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Power Point Presentation


This presentation is going to reveal a sales plan of Sodashi Company of Australia. This firm deals in cosmetic sector, wants to launch a new product at Australian market in order to enhance its sales performance. It entails the mission and criteria of this company to grab attention of targeted customers towards its new product.


Sodashi is one of the Australian's cosmetics prime company that deals in organic skin care products. It seeks to celebrate and nurture its customer's unique beauty. At every time, people uses its products, it serves as a reminder that they are beautiful. So, after using such cosmetics, people will definitely be appreciated by others. As name of this company demonstrates wholeness, purity and radiance. Therefore, it mainly wants to nourish needs of skin at each level. This firm also gives commitment to blend the purest natural ingredients which nourishes skin and hair as well as protects the same from harmful radiations. Regardless, in terms of radiance, this Australian Company aims to deliver radiant and beautiful skin for all.  


The mission of Sodashi is to serve organic cosmetics solutions to customers in order to promote natural products and healthy lifestyle among customers.

Product offering:

Sodashi is going to launch its first ever organic shampoos as named by - Organic Hair (volumizing shampoo). The shampoo contains 100% natural ingredients like Aloe vera, water, Guar, Dragon fruit, Willow Extract, Acai and Capacu Butter. It doesn't contain any chemicals which harm hairs. This product mainly concerns to deal with hair issues which is currently increases due to pollution and harmful radiations. So, it gives commitment to protect hairs from such harmful causes and it is available in wide range of price as per quantity. Here, the proposed price will be $24.95 for 1 litre. By launching this product at marketplace, Sodashi will gain opportunity to grab high attention of people and enhances it sales performance as well. It also proves beneficial to gain high competitive advantage from other cosmetic companies.

Market Analysis:

It refers to an assessment tool that allows a company to determine current situation of marketplace. In addition to this, it also provides data related to new emerging market era also. Therefore, for launching a new product, it is essential to analyse entire condition of marketplace as well as new area, where it can be offered successfully. In context with Sodashi, the main purpose of using this analysis tool is to take a holistic view of market where it wants to launch its cosmetic items.  

Industrial analysis:

Having a unique background in aromatherapy, Ayurveda, natural therapy and more, Sodashi Company of Australis has been launched in early 1990s. It has been established by a New Zealand born Megan Larsen, who gives commitment to offer 100% natural skincare products. This company also known for having an ethical approach to conduct business, where every individual is getting proper training to manufacture skincare products. To meet the needs of high-end customers, it offers an extraordinary range of more than 100 spa-retail and skincare products in near about 25 countries. For analysing the sector in which this country deals, its marketing team has used Porter Five force model, as described below:-

Threat of Competitors: This parts entails threat an established company gets due to presence of numerous competitors at same sector. Since respective company i.e. Sodashi deals in cosmetics and skin care sector, therefore, there are many companies present, that gives a tough competition to this firm. They all have grabbed a large share from marketplace and earn high profitability as well, by offering a range of cosmetic products. Through analysis, current major competitor of Sodashi are Stem Organics, The Jojoba Company, Go-To. Therefore, to launch new product- Organic Hair (volumizing shampoo) its marketing team has to formulate effective and competitive strategies.

Threat of Substitute- The substitute of present organic product in marketplace is regular chemical based products, that are mostly used by people belongs to upper class. In Australian market, companies like Garnier, Lorel, Wella, David Mallet and more, consumes large market-share by offering a range of cosmetic items. Thus, it reflects a threat of substitute for Sodashi in high manner. Therefore, in this regard, by bringing awareness among people related to harmful effects, Sodashi will gain benefits to launch product successfully.

Bargaining power of buyer- Sodashi is considered as one of the biggest brand in Australia, which offers a unique set of organic hair and skincare products. Therefore, to hold its reputation, it doesn't compromise with price of products. In this regard, threat of bargaining power of targeted customers is relatively much low.

Bargaining power of supplier- As Sodashi is one of the highly reputed Australian Company that offer its extraordinary products in more than 25 countries. In addition to this, there is huge demand of organic and natural cosmetic items at marketplace. Therefore, bargaining power of supplier is also much low that doesn't affect profitability and organisational policies of this company.

Threat of new entry- Demand of organic products is always higher than others because people concerns more for their skin and hair. Therefore, they do not like much to take risks with skin and hair, by using any new cosmetic items. Henceforth, threat of new entry is also not high for business of Sodashi.

Competitive analysis:

In order to understand the behaviour of customers and their preferences, a company generally use STP model. It helps in categorising customers as purchasing power, demand and preference. This would help in making strategies to fulfil criteria of each targeted customers as per their desires in highly manner. Therefore, customer behaviour of Sodashi can be analysed in following manner:-

Segmentation- This part of STP model categorise customers in small segments on the basis of demographics, geographic and psycho-graphical aspects. With this assistance, demographic factor for Sodashi includes age, gender and profession of people. While,  psycho-graphical segment defines lifestyle, status, attitude, belief and desires of people. Other than this, geographic entails locality of people that are targeted by respective company.

Targeting- This factor is used to understand the behaviour of segmented customers of a company. As Sodashi mainly targeted people on the basis of demographical factor i.e. mainly female who are under the age group of 20+. But as males and females equally concern about their skin and hair therefore, by offering new organic hair products that is- organic shampoos, Sodashi can grab higher attention of them. In addition to this, as such cosmetic organic items are available on high and premium range. Therefore, it mainly focuses on people belongs to upper and middle class.

Positioning- As Sodashi is committed to offer chemical-free cosmetic skincare and hair products. Therefore, it has already established an effective image in minds of targeted customers.  Henceforth, this company doesn't to put more efforts on building its better position at marketplace.

Marketing: Product, price, distribution, promotion

The part entails the descriptions of 4P's used by Sodashi to launch its new product-

Product- This company already sells a wide range of cosmetic products which can be categorised as- Ant-ageing, Cleaners & Toners, Exfoliators, Eye & Lip care, Moisturiser, Serum and more. In this regard, skin care products are available as per skin tone of people such as dry, male, mature, normal to combination etc. In context with new product of Sodashi which is- Organic Hair (volumizing shampoo), it includes features like-

  • Promotes growth of new hair and stop hair falling by naturally stimulating the scalp.
  • Contains natural oils, minerals and herbal extracts that follicles hair to develop and maintain moisture as well as improve overall issues.
  • As this new organic shampoo contains only natural ingredients therefore, it is a non-allergenic also. Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and allergy prone skin
  • It also consists a natural and mild aroma. This shampoo is environmentally friendly also because it contain bio-degradable materials instead of harsh chemicals.

Price- As Sodashi is one the reputed cosmetic Australian Company. Therefore, products of this firm are usually available on premium rates. In this regard, the new launches organic shampoo will be offered at $24.95 of 1000ml.

Place- Products of Sodashi are mostly available in more than 25 countries on different price rates. But for launching new organic hair shampoo, this company mainly targets to Australian, American and Asian marketplace at initial stage. The reason behind this is to reach targeted customers where maximum portion of targeted clients are belong to these nations mainly.  

Promotion- In order to reach targeted customers, Sodashi is going to use platform of social media. It includes Instagram, Facebook Pages, You Tube and more, where this company can bring awareness among customers about its new products and features of the same. This would help in promoting its branded products and enhance sales performance more profitably.  


It has concluded from this presentation that Sodashi is using various techniques and strategies to launch its new product. It has been targeted to medium and upper class people to offer product on premium range. In addition to this, at initial stage, it will only launch new product at Australian, Asian and American marketplace.

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