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HNBS 312 Organisational Behaviour


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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the influence of culture, politics, and power on the behavior of others in the context of Tesco.
  • Tesco is a UK-based retail supermarket. Analyze how to motivate individuals and teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • State the brief evaluation of Tesco's culture, politics, and power, with appropriate examples of how these have influenced behavior in the workplace.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco plc


Organisational behaviour refers to the kind of study which involve studying the behaviour of human in organisational environment and settings. The researcher of organisation behaviour who are associated with analysing the behaviour of individual basically focus on their respective roles in organisation (Wood and et.al., 2016). The primary goal of such behaviour is to regenerate the theories related to organisation and to build better and deep conceptualization of organisational life. In context to the report, Tesco plc has been considered as a model organisation, which is a British based multinational general merchandise and groceries retailer in United Kingdom. The report will cover the culture, politics and power of organisation and will analyse the theories of motivation which influences the behaviour in certain organisation. The role of team dynamics and team members will also be discussed along with the theories of team development and philosophies of organisational behaviour.


An overview of your chosen organization

Tesco plc is a type of Public Limited Company which is situated at England, United kingdom. It is a British multinational general merchandise and groceries retailing industry and considered to the the third largest industry in retailing when measured by gross revenue. The company was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. Across Asia and Europe, Tesco has seven shop and in UK it has been considered as the market leader. The organisation has wide retailing range and categorised areas like in books, electronics, petrol, beauty accessories, clothes, toys, software, furniture, internet services, telecoms and many more.

A critical analysis of the organisation’s culture, politics and power, with relevant examples of how these have influenced behaviour in the workplace

There are some parameters which greatly influence the working ability of the team members and their further efficiency. The analysis of such factors are crucial and requires to understand the behaviour of individual in workplace (Ruck and et.al., 2017). The key elements like culture, politics and power has been considered to greatly affect the behaviour of employee in an organisation. The impacts of such factors are discussed below.

Organisation's culture : Organisational culture considers the experiences, expectations as well as values and philosophies that indicate the behaviour of team members. The social and psychological environment of an organisation is influenced by the beliefs, assumptions, habits, norms and vision of Tesco plc. So as to monitor the impact of organisation’s culture, Handy's model of organisational culture has been described below. Want essay writing services UK? Take our experts help!

Handy's model of organisational culture

Charles Handy gave the Handy's Model, which defines four various kinds of organisational culture that are.

Power culture: The power culture spreads the precise power to some individual throughout the company and they decide and sometimes take quick and important decisions which may have other consequences affecting the behaviour of some workers (Nuckcheddy, 2018). The workings of employee are usually not judged rather only their achievements are considered.

Role culture: Rules are the basis of role culture. Every employee are aware about their roles and responsibilities and work according to the requirements. Such practice make the employee directional and people have transparently defined authorities to complete task in provided time and place.

Task culture: Such type of organisational culture is generated when a specific and combined projects requires to form a team in certain organisation which will further focus on a certain problem. According to the task and status of project, the power may get transmitted from one team member to another (Wan and Wan, 2016). The collective team work and functioning will determine the affectivity of the task culture.

Person culture: In this Handy's model of organisational culture, individuals consider themselves as superior and extraordinary to the system. Here, power lies equally in each group, and they are not linked with each other.

By examining the four cultures, task culture may be suggested to have great impact on the behaviour of the working employee in Tesco plc. Such culture focuses on one problem at a time and make a dedicated team to analyse the problem.

Organisation's politics: The organisation politics refers to the self helping and serving behaviour that the workers in any organisation use to enhance the chances of receiving positive and high results. The effect of such practice only benefits an individual without being concerned about the company. The negative and positive impacts of such politics on an organisation are listed below.

Positive organisational politics: The positive impacts of organisation politics have an advantage and are not based on hidden agendas and power manipulation. They may render basis for competitiveness among the politically skilled people (Punia and Shyam, 2017). Such people are capable of managing the stressful environment of an organisation by the state of confidence and trust. Some politics aid in resolving the conflicts among the team members and make a better place to work collaboratively and should be enforced by Tesco organisation.

Negative organisational politics: By using organisation politics, the voices and better opinions of an individual may get suppressed and self appraisal may be observed. Within such environment, the employee forced to feel scared and threatened by self centred actions and ambiguity, thereby feel uncertain about the task and goals assigned to them. Rank rivalry, power manipulation, need to control are all the part of the organisation politics which negatively affects the organisation reputation.

Organisation's power: The power is the capability of an organisation to make and sort things as per the perception of making it happen by someone else. This type of power is mainly beneficial to the managers in an organisation, who assigns projects to other employee and make them perform the tasks (Kujala and et.al., 2016). Various type of organisation powers like coercive, reward, expert, informational and many more influences the behaviour of employee and should be enforced by Tesco enterprise to enhance the performance of the workers.

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An overview of theories of motivation and motivational techniques with a critical evaluation of their ability to influence behaviour and enable achievement of goals in this particular organizational

Motivation is a way of acting or an experience of wishes and needs within an individual. It makes the individual stimulated and aids in achieving aims and goals of life. Some social, psychological or personal factors may affect the motivation of an individual which in turn influences the behaviour and potency of achieving any goal in an enterprise. Some motivational theories and techniques are discussed below.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need

This type of theory is a content theory which defines why human beings demands alterations with time. This psychological motivational theory analyse the strengths and needs of an individual is different stages according to the hierarchy (James, 2017). This five stage model categorise the needs of an individual which motivates their behaviour and allow them to accomplish goals, the needs in decreasing order in respect to priority have been outlined and discussed below.Take assignment help to get better grades!

Physiological needs: This includes the basic biological needs of an individual like food, clothing, warmth, sleep and shelter. Such needs are required for survival of humans and will initially motivates an individual to achieve other needs.

Safety needs: Such need covers the physical protection of a person. Here, the individual is motivated to be free from fear, law and instability.

Love needs: The want of associating with one another closely or intimately comes under this need. Such desire of interpersonal relation motivates the behaviour of person and shapes the nature of any person.

Esteem needs: The demand for respect, status and reputation from others has been considered here. This need motivates to provide respect towards oneself and for others.

Self actualisation: The desire of personal growth and achievement. Such wants motivates an individual to become self fulfilled and potential to grow.

Expectancy theory

Expectancy theory is a type of process theory which was given by Victor Vroom in 1964. Such theory suggests that some individual may have another types of goal but they can always be motivated if they believe in positive balance in performance and efforts (Peter and Chima, 2018). The performance gets enhanced when rewards are received, such practice satisfy the need of an employee. The theory is based on few beliefs which are stated below.

Valence: It refers to an emotional aspect of an individual in respect to the outcomes. The expected outcome may influences the level of wants like desire of money or rewards. The management should undergo some ways to discover the values employee desires and

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