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Different Kinds of Activities in Belmond Company

University: Icon College of Technology and Management

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Organization Selected : Belmond Company


In order to determine a successful personal and professional development plan, it can be stated that organizational goals are set with appropriate deadlines. In this regard, threats and opportunities can be recognized which increases knowledge. With the help of a support network, every individual works with priorities aims, and objectives (Robinson, Solnet, and Breakey, 2014).

The present study is based on Belmond company which is the British hospitality sector industry. They consider different kinds of activities to develop significant advantages in the industry. Furthermore, they promote exclusive online offers with the lowest price to attract several customers in the business (Brandon-Jones, Lewis, and Walsman, 2016).

For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers different stakeholders within the organization. It helps to investigate employer expectations of skills and competencies in the enterprise. Moreover, it consists of a discussion on abilities, skills, and competence for the specific job role. At last, a development plan has been prepared which increases skills and competencies for the specific work context.

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LO 1

P1 Key benefits of ongoing professional development for different stakeholders within the specific organization

Belmond company is a hotel and leisure enterprise which operates in luxury hotels, train services and river cruises in all over the world. The company offer their products and services in 35 deluxe hotels, 7 tourists trains, etc. in more than 22 countries. The selected business also formerly known as orient express hotels. They are dealing in different types of services to visit different places in country. Professional identify is a long, continuous and ongoing process which consider contextual settings. In Belmond company, it is based on three components such as awareness of one personality as representative of a certain profession. In addition to this, it is also important for searching meaning that lead to third component ambitions. Previous and current experience play very important role for beliefs, professional images, knowledge and skills. In this regard, different stakeholders recognise that commitment to ongoing professional learning is integral to effective practice (Martínez, Pérez and Del Bosque, 2014). This is because, professional practice and self-directed learning consist with informed experience, research, collaboration and knowledge. Professional development can be take place in variety of diverse and wide ranging context. It assists to conduct proper settings that assists to foster professional knowledge, skills, practices and values. Following are certain key benefits of ongoing professional development for different stakeholders:

  • Communicating with public: With the help of professional development, advance degree provided in travel and tourism industry to accomplish goals with professional knowledge, skills, practices and perspectives. It helps to develop more significant advantages that requires communicating with customers, employees, government, etc. In addition to this, highly knowledge, ethical, insightful and skilled people committed to fostering the growth (Arena and Jeppesen, 2016). Hence, it helps to prepare and support with public trust and confidence. Engagement in multiple forms also serves to develop public interest. Deep commitment engage to rich ongoing professional learning to maintain multiple transparent communication mechanisms. I am best to communicate several tasks and goals with my teams so that it increases my effectiveness in appropriate manner. It ascertained desired results that can be accomplish to focus on goals and objectives.
  • Advance degree: Advance degree assists to rich professional education and develop opportunities as well. With the help of experience in Belmond company advance knowledge can be successfully build. It assists to focus on the different skills, practices and perspectives. It increases deepen aspects for ascertained desired level of efficiency to communicate with different stakeholders (Ladkin and Buhalis, 2016). With the help of advance degree, I can also develop my understanding and effectiveness to attain overall targets and goals at workplace. It assists to focus on goals and objectives which can be accomplish to set appropriate targets.
  • Increase mutual understanding: Furthermore, in order to communicate with several numbers of people, it can be seen that highly knowledgeable, ethical, insightful and skilled people committed to foster growth of the learners. It supports with public interest and trust in the travel and tourism profession (Arena and Jeppesen, 2016).

P2 Investigate professional employer expectations of skills and competencies

For sales manager role, employer has several expectations of skills and competencies. This is because, in travel and tourism industry they want to increase their operations and functions to attract maximum number of people (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). Human relationship in Belmond company consider employees with involvement of their expectations and conflicts lend when it not met. Following are different professional employer expectations of skills and competencies determines:

  • Quick learning skills: Employer of Belmond company has expectation that their sales manager must possess quick learning skills. Therefore, it assists to meet with desired level efficiency in successful manner. This skill also assists to look forward and develop desired level efficiency with appropriate planning (Mooney, Harris and Ryan, 2016). This skills assists me to develop my understanding and effectiveness in positive consideration that ascertained to focus on my own development. With the help of appropriate learning, it can be stated that successful results will be gain through adopt effective working system. On the basis of appropriate learning, it can be stated that desired work performances successfully applied at workplace.
  • Positive attitude: Attitude is affects the relationship which develop with co-workers and supervisor. It also creates way in which tasks can be accomplish to satisfy employers expectations. Positive attitude in Belmond company assist to deal with the best qualities and make changes to face challenges willingly. With the help of positive attitude, it can be stated that desired results will be accomplish to gain more profitability at workplace. On the basis of positive attitude, it can be stated that desired functioning will be gained successfully
  • Continual learning: Continual learning enables to increase contribution in the business to develop more significant advantages. With the help of new skills, valuable information can be successfully collected. It assists to focus on taking advantages of training programs in work. Valuable information has been collected which is more useful consideration for explorer expectations (Robinson, Solnet and Breakey, 2014). In a successful team, managers need to learn progress and take feedback which need to become better work.
  • Initiative: In Belmond company, it is essential to look upon given work performances that consider successful opportunities to do more. Employer need to assess that employees feel comfort zone. Hence, they are taking approaches that assists to meet with new ideas to do things better. It assists to provide insight information to develop significant advantages (What Does Your Employer Expect from You?, 2018). New skills successfully learn and accomplish to do better things.
  • Cooperation: It is one of the greatest assets which possess by employees to perform tasks. In this regard, employer expect that skills requires to perform to do better things at workplace. It assists to look upon better place for all and many other attributes that are added honestly and respectably (Martínez, Pérez and Del Bosque, 2014).
  • Dependability: Being a dependable means that manager and colleagues need to rely on accomplish responsibilities in successful manner. With this regard, it is important to gain success with particular position. It is constantly work which helps to exceed expectations in successful manner. Sales manager need to dependable as valued person in the organisation. As a result, it is important to focus on the desired level outcomes that make more significant advantages at workplace (Ladkin and Buhalis, 2016).

LO 2

P3 Abilities, skills and competence for specific job role

For sales manager role in Belmond company, there are different abilities, skills and competencies required. Therefore, it assists to look for further development in future perspectives.


  • Effective writing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills


  • Sales planning
  • Meeting with sales goals
  • Build relationship


  • Be a mentor
  • Be a strategist
  • Be a communicator

SWOT analysis

With the help of SWOT analysis method, personal development plan can be successfully accomplish to develop significant advantages. It includes following assessment to conduct appropriate assessment for sales manager:

  • Strength: I am good in professional qualifications that make desired level results to stand for Belmond company development. I have a lot experience in sales department which helps to handle all work of the organisation that are related to sales of products and services in it. On appropriate time, I have complete my all targets and goals with specific deadlines. I can also solve problems in effective manner to ascertained desired level of results and outcomes. Therefore, it assists to focus on my performances and goals in appropriate manner.
  • Weaknesses: Apart from, these strengths I have several weaknesses such as lack in time management to do multi-tasks. For future goals and objectives, I am unable to predict and forecast. Therefore, it creates impact on performances and job role. Furthermore, I have poor communication skills so that I can talk in large audience group. Personal weaknesses create impact on the opportunity for growth. It requires to improve future job opportunities. I am unable to get appropriate goals and objectives so that it is important to focus on multi-tasking skills that is successfully applied to attain overall strategies. In this consideration, weaknesses must be reduced to attain overall positive performances.
  • Opportunities: There are several advantages to make significant changes. In this regard, it is important to focus on the new tools and techniques that assists to meet with the latest trends. For future development, I require focus on advance technology that would be beneficial to take appropriate position in market. It assists to make appropriate use of it in the future. Changes in existing system also assists to create several benefits for my career development. Advance technology assists me to increase significant work performances as per changes that can be successfully develop targets with taking appropriate actions and strategies. It will helpful perspective that assists to attain overall targets and goals.
  • Threats: Competitors performances in major threat for me. Lack of appropriate advancement also create major threat for me for career advancement. Therefore, it reduces effectiveness of mine to gain desired level efficiency (Baum, Cheung and Siow, 2016). Furthermore, I face problems to accomplish my targets so that it is also major threat for me. Old technologies threatening to my career goals and objectives. Personal traits hurting to career advancement so that it reduce effectiveness. Due to these threats, I am lacking to gain more desired level of results. Therefore, it can be stated that I need to focus on some more development program that ascertained to get more effectiveness at workplace.

P4 Range of learning theories and approaches used for professional and personal development process

Learning theory is conceptual frameworks that assists to describe absorb, process and retain knowledge in learning. With the help of learning theory, successful outcomes can be develop that influence experience which play a successful part to understand in world view (Kennedy, Billett and Grealish, 2015). Following learning theories and approaches used for professional and personal development process:

  • Behaviourism learning theory: Behaviourism learning theory based on observable changes in behaviour patterns. It assists to focuses on pattern that being repeated that become automatic. I am fully depended on instructor for acquisition of appropriate knowledge and understanding. In Belmond company as a sales manager information cater effectively that assists to develop simple game based approach. Appropriate feedback is also provided in this kind of learning. It is a view in which behaviour can be successfully explained external factors and behavioural conditions and modifications. Reward system also successfully develop to focus on appropriate behaviour (Bowie, Buttle and Mariussen, 2016). In this kind of theory, it can be stated that appropriate system can be successfully develop to attain more systematic work. In this regard, learning theory can be implemented to focus on independent activities which define overall targets and goals in desired manner. Behaviourism theory consider acquisition of new behaviour that based on environmental conditions. Experiments by behaviours identify with universal learning process. In this regard, classic conditioning occurs when natural reflex respond with stimulus. It produces specific responses that assists to develop more common examples that need to be develop more desired level of results.
  • Cognitivism learning theory: Cognitivism based learning consider change in behaviour with sequential development of individual cognitive abilities. It helps to indicate thought process inside the learner's mind. It helps to define appropriate path for my learning as per profile. Visual organiser also designed which allowed to explore relevant topics as per knowledge levels. Cognitive flows also determined as per existing skills sets in which content consider relevant topics and lesson (Gleeson, Hughes and Smith, 2015). In this regard, I can learn in effective manner with reading text and lecture instruction. Cognitive learning theory can be define as functions based elements that includes process on how person process and identify reasons information. It helps to revolve around many factors which includes problem-solving skills, memory retention, thinking skills and perception of learned material. As a result, it assists to focus on different learning assessment such as classical conditions, operant conditions and observational learning. Both types of conditioning are forms with associated learning in which association are made between events and it occurs together.
  • Constructivism learning theory: Constructivism learning theory explains in appropriate manner where knowledge develop in successful manner. It assists to focus on construction of knowledge and information that obtained to acquire appropriate experiences. Successful story also created with practical tips and guidelines that assists to lead with learning and actual work environment. This theory assists to show actual work environment with different strategies that overlap with different options to test the learner's knowledge (Bredvold and Skålén, 2016). Furthermore, in this regard, ideas successfully develop which is responsible to create own understanding and experience. In this type of theory, it can be stated that desired level of results will be successfully gained to focus on learning activities that established for learners development and actively their part to acknowledge towards goals and objectives. There are several principles has been successfully implemented to encouraged and explore different activities which need to be accomplish to gain more targets and goals at workplace. Along with this, constructivism theory consider human gain knowledge that assists to increase experience and learn several aspects that can be influence with experience. As a result, desired level of results also need to implemented which is known as cognitive constructivism.

LO 3

P5 Development plan to increase chosen skills and competencies in specific work context

With respect to develop successful professional development plan, it can be stated that different skills and competencies required in a specific work (Robinson, Solnet and Breakey, 2014). In order to prepare development plan, following skills and competencies considered in specific work context:



Time frame


Positive attitude

Professional development academy

2 weeks

With the help of positive attitude, I can increase my understanding level that is requires to perform several functions as sales manager. It will assists to promote positive work that make desired level outcomes.

Communication skills

New project and responsibilities

3 weeks

With the help of communication skills, I can develop significant advantages to deal with innovative functions and operations. In this regard, I can easily communicate with several number of people and target them towards the Belmond company. I can also complete this skills in 3 months approx so that effectiveness will be generated in systematic manner.

Self management skills

Workshops and seminars

2 and half weeks

Self management skills also helps to promote more desired level results in systematic manner. I can develop significant advantages through take workshops and seminars. It helps me to know different people who manage their time in distinctive manner. Therefore, it is useful to take development of my self management skills in successful manner.

Thinking skills

Volunteer opportunities

4 weeks

Thinking skills also successfully develop which assists to understand future prediction. It also helps to forecast appropriate working that increase more desired level efficiency at workplace. On the basis of desired level efficiency as volunteer opportunities at workplace. I can also maintain my goals and objectives to develop significant advantages in this way.

Willingness to learn


3 and half weeks

In this kind of skills, I require mentorship from successful mentor. Therefore, I can perform my tasks and activities in appropriate manner. It helps to attain overall targets and goals which would be beneficial to focus on willingness to learn. I can also develop more effectiveness in Belmond company.

On the basis of above skills and activities, I can increase my own learning in successful manner. It also develops several advantages to increase effectiveness in sales manager role. On the basis time frame, I can successful meet with my targets and goals.

LO 4


In order to conduct interview program in Belmond company, I face several challenges. Therefore, it creates major issue which need to be taken with solution with interview process and preparation. I got fewer marks in CV and cover letter so that I need to focus on making effective results with using creative skills and develop team performances as well. Furthermore, in presentation I was unable to do proper eye contact so that now I have to focus on proper eye contact activities that helps to increase my understanding and effectiveness at workplace. Awareness also develop towards job role and job requirements that helps to determine recognition of required skills for the jobs and evidence. As per motivation and expectation, I am less prepare so that it is essential to look upon appropriate functioning with motivation and expectations. It also develops more significant advantages to perform several activities at workplace.

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However, I have no knowledge regarding job role and requirements so that I need to perform several functions with job role and requirements in it. As a result, it helps to understand in efficient way to perform effective functioning. Behavioural and personal conduct also need to improve so that eye contact helps to target audience in effective manner. It increases my understanding and knowledge to communicate different program. Therefore, it will help to focus on Belmond company operations and functions that can be successfully applied to attain more creative results.


From the above report, it can be stated that professional develop consist most important role for sales manager role in Belmond company. With the help of successful plan, chosen business can gain desired results at workplace. In this context, report summarised about benefits of ongoing professional development to employees and employers. With this regard, it can be stated that learning also successfully develop to focus on effectiveness. Furthermore, it considered discussion on skills, abilities and competences with own SWOT analysis. It helps to focus on the professional skills that required for employment within the specific job role.

Along with this, it articulated about specific job role and learning method to accomplish development process. In a particular aspect, profession development plan also designed with review process in systematic manner.

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