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Uluru for Tourists

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. What are the factors that contribute to reopening Uluru for tourists?
  2. How Uluru can gain consumer value in the competitive market.
Answer :
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Uluru is a landmark located in Australia. This sandstone formation is Australia's most recognized natural landmark. Uluru has a height of 348 meters (1142 ft). Uluru is located at 863 meters around 2831 feet above sea level. It has a total circumference of 9.4 km. The mountain type of Uluru is call as Inselberg. On July 19, 1873 surveyor William Gosse identified this landmark and named it Ayers Rock in the honor of Sir Henry Ayer. In 1993 the dual name policy was also adopted that allowing official names to be called in both the ways traditional aboriginal names and English names. Later on, in December 1993 this place is renamed Ayer rock/ Uluru.


Statement of Sammy Wilson

The statement talks about the climbing issue of men. This climbing issue has already been discussed several times. Based on the Anangu this place is indisputable people should not climb because the area is men sacred area but the issue is still a part of the dispute. Recently some of the people raised this issue of men's climbing on the mountain and this issue sent to the broader group of Anangu and they clarified this place is restrictd by law because of the cultural reason based on the cultural law. This place has an immense cultural signifance based on the facts. This place is restricted bacuse of the couple of incidents happened earlier on that place and people even cost to death because of such incidents. This statement clarifies that this is not a playgrount or disneyland this is a men's sacred area so the protection needs to be done so more such incidents that happened earlier can be skip in the future. Many people questioned about the genuineness of the cultural law. This statement favours the cultural law based on the fact that every one should respect the laws in the country. People many times put an effort in justifying that the climbing in this place must be open to promote tourism at the place. This statement clarifies that all the working related to the place msut be conduct with mutual obligation but the statement focuses more on stoping the climbing due to the fact that this place has a sacred nature. Sammy Wilson mentioned that if he travelled to any country and there is a spot that comes in the same nature of restriction because of the sacred nature he will respect that law and will not climb. Anangu also stated that tourist are welcome but this activity is not. Tourist always ask that why people are still climbing instead of the fact that the area is restricted and the answer is always like things will change people will respect the law one day. The statement stated that visitor's don't need to worry about the climb closure in this area this place offers alot to the tourists about the culture here in this place. Anagu stated that it is not just inside but outside as well. Visitors can have a life changing experience because of the culture at this place and they can contribute alot in the satisfaction of the tourist. There is an immense posibility of developing various tourists aspect here government can focus on that. So the closure of climbing should not be a part of any disappointment they carry alsot to offer with the culture.


  • This statement stated about the death incidents happened earlier and that is a valid aspect to look at the decesion of closure of climbing.


  • This statemnet stated the fact of closure of climbing by not giving the complete details abut the accidents and that is not jutifiable.

Statement of Philip Adam

This statement stated that the climbing in Uluru is such a satisfying, exciting and mind refreshing experience for all the visitors. This place offers couple of natural beauties which only can be expeirenced while climbing. The statement says that if the climbing on this place is not allowed then it is a waste of money and time to go there because this place has best to offer is climbing.He mentioned that he has done climbing on the mountain twice and both the time he had the most memorable experience of his life time. Being a geologists he stated the fact that the climbing here is the most enlightens because the view this place offers is surrounded by planty of majestic enviornmental resources. According to the statement this is the only place in the entire park where the mesmeriging Olgas can also be call as Kata Tjuta can be seen and experience. The statement also mentioned that the climbing here holds a very special bond with all the visitors and they get to experience new area, mesmeriging view and many more. Only the few numbers of death and other incidents must not be a reason behind the closure of climbing. Specifically when the people who sucesfully climbed the Uluru is way more then the people who could suffer certain accidents. Accidents can be happen at anywhere and so happened at Uluru as well but the reasons behind such incidents must also be look and focused on while taking any decesion regarding to climbing. Prohibition is surely not a valid thing to do on such mountain specially if the place offers so much for the life time experience of the visitors. Take Law essay help from our top essay writers!


  • This statement talks about the ratio of safe climbers to unsafe climbers in the past and that is a valid justification behind the whole statement.


  • This statement doesn't mention the other side of the viewpoint and that doesn't give a complete brief about the issue.

Feedback and Review

Based on the facts mentioned in both statements it can state that the statement of Philip Adam is more convincing and justifiable. Climbing is like the ultimate essence of Uluru. It gives a life-changing experience to tourists. Uluru offers the best of itself only with the climbing. Also, the fact that only the people who are enthusiasts towards climbing and adventure take a part in such activities, and especially for them this place can be the biggest attraction and closure of climbing can be a reason for them not to visit Uluru that causes to loss in a number of visitors. The statement of Philip Adam also has the valuable point that only a few numbers of accidents must not be a basis of the ground to prohibit climbing instead of the fact that the ratio of successful climbers is way more than the climbers who cause certain accidents. Take online assignment help Now!

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