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Individual Report Business

University: Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Unit No: 14
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Literature Review

1. Principles and purposes that govern the development of communication strategy

According to Berkenkotter and Huckin (2016), it's crucial for company leadership to create an effective communication strategy that enables efficient communication among employees. This strategy serves as a vital tool in the corporate environment, fostering cohesion between staff and management through formal channels. This approach supports the long-term development and sustainability of the organization in the market. Leaders must align the communication strategy with the company's vision to ensure clarity and prevent confusion among employees regarding essential information. Nagle and Müller (2017) emphasize developing a strategy based on principles such as clear objective setting, adaptability to linguistic and cultural diversity, flexibility in communication mediums, and timely delivery of relevant information.

2. Characteristics for becoming effective listeners and speakers during business meetings

According to the ideology of Baccarani and Bonfanti (2015), an effective speaker is confident, passionate, intelligent and demonstrate wide range of knowledge when they deliver information verbally. They make use of non verbal cues like gestures, voice modulations, eye contact with business persons and postures to effectively communicate in business meetings. In a corporate conference, it is often seen that professionals within an entity listen to any information during a meeting only with the objective of responding to it or grabbing the chance to start speaking. However, this has been believed widely in corporate world that when individuals give ears to the views and opinions of colleagues, seniors and subordinates, they generally get unique and creative ideas that can help in elaborating upon the same point broadly. Effective listeners are observant and often make use of facial expressions as well as eye contact to express their interest in the subject matter. Effective listeners do not easily get distracted by outside environment or noise (4 Characteristics of a Good Listener, 2019) Thus, it is frequently observed that active listening leads to generation of solutions along with effective and strategic ways to build upon their image and gain the attention of personnel sitting in the conference room. As per the views of Brownell (2015), a corporate should not indulge in the practice of interrupting other business persons when they are expressing their views as this reflects lack of respectable etiquettes and formal behaviour. Besides this, patiently hearing what the other person is trying to convey in meeting becomes imperative when one is waiting for an opportunity to add their opinions to subject matter in front of business persons.

Analysis And Discussions

Sport Love is an independent London sports and leisure centre business. It has been noted that the Human Resource Director of enterprise is concerned about poor communication which exist within the business. It has also been analysed that HR department is concerned about the ways and medium of interaction prevalent in the organisational premises. Along with this, it has been comprehended that this element of organisational functioning has been a source of major inefficiency in the company which leads to an unfavourable impact upon the experience gained by customers out of services delivered by enterprise. Sport Love is staffed for 24 hours and operations within the entity takes place in three shifts. The biggest issue found in context of company is the presence of staff with diverse set of national backgrounds. This implies that all the employees of organisation belong to varied cultures which gives rise to the possibility of conflicts and contrasting opinions. Furthermore, it is analysed that the workforce is multilingual and the first language of employees is not necessarily English which gives rise to misunderstandings and due to which there has been overall operational inefficiency in terms of communication.

1. Effective principles and purposes guiding organisational communication

As per the evaluation, Sport Love has largely been affected by ineffective communication over the course of time. Thus, it becomes necessary for top management to design and develop an optimum communication strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to facilitate effective communication between the employees and management of an entity. This helps in ensuring that relevant and accurate information gets exchanged within organisational premises in a feasible manner within due course of time. Also, it has been evaluated that an effective communication strategy assists in easier transfer of qualitative and quantitative data. Besides this, it has been assessed that the HR director should keep in consideration various principles that guide and govern the development of strategy. These principle are clarity, integrity, timeliness, simplicity and language that should be used by personnel while interacting in Sport Love. The workforce and management of Sport Love are from varying national backgrounds which reflects that there are chances of existence of diversities in culture and languages of employees. This implies the probability of linguistic and national barriers which gives rise to inefficiency and communication issues as the first language of workforce is not necessarily English. Thus, by designing an optimum communication strategy and employing all the principles of communication, managers can ensure that necessary information is suitably transferred in a desirable manner within time. Also, when human resource department of Sport Love will focus upon planning efficiently, there would be no constraints in this process and statistics would be easily transferred.

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2. Characteristics for effective listening and speaking to enhance practice of communication

As can be drawn from the discussion above, it has been analysed that human resource department of Sport Love is not satisfied with the existing communication and thus are involved in thinking of ways to deal with this situation. Also, it can be evaluated that this process can be improved in business context only when human resource department is stringent about strict compliance with set procedures and regulations for facilitating interaction between employees. Besides this, it has been assessed that the participants within Sport Love should learn to be confident and make use of non verbal cues to become effective speakers. They should make use of their knowledge and competence to deliver information within the lines of organisation. On the other hand, personnel can deploy observation as well as analytical skills and avoid paying attention to distractions to become active listeners. This helps them in deriving relevant meanings out of the conversations and actively giving ears to a person's views. This has also been found that there is dire need for management of Sport Love to develop such policies and strategies within which employees can easily listen and speak. Also, communication strategy allows business persons to deliver their views, opinions and ideas during business meetings within the company. The language used by pupil in Sport Love should be formal and structural and facilitate easy and perceivable interaction within multicultural and multilingual premises.

3. Evaluation of own written and oral communication skills in a business context

Drawing upon the feedback from my subordinates, colleagues and seniors at Sport Love, I have analysed that my oral and written communication skills are good yet I can bring improvements in these within due course of time. As per my own evaluation, I have ascertained that the manner in which I write is in accordance within corporate business documents. I generally write short statements which can easily be perceived by anyone. Also, it has been assessed that I write in a descriptive manner about the subject matter only after carrying out an in-depth study. The information written by me is usually precise and specific and I often avoid using contrasting or controversial thoughts in my report so as to leave no chance for rise of conflicts. The content written by me for presentations and meetings with business associates are often regarded widespread and praised by my colleagues due to the relevancy and precision of data. The pattern of my writing coincides with an official business report and is generally appropriate as per the requirements of entity.

It is often pointed out by business personnel and my colleagues that irrespective of the precision and accuracy with which I prepare business reports and presentations, I often lack behind my competitors within the entity. This owes to lack of suitable oral skills in me which makes me lose competitive tasks within business context. Also, as pointed out by peers, I am not able to deliver information in a meeting verbally as at times, I fail to use voice modulation and inflexion to stress upon major areas of concern and relevance for discussion. However, with my tactical skills and precise adaptability, I make use of non verbal communication styles like gestures, body movements, facial expressions, tone of voice and eye contact to gain the attention of business persons during a meeting. This helps me in overcoming the shortcomings in relation to oral communication skills and gaining a hand upon business professionals within the entity and grabbing the opportunity ahead of them.

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From the above discussion and analysis, it has been comprehended that it is imperative for top management of any entity to design effective strategy to facilitate clear and specified communication across all the units and levels of enterprise. It can also be concluded that staff and managers should ensure use of optimum channels for building interaction within organisational premises. Also, it has been evaluated that there are various purposes and principles that guide and govern the process of communication within a company. Besides this, it has been analysed that there is firm requirement for human resource department to be stringent while selecting ways and methods of communication in a business environment. This is necessary to ensure that there is no ambiguity and confusion between employees and management. Furthermore, it has been assessed that effective communication strategy is essential for easier exchange of vital information within the organisation.


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