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Impacts of Crises and Risks

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Question :

This sample will let you know about the:

  • Discuss about the role of the destination management organisation.
  • Discuss about the key generating markets.
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Tourism is an environmental, social and economic force which highly effects on hospitality industry. This is mainly applicable for the international destinations for tourists such as Australia. It can be considered as a developing places that has observed large success and development in current times. This report based on evaluation of destination in which different impacts of crises and risks. Main purpose and motive of this assignment is to evaluate and develop further knowing of Australia as destinations. Australia is biggest country in Oceania . Ten most attractive places in Australia such as The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Uluru, Barbecue, Wine, Western Australia, Perth, Surfing, Beautiful Beaches, Lush Jungles and many other. All these are highly attracted places which attract large number of tourist towards it. There are five important reasons for the tourist to visits in such destination such as natural wonders, fascinating Aussie lifestyle, Beaches, amazing adventure opportunities and its shimmering cities. The role of the DMO, the impact of the crisis or the break down upon is the close confining portions of the tourism embody. Australia is a member of United Nation, ASEAN Plus mechanism, G20, World trade organization, Pacific island forum and Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation. One of the main challenge for Australia has been handling its global image and maximizing it's consciousness amongst other generating marketplaces. Specific efforts or activities are also being engaged to maximize awareness of Australia as a locations with short-term tending being dedicated to attracting large number of visitors from the 30 countries competing at the 2015 FIFA World cup.

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Australia is a largest country and surrounded by the India and pacific oceans. Major attractive destinations or cities in such country is Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and many other. Australia has a wide range of inbound collections that stand along and complement with each other. Important involvement of the Australia within the economy such as its largest services export industry, contributes around one-quarter of travel and tourism gross domestic products. Major Australian Icons for visitors to visits like Red centre, Kakadu, Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley, Byron Bay and so on. According to Komppula (2014), the national park is a protected national park of New South Wales, in the eastern portion of the Australia. The national park is defined to be in one of the eight protected areas. Blue mountain national park is the heritage site of the Australia as it possesses the kinds of many named and unnamed history in its black lock. In the view of Rodriguez et al. (2017), the overview of The Blue Mountains National Park is covered with a perfection of the green family, lies with the brown rocks all over the spare. The park is no tappet kind of typical feeling for kits so big space and other mountains. Each year the tourists band the mountaineers step their footmark in the park and processes their collaboration with the green and brown rock segment. Blue Mountains National Park is one of the attractive and natural place that attract large number of visitors entirely. It is committed to giving first class tourist facilities which is located in the Greater Blue Mountains area. Main reason of selecting such destinations is have different natural attractions such as three sisters, Scenic world, Govetts leap lookout, Wentworth Falls, Katoomba, Leura, The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Jenolan Caves, Norman Lindsay Gallery & Museum, Hiking and Heritage Trails and many other. There are a lot of students from the universities or the institutions come to this park as their educational trip. With the firm kinds of the nation, segmental Australian phenomenon enclaves massacre situation through the tourists. Along with firm information, these heritage tourist spots are the perfect embrace for Australia, approximately 12.9% of local jobs are attributable to the Tourism sector.

Figure 1: Statistics for tourists visit to the Blue Mountains


Destination America has a long reputation and incredible designing, operating building custom group, tour services and meeting incentives convention events (MICE) programs for few of the most recognized and largest tour operator across the world. The transport sector in Australia presently places a focuses on big conjunctive rail networks, and airports highways. For inbound traveler, different number of international airports aid and facilitate. There has been a important effort by the management organization of destination which encourage sustainable ways of transport in an effort to line up with their wide sustainable tourism objectives and goals. The domestic and the international tourism market are specially counted in several openings as the two streams are they differed itself. The places like the Australian Blue mountain park brought the proliferated graphics to the tourists’ attractions. In the view of Han & Hyun (2015) the foremost mountains, the green portfolios are the centralized optimism of Australia. There are several tourist spots like the Sydney opera house, underwater marine and so on. As the tourists occur every year and there is no specification about summer and winter. The Australian continent utilize their power with a smooth clarification o do the tourism movements. The Australian performed economy is getting boosted with representation of the tourism department to the Australia’s 3.0% GDP, contributing A$47.5 billion to the national economy. With a firm determination approximately 7.4 million visitors arrived. The confined industries of tourism employed 580800 people in Australia. According to Sharpley (2014), the Blue Mountains National Park is one of the most well known parks in a world wide manner. With an enormous graphical view and positions, the several people of several continents this park to avail the botanic and the culture values with the Mountain View. The post Aboriginal culture of the place describes the place as a firm heritage within the cultural moral ethics of the confined segments.

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Whilst possibly favorite for mass traveler, there is a possibility for Australia to generally cater for those who determine with recess segments. The destination image that holds will mostly reckon on how large number of members of belongs such segments experience the places and develop their opinions comparative to their purpose to revisit the locations. Their satisfaction will mostly relay on the World Cup commodity itself, concerted with the other goods that they content including accommodation, food, transport and many other attractions. Therefore there is a necessity to take benefit of this maximized numbers of traveler while they are in the nation.


The main purpose and motive of the DMO is to develop a Master management plan or marketing strategy for a particular destinations. The specific DMO represents the destinations and help to develop their long term travel and tourism strategy. According to Benur et al. (2015) there are a lot of variations on the DMO model function. The DMO plays specific role in the long term business tourism as the DMO process theory individual enforcement to help the people of mountain. With the cooperation from this primitive tourism organization DMO serves as a gateway to man destination’s historic, cultural and sporting attractions. There are a figured one stop shop with all the basic ad primary forecasting’s. According to Pham et al. (2017), Maintaining a physical appearance the renowned exclamations are posed through the containing brochure, information’s and the promotional books and magazines formulated by the DMO and its clients. The emergence of the DMO manipulates the tourism market mourning’s. Specifically DMO processes like a firm organization, depending and investing upon the tourism management. The recommendation of the DMO model processes then brief effect the configuration of the stakeholder coordination and branding from then supply-side perspective.

The main DMO for the Australia is the national tourism organization for the country. Their main mission is to uplift the authenticity of the region as well as preserve the wildlife and the fauna of the region. In addition to this the organization aims at bringing in innovation so as to improve the appeal of the region. In the view of Mistilis et al. (2014), the main role that is played by the organization is its role in protecting the flora and fauna of the region as well as promoting the region among the public. In addition to this the organization aims at commercialization of the place so as to generate revenue to improve the infrastructure if the region. This organization in order to promote the tourist destination is involved in many marketing campaigns which involve use of digital as well social media. The organization uses the social media because currently most of the tourism occurs through websites and through reviews on social media. Thus most of the tourists can be targeted and communicated via the social media. Thus it can be seen that social media such as integral and face book are an essential tool so as to enhance the popularity and footfall of the tourist destination. In addition to this the organization in order to promote the blue mountain national park is involved in the campaigning on digital media such as television so as to capture the attention of the tourists to the tourist destination. The structure of the organization is the hierarchical structure were in the organization is headed by the departmental head. There are subordinates under each section and each section of the organization are given roles or duties to fulfill. In the view of McLennan et al. (2017), the main head of the organization is the minister for tourism who is followed by the assistant minister and the departmental chair is hold by Bob East. Under him there are 7 directors and under the directors there are the managing directors. The specific role and responsibilities of the destination’s DMO should be outlined according to their website or annual report. If you are worried about online programming assignment help from experts.


It is becoming progressively essential for international tourism places to successfully design, move to and regain from possible crises and risks. Different number of inefficiencies or ratio in connection to destinations goods in Australia can involve to actual risks as well as lead to future crises. It covers traffic congestion, unsatisfactory airport facilities, noise pollution, general failure of travel and tourism services, hygiene standards or quality of public amenties and supporting facility to render satisfactory data to visitors. According to Bowtell (2015), the risks and the crisis are the, confined portions of the certain business as the risk assessment programmed is truly emphasizing the ways of the propounded proliferation. One of the main crises which is face by specific destination such as financial crisis. For example: In 2009 to 2010 financial crisis brought regarding large number of travel and tourism effects, covering a general minimize of tourism across the world due to minimum discretionary income as well as minimized confidence to visitors. It can be identified that Australia was not extremely susceptible to such kind of situation on this occurrence related to the economy tat not having a overreliance on destinations.

The tourism organization faces the quality risk problems with the impurity and diversion. The diversion portrays the risk assessments of the infinite trails with the rumored circumstances apart. The significant risks are the basic segments of a certain business, as the condefinite programmed are to define the risks and solving them with a primitive business and customers. To protect both the customers and the business, risk management is becoming increasingly important .an individual exploration should be per par for the tourism determination. With all the hesitating characters summary, training of the stakeholders and the employees. In case of the reputation along with the primitive respect, an organization should compelled by the inner portions of a certain business embody.

The prompted risk, upon the tourism organization trails the committed; perils towards the business growth. The first specific originality is to identify and recognize the risk analysis. The tourism management enclaves the strategy determination towards the business, developing a risk management plan for a certain peril or risk is counted through the judgmental passions of the company. The stake holding plan to a certain management company, is posing with all the tourist spots of Australia. In the view of Li et al. (2015), the tourism management boosts up the hospitality management with name versions of the infinite proliferation. Tourism companies are increasingly face nag their incidents that involve risks for the both tourists and the managing organization of the society. The depressing topics like unrest, terrorists attack, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the health related incidents give the ultimate nightmare to the tourists and to the upcoming tourists also. The terrorist attack creates a negative impression towards the whole continent not just to that particular frame work. A negative experience can prevent the tourists with the sense of negativity.

3.3 Benchmarking and competitiveness

Australia is one of the famous place which attract large number of visitors towards particular destinations. Singapore is a island country and sovereign city-state in southeast Asia. It is combines the ocean with famous and outstanding rock formations. Singapore is a example of Asia, populated by Chinese, Malays, Indians, and a large number of employees and throw out from all crosswise the world. It can be see that the main attraction of this region is the living corals and the coral formation of the region. This regions mainly falls in the Queensland region of Australia and ranges in length of 2300 km. The region is famous for its abundance of large varieties of corals which are formed and is of rare type. In addition to this the region is home to large variety of sea flora and fauna. The main strength of this region is its uniqueness. Such sites are not much found in other regions of the world. Even if they are found they are not in such large amount. As a result of this region's hold a centre of interest for tourists all over the world. Strength is the chance to get involved in many adventure sports in the region. The Singapore tourist region provides the tourist with the opportunity to carry out snorkeling as well as swimming in the blue ice with the whales. In addition to this the tourism for this region provides luxury cruise tour for the tourists. In addition strength of this region is that the sail by yacht in the blue waters surrounded by whales is also an exciting attraction for the tourists.

The main weakness of the region is its vulnerability to the climatic change as well as to the incoming tourists. It can be seen that due to the increased tourist incoming and the pollution and the global warming the Australia is experiencing change in its overall structure and is losing its beauty. This region experiences an incoming of 2.4 million visitors and thus faces the threat of extinction. As per the travel and tourism competitiveness report it can be seen that the Australia ranks 7th in the competitive index of the report. It is solely because of the advanced infrastructure that is provided to the tourists destinations so as to increase their appeal. In addition the health and hygiene in the country with respect to the tourism sector are its good safety and security for try tourist which stands at 6.1 and the health and hygiene which stands at 6.1 (weforum.org, 2017). Thus it can be analyzed that both the Australia and the Singapore provide such facilities. However there is great difference between these two tourist areas within Australia. This is because of the presence of uniqueness in the Australia which is lacking in the blue mountain national park.


Thus from this report it can be analyzed that the blue mountain region in Australia is full of wide ranges of flora and fauna and the tourist visit to this region is increasing drastically thus leading to the increased need for marketing of the region as well as the need for the maintenance of the region. The DMO that is responsible for the region is the Australia tourism department which has a hierarchical structure and is responsible for the overall promotion as well as maintenance of the region. In addition to this the organization takes part in several campaigns in the digital media as well social media so as to attract the tourists. This is turn is beneficial for the tourist destination. The main competitor of this destination is the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland which attracts millions of tourists every year. This is solely due to the adventure sports and the uniqueness of the region. The blue mountain region needs to provide uniqueness with respect to its large varieties of animals and plants and need to provide other options to the tourists such as camping and other varieties so as to enhance the appeal of the region.


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