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LSBM103 Business Environment

University: Bloomsbury institute london

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 8 / Words 2090
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: LSBM103
  • Downloads: 899
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Identify and evaluate the macro- and micro-environmental that affect business organisations today.
  • Reflect on the theory on how the forces in the macro environment shape business performance.
  • Identify and explain strategic tools in the evaluation of the internal business environment.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Ryanair


Business environment is regarded as the internal as well as external factors which influence a firm's operating situation. This involves aspects like suppliers, owners, competitors, government activities and many more. As per the scenario, the undertaken organisation for this report is Ryanair which is an European leading airline company having headquarters is in London, UK. This report covers the description about the value chain model, companies overview and application of value chain model for examining internal environment. Apart from this, reflection upon value chain model is also discussed in this report.

Analysis of Value Chain Model

Value chain is regarded as the procedures that is utilised for representing the insider practices which are performed through an organisation for transforming inputs into outputs. On another side analysis of value chain is define as method where an entities find its fundamental and support practices that aids them to add ons the value to its goods or services. It also perform examination of that costs for reducing them and maximise differentiation. In addition to it, this will also assists entities to examine so much valuable resources an practices that assists them to obtain competitive edge in market area.

Within value chain model, practices are categorised in 2 that are primary as well as support activities. Moreover, these practices are also sub categorised in various parts such as primary, this involves logistic, sales, outbounds, operations and many others. On another hand, support activities is sub section such as HR, administration, technology and others. These practices includes many drivers of cost like learning, linkage, vertical integration degree, geographic location, economic scale and many more. In addition to this, in context of Ryanair there are many advantages that are acquire through undertaken organisation like drives towards profitability enhancement, create coordination between staff members, facilitates higher returns upon investment, increase competition into market are, assists in providing services at international level and various another benefits.Worried for online essay help? Take our Experts help!

There are also more benefits as well as drawbacks that are faced through Ryanair at the time they used value chain analysis in its work areas among them few majors are described underneath:


  • By this Ryanair may examine and create competitive advanatge associated to factors such as differentiation as well as cost.
  • As the value chain model is flexible in nature that facilitates support to the management of undertaken entities for adapting this in any circumstances in order to create efficacious decisions.
  • By this organisation may also become competent to get knowledge and examine its problems in context of creating service or products as per the demands as well as requirements of clients in efficacious way.


  • In about all persons get knowledge regarding analysis of value chain but there are so much less or limited expertise of this particular analysis.
  • This will not aids in forming the information of the enterprises in efficacious organized manner that develops problems while obtaining information associated with any topics that is needed through the management of entities.

Company overview

Ryanair is known as the one the leading European airline which carry above 130m clients per annum upon over 2000 regular flights from the bases of 85. moreover, it is connected approx 216 destination across countries upon a fleet of 430 Boeing 737 aircraft. In addition to this, 240 Boeing on order that will allows them to reduce the fares as well as develop traffics to 200m clients per annum through the financial year of 2024. also, they have a team of above 13, 000 which are very much proficient aviation professional that delivers Europe number 1 on time performance as well as an sectors growing 33 year record of safety (Ryanair, 2019).

Moreover, in year 2018, Ryanair took 75% stake into Austrian airline Laundamotion that is initiated its basses into Germany as well as Austria who are flying Airbus aircraft. It continues to leads with 5 aircraft that operates charter flights from Poland to Mediterranean. They also announces new bases into London Southend, Marseillie as well as Bordeaux as well as started new flights to various new nation involving Jordan, Turkey and others. In addition to this, in year 2017, the respective organisation become the first airline into Europe who has carried above 1 billion consumers. Also, the rolled out 4 year for its “ always getting better” programme that involves connecting flights via Romje, Milan & Porto which reduces the fee of check in bags, exclusive partnership with the Student network of Erasmus as well as new rooms, application as well as websites of Ryanair. Moreover, it develop above 30m members as well as the websites Ryanair.com has become the world's most airline visited sites. It developed to 87 bases as they opened Burgas, Poznan and others as well as also Rimmi, Varna and so on to its ever exploring airport list. In addition to this, within year 2016, they performed improvement into its application, developed Flexi plus as well as Leisure plus products, rate my flight, school travels and many others. Also, they announced the Rynair Sun as well as ten new bases were introduced at primary airport into Bucharest, Hamburg, Sofia and others. So, that year net profit was of £1.316 billion and which is more than 6% in comparison to last year.

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