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QAB020C406A Understanding Self and Others

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2998
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: QAB020C406A
  • Downloads: 696
Question :

This assessment will cover certain question which are like:

  1. What is the range of personal development and effective inert personal development skill.
  2. What are the approaches which are needed to be made in self-awareness and self-confidence?
Answer :
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To engage in the social world individual has to understand self and others. Understanding self and others is a backbone of social cognition which focuses on how people use social information to encode, store and apply in social situations. Psychology assist in understanding how different mental functions work and how people behave in different situations. Psychology is relevant to solve many problems related to teaching and learning, socialization of children at home and in outside world, motivating self and others and solving emotional problems of self and others (Bernstein, D., 2018). Thus, psychological approaches play a vital role in understanding the feeling of self and others. Psychology uses scientific methods and study to understand mind, brain human behaviour and contributes to improvement in quality of life of people. To understand the self ad others we need to remember these things in our mind-

Changes in the individuals can be due to maturation or learning, due to environment situations, etc. The measurement of personality, interest and attitude is usually based of interrelation of different factors.

Evaluating the psychological approaches

Biological psychological approach:

Under this approach, human being is considered as a biological structure who has brain and nervous system internally. Working of nervous system and genetic factors shapes the human behaviours. This approach considers that behaviour with social world are derived from biological process. This study represents that drug, electric stimulations, meditation and state of consciousness affects human behaviour.

Behavioural psychological approach:

This perspective focuses on the role of environment factors in evaluating the way people behave. This approach states that behaviour of people is a result from the past learning. This approach doesn't give importance to mental states. In this approach human behaviour and its relationship with the environmental conditions.

Psychodynamic approach:

This approach focuses on motivational questions about human behaviour and it believes that each behaviour has its cause and it has to be found in mind. This approach uses the observations of people suffering from mental disease and considers that early childhood experiences is a determinant in adult behaviour (Renshaw, Long and Cook, 2015). Approach is based on the view that human behaviour is driven by aggressive and sexual natural tendency.

Cognitive approach:

In this approach, focus is how people know, think and understand about the world. Human behaviour involves cognitive process such as remembering, thinking and perceiving. All these are as important as environmental factors to understand human behaviour. As a active organism, information is processed and implemented by the people and their cognitions determines the course of human behaviour. Environment is observed by the people, and they respond on the basis of its interpretation. Human's thought is both cause and result of the actions performed.  This approach has links with emerging cognitive science and artificial intelligence.

Humanistic approach:

This approach considers human as responsible beings. It states that human behaviour can not only simply decided by experiences or current conditions. People can make a preference. In this perspective, spirituality and self realization play an important role and this approach tries to understand the pattern of life of the people i.e. human experiences in the social world.

Indian perspective:

Indian people always attract towards the objects which creates problems. People ignore their true nature. And they are not aware of their potentialities. People generally misidentify physical objects and its remedy is proposed in terms of yoga, bhakti, karma and others.

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Reflective Journal Entry 1

What is the core skill to develop? 

Active listening

Why did I select this skill to reflect on?

Active listening means interpretation of the speaker's message, feelings in a most efficient way. Active listening is just not hearing but it means fully concentrating on what being said and responds according. It will help me in my personal life because by actively listening the family members as well as friends message I can make a good relation with them and this will improve my personality. And it will help me when I will have a need of them. Active listening results in understanding the work given by tutor very clearly and this will help me to execute the information in proper way to complete my work. So I selected active listening as a skill. The theory or concept behind active listening, also suggest that it is a vital part of communicating with others and by improving it we can achieve the organizational as well as personal objectives (Harro-Loit and Ugur, 2018).

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill.

My tutor believes that I am not a active listener and my colleges and peers believes that I remains highly concentrated during listening and interpretation of the message effectively. But I have a strong thought and feeling that I have a skill of active listening. Because I understand the things well when a particular work  is described by the speaker and execute it; in my; work to complete desired work objectives.

Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above?

Yes, there is contradiction in the analysis, because my tutor believes that I forget the message delivered by him and do not execute it in my work, and I am not a active listener   although my peers or colleges do not think so. But I believe that I listen the things described my tutor very actively and executes in my work.

How might this skill help me in the future?

Active listening increases the productivity of the person and increase your knowledge  to well each time. It will increase your performance as a employee in any organisation. Active listening will give you the opportunities to improve your knowledge. You will be benefited by training and development as much as possible by active listening. Active listening will help you to make a good relationship with the employees and others. By active listening, you will communicate easily in you personal as well as professional life (Merritt and Kelley, 2018). The best utilization of the data or information in the message delivered by the speaker is only possible by actively listening the speaker's message. Active listening develops a open working relationship in the organisation, motivate team members to execute the task effectively by gaining more in depth information about the message delivered by the speaker. Thus, active listening is a very important skill to communicate effectively at your work station to perform well and there by increasing the chances of growth. Also, increases the trust of speaker. It is also very important skill to make a good relationship outside your workplace because, it develops good communication in social life (Harrison, Burnard and Paul, 2018). Thus, active listening is a very important skill in personal as well as in professional life.

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Reflective Journal Entry 2

What is the core skill to develop? 


Why did I select this skill to reflect on?

I select this skill because teamwork help the team to achieve required objectives, because in a team every member performed in the best possible way to achieve the desired objectives of the team. To work in a team, not only help in professional life but also helps the family to achieve desired need and requirements. Bruce Tuckman's theory suggest that forming, storming, morning and performing are the stages required in team work. The concept behind choosing the skill is that it increase performance in work production and ensures growth and promotion at workplace. Team work gives us job satisfaction which will help us to achieve good personal as well as professional status. By working in team, creativity of the persons increases which will give benefit to the person while decision-making in each stage of life whether personal or professional (Fox and et.al., 2018). Teamwork.

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill.

My tutor strongly believes that I work in coordination with him. My peers and colleges believes that I do not work in a team to achieve the particular objective in a efficient way. And I also think that I ask about the work and related problems with my colleges and tutors to understand the things well and give the result properly.

Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above?

There are contradictions because my colleges and peers believes that I do not work in a team. I have strong feeling that I work for a common goal by properly communicating with my colleges and tutors about the problems (Landon, Slack and Barrett, 2018). Also, work as a team by dividing the personal objectives with the family members. Thus, we complete the task in team in personal life as well.

How might this skill help me in the future?

Working in a team will give more resources in problem solving and this will increase my importance in the team as well as in the organization (Roche, F., 2016). Working in a team develops creativity and innovation inside you and this will improve your productivity and increase your promotion and growth chances. By working in a team, you will also improve your quality of decision-making by working with the personalities who have great decision-making power. By working with a team, you will be inspired from others because their productivity and efficiency will attract you to work in the most efficient way.

Reflective Journal Entry 3

What is the core skill to develop? 

Leadership Skills

Why did I select this skill to reflect on?

I selected this skill because leadership is a skill required to direct, guide and influence others towards competing a specific goal or objective in a certain situation. Leadership encourages and increases the confidence of the subordinates to perform in full capacity. And thus, the leadership quality will increase productivity and profitability of the organisation. In personal life also leadership has a great importance because it will create trust among the family members and friends about you. Thus, credibility and image of the person outside professional world also increase (Buch, Thompson and Kuvaas, 2016). This will help you to become more confidant persons while taking the decisions and a good decision will encourage and motivates your subordinates to follow your guidance, directions in the most efficient way to achieve desired objective of the work. And the leadership skill will definitely increases the opportunities to grow. Based on the concept and theory of “transformational leadership theory 1970”, it is process in which a person interacts with others and create strong relationship to achieve trust, that will results in increase in motivation in the leaders and in the subordinates.

Reflect on your current competence regarding this skill.

My tutor and peers do not believe that I have a leadership skill based on their experiences. But I strongly have a thought and feelings that I can guide, direct, influence and motivate others. And I believe that I have a leadership skill to encourage others and I have leadership skill to achieve the full trust of them which will increase the confidence among them to work in their full capacity

Can you identify any contradictions from your analysis above?

Yes, there is a contradiction lies in the thoughts because I strongly believe that I have a leadership skill based on my recent project which is allotted to my team and I completed it by assisting my team members in their work (Martin, J., 2016). Thus, my assistance increased their confidence and they completed the work in a given time. This ensures that I have a leadership quality.

How might this skill help me in the future?

Leadership skill will help you to improve your chances of growth. In the global competitive world, leadership quality is very important because it will increase productivity of the subordinates, increases ability to work under pressure, increases charisma and seriousness in business activities. Leadership skill in the person gives increase in the confidence in the team. Leadership skill increases listening and communication skill of leader as well as its team members. This will increase the opportunities of development and growth. Leadership skill will help me to improve organizational effectiveness and this will result in increase in the profit of the company and thereby increases the chances of your promotion and growth in the company. Leadership skill also increases the chances to get selected for top most companies. Thus, leadership skill gives you attainability to get upper management position. And creates excellence and efficiency in the organization (Glowacki and von Rueden,  2015). Leadership skill gives me a versatility and opportunities to grow and developing the leadership skills.

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Personal development plan

It is really important for a individual to understand itself and other as it can help in development of a person personally and professionally. From the above three reflective journals I have identified that I need to improve my all the three skills chosen as there are certain contradictions between the feedback from my peers, tutors and me too. So, I have decided to develop all the skills and develop a proper plan for it. This can be done by using a personal development plan which is mentioned below:


Areas of improvements Action to be taken Resources required Criteria for measuring success Target date
Active Listening

There are various actions which I need to take in order to improve this skill. One of the best way for improving this skill is enter into conversations and debates. This can help me in becoming a good listener as during the conversations, I need to focus on their words and meaning and the context of sentences.


Another action which can be taken is to get instant feedback after conversations are over, this can help me in improving this skill.

Finding the meaning of the words which I don't understand.

There are various resources that are required for improving this skill. Resource like, feedback, internet, etc. Success of this skill can be measured if I am able to understand all the means with the same sense ng that a sender wants me to understand. In order to develop this skill it will take approximately 8 months.
Team working Skills In order to improve this skill, the actions taken are like taking up the group tasks which will provide me an opportunity develop my team working skills.Know more at essay help. The resources which can be used are working in diverse environment by attending workshops. Books on effective team working skills. This skill can be measured if I am able to work effective in a team by setting a proper collaboration with my teammates particularly in diverse organisation. This skill will 1.5 years of time.
Leadership Skills This is also one of the important skill which I need to develop. In order to develop this skill I need to take actions like, I need to increase my knowledge of different leadership styles which can be adopted. I also need to improve my leadership techniques which can help me in improving this skill. One of action which I need to take is to develop a situational awareness. As there would be various types of situations which I need to face in the future. Developing various types of leadership skills is not an easy task to do. For this I need the resources like guidance from tutors, I need books on leadership. Watch online videos on leadership. I may also requires the resources like Coaches, peers and my experiences. Success of this skill can be measured if in the future I will be able lead a team in an effective manner with no resistance from other. This is very difficult task as I have to learn all the style of leadership it may 2 years to develop this skill.
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