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Managing the Customer Experience of Hilton Group

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Introduction on Managing the Customer
  • Different ways in which the customers can be profiled
  • Explaining customer experience map
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton Group


Maintaining the customer experience is the biggest concern and the requirement of the organization to carry out business responsibility (Crisafulli and Singh, 2016). Having a good consumer experience will help the organization to maintain the overall market position of an organization and thus, support the rise in its productivity and revenue generation. Meeting the customer needs in an effective and significant manner supports an organization to execute business operations and related activities to a greater extent. For the present assessment, Hilton Group is been selected. It is a UK-based hospitality service provider firm.

The report will cover the value and importance of understanding the needs and preferences of the Target customers group. Factors affecting the customer engagement and customer experience map is been created and developed that will help the management of the organization to get a proper idea about the origin of customer requirements, identifying them, fulfilling it to have a good extent of customer's experience. Besides this, various customer touchpoints are been evaluated and handled to create positive business growth opportunities for the selected service sector.


1) Profiling of the target customers of Hilton Hotel for proper market segmentation to identify the target market

The proper and effective profiling of the target customer base will help selected hospitality entities to carry out marketing operations and activities in much suitable manner (Kumar and Reinartz, 2018). It will also assist a firm to carry out the business operations and thus will lead the selected hospitality service provider organization to carry out hospitality and marketing operations hand in hand. It assists effective handling of business activities that will help the firm to enhance the superiority of products and services and provide good and effective and innovative services that will help the firm to carry out services.

The setting of the target customer base will help the firm to manage business operations and help business organizations to manage hospitality operations which assist ineffective handling of business activities followed by the firm. The development of good market strategies and identifying the handling of the organization. It also helps the organization to have effective management of the business activities and operations to help in meeting good and effective business operations. This will also lead the organization to enhance the quality of hospitality operations in a much more effective way. The profiling process improves the effectiveness of operations and guides the firm to improve service quality.

Different ways in which the customers can be profiled and needs or expectations of target markets to be offered by the hotel

Setting up of the proper customer profile is very important and effective for an organisation as it help the organisation for handling business activities and operations which will support a good handling of hospitality activities and thus will lead the firm to enhance the quality of operations and thus, will lead the fir to improve hospitality in much suitable and significant manner (Dube and Helkkula, 2015). Various measures are been incorporated by the organisation that will support some effective measures of meeting customer needs and requirements are as follows:

  • Preference: Firm Like Hilton Group will see through the proper setting up of the preference of their customer base in order to determine their needs and demands and will support a good management of hospitality marketing measures with efficiency.
  • Lifestyle: this is a vital factor that is chosen by the firm. This is been looked after by an organisation in order to carry out business operations and thus will in a good rise in hospitality operations. As Hilton group is a 5 star hotel, it services will be favoured by high class people, loving luxurious services.
  • Work orientation: The work profile is also a major factor of the operation and consideration that lead the firm to operate effectively (Fernandes and Neves, 2014). This will also lead the firm to improve the quality of marketing measures by hospitality firms.

Besides this, the organisation will look after proper management of needs and demands of customers that will support good growth of the business activities and operations. The targeting of the needs and operations is been set on the basis of various factors and operations that will lead the firm to have a good rise and meeting the attributes like demographics, purchasing power of the customer and increase in the global economic condition to a greater extent.

2) Drivers of customer engagement

In order to get the proper consumer satisfaction level, the customer engagement will be chosen by the firm that assists in improving the quality of hospitality products and services. Besides this, it assists a firm to carry out proper management of business activities and hence will improve product or service quality. Some major key drivers of the organisation for the customer engagement are:

  • Demographics: This is the attribute or quality of business activity that is been taken in consideration by the firm (Erkmen, 2018). It is basically based on city, area or country of origin, Hilton Group will look after these measure to have a sustainability and good growth. For instance, the geographical location of Hilton hotel is required to be easily accessible that will help in proper management of customer engagement.
  • Attributes: The attributes or habits are the major factor that is used manage business operations and will encourage Hilton group to taker suitable measures to improve quality of products and services to a better level. The need of the high quality product or service will help the firm to maintain the quality standards of organisation. For example, the buyer who are habitual for the high quality services will prefer the services of Hilton group over other brands in hospitality entity.
  • Purchasing power: this is the key factor of operation that is been taken in consideration to maintain the quality of their operations and activities. This will also improve their overall performance and help the firm to get a good customer base. For instance, a good purchasing power will make the customer able to buy the products and services of Hilton Group.
  • Quality: Product and service quality is the key factor which impacts the overall operation of the organisation and thus will improve the quality of business operations and action plans to a greater extent (Harwood and Garry, 2015). For example, a quality conscience customer will look after the proper management of the products and services of Hilton Group and thus will opt for a better satisfaction level from high quality products of Hilton Group.

All this factors will help the selected hospitality service provider organisation to improve the quality of their services and develop a proper strategy which supports a handling of effective business operations and activities which will support a good management of the hospitality activities and thus will lead to proper management of business activities and operations to a greater level. If you need cheap homework help from experts that can help you score good grades and impress your professor easily, then we are your one-stop solution.

3) customer experience map

A proper customer mapping or journey measure is been analysis of operations followed in an organisation that will support a good management of the business activities and thus will guide the hospitality enterprise to improve superiority of hospitality goods and functions that are offered to their customers in order to have a good experience. Thus, it will lead the firm to improve hospitality related activities of the organisation to a greater extent. The effective customer Journey mapping of the organisation that will enhance performance of Hilton Group is as follows:





Post-sales support




It is an accessible approach for the customers to reach the service provider and gain information (Hollebeek, Conduit and Brodie, 2016).

It will help Hilton group to give an idea about their products and services.

Firm can give a proper detail about the pricing of their products and services over the organisation.

Once the details of pricing is clear, the customer will purchase the products and services from Hilton Group.

The selected hospitality firm will also provide a proper after sale services in order to maintain the customer satisfaction.

If the customer is not much satisfied by the product or service quality, the customer can complain about it.

Once the complaint is been filed, the Hilton group will look after the proper rectification of issue faced by customer to maintain its brand image.

If the products or service requires to be replaced, it will be renewed by the organisation to maintain sustainability.

The example of customer mapping operations will include the proper management of the actions and operations that are been taken in consideration that will help in managing the business operations and activities from the arrival of a customer to its departure, involving booking a room, taking the services and giving the proper feedback on basis of data that is been gained and quality of products offered by selected hospitality enterprise.

4) Creating business opportunities using customer touchpoints

In the market, for meeting the effective growth issues, the service provider firm like Hilton Group, managing its hospitality operations and thus assists an organisation to improve customer satisfaction and positive experience towards services offered by firm (Rowley, 2016). The customer touch points or contact issues will help the firm to enhance their knowledge about customer s needs and requirements and will catalyse the market operations using this touch points as an opportunity. Some major customer touch points that are chosen by the firm are:

Website: Hilton group will use its personal website as one of the major and most important platform to connect with its customers and thus will improve the product and functional quality. The potential and other customers can get the information about products and services offered, can give their feedback and get it resolved over the website.

Social media platform: The wide spread use of the social media platforms will improve the quality of services and products, which will improve the quality of services which will improve their market share (Ali, Amin and Cobanoglu, 2016). It will help organisation to track down the latest customer trends in the market along with their perception and develop the proper or effective products and services accordingly to meet their customer's needs and demands and sustain their positive experience towards the firm.

Digital marketing: Digital marketing tools that are been undertaken by the organisation will ehhance quality of services that are been adopted by a firm in order to enhance their performance to a greater extent. The TV commercial or radio broadcasting will help the firm to develop a good connectivity with their consumers and thus will improve the effectiveness in activities of enterprise which will improve the overall market position of firm in order to get the suitable management of the customer satisfaction level.

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Face to face interaction: This is the most basic customer touch point that involves the direct communication over the services and products offered to the customers. This will help the customer to get a proper idea of the hospitality service provider that will help the organisation to improve customer satisfaction level. It will assist an enterprise to improve effectiveness of services and sustain a suitable for Hilton Group (Moreno-Munoz and et.al., 2016).

Telephonic calls: This is the general and shortest touch point that is used by Hilton Group to develop a connectivity with the customers and thus improves the proper management of the business operations. However, this is less used measure as it doesn't convey the message clearly and in precise manner, influencing quality of products and services.


On the basis of the analysis performed for the identification of the customer needs and requirements along with the assessing of customer experience factors. Thus, will improve the quality of operations that increase quality of operations in much effective manner. The value and importance of understanding the needs of customers is been chosen for the proper management of various target customer groups and improvement in the service sector of the organisation. Besides this, a customer experience map is been created to identify the extent of customer trust and loyalty towards the organisation and various touch points related to the customer experience.

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