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Training and Developing Activities of Marriott Hotel

University: Kensington College of Business London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

  2. TASK1
Question :
This assessment will cover some topics which are discussed there under:

Discuss about the Assess the contribution of training and development activities.
Discuss about the Key responsibilities
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott hotel


Human resource refers to a people who are working in a company and organisation is order to manage resource in departmental wise which is describe in relation with employees. These are defined as employee performance in maximising objectives. The report is based on Marriott hotel. It is a multinational diversified company with franchises, there are broad hotels and restaurants with having lodging facility(Ahmad, 2015). In this, resources are looking after employee benefits, policies, job training and orientation programs. The issues faced by understanding human resource by leading with recruitment, selection, training and development in service industries. This assignment report is based on hospitality industry in looking after importance in context with an organisation. It is their in describing strategies and policies in improving performance of staff and analysis supply and demand with justifying plans. The report is in a manner to which discovers personal specification and selection process. For effective operations service industry is selected in business training and developing activities.


3.1 A job description and person specifications in hospitality organisation.

In Hotel industry, the requirement is for Marketing. An individual is able to make relations among customers. Company is dealing with customers on day to day basis with pleasant experience in making support with other employees.

Job description


Degree of MBA/BBA in recognised university


A person having 0-1 year of experience in Marketing

Area of expertise

Should have complete knowledgable about customer services and encouraging towards product and service

Other qualities

Able to support others, maintaining relations, learning ability etc.

Key responsibilities:

  • The person having qualities of providing hotel services. Checking availability in Marriott hotel by confirming its status.
  • Enquiring regarding with products and services to customer.
  • The motive is to make aware about services to customers about tourism destinations.

Person specification


Essential criteria

Qualification and training

Training in about 2-3 months in sales


Fresher or having 1 year of experience

Skills and knowledge

Attention to detail

Personal characteristics

Confident, hard-working and learning ability

Personal profile:

  • The candidate is mentioned in order to fulfil criteria which are eligible for this post in hotel Marriott are classified as under.
  • Candidate should be in a age between 21-30 years
  • He/ She must be graduate in commerce or management field.
  • Having ability to provide service to customers.
  • Candidate background, reference and medical check are made for verification.

The factors in which potential candidate has to face are leading in a mode of communicating with customers on daily basis by informing about services to be render(Jabbour and de Sousa Jabbour, 2016). The services executed made by the part of service department by making furthermore classification. Job description is made on the basis of HRD of hotel Marriott.

3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

Marriott hotel is making selection of candidate in order to make selection activity in proving candidate proper position within an organisation. The selecting techniques is made on the basis of candidates who are leading with process of selection in a company. Marriott is facing this process on daily basis(Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014) Here process is figure out by initial screening, completed application, employment test, comprehensive interview, background verification and last is permanent job offer is provided to candidate. The candidates are facing this approach on day to day basis where employees are making this interviews and selection on that ones.



Cox and Kings

Initial screening

Hotel Marriott is figuring out in making initial screening of candidates qualification and personal specification.

Hilton hotel is making initial screening of CV by making use for hiring process.

Completed application

Completed application is required by candidate for job.

Here required applications with not in completed form by candidates.

Employment test

Employment test is made on paper form of work.

Here tests not made. The selection based on face to face interview.

Background examination

Background check is required by HR manager in making information available of candidate. Here background verification is only important for candidate.

Here company is leading with checking is not necessary for candidate background verification. Here reference of past and present employee check necessary.

Permanent job offer

Final process of selection is made on the basis of candidate working ability and in this job offer is provided to adequate person who is willing.

Here permanent job offer is provided to whom who are in relating to fulfil company job specification.

In this comparison, it shows that Marriott and Cox and kings is facing by making initial screening of candidates by making checks of their relevant qualification for the job. Their required completed application of candidates by checking employment test in making verification in selection based process. Background examination in order to classify the verification of employees backgrounds(Ma Prieto and Pilar Perez-Santana, 2014). The last step is to make selection of candidate. This process is opt by many of the organisation is order to select one of the best from various candidates applying for post. Company used to acquire this procedure to find out suitable candidate with fine qualities.


4.1 Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industry business

The training and development activity is made for employees of Marriott company. Here in context with improving skills and knowledge. The activities are leading with higher level of effectiveness with an implication of personal development, health and safety, increasing personal and organisational productivity. Marriott is dealing with the directions and instructions in managing emergency situation by providing to customer grievances. Here are many of the implications made by company with an aspect to increase productivity and dealing with clients and customers on day to day operations. The contributions made by training and development with making effects on company Marriott.

Personal productivity: Company Marriott is enhancing employee productivity by allocating job role by providing employees proper training and development. Here there is an increased offering of productivity for making better career growth. By providing proper training to employees it is helpful for them in enhancing personal qualities of work.

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Organisational performance: It is an important approach used by organisation in acquiring better performance of employees with making long term success. Marriott hotel is making reduction in wasting activities on making time and efforts. By this, employees got proper instructions about work and increasing their ability towards goals.

Profitability: Marriott is dealing with profits on day to day basis by making training and developing use for employees. Here the resources are adding higher profits maintaining for organisation. It is a vital role for company. Employees need this developing step for increasing profits in business aspects.

Organisation Culture: this culture is defined by Marriott by establishing diversity, growth and value of development in an organisation. Here training and development is made for learning culture of an organisation. By this improving step, company is making effective culture in the form of increasing capabilities towards achievement.

Team spirit: Trainings are provided to employees in order to enhance team spirit among each other. It is a most vital element used in developing purpose. The activities formed are described by Marriott. This implementing step is used for making team spirit work with complete dedication in performing task.

Competitive advantage: It is an important approach which is made by boosting growth in an organisation. Here proper programs are made with dealing by enhancing personal working ability of Marriott(Paillé, 2014). Due to this development Marriott hotel leads with making competitive market trends.

Health and Safety: Training and development is looking after employees in providing regulations of health and safety. Marriott is turning with safety rules which are required in adopting employees working ability. Hotel employees are opting training and development by leading with health and safety in working process.

Focus on organisational quality: company is facing on completing an organisational goals for which they has provided perfect training and development approach with a manner to offered by developing activities(Purce, 2014). Marriott is pertaining act by ensuring services which are maintained by employees. Due to this approach quality of employees lead focus in enhancing goals and objectives.


From the above report it is concluded that there having well trained and developed acts faced by competition. The focus of employees is made on the basis of competition prevailing to manage work force in market. The duty of Marriott human resource department in managing prescribed laws and regulations with a prescribed laws relating. Here HR department is making requirement of an organisation in making right person for the right job. The failures are choose by candidates to be resolved in believing in productivity with is an essential factor in making needed growth in required by enhancing performance of work force. Due to this report, it is concluded that company is provided that training and development can lead higher productivity and profits in marketing trends

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