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Distance Still Matters

University: University of Birmingham

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  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the CAGE framework.
  • Discuss about the Collaborate with your competitors.
Answer :


In this report, brief summaries of three articles have been presented. These articles are based on different topics such as hard reality of global expansion, offshoring at an online programming marketplace and collaborate with your competitors and win. This report will focus on the key findings and understanding that will be acquired through these articles.

ARTICLE 1: Distance still matters

This article helps in understanding the impact that distance can have on the functioning of business organisations. The most interesting fact that was procured during the learning process was that despite of brand status of a company, it is important to analyse the different aspects of global expansion so that any sort of hindrance present in the targeted market can be recognised. Timely solutions for such problems can be acquired only with the help of dimensional analysis. This article helps in understanding the four dimensions that are related with global expansions and distances which are created while developing business in the foreign markets (Bartlett and Beamish, 2011). Apart from the geographical changes, cultural, administrative and economical dimensions must also be evaluated and analysed significantly. Get online coursework help from our experts!

The CAGE framework provided in article helps in understanding these four dimensions effectively with a detailed description regarding sensitive subjects due to which functioning of company can be affected. With different types of examples provided in the article, it is clear that apart from geographical distances, successful global expansion is possible only when there is strategic planning of business operations (Gefen and Carmel, 2008). The information regarding Country Portfolio Analysis and the case study of TRI have helped in gaining an insight regarding the techniques through which business expansion is planned and implemented (Mathur, Mathur and Kenyon, 2012).

The article “distance still matters” is based on the case study of Star and its failures in global expansion ventures with an assistive study regarding = different approaches which are involved in business planning. The most crucial part of this article is Country Portfolio Analysis. It is quite difficult or complex to understand the basic technique which is involved in performing this analysis (Ghemawat, 2001). The graph that is plotted in this framework has one axis with per capita income and the other axis showing the consumption. Although the effectiveness of this approach is quite high but little clarity is provided regarding the product consumption axis.

The reason behind difficulty in understanding the CPA is lack of practical implications (Killing, 2012). Rough estimates can be acquired from this analytical technique but organisations cannot completely rely on such attributes. They have to get accurate results which when implied in the practical business strategy shall help in meeting the desired results and business objectives of firm (Banalieva and Dhanaraj, 2013). The use of breakthrough innovations in technological developments of communication devices like mobile phones and telephones have helped in gaining knowledge regarding the way in which markets can flourish in the near future (Scholes and et. al., 2014).

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I have developed this article summary in such a way that my classmates will be benefited from the information that is provided in this content. The quality of information that is to be delivered plays a vital role in creating an understanding to the reader. If the content is not relevant and reusable then quality of information is automatically decreased. Hence, I would take care of the content that is used in the briefing to be relevant and useful for future references and transfer of knowledge.

ARTICLE 2 : Is the World Really Flat? A look at Offshoring at an online programming marketplace

This article is based on the offshoring contract that takes place between two companies. One of them belongs to a high wage country while the other one is present in a low wage nation. The complete article is formulated on an argument based on whether the world is flat (Ungson and Wong, 2014). The equal number of opportunities with unequal wage standards has led philosophers and thinkers to question the judgements on offshoring and outsourcing of business activities through internet technology (Frynas and Mellahi, 2015). The data that is acquired for the research work of this article is accessed from an online programming marketplace.

Different aspects of offshoring business activities instead of performing domestic operations is a good option when less capital investment is involved (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). The theory of absolute advantage has been presented in the article that helps in developing an insight with practical implications. The serious issue of global labour arbitrage is supportive in understanding the impact that is felt by labourers across the world who are involved in offshoring business (SammutBonnici, 2015).

The area of complexity or difficulty recognised in this article is the analysis part which is provided in terms of bidders. The relevancy of different types of data that is acquired during the research has to be checked by the analyser (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2012). The bidding contracts that have taken place amongst the English speaking nations have been provided in this report for analysing different aspects (Hamel and Prahalad, 1993). The information provided in support is not clearly communicated and there is a lot of difficulty experienced while developing an understanding for the same.

My classmates have provided a better platform for communicating the knowledge that is acquired in the process of learning. Both, me and my classmates have developed value oriented approach towards learning abilities. The knowledge level regarding offshoring and related attributes have been enhanced through this article. I have been able to deliver valid facts and information regarding the same to my classmates which has influenced them to develop a value. When knowledge that is delivered to third party individuals is useful in application then value of presenter is increased. I have tried to provide all facts to my classmates from the article according to relevancy so that communication of knowledge will be efficient.

ARTICLE 3 : Collaborate with your competitors- and win

This article is based on one for the most popular strategies that have been adopted by various multinational organisations and that is collaboration with competitors. The findings of this article give a new perspective to the competition that is prevalent in markets currently. The use of skills of other company for benefit of one company is a unique approach for identifying innovation. The basic idea behind collaboration is to initiate learning with development and sharing of ideas and skills which results in mutual benefits (Krishnan, Geyskens and Steenkamp, 2016).

The convergence of partner goals and divergence of competitive goals is the conceptual phenomenon behind collaboration (Bolton, Kim and Vertegaal, 2012). This article has various examples and informative content that helps in developing a belief that business growth is possible support or assistance of competitors instead of rivalry. It helps in bringing up new products and services for the customers in diverse markets. The strategies involved in building up of strong defences is also provided which supports in enhancing the knowledge acquired by article (Porter, 1989).

Despite of clear communication of the idea about collaborative functioning, complexity of the article lies in decisions that are needed to be made. The favour in this article is towards developing collaboration with the key competitors or major industrialists that are functioning in the same sector. The intensity of competition with such an approach decreases (Norta and Eshuis, 2010). This implies that decision making becomes quite difficult while considering both the aspects of subject. But on the other hand, there are various valuable findings provided in this article that lead to a conclusion that organisations can develop with a faster speed in their respective industries if appropriate collaborations are made. Moreover, the learning capacities and competencies are enhanced when such collaborative efforts or joint ventures are planned and implemented (Shontell, 2014).

The fierce race that is being followed by companies for gaining maximum brand endorsements or the latest key technology in market can lead to developments for consumers (Norta and Eshuis, 2010). They will be given with more preferences and choices for products and services but innovation will be hindered consequently (Martin and Eisenhardt, 2010). On the other hand, collaborations or partnerships, joint ventures, etc. are helpful in developing better competencies and skills for outsourcing the business operations in different regions (Adams, 2013). Alliances which are formed with collaboration and legal cooperation of individual organisations can help in reducing outward flow of cash and support the economic development of country (Bolton, Kim and Vertegaal, 2012).

Better learnings are initiated when cooperation and collaboration is harmonically developed amongst colleagues and workers (Huang and Yu, 2011). This article has helped me in concentrating over effective team work and the strategies which are useful in developing collaboration within teams. My classmates have developed value towards me due to this approach of working. I keep preferences of the group before personal choices which have helped me in gaining respectful position in the team. Moreover, I have developed a cooperative value towards my classmates due to this approach of functioning. Despite of existence of competition, there is harmony amongst the group members.


Through this report, one can gain an overview of the information that is presented in three different articles: Distance still matters, is the world really flat? And Collaborate with your competitors and win. The interesting facts and complex subjects included in these writings have been discussed and depicted in this report.


Article 1:

  • Bartlett, C. A. and Beamish, P. W., 2011. Transnational management: Text, readings, and cases in cross-border management. Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin McGraw-Hill. 1.
  • Gefen, D. and Carmel, E., 2008. Is the world really flat? A look at offshoring at an online programming marketplace. MIS quarterly, pp.367-384.

Article 2:

  • Frynas, J. G. and Mellahi, K., 2015. Global strategic management. Oxford University Press, USA.
  • Hamel, G. and Prahalad, C. K., 1993. Strategy as stretch and leverage. Harvard business review. 71(2). pp.75-84.

Article 3:

  • Krishnan, R., Geyskens, I. and Steenkamp, J. B. E., 2016. The effectiveness of contractual and trustbased governance in strategic alliances under behavioral and environmental uncertainty. Strategic Management Journal. 1. pp.
  • Porter, M. E., 1989. From competitive advantage to corporate strategy. In Readings in Strategic Management (pp. 234-255). Macmillan Education UK.

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