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Political Structure and Implication for PR

University: Regent College London

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the economic structure and what are its implications on building public relations.
  • Evaluate the social structure and the culture and how it influences public relations.
  • Explain the media system and its control, reach and access.
Answer :


Public relation is defined as the maintenance of the relation with the public so that a good image for the company is created in the market. It is necessary for the companies to maintain good public relation as this will enhance their market share and goodwill (Rahi and Ghani, 2016). The present report will debate for the British consultancies as they need to expand in Singapore. Thus, the present report will outline the different aspect of public relation in Singapore. In earlier time there was not much preference or importance given to maintaining public relation.

But after the development and increase in the competition it is necessary for the companies to maintain good relation with the public. Some of the distinctive characteristics which make Singapore to be considered are like there is a strong legal system and high degree of personal safety, has extensive air connectivity, affordable access to funds and many other features. The current trend going in Singapore are like digitisation, use of AI, niche e- commerce, focus in increasing entrepreneurship and many others.


Political structure and implication for PR

Political structure is defined as the involvement of the different person and political parties which form the government and then control the working of the country. The political structure of Singapore is very good and democratic. The political structure is a form of parliamentary representative where the president of Singapore is the head of state and the prime minister is the head of government. The executive powers are exercised by the cabinet of the parliament and follows three level of government that is legislature, executive and the judiciary.

The political structure has a great implication over the PR that is public relation. This is majorly because of the reason that the political parties govern the whole country and if it is not good then the citizens and business of Singapore will not be good and comfortable with the system. Thus, it is very essential for the political system of Singapore to maintain good public relation. The effective public relation will bring in more opportunities for the country as other country’s government will like to do business with Singapore. This will increase the goodwill of the country as many other countries wanted to do business with Singapore (Naumovska and Blazeska, 2016).

Also, if the government and the political structure of the country will be good and they will cater to the needs and requirements of the general public then it is a good opportunity for the other countries (Trinh and Nguyen, 2017). This is pertaining to the fact that if the citizen of the country will be happy then they will promote the country and its governance in the market and this will influence other companies also to work with Singapore. Further the political structure also governs the PR but it can also have some negative impact over the PR. This is majorly because of the reason that the government of Singapore is not much interactive and is not cordial with other people and even the citizen of the country then this will have a negative impact over the business environment.

For instance, the current political system of the of Singapore is working for maintaining good public relation and for this they are setting some self- help kiosks at every locality so that the people can go and directly interact with the people appointed by government at those kiosks. There the people can share their problems and views and this will motivate them as their problem is being heard and solved.

Economic structure and implication for PR

The economic structure refers to as the changes in the different economic policies, the trade policies, income, employment and other related things which impact the economy of the country. There are many different sectors within the economy of Singapore. These sectors are like primary, secondary and tertiary sector. All these sectors combine make the economy of Singapore. Thus, for effective working of the economy it is very necessary for the all the sectors of the economy to have good relation with one another. This is majorly because of the reason that all the sectors are linked with the other sector.

The other type of economic system is the social, capital and mixed or market economy. Under these types of economy, the country works in accordance with the economic theory they follow. The economic system followed in Singapore is the market economy. The market economy is the one in which the decision relating to the goods and services are taken by the market forces that is the demand and the supply of the goods and services. This also has a great implication over the PR that is public relation (Baharun, 2019). This is majorly because of the reason that if the prices of the products and services will be high then the public will not like this fact and will not like the product and services.

Hence, here the relation among the consumers and the companies will not be good as they will not like the high- priced products. But if the goods and services will be of good quality and with that the prices are also low then this will have a positive impact over the relation with the consumers (Benati and Coccia, 2017). If the goods and services are of good quality then this will attract more of the consumers and will increase the goodwill of the company as well. For instance, for the development of the economy and the relation with public the Singapore government is providing more of the employment opportunities to the public of Singapore. This will increase the image in eyes of people because they will like the fact that more employment opportunities are being brought in by country.

Social structure and implication for PR

The social structure of a country is defined as the values, behaviour, perception, thinking of the people living in the country. The social structure is very important for a country to maintain because if the people living in the country will not like the structure of the country then they will not be happy there. The social structure of the country includes a blend of a wide variety of cultures and people of diverse cultures. This includes people coming from diverse cultures such as Chinese, Malay's, Indians and many other countries and backgrounds. Since the people are of different countries and cultures thus, there lifestyle is also different.

Thus, the country needs to cater to the needs of all the people whether they belong to any of the country or culture. Thus, if the country needs to develop then they will have to focus on the need and requirement of the people living in the country. This is only possible if the country will maintain good relation with the public and try to understand their needs and requirements. In the present changing and dynamic environment where the needs and preferences of the consumers changes very frequently the country need to research for all these changes and try to implement these so that they can attract and retain the consumers.

Hence, if the country will focus on the needs and preference of the consumers then there will be good relation with the consumers and will have good implications over PR. For this the companies need to maintain and use good source of researching in the market in order to get knowledge relating to the taste and preferences of the consumers (Igor and Coccia, 2017). This will enhance the PR as the consumers will like the fact that the country is taking measures in catering to the needs and demand of the consumers. Thus, this will increase the relation of companies with the consumers and will increase the goodwill of the company and the country as well. For instance, here the company is more focused towards the behaviour and mindset of the consumers and people of country (She, King and Jacobson, 2019). Thus, for this they use latest method of research that is online feedback form are filled by the consumers to share their views relating to the all the things they do.

Media system and implication for PR

The media is defined as the system through which the information is passed on from one person to the other. It is very necessary for the country to have effective media system so that the information is passed to the other people within the country. This is very important and have a good implication over the PR within the country. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that when the information and knowledge is passed on in effective and efficient manner then then the people within the country will feel good. This is due to the fact that this will make them feel good and privileged as all the information is being shared by the community.

Thus, for this the most important thing for Singapore is to choose correct media channel so that the information is shared in proper and efficient manner. There are many different types of media through which information can be shared like social media, direct face to face communication, print media by printing the content which needs to be communicated. All these have a great implication over PR because of the reason that if information will be passed through clear communication sources then the consumers will like and will favour the company and its working.

On the other hand, if the information is not clear and understandable then the consumers and people of the country will not like this and will not favour this. All the different media covers different types of consumers and different target groups thus, it is very crucial for the companies to choose effective and useful media. This is majorly selected by keeping in mind the requirement of the consumers. Like for instance if the consumer is not much literate then the advertising is done with more of pictures so that they can see the advertisement. In contrast to this if the people are more educated then the promotion will be done by latest media methods like social media marketing and digital marketing (Ihlen and Fredriksson, eds., 2018).

Other considerations

Further instead of all these above discussed parameters there are many different types of other consideration which also impacts the PR of Singapore. The major factor is the gender imbalance which is defined as discrimination between the people on the basis of gender. This is also an important consideration which need to be considered while expanding business in Singapore. It is so majorly pertaining to the fact that if the country will lay focus on the development of males within the economy of Singapore then the relation and the image of the country will not be good. In the same way if the country will take measures for promoting the women in the economy than this will increase the goodwill of the company and country will grow.

Similarly, the literacy rates of the company show that the people of country are getting more literate as compared to the earlier time. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that now the different companies are interacting with one another and this brings in culture of new country and because of this literacy rates of Singapore are at rise (Azhary and Kriyantono, 2018). Thus, this is only because of the increasing PR between the different countries. Also, if the company is expanding in Singapore then it is beneficial for that company as they will get fresh talent within Singapore.


From the above discussion it is conclude that in the current competitive world it is necessary for the companies to have good public relation. This is basically because of the reason that all the three that is political, economic and social along with the media and other factors like gender imbalance all affect the PR of the country. This is necessary to be studied before going to expand in the country. Need assignment help in the UK? our writers provide the best writing service at the best price.

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For Singapore to attract more of the business opportunities it is recommended to use the model of two- way asymmetrical model. This is majorly because of the reason that this model is more scientifically persuasive method of communicating with the audience. In this model the communicator tries to understand the need and requirement of the audience and what is the attitude of the consumers. This model is much preferred for advertising and promotion of the goods and services and public relation is also a part of it. This model was proposed in the theory of Grunig & Hunt’s.

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