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Effective Business Communication Strategies

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the importance of effective communication.
  • What are the benefits of effective communication in business?
  • Discuss the effective methods of communication.
Answer :
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Business communication is the process to sharing useful information between within and outside of an organization. Effective communication is how employees  and management of  company interact to reach set goals of company. Flow of effective communication in the business help business to achieve high growth  and reduce the error in tasks.

This report will explain importance of effective communication in Unilever. This report will apply communication skills within their business setting and it will conclude role of effective communication within company. In the end of this report will analyse impact of communication methods in the context of business and management.

Know, Feel, Do Model Analysis

1. Know

There are some effective communication skills which I want Superiors and employees of the  Unilever to know about those  skills which can enable them to achieve business objectives . (Abayadeera,  Mihret and Hewa Dulige., 2018). I have  analyse that effective communication skills can led their business towards success. It is necessary for both superiors and employees of  Unilever company to have those communication skills so company can achieve goals and objective of their business. I want that every staff should know about these skills, and they implement those skills in themselves.

Clarity in information -Information given by the superiors of the company in context of their task should be clear so employees can understand the information properly (The Importance of Communication for Organisational Effectiveness.2016). If message provided by the superiors will clear  than employees will do their task effectively. Information should be simple so employees can understand instruction.

Language -Language plays important role in the communication  because it can become barrier for the employees who speak different languages or its hard for them to catch complicated words. (Chung and et.al., 2019). Superiors of the company Unilever company should use local language which can be understandable for the all employees who are working in  This company, It will also help them to create trust among the employees.

Listening -Employees should pay attention and listen carefully when superiors of the  Unilever company providing any information to them, so they can can understand what their leaders want to say and what are their roles and responsibilities in the company's workplace. If employees does not listen information careful and its affect on companies growth and their profitability.

Ask Questions- Superiors of the  Unilever company should encourage employees to ask them question about the task and  activities. Asking question is also a part of effective communication. Employees will get better information if they will ask a question, but they should ask a right questions. Asking a right question takes some effort but this can have an immense reward. This will help employees  to find information they want from the companies superiors. Asking a intelligent question increase the flow of communication within companies workplace  and show the competency of the employees.

Problem solving strategies- Every superior and employees should know or learn some quick problem solving strategies. Problem solving is an indispensable part of the successful business (Kwok and Yu., 2016). They should find the problems occurring in the workplace  and take suggestion from each other, so they can solve problem and increase flow of communication within organization. Conflicts between the employees can be solved by communicating and listing to both party  and  it will help to settle conflicts without any problem.Take online assignment help in the USA from expert writers at the best price.

2. Feel

In my opinion effective communication can affect positively on  Unilever company, I want my team and staff to feel that why communication is important and what are role of effective communication in business. According to my point of view communication help them to achieve their business goals and also helps to create good environment at companies workplace. Manage the relation between employees and superiors  and other stakeholders as well. I have identified some areas where Effective communication plays important role in  Unilever company.

Improve employees management- By using the effective communication skills mangers can improve the task skills of the employees. It will enable them to provide better instruction to the workers for their task, objectives and their general performance expectations. i have analyse that effective communication will also minimize the risk of mistakes  in the task by the companies employees. An effective communicator  will seek to provide feedback to their employees, so they will not repeat the same mistakes in the task  and it will improve their working quality in the task. Employees will listen to the mangers of the company and it will become easier for them to manger their activities in the workplace.

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Build strong employees relationship-It is important for the  Unilever company to have good relationship between managers and employees. Effective communication helps to create good relationship between mangers and employees so mangers of the company should communicate with their employees and ask them their problem. It will motivate employees, and they can share problem with their managers. It can also help managers to get suggestion from employees who are working in company from long time. They have knowledge what changes should be done within organization, this much trust can only possible through the effective communication.

Build strong relationship with suppliers and clients- According to my point of view, One of the key aspect of the business growth is developing a strong relationship with clients and supplier (Miotto,  Polo López and Rom Rodríguez., 2019). This can be build by effective communication. It is important for employees of the  Unilever company to keep in touch with customer base  and create good experience for the customers  which will affect on the companies sales, and they will able to gain customer loyalty. One of the best example of communication is customers care communication where they can take help of their customers care executive, and they help them to solve their query's. Effective communication in the companies superiors can also build good relationship with their business clients. It will enable them to feel more personalty connected with the   Unilever company. This will keep them happy with the  Unilever company  and there are more possibility to deal with this company.

Encourage innovation- Another major benefit of the effective communication in the company's workplace is that it inspires enhanced levels of innovation and creativity within the Unilever company. In many businesses, innovation is one of the main ingredients required for success in their business. It is important for the managers to let their employees put their opinions and ideas through communication so company can bring innovate workplace and make better environment in  Unilever companyTake Examples of Assignments Now!!!

3. Do

I have analysed that There are  few methods of communication which can help  Unilever company to mange their business and employees to achieve success. I want Unilever company to adopt new methods of communication to create flow of effective communication in the workplace.  (Setiawan And et.al., 2018). Manager of the  Unilever company can use some methods such as Informal, formal communication, verbal and Horizontal communication. These  are effective methods of communication in the business which helps to increase flow of communication t Unilever company he organization. Worried for Business Essay Writing ? Get Business Essay Writing Service from our experts.

Formal communication-Formal communication is the  exchange of companies official information which flows along the different departments and level of the company's hierarchy and confirms to the prescribed polices , standards, rules and regulation of the  Unilever company. This information flow from the all levels of the company and it has deliberately controlled. This helps to employees to understand rules and polices of the company, so they can get their right and understand polices of the company.

Informal communication- Informal communication does not have  any control over the company. Two employees or  a group of workers can use informal communication (Sun., 2016). It can be about  rules and polices of the Unilever company, external affairs, gossips etc. Formal communication helps to improve social relationship in the workplace. Unilever can run this method of communication in their workplace which will help to satisfy needs of the employees and it will create flow of  communication in the company.

Verbal communication- verbal communication is the use of sound to exchange the worlds and express their feelings  to the employees. This kind of communication is commonly used I every organization. This helps superiors of the  Unilever to provide there information to the employees, so they can understand the informations and give their best in the task activities. Managers of the  Unilever company should use this method in the workplace to provide information to the employees and it will help them to achieve goals and objectives of the company.

Non verbal -Non verbal communication methods are used by the people to express their feelings or sending messages. This can help them to send any message without disturbing any other employees. This can also done through the physical expression. Managers can give directions to the employees through the hands movement  and it is easy for them to understand what they want to say and what they want from them. Managers of the  Unilever company should use this method to follow effective communication in the company's workplace.


As per the report has been  explained importance of effective communication in Unilever. This report has been applied communication skills within their business setting such as listening , language , asking questions etc. This report has been concluded role of effective communication within company  and how it helps company to achieve their goals and objective. In the end of this report has been analysed impact of communication methods in the context of business and management. It has been concluded some methods of the communication to manage business and management of the  Unilever through Formal communication, Informal communication, Verbal communication, non verbal communication etc.

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