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Employability Skills

University: Ulster University

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: Diploma
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Introduction to Employability Skills

In today's highly competitive environment, sustaining a successful career requires continual improvement of skills and knowledge. Employers prioritize candidates who consistently exceed qualifications and experience, known as employability skills. These skills are transferable and soft, aiding individuals in performing effectively in their roles and integrating into the workplace culture. They also involve being adaptable to changes in services to meet market trends and satisfy users. This report emphasizes the importance of training employees in the GE oil and gas industry, a subsidiary of General Electric based in London, UK. GE oil and gas focuses on energy markets and conducts drill sessions to enhance employee expertise in dynamic and challenging fields.


1.1 Developing a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

GE is presently going through a lot of challenges at their workplace in order to fulfill their requisite commitments of tasks which can duly hamper their stated targets as well. Being a human resource coordinator at GE, I have a prior obligation of conducting appropriate sessions of training and developing its existing employees to meet the latest challenges of this particular industry by providing them a huge prospectus of the ongoing trends and demand. To comply by these duties on time, I have to set some related performance objectives through a self-management procedure. A self-management process serves as a base to combat the weaknesses of an individual by effectively judging their existing strengths to be utilized for getting a best possible outcome at the work. It thereby helps to enhance both the personal and professional skills of an individual by heading towards the attainment of certain expertise skills. Presently, it has stated some definite components of utilizing a tool of performance appraisal for the workforce. It will effectively work as an impeccable factor of motivating the employees by equivalently boosting up their performance within an applicable manner. This process will thereby benefit the firm by timely accomplishing their organizational goals and objectives with an apt performance of its employees. However it together recommends for a continual monitoring and assessment of the ongoing performances by the employees to perfectly evaluate and compare their actual enactment with a standard one.

1.2 Own effectiveness against the above defined objectives

The above stated objectives are needed to be met in a competitive way by finely judging my own effective constituents according to some major accountability as mentioned into the below format:

Superiority and recognition of obligation

It is my prior objective of aptly identifying my task towards an assigned role of HR coordinator where I need to plan and forecast the required number of workforce.


It is the next level in which a desired supervision is required to monitor and control the worker's performance.

Applying evidence of committee's responsibility

It is where the being a part of the administrative body, I should clearly introduce and direct the individual's with their foremost accountabilities.

Safeguarding society's safety

It is where the worker's interest should also be adhered with a preceding formulation of maintaining their health and safety measures.

Dealing transformation

It is a chief requisition of today's challenging work scenario where an individual mandatorily needs to adapt a dynamic nature for aptly dealing with it.

I thence need to adopt the similar approach of heading towards the beyond identified levels of success.

1.3 Self Audit

A human being comprises some remarkable assets in variety of potent range of talent and abilities. However, being a humanoid they also need to deal with some major flaws of making faults. Therefore, self-audit is basically done in order to determine one' own skills and competencies to beat the upcoming challenges by effectively combating certain existing weaknesses. In similar perspective, below carried self-audit openly reflects both strengths and weaknesses of mine:


I believe my communications skills to be a major strength of mine where I am a huge admirer of reading varied books based onto my desired field. It has duly enhanced my researching skills where I can also strengthen my writing skills now.


A biggest drawback is held to my leadership skills where I sometime get stacked at giving desirable presentations. Another is my interpersonal skills where I need to be more interactive with the people at my workplace and be more socialized with them. Lastly I agree to have poor skills of time management which is duly needed to be improved by heading with a prescribed schedule of carrying a work.

However, to aptly beat these weaknesses of mine, I need to treat myself with few effective classes of personnel development. Along with it, attending some regular sessions of discussion and meetings will also be a beneficial step for being more collaborative with people at work. Thence, participating into seminars and conferences will be a major priority for suitably eliminating such destructive factors of mine for together meeting the above stated aims of an HR coordinator at GE.

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1.4 Motivational techniques for improving staff performance

Inspiring employees always work at its best to timely achieve the organizational goals and objectives. It is due to the fact which states that employee retention always makes the worker to feel oneself a valuable asset of the organization. Followed by this approach, the employee takes a self-accountability of timely fulfilling the stated organizational goals and targets. For similar purpose, some famous researchers have developed certain definite theories of effectually motivating employees at an enterprise. For example, Maslow's need hierarchy theory which has duly focused on the psychological needs of an employee based upon the below mentioned hierarchy. It is to state a profound fact which recommends the managers that each employee cannot be satisfied into a similar way and thence it is essential to differentiate their needs into the below described elements-


It refers to the mental growth of an individual where he feels a self-pride and belongingness towards the accomplishment of an assigned work. Thence, GE accordingly gives a pertinent opportunity to such employees to show their apt capability.

Esteem needs

It defines the self-confidence of an individual where the he gets a self-recognition at the workplace. GE provides timely sessions of discussions to build the inner assurance of their employees.

Social needs

This refers to the relationship of an individual with his coworkers and peers with a satisfactory environment at work. GE duly takes care of its social responsibility towards their employees where there is a prior emphasis on team work.

Safety needs

This outlines the physical safety of an employee at his work place along with a feeling of working into a secured job. It is the uppermost consideration of GE at their workplace which is similar for every employee.

Psychological needs

Lastly, such needs define the basic requirements of an individual in terms of his food, accommodation and clothing. Thence, to fulfill this, the manager of GE should increase the wages of such individuals who gives a prior preference to these predefined requisitions.

However, another theory of Fredrick Herzberg is a dual factor theory where he is closely relating to the two major constituents of motivator factor and hygiene factor. Motivator factor is related to the actual job which directly encourages the employee to work hard and hygiene factors are those which surround the job of an individual by giving them an apt physical environment of work.

Motivational factor

These factors easily higher the level of job satisfaction in an individual which certain definite measures opportunities via promotion, recognition, achievement, responsibility and personal growth, etc. GE utilizes all such tools for promptly motivating their employees to maintain a better performance of their work.

Hygiene factor

Such factors are eminent to lower the dissatisfaction of an employee from his work and are distinguished as the level of income, supervision by boss, company's policies, physical work surrounding and relationship with companions with a secured aspect of enduring the job, etc. GE conspicuously takes care of all such needs of employees by maintaining a profound task culture at their workplace.


2.1 Solutions to work base problems

GE oil and gas is presently facing tremendous issue of aptly skilled employees at their workstation where a large number of employees are getting retired within the next few years. Along with it, UK is already having a shortage of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates from technical background (Tran, 2015). Likewise, problem solving is a complex procedure which needs a due initiative of solving those along with a proficiency of timely identifying it. Thence, the major ways of resolutions are as discussed below:

In time of exigency

It is especially for the employees of GE to resolve this contingent and sudden issue of acquiring requisite skills and knowledge to promptly accomplish assigned tasks at their workplace.

Evaluation of equipment's

It is where there is a prominent need of assessing the required equipment's and tools of aptly developing the abilities of the workforce through appropriate training methods.

Customer service

It is a foremost step where there should be a prior involvement of consumers or service users with their precise feedback to reassure their actual experiences and make any obligatory alterations into the existing services.

2.2 Appropriate styles of communication

Problem solving is a vital step of eliminating all sort of destructive elements from the workplace for a smooth transaction of business operations. However, it demands for a high level of acknowledgement by the employees about their existing work surrounding along with an apt style of communication at all organizational level. Communication thus plays a crucial role to enact as an essential proficiency of employment and thus exists in varied forms as mentioned below:

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Verbal and nonverbal

These channels are the primary networks of exchanging any information to create awareness among the employees to clearly communicate them about the existences of raised issues. It is also a suitable style with a quick and easy approach of spreading cognizance among the concerned parties.

Body postulates

It is another style where a definite body structure or language plays an essential role to interconnect with certain people with a prior preference of utilizing such style of action to communicate any data.

However, the effectiveness of these methods in GE is later checked by various means of feedback from the colleagues and responsiveness from their service users and further alterations could be made as per the requirement.

2.3 Time management strategies

Time management represents another apt skill of employment with a major requisition of following certain functions of being organized with a well associated plan. It thereby depends upon some strategic tools as mentioned below:

Prioritizing or scheduling task

It is the foremost applicability of sequencing the work with a centralized aspect of primarily performing the stress-free task and later opting for difficult one's.

Using a planning tool

This recommends using a tool like a diary or note for jotting down the work by making a proper assignation of them as per the urgency.

Measuring tasks with time

It signifies to accurately quantifying the time duration of accomplishing a particular task. This could later higher the speed of an individual with a proper maintenance of schedule.

However, GE utilizes an 80-20 method for aptly managing the time of its predefined schedule of work. This methodology is basically a factual statement which defines that 20% of customer satisfaction reflects 80% profitability of the firm.


3.1 Team role at GE

A team work is a highly preferable task where there are plentiful scopes of rising one's stagnated knowledge by further raising the requisite opportunities of enhancing it through varied means of idea. GE too encourages its workforce for indulging into a group work which duly helps them to think beyond their capabilities by sharing and gaining some innovative approaches of work. GE benefits from the below defined aspects by carrying a Belbin's team role to share their stated goals and objectives for a timely accomplishment of task. It mainly consists of 9 major roles with its following benefits:

Job necessities

It is the foremost stage where there is a prior obligation of formulating task has been taken into consideration. For example, in the present scenario of GE, there reflects a principle concern of recruiting aptly skilled individuals at the workplace.

Resource allocation

It is the next step in which each team member will be assigned with a prominent task that duly matches his level of skills and aptitude.

Group communication

It is where the entire team will be transmitted within a requisite time period into which every individual has to comply by his consigned task along with a standard preservation of their performance.

Fulfillment of obligations

It is a prominent step in which the HR is recommended to approach a suitable method of fulfilling the allotted task by the team members into a predefined format and within the given time period.

Training and job performance

It is a final step of assessment for evaluating the actual performance with its related standard.

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3.2 Analyzing team dynamics

Team dynamic is referred as the behavior of each and every team members who are working for the attainment of a common objective or goal. It basically defines the behavioral relationship among the team members by directly affecting the productivity of the firm. It is therefore a crucial factor of considering a significant and effective approach of working in groups. This can be done by choosing a substantial method of knowing each other well by together acknowledging one other's competency level. GE holds a firm dynamics of its team where every member correlates one other's issue to appropriately resolve its preliminary existence from the origin.

3.3 Alternative ways for workforce planning

As per the ongoing issues of GE, there is a prior need of aptly planning for a requisite workforce by the below defined methods:

Setting a standard direction

It is the key task in which there is a foremost objective of forecast an actual requirement of workforce. This can be done by carrying a dual aspect of determining both the requisition of demand and supply of individuals.

Motivating employees

It is where both the existing and newly hired employees are needed to be constantly motivated by their respective work authorities. It will help the employee to feel a valuable sense of belongingness towards a timely accomplishment of their assigned tasks and targets.


4.1 Problem solving tools

The major problem solving tools used by GE are as described below-

Force field analysis

It is a decision making technique which duly helps the management to cop up with the requisite changes at the workplace under a tremendously pressurizing work scenario. It is to decide whether to go beyond the change or duly inculcate it by replacing the existing one.

Critical path analysis

It is considered as a strategic tool of planning to build and work into a more complex project which requires a primary study of recognizing a need of adopting an alteration.

Trial and error method

It is basically an alternative method of resolving the raised conflicts at the workplace and it mainly comes into existence when no other methods are seems to work in a requisite manner.

4.2 Appropriate strategy

GE utilizes four major strategies to resolve the associated conflict as given into the present scenario. These are as mentioned below:

Understanding problem

It is to go in depth of an existing problem to know its major cause or origin. For example, shortage of workforce is a major identified problem as per the latest business scenario of GE with its certain specific reasons.

Setting plan

It is the next step where there is a prior need of resolving the above determined problem by utilizing varied effectual tools and measures of planning.


This is where the above defined plan will be implemented to get a best possible outcome.


This is the last step in which the actual results will be compared with its standard level to achieve a desired result by eliminating any existed drawback.

4.3 Potential impact of applying strategies

The above applied tactics has intensely shown a positive impact by making requisite alterations into the daily activities of GE. It has thereby provided timely drills sessions to its employees by which they have duly acquired the requisition of certain improved services for their clients with a prominent response by them as well.


The above report has briefly showcased the workforce planning of GE with a gradient of enhancing their personnel's development. It thereby states some definite procedures of GE for timely conducting a definite session of training and emerging their employees to cop up with the upcoming challenges into their respective field. The following report is thence divided into four major parts to initiate with determining one's own responsibilities into the respective field by later building an apt strategy to meet the requisite performance. It has also demonstrated the inclusion of certain interpersonal skills needed at the workplace along with some requisite dynamics of working together into a team or group of people.


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