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Business Operations of Tesla

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Organization Selected : Tesla


While any organization enters a new market then it is very important to analyze and assess several factors and elements that can affect business operation and functions. The current project provides detailed knowledge and understanding about the factors that affect business operations in the European Union. In addition to this, various advantages and challenges within the European Union have been also discussed in this report.


Tesla Inc is an American multinational organization that works in electric vehicle, vitality stockpiling and sun powered board fabricating situated in Palo Alto California. It is established in 2003 and represents considerable authority in electric autos, lithium particle battery vitality stockpiling and private photovoltaic boards.

The organization has fundamental plan to extend its business everywhere throughout the world and turn into the main car organization on the planet. It dreams is to acquire most extreme productivity and piece of the pie in the aggressive business condition by conveying high caliber of item and administrations to its clients. (Leitner, Meissner and Martyna-David, 2015.) Tesla Inc have chosen the European Union for its assembling plant in future since it is the biggest universal single market on the planet which prompted more prominent rivalry in administrations and is useful for business and clients .

The major reason for selecting this European market because it helps to business enterprise in reducing business and operational costs and has greater business efficiency. In this market, there are clear and more impressive legislations and regulations that help company in carrying out its business activities and functions in more secure and safe manner. Furthermore, there is an elimination of anti competitive practices such as monopolies and cartels.

Institutional and policy challenge

Following are major institutional and policy challenges that may affect the operation and working of Tesla Company in the EU market-

Ongoing economic difficulties-

In 2008-2009, global recessions and euro zone debt crisis influence European economies (Kernbach, Eppler and Bresciani, 2015). Due to this global recession and debt crisis, growth of economy has decreased and enhances unemployment in many EU countries and posting a risk to the European banking system.

These economic disparities within the EU have generated tension and contributed to policy division among member states. Due to this issue in the EU policy of business can affect of Tesla Company. At the time of designing the pricing policies and strategy, corporations have to focus on this issue.

Increased acrimony and decreased solidarity-

According to the examination, it has been discovered that eyewitnesses fight that the emergencies regarding Greece and relocation. It has created abnormal state of asperity and an absence of trust among EU part states. These emergencies debilitate the center EU standards of solidarity. This issue can influence the arrangement and technique advancement inside the Tesla Company.

Advantages within the EU that would affect the ability of the company

As per the above discussion, it has been analyzed that there are various issues and challenges that may face by Tesla while it enters in the EU market. However, there are also several advantages within EU that would affect the ability of the company. These advantages are discussed below-

Political and legal benefits

In the European Union, there is a strong commitment to human rights as every citizen has their own powerful and strong rights through which they can live secure and protected life. In addition to this, there is also effective legislation regarding business through which organisation can carry out their activities and functions in secure and safe manner (Amran, Ooi and Devi, 2015.). A large number of eastern European nations are quick to join the EU since they feel it will advance financial and political soundness.

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Aim and Objectives of the Research Study

Economic benefits

European Union is one of the most grounded monetary territories on the planet which have 7.3% of the world populaces. It has 500 million people so this thing may create the benefit and affect the ability of Tesla Company while it operates its business in the EU market. In addition to this, free trade and removal of non-tariff barriers that will aid to company in reduce costs and prices for consumers.

3 Nations in the EU that would reasonable for the organization to find its creation and circulation

The factor that would company have to consider

As per the above discussion, it has been assessed that there are several challenges and benefits of the European Union market that can affect Tesla while it will enter in the EU. For support in the dynamic and aggressive business condition, it is vital to dissect business conditions (Staake, Thiesse and Fleisch, 2012). With the help of effective analysis and market research, corporations can develop effective strategies and practices of business.

The business environment of the EU consists of several factors that have to consider in setting up its production and distribution facility in the EU market. Best Online Assignment Help with quality content.

These factors are discussed below-

Political Factors-

This factor includes governmental policies, legislation, practices, taxation policies etc that can directly affect the Tesla Company’s production and distribution facility in the EU. At the time of entering in the European Union, Tesla have to focus on legislation, regulation, code of conduct and practices which developed by the government. One of the most effective ways in which political factor have affected the financial service industry is through the introduction of stricter regulation across the whole industry.

  • Social and cultural factor- Social and social factor has very impacted to the Tesla organization in the European market since it is an auto portable organization and relied on the client necessity and requirements. A for each the adjustment in the clients' requests and necessities, organization needs to keep up change in the quality and cost of the vehicle item and administrations (Doeksen and Symes, 2015). Change in the populace, instruction level, occupation, culture, locale and way of life, organization required to change in the item and administrations Tesla association needs to develop a strong corporate reputation over various years for its consideration on social and normal issues, including progressing commonsense change.

Europe has had a real impact on culture, financial aspects, and social development on the planet.

  • Economical factor- This factor influence the organization deals and productivity. In this factor it incorporates the rate vacillation, money conversion scale, cost of work, charge rates. These all are influence straightforwardly and in a roundabout way Tesla organization.
  • Economic factor- includes recession, inflation, interest rate, financial crisis etc. These all component affects the production and distribution facility of Tesla company in the European union. At the time of developing the pricing strategy and policy, it is very important for Tesla company to focus on the economic condition of the country (Wesseling, Niesten and Hekkert, 2015). The economy of Europe is at present the biggest on Earth and it is the most extravagant district as estimated by resources under the administration.
  • Environmental factor- It incorporates every single normal asset, for example, crude material, water, fuel, air, water, climate, atmosphere and so forth. Tesla is an auto versatile assembling partnership so it requires different common assets, for example, water, fuel, gas, steel, plastic and so forth so as to fabricate and generation of item. Refered to wander needs to center around this issue adequately and as per accessibility of crude material in the nation it will create vital arranging.
  • Legal factor- This factor to a great extent influence the company tasks and exercises. In this angles different legislative structure has been incorporated, for example, business rights. Client assurance act and certain arrangements that organization need to keep up for themselves. Tesla organization has effectively endeavored and take after legitimate system of the nation which aids request to secure its business and also clients
  • Technological factor- The economy of Europe is at present the biggest on Earth and it is the most extravagant district as estimated by resources under the administration. As Tesla is the auto mobile and electronic goods company which delivers high quality of auto mobile product and services. Technological factor largely affect the Tesla company's business operation in the European union. The advancement and usage of new advances have influence urban development, mass business and the ascent of another common laborers.
  • The technological environment in the European union is different as there is high level of advanced technology that may affect the production and distribution facility within the Europe.
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