While studying Stakeholder Salience analysis on Bet365 it shows that data security & general data protection regulation(GDPR) are important factors which effect the firm. These factors have high powers and high interest in firm. so the organisation must focus on these. IT sector of any industry  

is key sector for that industry and spatially for gambling industry in which Bet365 is working. Data related to gambling like information related to customers, artificial intelligence, company accounts etc (Leung,  2019).  must be secure and safe. All legal formalities related to government laws must be fulfilled this leads in development of organisation and matching its requirement for long run.  

Explain how Bet365 could practically implement one solution

Specific objective

Approach (marketing, HRM, Operations, Practice etc.)

Stage 1: Inputs, financial, technological, material, human.

Stage 2: Actions and timeline

Stage 3: Delivery and Evaluation


To build trust of their potential clients as gambling is not addictive and it should be taken as a subject of entertainment (Orford, 2019).

With the help of an effective marketing campaign on social media,  Bet365 would directly deliver right information to targeted audience in relation to their objective i.e. trust building.

Considering the potential of the objective, it will be required by Bet365 to enhance their own performance level, considering social media as technology.

Execution of the plan, where marketing approach like advertising that gambling is not addictive and it should be taken as a subject of entertainment only.

After executing the plan, monitoring process would take place, where the desired goal and the actual position will be analysed.

Just when, any risk comes in front, Bet365 would directly take into consideration of Porter Generic Business Strategies (Bonello and Griffiths, 2019).


With the help of above mentioned report, it is being concluded that Bet365 would require to bring a number of modifications within the company, where they could easily grab the attention of customers and enhance the brand loyalty in specified time frame.

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