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HNBS317 Understanding and Leading Change of Marks and Spencer

University: The London College

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 19 / Words 4753
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HNBS 317
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Question :

This assessment will demonstrate certain questions which are like:

  • What is the impact of organisations strategy and operations?
  • What are the drivers of change undertaken by Marks and Spencer?
  • Give the range of leadership with the change initiatives in Marks and Spencer.
  • What are the barriers for the change influences in basic areas and decision-making?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marks and Spencer


Change is considered as an effective procedure through which business association brings alternative product, technique and service within the premises in effective manner. Organizational change is seen as important decision for every business entity that places higher impact over the operational activities of the respective company. For the effective incorporation of change in the company, it is important for the leaders to acquire effective leadership style. This simply supports them in provide rightful instructions and guidance to the employees that works as the supportive factors for them in implementing change (Bastin, 2019). Changes are mainly introduced within every organization for specific reasons like meeting preferences and demand of customers, acquiring latest technologies etc.

The present report is based on Marks and Spencer, a well known retail company of UK that mainly deals in high quality clothing, home products and food product. The respective company owns strong global presence. In order to maintain its position in UK market, it emphasizes on incorporating variety of change within the company so that they can sustain longer at marketplace and gain competitive edge in its offering area. This report will provide deeper comparison between two renown multinational companies in terms of operations, drivers of change and strategies. Later on, it provides description on various kind of barriers that influences decision making as well as leadership of the respective company. At last, it provides explanation on different leadership approaches that supports company in implementing its alternation.


P1. Impact of organizational change on strategy and operations of 2 companies

Alteration is expected as an important part of the company which helps them in boosting up the organizational performance by enhancing flow of operational activities in rightful manner. Changes are mainly incorporated in every company for attaining business success in quicker manner and gaining competitive edge (Bogue, 2019). Before implementing any kind of change within the company it is essential for its business managers to go through all consequences associated to the change so that they does not face any kind of error in the near future while implementing it. Impact of changes are also seen on the operational activities as well as strategy of business enterprises. In order to understand this in more appropriate manner, 2 large scale companies belonging to retail sector has been taken into consideration for developing knowledge on the respective change on organizational strategies and operations in effective manner. Impact of change on both the companies are described below in effective manner:

Change Marks & Spencer TESCO
Technological Need Constantly increasing needs and expectation of customers have developed the need of new technology within the retail sector (Caro and Martínez-de-Albéniz, V., 2019). Incorporation of new technologies also helps business associations in gaining competitive edge as they are providing better services to customers as compared to its competitors. In context of Marks and Spencer, the company is planing to bring latest technology within the premises in order to serve customers in more effective manner and generate higher revenues and profits from them. Incorporation of rapid changes within the retail industry directly facilitates interest of existing company tro acquire new technologies so that they can improve their existing performance and lead the marketplace (The changing state of Retail,;2019). By analysing the market situation, leader of TESCO emphasize on bringing technological change within the company in order reduce their efforts of its existing force and utilise their crucial time in more significant area (Rothwell, Stavros and Sullivan, 2015)

Impact on Strategy

The respective company is emphasising on bringing digital change through effective enhancement of company's website. It is also focusing on eliminating IT systems in order to attain leverage from TCS in terms of partnership (Cruz Roche, Romero and Sellers-Rubio, 2019). TESCO has acquired RFID technology that works as the supportive factor for the company in terms of tracking customer in quicker manner. The respective technology is also helpful for the company in counting its existing inventory in faster and accurate manner (FOCUS ON: RFID, as Tesco rolls the technology out across its F&F outlets,2019).
Impact on Operations In order to introduce new technology effectively, the respective HR manager of this company is required invest hug proportion of their budget in the training and development sessions (Saleh, 2019). These sessions will develop knowledge of employees about the new technology and also make it easier for them to work with the same in future without trouble or issues. The main influence on operational activities of TESCO after introduction of RFID can be seen in terms of reduction of efforts, money and time of employees. This is because, after introduction of this technology the company does not require to hire any individual for physical counting of inventory (Curran and Hesmondhalgh, 2019). As a result, it contributes in minimizing operational cost of TESCO.

Structural Need

Rapid change in environment is developing requirement for structural change as employees are not able to work in non supportive environment. Alteration taking place in retail industry at global scale directly creates requirement of changes within TESCO in terms of its structure.


The respective enterprise have effectively restructured its clothing segment and executive home team in UK in order to increase its sales performance and enhance their revenues in quicker manner (Dawson, 2019). On the contrary, TESCO has introduced new simplified operational structural which is easy to use and also simplifies works of existing store operators.

Impact on Operations

Operational impact can be seen on Clothing and home team of Marks and Spencer as changes are implemented in that particular area in order to attain organisational requirement. Influence of restructuring can be seen on human resources department as they are now required to hire candidates and provide them required training for boosting up their performance according to new incorporated structure (Seethamraju and Diatha, 2019).

M1. Assess the different drivers for change in each of the given examples and the types of organizational change they have affected

There are different drivers of change which places influence over business enterprises. With reference to the above specified examples of the companies, it can be said that said that rivalry and technological advancement are two drivers for change which places influence over the company. Both of them are explained below in effective manner:

Rivalry: Competition is considered as the main driver of changes which forces both the chosen organisations in bringing the change in terms of technology and structure (Fenwick and Johnston, 2019). Increasing competitiveness within the industry has influenced business enterprises to incorporate alteration in order to enhance their sustainability within the same marketplace for longer period of time.

Technological advancements: Technology advancement is considered as the another but still effective key driver that facilitates Marks and Spencer  as well as TESCO to incorporate technological changes so that they can improve their existing performance. It can also be said that with the help of technology these companies can easily boost up their performance as compared to their competitors which ultimately supports them in attaining competitive edge at the same marketplace in effective way (Gersch and Franz, 2019).


P2. Evaluation of ways in which internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and individual behaviours

Evaluation of changes that are taking place in the business environment needs to be accessed for an organisation so that requirements for changes can be meet effectively to generate desired results. Adaptation of changes in effective manner leads to generation of efficient leadership, team and individual behaviour. A business environment generate changes that takes place in internal and external business environment (Green and Daniels, 2019). These factors affects behaviour of individuals and leaders while working on behalf of Marks and Spenser organisation. M&S is going through changes that is taking place in its technological and structural environment through introducing advance machines that operates through automatic systems.

Effect of changes that are taking place in internal and external environment of Marks and Spenser organisation and its affect on leadership, team and individual behaviour is reflected as below-


Financial Management: Finance is termed as one of the most important internal resource through which all the other resources required to conduct business operations are employed. While operations in M&S organisation is performed then in that case all the other resources required for performance are allocated and appointed as per availability of finances in business. Hence, financial resource in business required to be managed effectively and to meet requirements of the changing environment finances are made available productively (Grossman,  2019). A leader motivates each individual to perform in such manner so that objectives can be achieved with productive utilisation of resources. A better tanning will help in adaptation of changes that are taking place in internal business environment through structural modification and technological improvements (Storey, 2016). Implementation of changes on continuous basis enhances individual and team performance through continuous learning.

Organisational Culture: Changes in the organisational culture is one of the most striking driver to access internal business environment. A culture which is used or followed in a business organisation is highly affected through ethical principles, values which are prevailing within organisation (Huesing Johnson and Ludema, 2019). When Marks and Spenser organisational culture is considered then requirement to make changes in existing structure is recorded. As changed organisational structure will be more supportive to organisational culture for adoption of changes in positive manner. When changes in organisational structure is made then in tat case leaders will be motivated to use transformational leadership through which each individual in M&S is motivated towards adaptation of changes. Continuous motivation helps in development of behaviour of an individual and team to be adaptive to changes and generate more productive results. Because of changing adaptation modification in technology can be made in most productive manner (HüseyinoÄŸlu, 2019).


Political: Stability in the political environment of a country affects business operations. As Marks and Spenser is operating in UK and several other countries at wide level then compliance with rules and regulations of each operating country needs to be followed. In UK Marks and Spenser needs to face unstable political business environment due introduction of BREXIT. This news hinders political stability of the country and ultimately all the business organisations are suffered with various negative impact on growth and development. In this situation leaders in the organisation needs to adopt motivational techniques so that employees are motivated to work hard and perform to the fullest (Janfada and Beckett,2019). A unstable political environment provides no job security and may influence individuals and team performance in negative manner.

Economical: Consideration of various economic factors leads to generation of overall factors that are present in an economy to affect business operations. In the present time overall economic conditions at international level is shattered and businesses are facing tough time for survival. High inflation rate and fluctuation in the economic conditions creates negative impact on success of businesses like Marks and Spenser. This economic condition is challenging for individuals to work on low pay scale (Kolokotroni and et. al., 2019). Appointment of experienced employees has become difficult due to non availability of appropriate finances. These changes causes negative influence on performance of individuals, team and leaders of Marks and Spenser.

Social: Adaption of all the changes that are taking place in the society so that needs and wants of society at large can be satisfied. Quality of products that are offered by Marks and Spenser organisation influences large number of consumers to get attracted towards this organisation (Suriyantphupha and Bourlakis, 2019). A leader in business organisation helps in adaptation of changes that are required to survive in society and also to maximise level of satisfaction of large number of consumers present socially. When needs and wants of society will be considered and fulfilled with business objectives then each individual and team will give more and more efforts to perform well. A positive change for adaptation of new society is made by leaders (Kotlar and Chrisman, 2019).

Technological: Changes in the technological business environment is a continuous process and in the present time several advancements are taking place in technological business environment. Introduction of automatic system and artificial B02845 intelligence leads to introduction of advancements in business operations. Changes in technological environment provides positive impact on business success as leaders motivates all individuals and team to work on the basis of changes that are made in the organisational performance.  Together with this adopting all the changes in positive leads to generation of high amount of job satisfaction among all the individuals.

M2 Evaluation of organisational response to change

Evaluation of changes will require application of PCDA model in which (Plan-do-check-act) formation is involved to ensure continuous improvement. At the first stage plan will be designed so that adaptation of changes can be made (Lillard and Al-Suqri,2019). As technological improvement and structural development is pan to adopt changes by Marks and Spenser. Technological improvement with adaptation of new technology will be made. After performing or implementing change strategy check needs to be done to ensure success of adaptation to changes.Any variance in the targets and the acquired results leads to act on variations so that they can be minimised and targeted objectives of business can be achieved in most efficient manner.

P3. Evaluation of measures taken to minimize the negative impact of changes upon the organizational behavior

Impact of change on operational activities of business enterprises can be seen in terms of both positive and negative manner (Maharaj, 2019). This directly develops requirement of several measures that could help the company is reduced negative impact of changes over organizational behavior. Various measures that are required to be taken by Marks and Spencer are described below in effective manner:

  • At first, it is required by manager of Marks and Spencer to conduct some effective market research at regular basis so that they can effectively develop their knowledge on upcoming trends within the same environment. This research provides effective time to manager by which they can identify desired changes and convince its existing staff towards the same. As a result, they gets support of employees which contributes in quick attainment of organizational goals and objectives (McCalman and Potter, 2015).
  • At next, it will be required by business manager of Marks and Spencer to conduct regular based training sessions for its employees. In these training sessions employees are taught to accept sudden change according to its requirement in the company. As a result, with these training session employees of the company will not panic in the emergence change situations.

D1 Draw conclusions and recommendations with valid justifications for planning effectively for change and applying change impact analysis.

On the basis of above described changes in terms of technological and structural alteration, it can be said that both of them places higher impact over the operational activities of Marks and Spencer in positive and negative manner (Nagorny-Koring, 2019). It is highly important for the company to manage all of these associated risk in such a manner so that there influence could be minimized. It can be said that implementation of technological and structural change will help Marks and Spencer in gaining competitive edge. Moreover, there are few recommendation provided to the manager for future growth which are described below in effective manner:

  • At first, it is recommended to the Marks and Spencer to communicate to the existing staff about the change in order to persuade their interest towards it. This will also provide few suggestions to the company towards the change so that they can implement it in rightful manner (Nash,2019).
  • At next, it is suggested to managers to provide knowledge about the benefits of changes to the employees in order to convince them in quicker manner.


P4. Barriers for Change

Alteration is seen as the main process of every enterprise that requires additional support of its existing workforce so that company can gain its benefit in effective manner. There are hige range of constraints which works as the barrier for every company at the time of implementing similar sort of change (Pantano and Dennis, 2019). It can be said that business managers are required to effectively identify expected barriers towards their change that could also hamper their productivity in the coming years. For Marks and Spencer, it can be said that its business manager might face below stated barriers while implementing technological and structural change in the company premises.

Lack of Employee Involvement

Organisational change might also create barrier like lack of employment involvement within the company. This barrier simply states that employees are not actively participating in the strategy formulation process which ultimately keeps the company away from developing right strategy that could later support in executing change effectively within organisational premises. In context of Marks and Spencer, it is required by its leaders to effective communicate information regarding to the proposed change to employees so that they can present their ideas and view point in front of employees in rightful manner (Perry, Kent and Bonetti, 2019). Along with this, it has also been identified that employees participation in also low because respective leaders of the company are not providing guidance to the employees related to change and how they can tackle the situation and execute their work in the best possible manner in the same situation. Therefore, it can be said that lack of leaders initiative employees of Marks and Spencer are not able to attract influence employees interest towards the same. This ultimately reduces their level of efforts in the acceptance of change within the company premises.

Apart from this, influence of this barrier can also be seen on leadership pattern of Marks and Spencer (Polden,  2015). Here, leaders of respective company are required to take several initiatives like providing rewards, recognition, appraisal etc. to existing workforce in order influence their interest to accept the change and provide their equivalent support and contribution in its implementation in effective manner. Also, respective leaders of Marks and Spencer can also conduct few training and development session for employees which will develop their technological and other skills. This will ultimately help these employees in working in technological changed environment in appropriate manner without facing any sort of difficulty towards the same.

Lack of Effective Communication Strategy

It is seen as one of the main issue or barrier that might be faced by company while implementing any sort of alteration within the company (Rhea,  2014). With  respect to Marks and Spencer, it can be said that its business managers are required to acquire effective communication strategy that would support them in conveying all change associated information with the employees (Tombetti and Mason, 2018). For this, it is required by managers to build up rightful route map for the leaders so that they can easily convey related information to employees that will mainly include advantages of change for the company as well as employees. In present context, it can be said that lack of leaders initiative in terms of communicating information to employees could result in creation of barrier for the Marks and Spencer as if these employees does not finds benefits of change then they will definitely not provide their corporation toward the same.

The respected barrier also places impact over the leadership practice of Marks and Spencer as they are required to adopt right communication strategy through which they can easily influence interest employees and motivate them to accept the change effectively (Rogers, 2019). It can also be said that leaders can easily attract employees to accept both the alterations by enhancing their knowledge about the respective benefits related to it. This also improves performance of Marks and Spencer's staff in rightful manner which works as the supportive factor in the quick execution of management activities.

The overall description states that all of the mentioned barriers holds remarkable impact over the implementation of change as well as decision making of leaders for the respective company.

M3. Force field analysis

Force field analysis are seen as the effective framework of change management that aware organization about its restraining and facilitating factors. Both of them are explained below in effective manner:

Facilitating Factors:Facilitating factors are considered as those one which influences company to bring change. It mainly includes decline in morale of staff, old machines, ineffective business structure, instant changes in customers need and requirements etc. In context of current scenario of Marks and Spencer, anticipating technological trends and critical corporate structure is considered as facilitating factors which have influenced interest of business manager of this company to incorporate changes.

Restraining Factors: These factors works as the hinder  for the company that oppose changes. Some of the common restraining factor includes negative laws, oppose from employees, sudden change in legislations etc (Curran and Hesmondhalgh, 2019). For the present stated scenario, restraining factors are resistance towards the change from employees side and ineffective communication strategy adopted by business manager of Marks and Spencer. These factors can be managed and overcome by conducting effective training session for employees.

D2 Critically evaluate the use of force field analysis in the context of meeting organizational objectives.

On the basis of above described force field analysis, it can be said that method is seen as the natural phenomenon that provides knowledge to the business manager or leader about facilitating and restraining factor that places higher influence over the organizational goals and objectives. Usage of this method allows business associations in identifying its supportive and non supportive factor which places works as the driver that influences to incorporate change within the company (Wilkinson and Kemmis, 2015). In this, emerging technological trends are identified as facilitating factor influences behavior of manager to incorporate change. On the other hand, later on it has been identified that employees resistance are seen as main restraining factor that becomes major barrier in the incorporation of change.


P5. Leadership Approaches

Leadership approaches are termed as the effective way by which business associations can easily incorporate their planned strategies or any sort of change in the company without facing much difficulties (Cruz Roche, Romero and Sellers-Rubio, 2019). Adoption of right leadership approach directly supports business associations in implementing change within the company in rightful manner. With reference to Marks and Spencer, it can be said that its business manager effectively make use of democratic and autocratic leadership approach in order to implement technological and structural change within the company in effective manner (Caro and Martínez-de-Albéniz, V., 2019). Both of them are explained below in effective manner:

Democratic leadership style

It is termed as effective leadership style in which business managers prefers to provide equivalent job responsibility and ask them to actively participate in the operational work of the company . Adoption of this leadership style brings higher flexibility in the company. This directly increases number of innovations and creativity within the company. Adoption of this leadership style supports employees in executing technological change within the company in effective manner. This also supports them in attaining competitive edge in the near future.

Autocratic leadership style

Autocratic leadership style states that authority of the business is provided to only few people who are authorized for it. Leaders of Marks and Spencer, prefers to make use of autocratic leadership style while implementing structural change as it allows them in taking decisions at quicker basis because they are not including more number of people in their decision making process. As a result, it is easier business leader of Marks and Spencer to take right decision towards structural change of the company (Bogue, 2019).

M4 Extent to which leadership approaches can deliver organizational change

Adoption of leadership approaches brings numerous of benefits for the company and also supports them in implementing organizational change effectively within in the company that provides them long term benefits. With reference to Marks and Spencer, leaders of this company acquires autocratic and democratic leadership styles at the time of incorporating structural and technological changes. Adoption of both the leadership will definitely provide long term benefit to the same company as with support of these styles they are able to deliver organizational change in rightful manner.

D3 Critically evaluate the effectiveness of leadership approaches and models of change management

From the overall analysis, it can be said that business leaders of Marks and Spencer make use of more than one leadership approach that is autocratic and democratic leadership style which supports leaders in executing change effectively within the company in effective manner. Adoption of autocratic leadership style has supported them in resolving various problems at workplace. Whereas, adoption of democratic leadership develops safe and secure working environment at workplace that works as the supportive factor in implementing change within the company in effective manner. Apart from this, it can be said that there are numerous of change management models like McKinsey 7s model, Kotter's change model etc. which provides range of benefits to the company at the time of implementing change within the company in effective manner.

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From the above described report, it is concluded that implementation of change within the company is seen as complicated process for every company. It is important for business managers of the company to develop their understanding over several factors which are influencing their decision in negative manner. It has also been analyzed that alteration within the company are not accepted by the employees, this ultimately creates requirement of applying PDCA model in the company in order to reduce its influence. Later on, it has also been identified that democratic and autocratic are identified as the two main leadership styles that are best suitable for every company at the time of implementing change within the organizational premises. Moreover, it see that business associations are required to acknowledge all associated barrier of change so that they can take preventive measure in the starting time only in reduce its impact over the enterprise as well as its performance. If you are looking for dissertation help Contact our experts.

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