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Individual Report Business

University: Albion College – London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :
This will guide you all about
  • Principles and Purposes to be Considered while Developing Communication Strategy
  • Characteristics for becoming Effective Listeners and Speakers during Meeting
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Literature Review

1. Principles and Purposes to be Considered while Developing Communication Strategy

According to the point of view of Nagle and Müller (2017), it is essential to develop and design an effective strategy for organisational communication so that the sustainability and development of business can be ensured for a long time. Communication in corporate world is an optimum tool that keeps all the employees together so that their behaviour can be collectively aligned towards the accomplishment of organisational goals and objectives. Communication strategy is necessary to be developed so that there is no confusion between the staff and management and also it can lead to a specific and consistent message within the organisational premise (How to write an internal communications plan and strategy, 2018). Furthermore, communication strategy should be made in a manner that it is aligned with the major principles governing its development. These are visibility and accessibility of strategy, ability to convey the vision of company, adaptability in accordance with the various situations and changes that arise within the context of entity. Contrasting to this, as per views of Berkenkotter and Huckin (2016), the major principles of communication within an enterprise are associated with flexibility of channels used, interaction in a formal and structural manner along with the ability to deliver required message within the desirable duration of time.

2. Characteristics for becoming Effective Listeners and Speakers during Meetings

As per the views of Brownell (2015), to be an effective speaker in any corporate meeting, it is essential to first become an active listener. Very often, it is observed that business persons listen to a conversation with the motive of getting an opportunity and start speaking. Yet, it is necessary that a person lends ears to what subordinates and colleagues are speaking as many a times, creative and unique ideas and solutions arise from active listening (To be a good speaker, be a good listener, first', 2018). It is imperative that a person does not interrupt other business persons while they are expressing their point of view. On the other hand, according to Baccarani and Bonfanti (2015), listening and understanding in a patient as well as polite manner what the other individuals have to say becomes important when one needs an opportunity to speak during a meeting with the whole attention of pupil present within conference room towards them. At times, asking back questions or reflecting upon what one comprehended of the discussion becomes necessary so as to show one's interest in subject matter and to gain attention of business persons present in meeting.

Analysis And Discussions

Sport Love is an independent London sports and leisure centre business. It has been analysed that the HR director of company is largely concerned about the poor communication that is prevalent within the organisational premises. Also, it has been found that the HR department is highly critical of the current ways of communication being used by the staff as it has been ineffective lately. Besides this, it is also assessed that this aspect has been continuously causing inefficiency and implying a significant and adverse impact upon the experience derived by customers. Working takes place within the entity in three shifts which reflects that business is staffed for 24 hours. The major issue that has been analysed is that the staff and management of Sport Love is multinational and thus possess diversities in terms of linguistic barriers. English not being the first language of many individuals within the entity has been causing inefficiencies in communication.

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1. Effective Principles and Purposes behind Organisational Communications

As has already been analysed that Sport Love has been largely affected by ineffective communication since last some time, it is essential that the organisation develops an effective communication strategy to facilitate easier exchange of data and statistics. Also, it has been analysed that various principles should be kept in consideration by HR director of organisation so that it can deploy a strategy through which employees can interact feasibly. Further, as the staff of Sport Love has diverse national backgrounds, thus the risk and probability of occurrence of various languages and cultures become prominent. This gives rise to linguistic barriers which becomes a constraint in effective communication within organisational context and thus arise the need for an optimum strategy. By deploying an effective strategy for interaction between the employees, human resource department can ensure that the mode of communication used by staff is professional, competent and allows transparency. Furthermore, it has been found that by abiding by major principles of communication like clear description of information and necessary organisational statistics along with comprehensive and focussed approach entails adequate exchange of ideas and thoughts irrespective of national and linguistic barriers.

2. Characteristics for Effective Listening and Speaking to Enhance Practice of Communication

It has been evaluated that communication can be improvised within the premises of Sport Love only when human resource department stresses upon making the staff understand the benefits of communicating effectively. There is inefficiency of staff within the organisation which leads to adverse effect on consumer experiences thus there is dire need for HR department to pay consideration to this aspect so that business and corporate image of company is not affected. Also, it has been found out that participants need to be learn how to patiently listen to other individuals before answering back or expressing their views and opinions. Furthermore, it has been assessed that business personnel in Sport Love need to communicate in a language that can be easily perceived by other individuals present within the entity.

3. Evaluation of own Written and Oral Communication Skills in a Business Context

It has been analysed by me that I am good at communication with others. But the matter of concern is that although my written skills are exceptionally well, at times I lack in verbal communication. Drawing upon the feedback from my colleagues in Sport Love, I have ascertained that I am able to clearly convey my views and opinions when it comes upon delivering the communication in a descriptive way by way of written communication. Also, the grammar, punctuation and style of writing used by me is often in relation with a formal business document. Further, the content written by me is often easy to comprehend and simple to read as conveyed to be my corporate colleagues. Also, as per my assessment, I generally write short sentences so that anyone can easily understand what I am trying to convey as well as focus upon. It is also comprehended that I do not indulge in repetition of thoughts and ideas. The content written by me has many a times been praised by my seniors and colleagues at work due to the precision and quality of work that I generally put forward in meetings or presentations.

Although I possess excellent written communication skills, it is often witnessed that work can not be well presented by me in front of others verbally. As pointed out by one of my seniors, I often hesitate while communicating with my business colleagues and associates at the time of delivering corporate presentations. The major weak point analysed by me is that I do not give necessary pauses while giving any business speech or presenting any information or statistics in front of board of directors. Also, it has been assessed that although the study that I conduct upon any subject matter is precise and specific, yet it often fails to succeed in achieving its target due to lack of verbal and non verbal communication skills of mine. Voice inflexion and modulation which are necessary elements of oral skills are often not considered by me due to which my competitive business professionals get a hand upon it and easily grab the opportunity that could be taken up by me had I paid a little more attention towards verbal communication.


From the above discussion, it has been concluded that developing an effective strategy for communication within the organisation is necessary so that there is ambiguity and confusion. Also, it has been analysed that necessary channels of communication must be used by staff and management to ensure there is proper exchange of important information. Besides this, it has been analysed that evaluated that principles guiding the development of communication strategy should be abided by so that effective ways of interacting can be ascertained and suitably used by pupil. Furthermore, it is observed that when human resource department is firm while creating strategies, an optimum technique can be developed which fosters easy delivery of important messages within organisational premises.


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