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The Social Entrepreneur-Asylum seeker resource centre

University: Bradford College

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assement will cover the following questions:

  1. Define and articulate the differences between social and commercial entrepreneurship.
  2. Identify opportunities and the positive social effects by ASRC catering.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Asylum seeker resource centre


Social entrepreneur is the person who established business with aim of improving well-being of human and solving social issues as well as effecting social change (Thompson, Purdy and Ventresca, 2018). They purse new applications that have power to solve society based issues. The present report is based on ASRC catering, they are award wining social enterprise of Asylum seeker resource centre, providing international food experience to functions and events throughout Melbourne, Australia. This study explains innovative goods' strategy that used by firm for promoting and taking its product to market. It justifies similarities and differences between social and traditional commercial approaches and also clarifies impact of each method on society.

Innovative product strategy using by ASRC catering as social enterprise

ASRC catering is non-profit social enterprise established in Melbourne, Australia by Asylum Seeker resource centre to hire people seeking asylum who have the capacity and right to live life normally (Collins and et.al., 2018). Enterprise is specialized in providing their services in private events, corporate as well as wedding catering in Melbourne. They create healthy & fresh vegetarian food that is bursting with different flavours from all around the world. Its food reflects diverse and rich cultures of their asylum seeker members, which is expressed in contemporary interpretations of classic flavours from Middle East, Asia and Africa.

In order to attract people towards business and keep consumers health, ASRC catering introduce their new food product which is innovative with all natural ingredients that helps to make people fit and healthy. Munchy Wrap is the new and innovative products of enterprise in which they add some fresh vegetables, mayonnaise and little taste of garlic because it helps to control blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Through social enterprise and traditional commercial approaches organization sell their new product that is Munchy Wrap, it helps to take goods to market.

Social and traditional commercial approaches to selling products-

Social selling methods include sharing essential and relevant content, communicating directly with potential consumers and interacting with new buyers, social listening and personal branding (Chang and et.al., 2016). With the help of using social commercial approaches like tag friends, cause marketing and diversity marketing, enterprise is able to sell their new product effectively and gain market attention easily. It is most specialized sense is about using social campaigns to generate revenue and sales for brand, services or goods. Through social enterprise approaches ASRC catering team get pulse of particular needs of target market in accurate manner and timely.

There are different types of social organization methods-

Cause marketing-

Cause marketing is promotion done by for non-profit business that seeks to better society in accordance with CSR such as by including activist content in advertising (Gao, 2019). Cause related selling is mutually beneficial collaboration between non-profit and business designed to promote latter sales and formers cause. It is one of the best social enterprise approach that ASRC catering can use to sell their product that provide benefits to those people who are suffering from different health issues in their life. In simple words, it describes campaign to raise money for helping poor people who cannot be able to live life normally.

Diversity marketing-

It is one of the another social enterprise approach that organization can use to sell their Munchy in market by considering all perspective of consumers (James, 2017). It is a method that recognize influence of cultural programming, recommending that various communication approaches can use to best reach divers groups of people, rather than operating one size fits all technique. Diversity marketing acknowledge that even within one culture, people have different expectations and experiences. It tried to consider subgroups all-inclusive ethnicity, religious, age and physical environments.

Tagging friends on social media sites-

Tagging and positing pictures is easy and quick product selling approach that also can used by ASRC catering which allow them to promote its Munchy into marketplace effectively (Fujita, Harrigan and Soutar, 2018). On Twitter, Facebook and other communication tools, enterprise can tag images or posts to friends as well as potential consumers that helps to share information about new food products and spread among group of people which is quite beneficial for business.

Traditional commercial approaches-

Through traditional commercial methods ASRC catering can take their new products to market systematically (Todor, 2016). It includes different types of approaches that uses to selling Munchy and to generate awareness related products that drive people towards purchasing it. There are different kinds of traditional approaches, mentioned below;


It includes advertisement in magazines, newspapers and brochures that sell products and help to promote within specific target market. This type of marketing approach is best known to number of people because most populations around the world enjoyed and used these methods. Through printing image in magazines and newspaper, enterprise easily promote their products which attract people to buy Munchy.


Broad cast information about Munchy as innovative product provided by ASRC catering through TV advertisement, enterprise increase their sales rather than before (Bennett, 2016). They can use this traditional commercial approach to sell goods and take it to market effectively.

Direct mail-

It includes brochures, catalogue with display products and postcards with offers and discounts coupons.

Differences and similarities between tradition commercial and social approaches-

Similarities between each approach-

Tagging friends, diversity and cause marketing are the three kinds of social enterprise approaches and Thesis help, that ASRC catering can use to sell its products in market. It is quite effective and useful methods, that provide benefits to business and society. For example with the help of cause marketing enterprise can raise and collect money which they can use to help poor people (Goldberg, Fishbein and Middlestadt, 2018). Traditional commercial approaches and social selling methods is way that helps to generate awareness within number of people. By tagging friends and other individuals' organization is able to promote their goods effectively, and share essential information regarding this. The aim to these methods is to gain success and generate revenue that support people for enhancing their living standards. Through social enterprise and traditional commercial approaches, firm can achieve their objectives and sell Munchy efficiently without making harm to anyone.

Traditional commercial approaches is different methods but work towards achieving success and growth for business just like the social selling techniques. The base of similarities between all approaches is to sell products into market, they all drive towards the same thing that is quite beneficial for overall catering business of ASRC. They both help to reach at number of people available within market how are able to purchase products and pay good prices for this. Through magazines and brochures, enterprise can introduce product and share info about ingredients that they used in goods after considering the culture and preferences of consumers. The motive of each approach is same, they both are working towards raising funds and generating revenue.

Differences between traditional commercial and social approaches-


Traditional commercial approaches

Social enterprise approaches

Focus on

Newspaper advertising, Broadcast, Direct mail are kind of traditional commercial methods that uses to sell and take Munchy in market by ASRC catering. It quite different from social approaches because it focuses on selling products nothing more than it. In simple, words, these methods centring on selling goods which were make by firm.

Diversity marketing, tagging friends and cause marketing are the three types of social approaches that ASRC can used to promote as well as sale their products into marketplace within effective manner. As compare to traditional approaches, social enterprise approaches mainly focus on increasing profit which they can use to enhance living levels of people and donate money for good cause (Jamali, Karam and Blowfield, 2017).


Traditional commercial approaches is quite expensive as compare to social approaches. Printing prices is high rather than diversity and cause marketing. All the activities including in this procedure is quite expensive that is directly impact on enterprise profit margin.

Whereas, social approaches is less price consuming and highly effective. In these methods, the content is being prepared without having requirement of number of applicants that helps to save time and money.


Traditional commercial approaches is effective, but slower as compare to social methods to sell product in market. It consumes a lot of time to take goods in market.

As compare to traditional methods, it is the best way that help to reach at target market easily and quickly. It supports to spread information by considering key factors that provide positive results.

In addition to this, while promoting or selling products enterprise also consider the key business principles such as manufacturing, product designing & packaging and manufacturing that help to assure success. During product development and selling procedure, organization has to focus on goods packaging, they pack will be looks unique and attractive, while making Munchy wrap workers add all ingredients carefully and consider religious belief because it is quite essential for consumers satisfaction.

Compare and contrast between both approaches-

Social approaches and traditional commercial methods used for one purpose that define similarities between both of them. It helps to sell and take new products in specific target market effectively.

But the differences between traditional and social approaches described throughout their effectiveness and way they do work. Through Social methods' enterprise improving well-being of human whereas, by using traditional one's they can only attract consumers and generate awareness that's it.

Social impacts that each approach will have on society-

Social approaches to selling product, make positive impact on society, for example cause marketing principles is to align brand with the cause to produce societal and profitable benefits for both parties (Al Hattab and Hamzeh, 2015). This method, will use for good purpose, marketing team of ASRC catering prepare good content to promote their good, through this they share important message to everyone that the profit or money after selling this product is used for improving life of poor people and donate for good cause, it affects positively and encourage consumers to give their contribution in this procedure.

Diversity marketing also make positive impact on society, the marketing department of enterprise target all communications methods for communicating diverse group of people to generate awareness about product. According to this method, team members recognize the value of older consumers, disable and other people, they also consider the values, cultures and religious belief which customers having in their life. For example, ASRC catering offer Munchy in 3 to 4 flavour which allow people to any ethnicity and culture to purchase product according to taste. In society some, people avoid garlic in their foods because of religious belief, so company has to take care of all these things before making Munchy wrap.

Tagging is another social approach that enterprise use in order to take products to market. It is a good way that affect society quite positively without making harm, through this method, communication with consumers is easy managed. With the help of tagging marketing team will be able to share product information with diverse culture of people.

Printing is traditional commercial approach, that make social impact on society, it still strong source for communication and information, it is indispensable techniques of community that aid every person to correspond as well as communicate to each other (Cooper, 2016). Selling product through print image in magazines and newspapers enterprise assure authenticity of product that increase interested of consumers to purchase.

When the content used to communicate people is good and managed in systematic way that introduce products in market, it impacts on society effectively.

Through TV and Brochures organization provide appropriate information about what they are trying to offer its consumers that is beneficial or not. They have to assure that ingredients used in Munchy is organic and chemical free, that impact positively and gain customer attention.

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From above, it has been concluded that ASRC catering is one of the best catering service provider in Australia, they offer range of food products to diverse culture consumers effectively. Through social approaches and traditional commercial methods they can sell its new food product that is Munchy in market, these approaches helps to take it to target consumers in systematic manner. Organization considers essential business practices while selling its product, they mostly focus on marketing content, design or packaging and other things which is very important to assure customers about business ethical practices, that they are selling pure vegetarian food.

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