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Relationship Between the Community and Local Government

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Conclusion
Question :

This assessment will cover some topics which are discussed there under:

  • Discuss about between the community and local government.
  • Discuss about the community strategic plan.
Answer :


One further level of the government has been set up by six states and Northern Territory which is named as Local government (also referred to as local council). The local government handles the needs and requirements of a community like waste collection, town planning, public recreational facilities, etc. Each state has much local government within it and is controlled and run by state or territory government above them and defined their power and geographical areas of their responsibility.

For this report two local governments chosen are:

  • Local Government in Tasmania
  • Local government Association of South Australia

Analytical study of role and influence of both local government on their respective communities has been discussed in the following report

Local Government in Tasmania

Local government Association of South Australia

In the budget of 2018-19 government of Tasmania have invested major amount for development of communities.

For art, sports and leisure grant up to $5000 is received for programs and equipment and for facilities contribution of $25000 is raised.

$11.6 billion have been assigned for community and election commitments.

Local government of south Australia spends over $11 million each year.

A sum of $2.6 billion is invested in vital community infrastructural projects.

For land and infrastructure development $136 billion are spent.

Community hospital budgets have been increased up to $7.8 million.

Over the past 12 months, funding has increased by 32.8%.

Local Government in Tasmania

Local government Association of South Australia

For carrying out all community work over 4550 people are employed with a vivid skill.

More than 5000 people are employed every year by various councils of local government in SA.

Staff includes clerical, technical, computer operators, and accountants

1.8 % of the staff is engaged in coordination and management at each center.

In come councils specialist staff such as traffic engineers, horticulturalists and builders are also employed to assist in designing and management of public areas such as streets, gardens, and buildings.

There are 38 volunteers at each center of local governments.

Other employment in local government included youth and social workers to provide specific services that are required in the community.

More than 4000 persons are working as volunteers in LGA and 72% center wants to increase the volunteer workforce.

Local Government in Tasmania

Local government Association of South Australia

Road and construction and maintenance, street lighting, garbage collection and waste management. Rain waster harvesting and reticulated potable water.

Local government Association is the main representative body for council and voice of communities.

Public health such as inspecting cafes, shops and manufacturing premises to check for hygienic conditions.

Planning and environmental policy support to the community is provided to help in building better communities to ensure quality life for people.

Development of community halls, art facilities, economy and tourism, Sporting ovals, parks and public reserves.


Over $20 billion worth of community infrastructure is managed and maintained by LGA.

Community services such as child care, immunization services, services for young people and seniors and health promotion are also conducted by LG of Tasmania.

Support for various project is provided along with resources to council for giving better services in local communities.


Some work done by Local-government are:

  • Art and culture- playgrounds are made along with oval and facilities.
  • Libraries are established to enhance knowledge of people of the community.
  • Waste and resource management programs are lunched for better sanitation and recycling of waste and residues from household consumption.

The above tables represent the facts and figure related with funds raised and investment done by Local government in community development programs that helps in enhancement of community facilities and lifestyle of their citizens. It can be seen form above table 1 that funds that for island of Tasmania $11.6 billion has been assigned in budget of 2018-19 for development of community facilities and $2.6 billion has been assigned for development of infrastructure and roads. A sum of $7.6 million is given to community hospital for there overall development. On the other hand funds raised by local government of South Australia have increased by 32.6% and it spent about $136 million on infrastructure development and $11 billion on overall community development facilities. A sum of $25000 has been assigned for sports ans art facilities.

The staff of the local-government of Tasmania includes almost 4550 employees which includes clerical staff and computer technicians and some of them possess key skills related with hospitality and other sectors whereas South Australia over 5000 people are appointed each year. The staff consist of volunteer youth and special workers who provides special services to community and in south Australia 1.8% of employees are engaged in management and coordination work.

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For the work done by both local government it can be seen that Tasmania LG is more engaged in development of community facilities such as garbage collection, waste management, development of community halls, ovals and sports grounds. Rather than Local government of South Australia focuses on planning the environmental policies for community development. Libraries are also developed for giving an edge of extra knowledge to citizens while in Tasmania child care services along with care to young and elderly people are also provided in communities.

A brief description of the local community

South Australia:

There are more than 4 million people around different communities in south Australia but the fact has been found that almost more than half of these people are involved with either community centres or initiative taken by local government. Over past few years this involvement have seen a rapid growth as people are completely supporting the community service programs as they are started for their benefits along with betterment of society.


This is the only state in Australia which is not situated in on Australian mainland as it is an island in Australia. This has most mountains and at presents is volcanically inactive and climate is relativity cool as compared to other states of Australia. This leads to fact of lesser involvement of people in voluntary participation in community services and development programs. At present population of Tasmania is 5.15 lakh. As compared to South Australia community involvement is there in Tasmania but to a certain extant rather government and local council enjoys a strong relation.

Comparative analysis:

As described above it can be seen the community of south Australia is more involved in community development programmes launched by local government compared to Tasmania. Here, more involvement of local council and government can be seen and community involvements is lesser in Tasmania. In can be stated that from past few years involvement of community and people of South Australia have been increased with a faster pace as compared to involvement of citizens of Tasmania. The environmental factor also effects the involvement of people as Tasmania is the coldest past of Australia also going out and providing volunteer services becomes a tough task for citizens living their so voluntary participation is increasing but with a slow rate.

The nature of the relationship between the community and local government.

South Australia:

People of the community take voluntary participation in programmes of community developments by local government. For this government have also initiated 5 step community engagement plans along with community engagement technique. Training and development programmes have also been launched for voluntary participating citizens. The relationship between local government authorities and citizens have been refined time to time. This is done by community aware about role of local government. The most important fact develop a strong relation between them is significant involvement of community in decision making process of local government. Along with development of acceptable policies for government as well as private sector.


Community engagement is the process of communicating, cooperating and working with communities to gather information, build relationships and inform government decision making.

The local government is taking initiative to improve community evolvement in programs and initiatives. It is responsibility of government to empower communities to make these things happen. At present both government and communities are engaged in for many purposes, the individuals in communities are consumers, customers, organisations and businesses. If you need cheap programming assignment help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution.

Comparative analysis:

From the above detail it can be seen that local government of South Australia and people of community share a good and healthy relation as citizens takes active participation in community development programs and on the other hand LG establishes community engagement plans. When compared with relation of local government of Tasmania and community is can be observed that the relation is at developing stage as interest of people are being developed to participate in communality development plans and programs.

Approach of LGA for integrated planning and reporting and how does it set out the ‘community strategic plan'

Community strategic planning:

This represents the maximum level of strategic planning which is undertaken by local councils. All other plans fall under category of developed plans and reporting frame work which supports implementing community strategic plan. There are mainly 4 questions which must be addressed for communities:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where we want to be in next 10 years?
  • How we will get there?
  • When we will know that we have arrived?

South Australia:

The local government of SA develops a strategic plan as

Development of a plan project

  • gathering and recording the background data and information relevant with project to be under taken.
  • Define the aims and objective of the project.
  • Establishment of parameters of project development.
  • Identification of key issues that might be faced while development and implementation of the project.
  • Selection of an appropriate technique for project execution.

Implementation of projects

  • development of an action plan
  • completion of a task breakdown

Providing feedbacks

  • collection and analysis of information
  • providing feedbacks to community and governments
  • respiration of a report to council
  • implementation of final decision.

Tasmania: The community strategic planning is developed as under:

development of policy position

  • collection of information resources on specific communities and projects.
  • Development of impartation and template.
  • Identification of implementation techniques and methods.
  • Levels are decided as- developments. Analysis, involvements, implementation and rectification.

Comparative analysis:

This can be seen from the above community strategic planning of the Local government South Austral have a better planning and implementation technique. SA local government has more precise and deliberated plan for implementation of strategic community plans. The local government of Tasmania has liberal and short plan that do no involve in depth planning and plans are developed and just implemented and the there are not more corrective plant in case plan is not executed as per the plan.

An outline of how the companies structure their staffing and staff participation

In South Australia the employment is done by following strict rules and regulations as compared to Tasmania which have liberal employment regulation as it is an island and most of its revenues are form tourism. As far as local community participation is concerned both of local government enjoys is but when companion is done south Australia have more involvement is more.


For the role of directors, it can be said that companies of South Australia have more inclination towards wealth maximization and profit generation while companies, staff, and directors of companies in Tasmania are more concerned about the involvement of community programs. The companies do have involvement in communities in recruitment processes as they appoint volunteers to assist them in employee appointments. The staff of the companies is free to involve in any initiative and programs that are undertaken by the local government for community development. Companies provide balanced, objective information to assist communities to understand the issue, alternative opportunities, and/or solutions. Targeted mail out, community feedback, online surveys, submissions, community meetings.

With this it can be concluded that Planning and implantation of a Comparative strategic plan are more precise in South Australasian local government, both of them have community participation but the SA community have more involvement in community development preprograms and initiative was taken by local government.

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