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Organization Behaviour


Organizational behaviour is effective mode to enhance interaction abilities of employees in the team. This study aids enterprise to operate better business in the nation. It is utilized for staff members to increase their performance and effectiveness in the corporation (Boddy and et.al., 2015). Hilton is famous resort which provides optimistic services in food and beverages in the United Kingdom. The present file introduces organizational culture and structures in the nation. It also discusses different type of factors like job responsibilities, work culture and leadership. It describes about organisational theories in the Hilton. It represents the motivational theories to motivate the employees in the hotel.

Describe how the relationship between an enterprise structure and culture can effect on the performance of the business.

Relationship between structure and culture effective performance of business in positive and negative manner.

Structure impacts

Hilton uses hierarchical structure in the organisational premises in the United Kingdom. Mainly, top level management takes decision with managers and important employees of the firm (Cheung-Judge and Holbeche, 2015). This process also motivates all staff members to work in a appropriate manner. Effective structure of Hilton also helps to increase the efficiency and performance in the nation. It also aids the employees to realises their roles and responsibilities which provides huge reliability regarding work in the organisation. In addition, it also reduces departmental conflicts with help of better structure in the Hilton.

Cultural Impacts

Working culture is also effective in the hotel. It also provides better inspiration to do any kind of work in the organization. Pragmatic culture of Hotel helps to complete goal and objectives effectively in the nation (Coghlan and Brannick, 2014). As per this culture, organization gives most priority to its consumers to provide better services. This way, firm is attracting customers towards its services in the UK. This process is also aiding to increase its efficiency and performance of Hilton. This culture also emphasizes to enhance training and development activities for better improvement of staff members and workers in the hotel. This way, Hotel is facing less complexities as comparison of other organisations in the nation (Gibbins-Klein, 2011).

Determine and explain the factors which impact individual behaviour at work. Why a manager should understand individual behaviour ?

Leadership and work culture also create positive environment for employees in the Hotel. It is described as follows.


It is activity which is handled by managers in the organisation. It also guides the its employees in right direction in order to complete work effectively in the Hilton. So staff members of firm do not feel more complexities in their work (Child, 2015). These things aid to increase the efficiency and performance in the organisation.

Work culture

Generally positive culture of Hilton also make the happy and enthusiastic in the corporation premises. It also contributes effective role to enhance the productivity in the work (Adika, Adesina and Rabiu, 2013). Management of Hilton also maintains transparency with all staff members.

Job responsibilities

With aid of these things, manager also inspires the employee's to perform job effectively in the Hilton. This process also helps the individual to increase its skills in the organisation. This way, staff members also reduces chances of work load in the firm.

Managers of Hilton also try to understand individual behaviour to give particular authority on the basis of task performance, loyalty and punctuality (Akintayo and Babalola, 2011). These things help the leader to complete their work in a effective manner. Generally, managers can find out working style of employees on the base of their performance in the hotel. Punctuality of staff members states that consciousness regarding job in the organisation. Loyalty is also shows its sincerity and honesty to conduct any work in the firm. This way, leaders get huge help to know behaviour of individual in the Hilton.

Describe how organizational theory underpins the practice of management and discuss their contribution to management

Organization theories also also impact positively to perform work. But organization has to choose this concept as per their work to get better output in the nation (Biswas, 2015). This process also helps the Hilton to increase its speed of employees by providing effective knowledge of work, motivation and providing extra facilities like better salaries and incentives and bonus. Classical neoclassical and modern theories also helps the corporation to get its goals and objectives in the hospitality market of United Kingdom.

Administrative theory also associates the concept of staff, line, committees and functionality of management in the organization. Firm can use division of work which help to enhance its managerial and operational work. Scientific Management is a concept of management that analyzes work flows of firm (Northouse, 2012). The main objective of method is to improve economic efficiency as well as labor productivity in organization. Theory of bureaucracy also emphasizes on the two things in the organization. First, it obliges the firm to follow the hierarchical structure. Second, corporation and its employees has to follow clearly defined legal rules to manage organizational operations in the nation.

This organizational theories also help the Hilton to follow specific process. These things contribute effective role for organization to complete their goals and objectives in a appropriate manner in the firm. Corporation is also managing its hospitality operations in the effective manner with utilization of administrative theory in the United Kingdom. This theory is also motivating the employees to perform better in their work in the Hilton (Palliam, 2012).

Compare the leadership styles of the two managers and how different/similar they are from

Generally, Hilton and Dorchester hotel follows different type of learning styles in the United Kingdom.

Leadership style of Dorchester

Mainly, this hotel follows autocratic style to manage its operations. Organisation is facing so many problems in the nation. Management of firm do not associate its staff members in the meeting to take development and managerial decision. This process is demotivating its employees in the Dorchester (Parvin, 2014). It is increasing turnover rate of staff members in the organisation. Due to this reason, organisational efficiency and performance of hotel is also affected in the United Kingdom. As per results, this approach is ineffective for regular use in the firm

Leadership style of Hilton

Generally, Hilton considers democratic leadership style to handle its hospitality operations in the United Kingdom. It is also effective approach for hotel. So corporation is not suffering many complexities as comparison of Dorchester in the nation. Management of enterprise also include its employees in the meeting to take managerial and strategic development decisions (Robbins and et.al., 2013). This procedure is inspiring its staff members in the Hilton. Democratic leadership style is also helping the hotel to reduce turnover rate of employees in the corporation. Efficiency and performance of hotel is increasing as comparison of Dorchester in the United Kingdom.

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Assess the different approaches to management utilized by the two different corporation

Generally both organisations follow different management approaches in the United Kingdom. Dorchester uses highly autocratic style in the nation. This method de-motivate its staff members in the organization. On the other side, Hilton follows democratic leadership style for its employees (Khan, Kadir and Wahab, 2010). This approach also motivates its members and workers towards its job in the firm. It is increasing efficiency of the hotel in the UK. Dorchester also considers highly hierarchical structure which oblige its employees to follow many rule and regulations. These things are enhancing departmental issues in the firm. On the other point view, Hilton utilizes hierarchical structure to manage its operations. It also provides effective freedom to its staff members which motivate them internally in the hotel. Due to this impact, organisation is not suffering departmental conflicts to handle its operations (Epifanić, 2013). Dorchester is also facing so many issues between staff members because many of them are belong from various countries. So these thing produces language issues for employees and workers in the enterprise. On the other side, Hilton also recruits diversified workforce to perform its work from them. There are no issues among members because hotel also follows training and sporting activities in month which develops effective relationship among staff members (Sevi, 2010).

Compare the application of different motivational theories

There are many content and process motivational theories. Generally Maslow, ERG and X and Y theories are categorised under content theory while reinforcement, expectancy, equity theories come under process theory.

Reinforcement theory is separated in positive, negative, punishment and extinction. organisation can give fully concentration to eliminate the weakness of staff members in Hilton under the first step. This procedure can also increase the performance as well as teamwork of employees by providing effective responsibilities in the hotel (Stotz, 2015). Reinforcement theory does not more emphasize more on salaries of the employees. If staff members gives better efforts for Hilton then firm provides effective salaries to them. Often, this procedure demotivate the employees in organization. In addition, these people can also leave the enterprise.

Maslows theory is classified in five section such as fundamental requirement, security, belongingness, esteem and self actualization. It does not concentrate to remove weakness of employees in the first step. This thing affects performance of Hilton in market. Corporation can suffer with many issue in the UK (The Content Theories of Motivation, 2015). If Hilton execute Maslows theory then this method can render effective inspiration to perform better work in employees through completing its basic requirements such as better salaries in the firm.

Evaluate the usefulness of motivation theories for managers in Hilton

There are many usefulness of motivation theories for managers of Hilton in the United Kingdom. It is represented below the paragraph.

Usefulness of Reinforcement theory

  • This theory also helps the managers of organisation to increase its business in the hospitality market of UK.
  • It also aid the leaders to reduce work load situations very fast because this concept also emphasizes on the to provide more incentives instead of extra work in the Hilton (Mustafa and Kingston, 2015).
  • Reinforcement theory contribute effective role for managers to increase the productivity of organisation as comparison of other approaches by giving effective knowledge in starting phase in the nation.
  • It also helps the management to increase the core competencies of employees which provides better competitive advantages in the market (Mangadu Paramasivam, 2015).

Usefulness of Maslow theory

  • This concept also contribute effective role for managers to keep stay the employees for long time by providing effective salary, bonus, incentives, job security as well as medical insurance in the Hilton. It also improves relations between employees and managers by giving these facilities in the organisation.
  • Maslow theory also helps the managers to develop honesty and loyalty in staff members by associating in the meeting to consider any type of decision in the Hilton (Aaltonen and Hytti, 2015). This process also aids the managers to realise importance of employees in the hotel.
  • Maslow theory also aid the managers to use ideas and concepts to increase the frequency of consumer by taking suggestions from the employee's in the meeting within corporation.


From the report, it is found that effective relations between organisation structure and culture is increasing the performance of Hilton in the United Kingdom. Job responsibilities, work culture and leadership also help to improve working style of individual by creatingpositive impact in the hotel. In addition, democratic leadership style of organisation is giving appropriate advantage to increase its productivity in the nation. Management of Hilton is providing appropriate competitive advantage to earn more profit as comparison of Dorchester in the UK. It can be concluded that Reinforcement and Maslow theories also is helping the firm to motivate the employees regarding work.


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