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International Business Strategy and Emerging Markets

University: University of London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1498
  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

Discuss International business strategy.

Describe about the government increasing profit and market shares.

Discuss the bilateral trade agreement between the United States and Vietnam affect the country's footwear market?

    Answer :
    Organization Selected : Nike Inc.


    International business strategy is considered as plans which guide commercial transaction that take place among entities at different nations. It is also refers to plans or action of private organizations rather than governments which help in increasing profit and market shares (Ernst and et. al., 2015). Moreover, emerging market refers to market which identifying as developed market but it didn't fully meet standard. This report is based on Nike and new balance shoes which are cheaper than Nike. Topics include in respective report are benefits of Nike and America economy by eliminating import tariffs on Vietnamese footwear as well as it will include major drivers of success of Vietnam's footwear manufacturing sector. It will also include aspect which can be done by U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman for import tariffs.


    1. In 2001, there is establishment of normal trade relation named with U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement among  United state and Vietnam which play major role in footwear industry. Vietnam improve themselves become second largest suppliers of America related to footwear industry. According to the new balance spokesperson, when Nike manufacture a pair of shoes in US they will cost 25 to 30 percent more as compare to Vietnam like respective company cost near by $ 20-25 for manufacturing a pair of Nike running shoe at factory of Vietnam. The main reason behind this is the low wages of production. But earning at Vietnam is more than 20 times less than at United State as well as according to research conducted by Congressional Research Service the average wages of footwear and apparel manufacturing industry at Vietnam is approx US $ 0.51 per hour in year 2012.

    As compare to other industries, footwear sector of United State is have strong protected import tariffs. United State import tariff at consumer goods is near by 1.5 % whereas the average tariff at imported footwear is near by 10 %. Rate of tariff is substantially impacted production costs  such as production cost at US is $ 20- 25 (Kotabe and Kothari, 2016). Due to rise in current tariff, there is increment in cost of athletic shoe produced at Vietnam by US $ 3 to US $ 5, which leads to increase in production cost by 25 percent. This situation will lead US footwear market to sell their products at high price which they were manufacturing at low. On the other hand, companies offering new balance shoes are arguing for reducing import tariffs as it is considered as small footwear production firm operating at United State. Recently these firm develop new range shoe which focuses on custom shoes and it is Made in America that can be ordered at US $ 115 which are made at United State (Marquis and Raynard, 2015). This shows minimisation of import tariff at Vietnamese footwear is good for Nike Inc. as well as New balance because due to that these companies able to manufacture shoes at less cost and sell it high price which increase economy of US as well as its profit.Worried to get Finance assignment help? Talk to our Experts Now!

    2. There are several drivers which shows footwear manufacturing sector at Vietnam are gaining numbers of advantages due to their labour cost as well as environmental standards and they also get generous subsidies who are state owned business unit. Along with this government also support strategic footwear industry in order to strength Vietnamese companies, respective firm is considered as communist nation and their footwear sector is controlled by big state owned companies (Yin and Jamali, 2016). These are enjoying large government subsidies as well as extensive support such as Vinatex which is a state owned textile as well as apparel company, it is listed as tenth largest garment producer around the world and they are currently accountable for 40 % of apparel production of nation. 20 % of respective company apparel and textile are export around the world.

    According to research conducted by National Council of Textile organization respective textile company get benefit by eleven different subsidy programs of government that will include free land as well as low cost. In respect of Vietnam's footwear industry they get one main advantage i.e. they able to import yarn from China at cheap rate. Similarly like Vietnamese footwear, yarn of China are produced by big state owned companies due to which they receive numbers of direct as well as indirect subsidies through the nation government (Reijonen and et. al., 2015). China produce yarn by conducting allegedly unfair practices due to which they sell these products at low cost that is known as anti dumping tariffs. Due to which Vietnamese footwear industries able to gain unfair competitive advantages as compare to another nation. Along with this labour cost at Vietnam is also less as compare to other nation that will reduce manufacturing or production cost.

    3. The US footwear sector is very much secured from the import tariffs as compared to other industries.  In order to level the play field to provide allowance to the Americans fro wining and competing the global economy they have signed different free trade agreements over many years, it is basically has been reluctant to properly reduce tariffs on the footwear and systematically implement the yarn forward rule in the FTAs.  (Rottig, 2016). By using the respective rules that required that yarn has been utilized in the shoe business to be manufactured  within the respective countries in order to be able for reduce duties upon the agreements of trades. During the time when Vietnam was presenting the US to reduce the tariffs on the interest groups and imported footwear within the country that put pressure to US negotiations and Froman. Meetings of Froman with different sorts  of lobby groups disclosed that the deep division in between the American footwear companies. It has been argued that reduction in imports are very much detrimental to the US footwear workers and for the small kind of manufacturing companies.

    On the other hand it contended that reduction in the tariffs on the footwear helps to strengthen the US companies to create the high value footwear jobs in the US and lower down the consumer prices. Besides all of the competitors new balance does not outsource all the production of footwear to foreign contractors instead of using the hybrid system for in sourcing and outsourcing (Story, Boso and Cadogan, 2015). There  are large number of suppliers for that regards they not produce itself like embroidery threat and laeather which is utilized in certain sorts of shoes.  During the consultation meeting with the Froman, New balance reps the fierce competition in tariff reductions on the Vietnamese imports. As per the spokesperson, Matt LeBretton, it is already 25 to 35% that are more expensive to produce in the US in comparison to the Vietnam marketplace. The elimination in tariff is not required to make the activities of manufacturing visible in the Vietnam and may be fleck away which help to access to develop in America.

    In against it would force again to close the US factories and move towards the production facilities overseas marketplace. All activities resulted the lost in jobs and hurting organisational contractors and small communities in which organisation occurs manufacturing operations. There are no. of arguments takes place for and against the elimination of the footwear in regards of tariff import under the TPP (Thompson, Strickland and Gamble, 2015). While this determination to the level the playing field that helps to American in leading the global economy faltered. Various kinds of realities and potential had considered while adopting the wrong position that negative impact on US economy. Froman still pondering the various crucial kind of statistics and viewpoints that should be side of new balance and insisted on the footwear in reducing the tariffs to kept the negotiation. So it is very much important from the side of Froman to put one of their best efforts in order to levelling the play field allowed Americans to compete and win in market.Want to get assignment writing service? Get Help From Our Experts.


    By above discussed point it can be conclude that, now a day almost every company operating its business at international level as well as they also want to expand it in emerging market so that they can gain high market shares and profitability ratio. Every nation have their import tariffs which can be positive or negative for some country at different situation such as Nike is pay less manufacturing cost when they conduct process at Vietnam as compare to United State. Moreover, sometime situation occur which show an organization is gaining unfair competitive advantage at particular situation due to their impor

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