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Different Types and Purposes of ALDI

University: Regent College London

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Question :

This sample assessment will guide you through:

  • Internal and external components of business
  • Different types of organisation
  • Relationship between various functions of organization
Answer :
Organization Selected : ALDI


The business environment consists of internal and external components that impact an organization's operations. Factors such as management, suppliers, employees, and competitors directly affect business activities. Additionally, elements like government policies, economic conditions, the public, and technology also influence the firm. It is essential that products and services are delivered in alignment with the requirements and needs of consumers (Business environment, 2018).

This report focuses on ALDI, a retail firm that offers food items, personal care products, and other goods. The assignment outlines the different types and purposes of organizations. It also details the interrelationship between various organizational functions. Additionally, the impact of macro-environmental factors on the business is discussed. The report includes an internal and external analysis conducted by the administration, highlighting the relationship between the organization's strengths and weaknesses and macro-environmental elements.


P1 Different types and purposes of organisation

In market, there are various forms of firms which conduct business to provide products and services for fulfilment of needs of public. Government and individuals are the ones who start and run a firm for generating money and economic stability of country. Thus, these are different kinds of organisation which are stated beneath:

Private organisation: This sector includes firms which are incorporated and run by individuals for making revenue. They increases employment opportunities and provide products and services for accomplishment of demands of public. This results into enhancement in economic conditions of nation. ALDI is a private retail firm which provide variety of food items, personal care and other products to customers (Vaiman, Sigurjonsson and Davidsson, 2011).

Purpose: ALDI aim is to make system function efficiently for delivery of quality and valuable products to buyers. This helps company to enhance its reputation and image in market in respect to rival brands.

Public organisation: It is another sector which is funded and regulated by government for development of country. Different public programs, items and services are provided by them for fulfilment of requirements of society. Crown Prosecution Services is a public agency which executes criminal cases in Wales and England. They conduct prosecution and investigation work in both Crown and Magistrate court.

Purpose: Crown Prosecution Services work is to provide support and legal advice to police and investigation agencies in respect to criminal cases. They help them to prove the suspect guilty or free in according to collected evidences (Wack, 2017).

Voluntary Organisation: This sector comprises firms whose responsibility is to conduct social activities and provide services in the community. Non- profit, for profit and hybrid are three forms of voluntary organisation which provide items and services to needy people. Their aim is to enhance society without goal of generating profit. UNICEF is United Nations Children's Fund agency which has headquarters in New York. It gives developmental and humanitarian assistance to mothers and children.

Purpose: UNICEF protects rights of children and mother by fulfilling their basic needs and requirements. Their work is to reduce poverty and overcome the violence, disease and discrimination of individuals.

P2 Size and Scope of various types of organisation

Public, private and voluntary are different forms of organisation which provide variance items and services. They have diverse size, scope, structure and objective that influence on their activities. Hence, this is description of three firms which belong to different sectors is mentioned below (Yu and Ramanathan, 2013):

Public organisation: Crown Prosecution Services is an independent public agency in England and Wales. This is an authority that gets charged from police and investigation firm to examine criminal cases.

Products and services: Crown Prosecution Services conduct prosecutes of criminal cases which police and other investigation agency had examined. Thus, they make conclusion in respect to justice of if person had not made offence.

Size: Crown Prosecution Services has around 6000 staff members for which £ 600 million budget of annually is made.

Scope: CPS conduct investigation in respect to criminal case which is examined by police. Hence, they prove person either proven wrong or right in according to collected data.

Vision and mission: Vision of Crown Prosecution Services is to give quality services of prosecution by conducting investigation. Their mission is to serve as independent and public agency making justice of criminal cases (Chetwood and et. al, 2014).

Business objectives: Crown Prosecution Services goal is to provide justice to victim by analysing the criminal case in fair manner.

Legal structure: These are two forms of structure which public firms follow are stated below:

  • State Government: It is a government which shares its political power with a national government. The rights and decision making of state government is limited to their particular states only.
  • Local Government: It is an public administration which is established at a lower level within a particular state. It generally have limited power as compared to other tiers of government.
  • Central Government: It is an public administration established at a supreme level in a unitary state. They formulate policies and strategies which are followed by other tiers of government bodies.

Stakeholders: Geoffrey Cox is attorney General of Crown Prosecution Services. While, Alison Saunders is director and Paul Staff is chief executive.

Private organisation: ALDI is supermarket which has its retail outlets worldwide that are UK, China, France, Australia, etc.

Products and services: ALDI offers different variety of food items, personal care and other variants to people.

Size and scope: ALDI has nearly 10, 000 stores spread globally, so around 104, 400 people are employed in firm which aid seniors to make profit of € 53 billion. Company scope is to lead as low cost provider firm which offers products at cheap prices.

Vision: ALDI's vision is to be a market leading retail firm which helps to raise the standard of living of the people of United Kingdom.

Mission: ALDI's mission is to provide quality products at reasonable rates to sustain its position and brand image in market (Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards, 2014).

Business objectives: Goal of ALDI is to enhance their market reach for increasing customer base and sales volume.

Legal structure: These are three types of structure which are followed by public firms are described beneath:

  • Sole proprietorship: Firms which are started and manage by single person for generating revenue for their livelihood. Painter, carpenter, dresser, grocery person and many other are sole trading enterprises. They didn't require sharing decision making rights and profits, as there are no members. But, entrepreneur has unlimited liability which effect on resources that is funds, material and manpower. Thus, business activities are impacted and delivery of products and services (Sekaran and Bougie 2016).
  • Partnership: Companies which incorporated by two or more people which enter into agreement. Partnership deed is signed by all partners in which their rights and power are specifies. This helps in systematic decision making and conflicts are overcome by defining each partner rights.

Stakeholders: Siepmann Foundation (ALDI Sud) and Markus Foundation (ALDI Nord) are proprietor of ALDI.

Voluntary organisation: UNICEF is United Nations agency which provides development and humanitarian support to mother and children.

Products and services: UNICEF frame policies and protect rights of children and mother for enhancement of nation.

Size and scope: UNICEF established in 1946 that is 71 years ago for protecting rights of mother and children.

Vision and mission: UNICEF mission is protecting rights of children mother by fulfilling their basic needs. There is vision is to enhance opportunities to attain their full potential for development of nation (Saleem, 2017).

Business objectives: UNICEF goal is to promote programmes in respect to equality of girls and women in political, social and economic sector of country.

Stakeholders: Tore Hattrem is president of UNICEF and Henrietta H. Fore is executive director.


P3 Relationship between various functions of organization in respect to objectives

In an organisation, division of people into different department for execution of operations in effective manner. Human resource, finance, production, marketing, sales, research and development are various divisions which are formulated by top authorities of ALDI. In these units members are separated in respect to their skills and abilities. This helps administration to have adequate subordinates for delivery of items and services to buyers. Thus, this is description of units which have interrelation with each other is defined below:

Human resource department: HR duty is to manage manpower for having sufficient staff members for conduction of activities. Recruitment, selection, compensation, employee relations, training and development are various practices which are executed by management of ALDI. This helps them to delegate and distribute staff members in other units that are finance, operation, marketing, sales, R&D. Thus, seniors are able to establish competitive advantage and fulfil demands of people (Tayur, Ganeshan and Magazine, 2012).

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Finance department: This is another unit whose responsibility is to manage funds properly. They frame plan, conduct auditing and accounting and control flow of money in different business activities. For this, financial statements that are profit and loss, cash flow statement and balance sheet are maintained by management of ALDI. This helps them to have knowledge about profitability. Through this funds allocation to marketing and operation people is made in respect to market demands.

Research and development department: This unit's duty is to conduct survey for gaining information about demands and need of public and rival firms. It is necessary that products and services are provided by company in according to requirements of people. ALDI is retail store whose R&D team conduct market research for getting knowledge about market conditions. This helps them to construct new and innovative products and packages for attracting customers.

Production/ Operation department: This unit plays essential role in firm which is to manufacture and deliver products and services to people. It is necessary that items are designed and provided in according to demand of buyer for accomplishment of their needs. In ALDI, operation team responsibility is to take care that sufficient products are available in store. Along this, items should be of good quality which helps management to sustain their brand image.

Marketing department: It is another important unit whose duty is to inform people about firm and its product. For this, marketing plan is formulated in which marketing mix, target market, budget and other information is defined. Product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence are 7 P's which are defined by marketing team (Türetken and et. al., 2011). Advertising, sales promotion, publicity are conducted by them which help sales people to convince buyers. In this, finance team coordination is maintained in respect to decision about fund allocation in marketing activities. if are you are worried about programming assignment help at the best price.

Sales department: This unit comprises people who interact and communicate with customers. Salesperson of ALDI is required to provide information to buyers about product, its features and attributes. Along this, they also take feedback to ascertain their opinions and suggestions in respect to quality of item and improvements. In this, marketing team support is to aware public about items which help them to convince and persuade easily. They aid R&D team to make changes in items in according to requirements of customers.

Organisation structure: Many types of structures like divisional, functional are used by administration to design an system. Market condition, objectives, size, scope is various tactics which determine distribution of staff members in department. ALDI is a retail store which has branches worldwide. For this, divisional organisation structure is adopted by management for conduction of business internationally. Thus, resources are utilised efficiently and position of firm is maintain in respect to competitors (Crane and Matten, 2016).


P4 Positive and negative impact of macro environment upon business organisation

It is an management tool used by business organisation to identify various intrinsic and extrinsic factors available in an environment. It is used to get access to market regarding a particular product in a given time frame. It is essential for ALDI to consider these components at a time of formulating sustainable strategies according to a business environment. Thus, this is explanation of macro factors and their impact on firm:

Political factor: Government had formulated various licensing and taxation policies for regulating an business organisation. In this context, the chosen organisation ALDI is affected by political and legislative state of nation. (Gharajedaghi, 2011).

  • Positive impact: Political condition of UK provide competitive advantages to ALDI in operating their business at a global level. It will help managers of ALDI in sustaining their operations and also in increasing their customer reach.
  • Negative impact: ALDI has made several foreign direct investments in UK, and although the risk of any impact of the uncertain political scenario of the country is low, still the difficulty in its UK operations can rise due to government regulations and its relationship with Germany.

Economic factor: It includes factors which depends on economic condition of a country. In this context, the chosen organisation is established in UK which has good inflation and GDP rate so it will helps them in increasing its profitability in a global market. It will also help in increasing their customer reach and in generating good revenues. (Gilboy, 2016).

  • Positive impact: The increasing GDP rate helps ALDI in increasing its overall performance in a business environment.
  • Negative impact: The continuous changing interest rate of banks will effect ALDI in expanding its business to other nations.

Social factor: It is an factor which describes that an organisation should provide their products and services in order to fulfil society's needs and requirement.

Positive impact: In this context, buying behaviour of people of UK has changed this will leads to increase its sales revenue and volume. It also helps ALDI in creating a good customer base. (Li and et. al., 2011).

  • Negative impact: The people of UK are influencing more on labour forces which result into their shortage. Due to this management of ALDI faces employment problems.

Technological factor: It is another crucial component that determines that firm with technological advances can conduct operation more effectively.

  • Positive impact: In ALDI, electronic machines are implemented in store which helps buyers in billing process. Besides this, management is able to keep track of products on outlet for utilising resources efficiently.
  • Negative impact: ALDI is supermarket which conducts electronic payment for which fast internet is require. Otherwise operations are affected which impact on image of firm.

Environmental factor: This factor undertakes the impact of the internal and external environmental conditions on the firm

  • Positive impact: ALDI supports the local farmers and producers and ensures the local areas' sustainability by stocking their products from the local British farmers.
  • Negative impact: Mismanagement of energy consumptions and exhaustive cultivation in UK negatively impacts the firm as it decreases the average number of products coming from local producers of the country.

Legal Factor: These components includes all the legal aspects that affects the business operations of ALDI:

  • Positive Impact: UK has imposed various regulations about health and food safety standards that ensures high quality of product available at ALDI for sale.
  • Negative Impact: The recent scandals of the food products like horsemeat scandal has affected ALDI. Along with this ALDI also indulged in some legal disputes regarding misinterpretation of its sales of herbs, olive leaves found in oregano products, etc.


P5 Internal and External analysis to strengths and weakness of organisation

SWOT analysis is strategy which is mainly use by management of an organisation in order to investigate competitive position of firm. With help of this model, strength of system can be analysed by seniors of ALDI to utilize market opportunities. Some major threats and weakness are determined to prevent and decrease them from affecting business operations and market image (Zeng, Li and Duan, 20121.



  • ALDI is famous retail firm which provide quality items at reasonable rates. They offer variety of products that are food, personal care and home appliances.
  • There are 10,000 outlets around the globe which can help organisation to acquire large market reach and customer base.
  • ALDI generally offer their products at discounts and cheap prices which help their management to develop successful business and sustain fo long time.
  • ALDI is basically small sacle and have few stores as compared to others.
  • Company provide products at cheap prices which determine that quality of items are not so good.
  • ALDI sell items at low rates, so company profit depend on sales volume.
  • Management are not able to provide adequate amount of salary to their employees according to their working. This can produce high dissatisfaction and will impact on their performance level.



  • Management of ALDI require increasing their spending in advertisement for competing competitors.
  • Enlarge store in other nations that are Asia, Africa and many other.
  • ALDI require repositioning image of its brand in more affordable manner than company can provide items in cheap rates . This will help seniors to increase business and revenue.
  • Morrisons, ASDA and LIDL are various rival firms of ALDI.
  • ALDI doesn't provide all variety of items, so buyers are not able to gain complete shopping experience at one outlet.
  • Changes in government taxation and policies will impact on business of ALDI. (Sekaran and Bougie 2016).

Management of ALDI require to make strategies through which promotion is made to enhance market reach and customer base. Competitive advantage is established to position firm higher than rival brands that are Morrisons, LIDL and other supermarket.

P6 Interrelation of Strength and weakness with external Macro factors

Macro environment element helps an management to determine their impacts on organisation and its operations. ALDI is a retail store having global outlets,so top managerial person require to analyse external factors effects on business. Weaknesses and strength in regard to economic aspects, government, public and technology are recognized and described below: (Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards, 2014):

Political factor:

  • Strengths: There is a In UK, there is stability in political conditions which benefit ALDI to expand its outlets worldwide.
  • Weaknesses: Government of UK make changes in policies in employment legislations that effect on management of ALDI in business.

Economic factor:

  • Strengths: In UK, inflation helps ALDI to have good number of customers to purchase products.
  • Weaknesses: ALDI unemployment effect on prices and revenue, as people demand shift to cheap items. For this, they will not prefer to buy products from retail store (Zsambok and Klein, 2014).

Social factor:

  • Strengths: There is trend that people prefer to purchase items in bulk and from one shop which benefits ALDI to enhance their sales volume.
  • Weaknesses: ALDI generally offers reasonable item that results in people making their mind set that product is not good.

Technological factor:

  • Strengths: In ALDI, buyers are provided high- tech experience and pay through card which help them to make payment easily.
  • Weaknesses: E-commerce sites that are evolved due to interests majorly effect on sales and profit of ALDI.
  • (Chetwood and et. al, 2014).


From the above report, it can be comprehended that public, private and voluntary are various forms of organisation. These are firms which have different size, scope, objective, structure and purpose. Human resource, finance, operation, marketing, sales, research and development are department which have interconnection with each other. These units help management to follow divisional structure for execution of business effectively. PEST analysis aids seniors to anticipate positive and negative impact of macro environment factors on firm. SWOT analysis benefit administration to asses' strengths for utilising opportunities. Besides this, weakness and threats are reduced for systematic execution of business activities. Thus, competitive advantage is formulated which enhances company's market position and brand image. Therefore, it is being concluded that company needs to focus on their strategies which can help them in sustaining for a longer period of time at both domestic and international market. Changes in policies made by government and adoption of them by organisation right on time can aid them in reaching to an all new level where they may easily give rivalry to its competitors.

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