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Managing a Successful Business Project - BBC

University: North East Surrey College Of Technology

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 16 / Words 3916
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :

The assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Discuss the aims of project, objectives along with time frames based on the selected theme.
  • Do a small scale research along with collection and generating the data to support the project.
  • Display the project and provide with recommendation that must be based on meaningful conclusion drawn by the analysis of gathered data.
  • Discuss the value generated from conducting the project along with its importance in order to support organisational performance.
Answer :
Organization Selected : BBC


Globalisation is the procedure which help an organisation in selling desired goods and services in all over the boundaries. In previous years, it can be analysed that people mobility is the major factor which directly effect on global economy in both positive and negative way. The report is based on analysing the concept of globalisation and its impact on business concerns which are conduct business at global level and it will demonstrate the effect of functions (Polonsky and Waller, 2018). The report is based on BBC is the British public service broadcaster. Its headquarter is located in House in Westminster, London and it is world largest national broadcasting organisation. The main purpose of this assignment is to understand aim and objectives for case scenario of BBC. This will clearly demonstrate the concept of research methodology which analyse the type of investigation are used and research approach that are necessary for firm. At last, some recommendation are also going to be included in order to increasing the business market place of the company at international level.

P1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario

Globalisation is the procedure which help in interacting and combing the people, organisation and government in all over the world. Globalisation has been great subject which study in last few years because it is directly affected business concerns at the time of doing business at international level in both positive and negative manner. It can be analysed that there are various ways through which it can be expand their business at global level and globalisation also provide some benefits for them. This will assist in doing trade of variety of products and services in all over the boundaries. In the context of BBC, they are providing different facilities such as cab service to their employees. They are mainly deal various issues occurs within an organisation to smoothly run of business operations at international level. Thus, BBC company require to focus on increasing its business for gaining appropriate market share along with determining culture, ethical and economic factors. It is considered globalisation which can easily assist BBC in order to enhancing its profit margins, quality based products and it can be used for make proper improvement in their market share in easy manner (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017). This is required for respective firm is to manage and maintain business operations in effective manner in order to gain higher profitability.

Aim: “To recognize the effect of globalization and its economic impact on organization”. A case study on BBC.


  • To analyse the concept of globalisation.
  • To determine the positive impact of globalisation on BBC functions.
  • To examine the economical advantages of globalisation for BBC company.
  • To find out main reasons through which negativity of globalisation can be reduced within BBC.


  • What is the concept of globalisation?
  • How to determine the positive impact of globalisation on BBC functions?
  • How to examine the economical advantages of globalisation for BBC company?
  • What are the main reasons through which negativity of globalisation can be reduced within BBC?

P2 Produce a project management plan

Project management plan is the approved, formal document and evidence which can be used to manage and maintain the project implementation. This document is required for define, prepare, coordinate and combine the different planning activities and functions. It provides required data which are related to cost, time, scope, risk, etc. within project. In the context of BBC, it will assist in making appropriate and correct decisions for the welfare of an organisation. Along with this, it will help company in order to identifying the positive effect of economic, ethical and cultural factors of globalisation for operating business such as Human Resource, Finance, Operation, Production and Marketing (Law, Chen and Wu, 2010). There are various factors of project management plan which are described as under:

  • Cost – It is important for company is to invest enough cost for completing the project in proper manner. For this, BBC required to identify predicted value which is beneficial for analysing the effect of described aspects on different functions related to business. Prediction of the cost value should be correct in the context of estimation will be develop and create for business in actual implementation of plan.
  • Scope – It is used for recognising the opportunities which are associated with project in the future time period. It will assist BBC in order to increasing business operations and functions by taken benefits of required opportunities. For this, they need to analyse the impact of various factors related to globalisation, so firm will enable to offer them better facilities and services to their customers (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011).
  • Time – It is important factor for every project as it will help in recognising the estimated time in which they perform each and every activity of project effectively. In the context of BBC, this project will take around 48 days for completing all tasks and it will assist in completing various functions and activities in given period of time.
  • Quality – The main aim of developing a project is to provide best services and facilities in order to satisfying their customers’ requirements and needs for maintaining high quality products. In the regard of BBC, favourable effect of cultural, economic and ethical factors of globalisation will assist business in order to make improvement in their service quality in their functional procedures. The effective quality of business functional process will help BBC company in gaining higher income and profitability in better manner (Doherty, Ashurst and Peppard, 2012).
  • Communication – It is one of the most important factor within an organisation which develop and implement project in successful way. Effective communication of employees will help in identifying all related advantages and disadvantages that can directly effect on firm success and failure factors. Then effective communication and coordination can easily lead towards completing project in good manner.
  • Risk – In current business environment, every project includes some aspects such as risk which are directly associated with the outcomes of the plan. At the time of developing project management plan, company manager need to analyse all possible risks. In the context of BBC, risk are related to economic, ethical and cultural which is required for identify their effect on business functions and activities (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010).
  • Resources – It is necessary to applied this research in proper manner, so it is required for an investigator is to organise and arrange important resources such as human resource, technology, techniques, financial funds, equipment’s and so more.

With the help of such resources, the company can easily gain high position along with required profitability in better manner.

P3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart

Work breakdown structure - It is the key project deliverable that will organise and manage all team works into effective sections. It will assist in sub structuring whole activities and functions of the project in various parts so this can easily manage and maintain work in easy manner. Along with this, research can be useful for gaining valid conclusion and outcome after completing project (Müller and Turner, 2010).

Gantt chart – It is used for framing all such fragmented functions and activities in proper dividing of time in which they required to completing project. Thus, both method assist in conducting the research in more effective way in given time period (Wikström and Söderlund, 2010).

P4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods

While conducting the report, it is essential for researcher is to taken into consideration of research methodology. This will assist in arranging, organising and interpreting relevant facts and figures related to project in better manner. Along with this, there are two main concepts which are qualitative and quantitative method that can be used by investigator is to conduct research effectively. Despite of this, research methodology includes data analysis, investigating design and so more (Crane and Matten, 2016).

Qualitative research method – It is the effective concept which can be used by researcher when it comes to gather and collect data which are related to observation and analyse point of view of people. In the present case, investigator have to use this type of research which is directly impact in positive way on globalisation and it is required to carry out research for BBC company (Thamhain, 2013).

Quantitative research method – Such type of investigation method gather the facts and figures which can be used in numerical and mathematical formulas for statistical approaches. Research will using this approach that can lead towards gaining authentic results that are based on facts and figures. With the implementation of research, an organisation can capable for gather large data and information in fast manner. Along with this, research helps in giving definitive response of every interrogation effectively (Dutta and Bose, 2015). Such type of techniques and method can be used by company in questionnaire, observation, interviews and records. The investigation is an appropriate tool and method which assist in identify best suitable solutions to any issue and problems by using numerical data.

Along with this, researches can be divided into two types of methods and techniques which help in collecting and gathering relevant facts and figures in proper manner.

Primary data collection method – It is one of the common and most important type of collection method which can be used by an investigator when it comes for framing accurate results and conclusion of data. It is beneficial because research will be done by investigator for stay authentic in nature. With the assistance of research, they are delivering fresh and new content which help in gaining accurate results. In current investigation, researcher have used such techniques and also select questionnaire approach which are carry out data from company stakeholders.

Secondary data collection method – In this context of data gathering, an investigator mainly used magazines, books, journals and other published sources that has been done by scholars, authors and various publishers. This is research has been conducted on the basis of previous information and data. It is useful for an organisation because it is less expensive and time saving (Morris and Geraldi, 2011).

Data collection – In this, investigator mainly collect and gather information from respondents by adopting various method of data collection such as primary and secondary sources.

Questionnaire – It is the set of different types of questions which have been developed and prepared by researchers in order to understand and evaluate the point of view of respondents for find out valid and accurate results (Keil, Lee and Deng, 2013).





Mail Id:

Q.1. Does globalisation is beneficial for BBC organisation?

  • Yes
  • No

Q.2. Do you think globalisation help BBC in improving its operating functions and operations?

  • Agree
  • Disagree

Q.3. What are the main advantages of globalisation for BBC company ?

  • Increasing profitability
  • Enhancement in market share

Q.4. Does globalisation affects company policies and strategies ?

  • Yes
  • No

Q.5. What are the main barriers for BBC in operating its business at international level ?

  • Economic crisis
  • Influences of social and culture

Q.6. What are the various ways through which BBC can easily overcome barriers which occurs at global level?

  • Develop strong strategies
  • Focus on political laws

Sample size – It is impossible for company is to take every respondents views from large population so they decided to use 10 respondents for conducting research. With the help of this, they can easily carry out relevant information and data in given time period.

P5 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques

Theme 1: Does globalisation is beneficial for BBC organisation.


  • Yes


  • No


Interpretation- Globalisation is all about extension of business across various nations for gaining competitive advantage by fulfilling the needs and demands of foreign users. In fact, BBC organization is already having broad network which is really beneficial for them in future success and development. Thus, by the above graphical representation, it has been understood that out of 10 individuals almost 6 people are agree with this statement that globalisation is advantageous for the success of an enterprise whereas only 4 members are not agree with this statement.

Theme 2: Do you think globalisation help BBC in improving its operating functions and operations.


  • Agree


  • Disagree


Interpretation- From the overall representation, it has been analysed that globalisation is playing crucial role in enhancing operational functions of BBC because various nations are having creative products that is beneficial for enterprise success. Therefore, out of 10 members almost 8 members are agree with this statement that operational functions of an enterprise gets more smoother and proper through globalisation. On the other hand, around 2 individuals are not agreeing with this statement and having different perspectives.

Theme 3: Main advantages of globalisation for BBC company


  • Increasing profitability


  • Enhancement in market share


Interpretation- Globalisation is beneficial for the success of an organization because it helps in establishing positive goodwill of an enterprise at international platform by fulfilling the needs of distinct clients. In fact, company get aware about various modern trends, taste or preferences of various foreign consumers in order to attain gain their attention and minds. Therefore, from the above diagrammatic representation it has been understood that out of 10 people almost 8 members are there who believes that foremost advantages of business is to maximize profit of an enterprise. On the other hand, almost 2 members are saying that market share of an enterprise is also maximizing with the help of globalisation because company get succeeded in expanding their business in distinct nations.

Theme 4: Globalisation affects company policies and strategies.


  • Yes


  • No


Interpretation- From the above graph, it has been determine that globalization can also affect the company policies and strategies at the same time. With 6 % of them are in the favour of the decision and rest 4% respondent think this cannot be changes that much for the overall growth and sustainability for the company in coming period of time.

Theme 5: Main barriers for BBC in operating its business at international level


  • Economic crisis


  • Influences of social and culture


Interpretation- According to the above pie-chart, it has been analyse that the primary reason for BBC in overcoming the barriers that are associated with the operational level at the global level can be analyse by the research work. The results are showing that economies of scale can be the primary based for the company as around 5% of respondents are in the favour of this particular option. While, other 5% are in great influence of social as well as cultural aspects those are majorly affect the performance of BBC.

Theme 6: Various ways through which BBC can easily overcome barriers which occurs at global level


  • Develop strong strategies


  • Focus on political laws


Interpretation- From the above chart, it has been found that on the various ways through which BBC can get easily reduce the barriers at the international level, they need to develop strong strategies that is examine by 6% of the total respondent. Whereas, about 4% of them think that they to give entire focus on reducing the political law that is considered as one of the biggest external factors for the BBC Company during the period of time. It will help an organisation to grow their business and attain overall profitability in near future.

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions

Throughout the analysis, it has been understood that globalisation is playing very crucial role in enhancing business performance by expanding the business across distinct nation. Along with this, company get succeeded in establishing its positive goodwill at international platform by satisfying needs of domestic as well as foreign users. However, BBC is a most reputation organization but still company needs to consider some the necessary elements before accomplishing their business activities which is described as follows-

  • Managers of BBC need to hire best or skilled employees for dealing with customers who are belongs from distinct culture, society, beliefs and religion.
  • Analyse external and internal elements before making any decision such as; style of promoting products, methods of passing corrective information, reason for selecting specific region for global business and many more. However, assessment helps in minimizing probabilities of mistakes and errors.
  • Usage of modern technology helps in maintaining positive relations with various customers which are belongs from distinct regions in order to maximize their business performance by satisfying their needs and demands.

Apart from all this, company needs to consider various things before doing any activities at global level in order to regulate probabilities of heavy losses.

P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives

Throughout the project, I have encountered numerous of problems and issues while promoting globalisation because every nation is different from each other in various manner such as; finance problem, time management and many more. In fact, I have face that every individual whosever are belong from distinct culture are different from each other in various terms. Therefore, while completing my project of globalisation I came to know that it’s not that simple to deal with several type of problems. However, I have gone through several criticisms while attaining my set targets because few members thought globalisation is highly appropriate for company survives whereas few thought that it’s a very expensive project for BBC. But still, it has been understood that exchange of goods or services across distinct nation helps an enterprise in attaining my set targets in a defined time frame.


From the above report, it has been summarized that management of successful project is not an easy task due to the involvement of various complex activities. For example; several factors fluctuates due to changes in various other additional elements. Throughout the project, it has been understood that company have to analyse all the factors while managing the assignment in order to gain competitive advantage by satisfying needs of end users. However, globalisation is very much useful for company success as well as difficult for association while managing all the operations at marketplace. Take assignment help from experts in the UK at the best price.

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