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Roles and Responsibilities of the Marriott

University: University College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

  2. LO1
Organization Selected : Marriott


The term marketing refers to a set of activities and various processes involved in creating, acting, delivering, and exchanging goods and services that have value to society and customers (Bowie et.al., 2016). Thus, in the following report, Marriott has been taken into consideration. It is a leading hospitality industry. It has a number of branches all over the world.

Thus, in the following report roles and responsibilities and their relation with other functional units has been discussed. Further, a comparison between Marriott and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts has been done with help of a marketing mix. Thus, it also highlights on basic marketing plan and tactics applied by Marriott.

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Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function within Marriott

Marketing function is a role that helps organisation in identifying needs and requirements of customers and later satisfy them (Cengiz and et.al., 2018). The main function of marketing manager is to promote the products in adequate way by comparing with other brand so that it helps customer to attract towards their brand.

Hospitality organisation

Marriott international is a hospitality industry that is multinationally diversified that manages and franchises portfolio of hotels and lodging facilities broadly. It is the largest Hotel chain in whole world having property of more than 6,500 in 127 countries. Thus, hospitality organisation is defined as a category of fields within service industry in broad manner that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, travelling and many more additional fields that is included in industry.

Activities undertaken and its Location

Marriott hotel has 11 branches from across key town, city and countryside. The activities that has been offered by Marriott hotel are an ideal location that helps tourists for resting and relaxing themselves. They also offer indoor and outdoor pools where visitors can soak themselves in rays. Further it also includes internet on pool deck as a complimentary along with casual dining. Marriott England also offers various sport activities and bar facilities that make them feel refreshed.

Roles & Responsibilities

How is it is executed in the selected Organisation

1. Distribution

Marketing manager of Marriott has to distribute services from management to customers. Thus, as per the needs of tourists they must select specific channel and supply services to them.

2. Promotion

They must promote their services through various channels available in order to attract tourists towards their hospitality industry. Promotion includes advertising on television, internet or various other sources to which visitors are attracted and uses more. Promotion must include clear information regarding the services Marriott offers top tourists.

3. Selling

Marketing manager of Marriott has to communicate directly with potential customers in order to determine their requirements and fulfil their needs and desires accordingly. This helps the cited hotel to increase their profitability.

4. Product service management

They have to manage product and services by designing, developing, maintaining, improving and acquiring them so that they meet needs of tourists in adequate way.

Roles and Responsibilities of marketing relating to the wider organizational context.

Marketing is set of activities and institutions. It is process to create, communicate, deliver and exchange offerings that has value to customers or clients to a large extent (Davis and et.al., 2018). Thus, it is also primarily based on thinking about the needs and requirements of the targeted customers. Further, roles and responsibilities of marketing has been discussed as per following context-

Food and beverage

The role of marketing manager in terms of food and beverage includes convincing customers about having high quality item in place of other. Thus, it turns around various elements that helps customers to attract towards particular hotel.

  • Brand Positioning of Marriott- The selected hotel has to make customers or population aware about foods or meals they are offering. Marriott should also position its brand in market in terms of having the best product or service from any other in particular area.
  • Packaging product- Marriott must pack its product in such way that it attracts customers easily due to its presentation. This is one of the highest ingredients that is needed in order to attract customers towards it.
  • Mobile marketing- As today's generation spend more time on cell phones, it becomes significant for marketing manager of Marriott to advertise in terms of discounts or coupons regarding services offered by them.
  • Social networking- Social networking has become important for well know companies in order to establish their goods and services reach targeted audience. Marriott has to post its information regarding services or foods that is offered and various types of discounts available.

Human Resource Management

Marriott has to attract customers that can lead to profits in order to achieve decent number of sales (Dzhandzhugazova and et.al., 2016). Thus, for this they need to position and market proposition that helps in looking attractive. They are not separate. It includes following elements as-

  • Keeping people happy- The main rule of marketing is that promising about what is going to be deliver by cited hotel. They must promise about actual work environment which wont affect or hurt employees morale.
  • Attracting right talent- in order to attract customers towards Marriott, they have to develop smart and talented employees that have unique knowledge and skills about hospitality industry.

Purchasing/ accounting

The accounting department of hotel Marriott monitors about the financial condition in terms of financial statement on daily basis. The responsibility of marketing manager is to manage and develop sales of things. The role of accounting department is to work closely with marketing department and so that they can monitor trends taking place in business and manage the efficiency of sales promotion accordingly.

  • Ratio analysis- The relationship between sales and cost are known as ratio. This is further broken down into expenses that are related to the departments that are important in Marriott that includes marketing. Marketing and accounting has to work closely in order to analyse ratio that is used in various expenses of marketing.
  • Marketing Reports- The sales of Marriott is increased by marketing department as they set up direct advertising programs like radio or television to indirect programs like involvement in community etc.


The term reservation means booking or reserving accommodation for guest. This helps in giving first impression of Marriott (Leung, Xue and Bai, 2015). This process is done after request regarding accommodation is made by the guest. The role of marketing is to advertise rooms and hotel in an attractive manner and the role of reservation department is to reserve the room according to the request and customer requirements. Marketing manager must provide clear and actual information about the availability in hotel with help of reservation manger so that it does not lead to misunderstanding between guests.

Front Desk services

The marketing department rely on front office to provide data on guests and many other details regarding visits. Marketing manager has to check the list of rooms or various things are available in future for accommodation of expected number of guests. This data is maintained by front office departments in property management system.

Room division

The major function of room division department is to fulfil services of the guests and update room status accordingly. They also create history records of guests. The role of marketing is to analyse the availability of rooms and accordingly promote the service of Marriott so that it attract high volume of customers.

Analysing roles and responsibilities of marketing in context of marketing environment.

The term marketing is referred to as action or business of a manager in order to promote and sell products or services in large quantity with help of marketing research and advertising.



How do they Relate to each other and to the Marketing environment

1. Planning, organising, managing and executing goals.

Financial manager

Financial manager has close relationship with economic factors that affects business to a large extent. The macro economic factors like growth rate of economy, domestic rate of saving, availability of funds etc. it also includes rate of inflation and terms in which Marriott can raise its finance. They have to maintain the budget of the cited hotel in appropriate way so that it may not affect business decisions because of financial crisis.

2. Promote goods and services with help of advertising that has clear information.

Marketing manager

Technological factor mainly affects marketing manager of Marriott hotel. As today's generation is changing their trends of shopping goods and services, marketing manager has to update technology in such manner that it attracts the potential customers or guests towards hotel. They must update websites and advertise about services offered by them and various discounts or coupons available on internet. This will help customers in getting up to date information about hotel. Thus, it will also help them in comparing between different hotels and select the best one.

3. Producing goods in such way that it fulfils requirements of customers.

Production manager

Production manager has close relationship with social factors that affect the business environment. The production manager has to analyse changing taste and preference about customers. As people are becoming health conscious nowadays, so manager has to produce foods and services of high quality that wont affect health of customers and they get easily attracted towards brand.

Analysing significance of interrelationships between marketing and other functional units within Marriott.

The term marketing is a strategic discipline that is essential for corporate strategy as communicated in corporate plan (Wirtz, Tuzovic, Kuppelwieser, 2014). Functions of marketing is to exchange goods and services from manufacturer to customers in order to earn high profit. Thus, interrelationships between functions of marketing and other functional units has been discussed as per below context-

1. Relationship between marketing and operation department-

The marketing manager of Marriott has to work closely with operational department. Working closely will help them in ensuring about following-

  • Research and development are planned in an adequate way so that it leads in satisfying current as well as future requirements of customers or guests.
  • The item manufacturing by operational manager must be of good and high quality and specifications of design has to be laid down by customers that leads in attracting more customers.
  • Volume of orders that is generated by marketing department must be met within specific period.

2. Relationship between marketing and Human resource management-

Both will have to work closely in order to ensure that skills and staffing levels are fixed in appropriate place which are as follows-

  • It has to be ensured that research and development of new ideas of products are done in appropriate manner.
  • It has also been ensured that they meet all the targets that are set for production.

Critically analysing key elements of marketing function and their interrelationship with other functional units.

Marketing functions are significant part of Marriott. Thus, there is an interrelationship between marketing and other functional units of the selected Hotel (Villeneuve and Pasquier, 2017). Thus, if there is need of implementing plan for Marriott, they will have to take help from many other departments that functions in this hotel.

  • Thus, if Marriott wants to offer any type of discounts on food and beverages, they will have to communicate with production manager regarding this. The negative aspect of this is that it has to face extreme loss as the cited company sells high quality product in low price to attract various visitor.
  • Further, to implement plans of marketing plan, marketing manager will have to communicate with finance department in order to maintain budget and avoid financial crisis. There has to be proper budget management to minimise risk of crisis.
  • If selected hotel has to attract customers they must give actual information about inner facilities available. For this, they to communicate with house keeping department. This risk factor is that it leads to misunderstanding if false information is give to customers.
  • Engineering department helps in maintaining plant and machinery that is available in Hotel. So they have to give up to date information about all the equipments used so that they work without any trouble.

Therefore, there is deep interrelationship between marketing and other functional units that are involved in Marriott Hotel.


Comparing ways by applying marketing mix to marketing planning process.

Marketing mix are set of actions that is used by company in order to promote its product or brand in market (Stuart, Rubinson and Bakopoulos, 2017). This, it has been compared in following ways-

Element of (7Ps)


Sheraton Hotels and Resorts


Marriott has furnished air conditioned rooms that has feeling of homely surroundings. They have amenities like comfortable bed, telephone, laundry service etc. and also has internet service, fax option and medical services.

It is one of the largest leisure company in world. They offer upscale accommodation and best services to visitors. The rooms available there are stylish, contemporary and spacious that have modern settings.


The estimated revenue was 14.486 billion dollars at end of financial years. It adopted premium pricing strategy as it offers value based prices and services.

It has adopted premium pricing strategy. It promotes holiday packages with


It has spread its presence in 110 countries and has its headquarter in Maryland.

It has its headquarter at Stamford in Connecticut of United States. It has been located at many parts in the whole world.


Marriott has launched campaigns of high impact ad that targets potential customers that leads in increasing awareness of brand. They also offer free holiday, gifts, bonus and many more to attract customers.

It has adopted top class marketing strategy that helps in maintaining brand value of market. Thus, it is active via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter so that they create brand visibility.


People are important ingredient in provision of service. Customers make judgements about service and delivery based on people that represents Marriott.

The employees are trained well. The culture involved in this is modern and motivated.

Physical evidence

This is about services delivered. Customers will make judgement according to physical evidence of company

It consists of humble staff and has excellent quality behaviour.


Have innovative process that helps in responding quickly to customers

Employees are trained at high level so that they attract customers that are highly profitable.

Evaluating different tactics applied by Marriott in marketing

Tactics applied by Marriott are as follows:

  • Put out loyal stops for loyal customers- Marriott is making it easier to get closer to loyal customers (Salman and et.al., 2017). They have started adding functionality to their rewards program and giving options to the guests in selecting rooms without visiting to front desk.
  • Think outside box while creating content- They produce content that is regular for magazine. They provide creative thinking about the content that presents unique opportunities for engaging with customers.


Developing basic marketing plan.

Basic marketing plan can be produced with following tasks-


Travelodge is a private company that operates in hotels and hospitality industry (Piercy, 2014). It is the second largest hotel in hotel sector. It is under separate ownership.


The main mission is to make hotel travel possible for all people as and when they go. Vision of Travelodge is to connect with people by responding to their needs on time and find various solutions to problems that are arrives.

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Role of Marketing in Travelodge


The main objective of this hotel is to double number of business travellers that are staying at particular hotel with launch of business account card.

Swot analysis

  • Strengths- they offer prices that are affordable for guests that includes family rooms or any other rooms having frequent deals on special occasions.
  • Weaknesses- they do not equip whole range of products to customers and it has been described as simple in looking and very boring.
  • Opportunities- as ecotourism has become new trend ao they are more likely to receive feedback in positive manner that leads in expanding its market and achieving high profit.
  • Threats- Travelodge has very limited presence in foreign countries. Thus, customers choose branded company which has established its reputation in home country.

Marketing Strategy

Low and affordable price is main marketing strategy that it adopts. It is cheapest that offers value in terms of money to customers.

STP process

Segmenting means to categorize guests in terms of travel purposes (Moriarty and et.al., 2014). They must use combination of both methods i.e. business and channel. This helps in identifying properly about the segments. Contact our experts for oxford assignment writing service issues.

After segmentation, selected hotel has to target the right segment. This can be done with help of revenue management software that determines about segments generating higher profit.

Positioning is the last stage in this process. This ensures that hotel is best in position market for achieving success. Positioning also means to create image about hotel that ideal guests ecpects.

Detailed coherent evidence based marketing plan.

The coherent evidence based marketing plan are as follows-

  • Product- they must ensure that services received by them are enjoyed by tourists. Thus, it should be the main objective of Travelodge.
  • Price- this plays crucial role as it represents value of customers and competitors with others that offer better services (Davis, and et.al., 2018).
  • Place- they must have variety of branches all over the world, so that customers get easily connected to them. Thus, customers prefer mainly domestic service.
  • Promotion- Promotion means advertising about services that is offered. So Travelodge must promote it to great extent so that customers gets attracted easily.
  • Process- they must provide attractive and unique services in order to represent it. This will leads in attracting guests towards the brand.
  • People- this plays important role in pulling guests. So they must recruit people and train them so well so that it leads in building good relation.
  • Physical evidence- this is comfort that is enjoyed by the customers in organisation. Travelodge has to maintain it.

Designing strategic marketing plan.

Business Objective

Marketing Mix & Strategy


Monitoring & Evaluation

Provide good services to customers


Giving employees excellent knowledge of product.

Monitor on feedback of customers and respond to it quickly.

Train employees


Identify internal needs.

They must monitor on formal surveys.

Attract customers

Physical evidence

Maintaining communication.

Monitor on discounts and offers given by them.


In above report, it has been concluded that Marriott is worlds the largest leading hotel having many branches all over the world. The main aim of this is to pull customers in rather than pushing them out. In addition to this, this report also highlights on interrelationship between functional units and marketing in order to achieve targeted objectives and high profitability. Further, with help of comparison between two leading hotels, it has been analysed that Marriott runs its business at top with help of marketing mix.

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