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D/601/1102 | Unit 30 Internet marketing-BTEC HND in Business Module-Level 4

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Internet marketing can be defined as the marketing through social media with internet access. It basically works on digital marketing concept. The purpose behind using the digital marketing or internet marketing is to advertising and marketing of any organization. Smart Restoration Limited is an organization is a UK based company that provides the refurbished office furniture in all over UK and other countries. In this report the understanding of the market with the help of internet has discussed (Christiansen, 2011). Digital marketing communication is the medium to do the promotion. The context has outline of the customer relationship management and the plan of internet marketing that has to be follow by this company for their promotion and advertisement.


1.1 Elements of internet marketing

Digital marketing is the medium through which the marketing procedure can be done. There are so many approaches that are in trend for the marketing purpose. The technologies are utilised by the brands and various companies for the marketing. The platforms of digital marketing is increasing day by day, so people are using that platforms for shopping. The efficiency of digital marketing is more than the other marketing approaches.

There are 4 basic elements of the internet marketing:

Wind (Email marketing)- Email marketing is an easier way of marketing. Smart Restoration Limited can use it for sale promotions, to attract the people by offering such offers by email. It is so cheap in cost and time consuming also (Omar, Bathgate and Nwankwo, 2011). The email marketing have got so easier by using the automation tools for that.

Water (Social media strategy)- Water is so essential for a human as well as the social media strategy is so important for the successful business. It is so helpful to get connected with the customers, which can increase the awareness of the brand in people's mind. The social media networks are quite flexible for Smart Restoration Limited.

Fire (PPC campaign)- The fire element of digital marketing is known as PPC campaign. The concept that give top position to the website of Smart Restoration Limited is known as pat per click. For searching by keyword it is also so valuable.

The sun (Content)- SEO include the keywords in the content and title tags. There is a need of content which has to be incredible as the people will like it and share it. In PPC concept the content must be satisfied for which the organization is paying you.

1.2 Internet marketing mix

The marketing mix of internet marketing includes 4 P's such that product, place, price, promotion.

Product- The products and services are the good that has to be promoted on the digital marketing mediums. The details about the products on the website or any social media network, should be clear and affordable for the customers. For a successful marketing on internet, the organization should aware of such things that it should research about the products of different category and the advertisements of pay per click, advertisement on banner and various type of marketing like on video, social, forum and marketing through an article(Zarrella, 2013).

Place- In internet marketing place is not that much important but the placement of the product on the website matters. The company can use some unique tag lines and phrase to attract the people.

Price- Price is also an essential factor that can attract the people to buy the product or avail the services of that company. The price of the product can be affected by such elements like discount, purchase on credit and cash, setting of price. The market evaluation should be done by the company to know about the actual price of the services and products and.

Promotion- let the people know about the products benefits is all about the promotion. The company apply different approaches for the promotion of the product through the internet marketing. The promotion of sales can be done for the betterment of organization. Email and social media and content can be used for the promotion. In internet marketing, Search engine optimization plays a key role.

1.3 Internet marketing tools and eTools

There are so many marketing mediums that can be used of digitally such that various search engine which are useful to search the information and data about the desired topic. The organization uses some specific keywords which can relate with their companies name, management, structure and other things, those keywords are added on the search engine (Kriemadis, Terzoudis and Kartakoullis, 2010). This will set the link of the organizations website on the top of that search and whenever people will search with the same keywords, they will see the website of that particular organization on top.

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Website is the place where the each profitable or non-profitable organization have their complete information, their working place, their market evaluation report, the clients which are dealing with that company also the detail about the products and services which are provided by that organization. In order to marketing of something the social media have also used, the company can post their advertisement between the general social media post. People generally uses the social media to interact with the other people as their family, friends etc. the social media allows the organization to promote their channels on the social media network, as the people like to surf on those network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. In that mobile application Smart Restoration Limited have added all the information of their workplace. Applications are linked with the website so changes or operations which are done on the application, it can be seen on the website also and vice versa.

1.4 Examination of interactive order processing

So many approaches are there that can be used for the interactive order processing. The products and services can be advertised with this concept and that is so effective. The each part of the organization should be happy so it is the responsibility of the organization to make sure everything which is related to their stakeholders. The website of the organization should be attractive that the customer will get attract and buy those product. The training and development program should be there for the employee of the organization, which can be helpful to get the knowledge about the organisation and its venture and also the functionality of the company(Corley, Jourdan, and Ingram, 2013). The personal and professional skills should be accurate to manage the customers in a right manner. The interactive order processing can be identified as the input output process in the Smart Restoration Limited.


2.1 Mechanics of Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the one of the most important tool that is used by the firms to do marketing of their products. It is very important to understand the significance of the search engine marketing for the business firms. In the search engine there is a mechanism under which keywords are identified by the engine like Google and Yahoo by considering the query of the individual person that is type by it on the search box. The websites that highly covered the words relevant to the words that are in the query are placed on top of the search page. By doing so firm ensured that its website name will be appeared in the top of the web page.. These are some search engine resources which can be considered:

  1. Search engine watch- the basic knowledge and description about the SEO is provided by this.
  2. Web master forum- Different forum are there such a webmaster pro, web master world etc. Any forum can have the problem but there is a big limitation that we can see the only forum which has added recently.
  3. Search engine people- The search engine have some concern that can provide the wrong information to the people so some employee are there to take care of it.

2.2 Email marketing Newsletter

E-Mail marketing is another option to make newsletter and send it to the customer for marketing that firms are commonly using these newsletter to do marketing of their product. Under e-mail marketing firm to its target customers send a e-mail and communicate information about its product(Bianchi and Mathews, 2016). Through this mode of communication any firm directly reach to its target customers without facing any problem. For this services business firms usually give an option of subscribing newsletter to the people that visit its website. If an individual prefer it subscribe the news latter and receive e-mail on daily basis in respect to the product and offers related to it. Some firms also use a system under which when one visit its website its mobile number and mail ID is traced and same is used to establish communication with the target customer. It can be said that with passage of time period e-mail marketing become very popular among the business firm. This is the reason due to which firms that are operating their business online often use e-mail marketing to do marketing of their product and services.

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2.3 Online public relations

Interactive display can be done online by the business firms and under this they show the way that they follow to present their public relation in better way. Better presentation of the product on the website create positive image of the firm among the target customers and it became easy to persuade people to buy a product. Tesco use interactive display method under which on bus stop its products are displayed and people can place an order for purchasing a specific product. Thus, by doing so Tesco is selling its products in innovative way in comparison to rivals.

Audience targeting: The audience which is already planned. Company have to show them. The message should be created according to the target audience(Salehi and et.all., 2012.).

  1. Press conference: the press conference will help the customers to know about the new offers and services.
  2. E-newsletter: The customers should get the news latter on time, its the responsibility of Smart Restoration limited. Email is the medium for sending the newsletter.
  3. Relation with the investor: There is a criteria to communicate with the new and old investors of the company.
  4. Corporate events and sponsorship: The Company can commit as a leader by giving the sponsorship to the various events.

People are attracted so easily by online marketing and their relations with organization gets more strong and consistent.

2.4 Use of digital media

Customers can know about the products of the company by the digital media. The world seems so tiny just because of digital media. In a small duration the customers can have detail of the products by Smart Restoration Limited. According to Smart Restoration Limited it's a platform where they can share photos of their different range of furniture. Company have its web site that can be a guideline for the customers. Customers can give their feedback and ask any question on their website and organization will have to answer them. The essential information about the company and their variety of furniture and also their photos are also pasted on the website. The website should be updated by the organization in a fix duration. It is very important to upgrade information with the new information. The promotional events of the company can be more attractive for the customers. The customers can have a chat with the Smart Restoration Limited on the file sharing site which is also an example of digital media.


3.1 Online market research

The research of the market can be done online by accessing the internet. The factors that are important for a research, are available on the web. The analysis of the market regarding each sector of industry can be done without any physical survey of the market. Basically organization have to evaluate the different values of product and services, also they wanted to know about the other competitors and their strategies(Sin Tan, Chong and Lin, 2013). For attaining the effectual position in the market the Smart limited should do the assessment of secondary data. The secondary data such as report and survey on the market have the record of the customers and client's behaviour also the information about the various services and products. The census report of the government can be a source for the secondary data. The plan of the development and operations of organization can be better after utilizing the information. Research of the blogs and on which the opinions of customers can be helpful to know about their perception, which can be helpful to upgrade the services. Smart Restoration Limited have so many beneficial offers for their customers.

3.2 Design of online survey

For attaining the effectual position in the market the Smart limited should do the assessment of secondary data. The secondary data such as report and survey on the market have the record of the customers and client's behaviour also the information about the various services and products.

For the survey of their company between the customers Smart Restoration Limited have to make a questionnaire:

  1. Name:
  2. Occupation:
  3. Age:
  4. The quality of wood of furniture.

    1. Excellent 2. Good 3.Average 4. Bad

  5. About the finishing of furniture.

    1. Excellent 2. Good 3.Average 4. Bad

  6. Online response of organization.

    1. Excellent 2. Good 3.Average 4. Bad

  7. Do you want to suggest something for us.

3.3 Use of electronic customer relationship marketing

In the periodic time the traditional way of marketing is used to make relationship with customers. Traditional marketing means the customer was pulled by the host with the help of communication skills. But now the communication with the customers has done by the help of electronic media. The internet and extra-net is the example of electronic digital media which can be used by the Smart Restoration Limited to communicate with their customers and clients(Taylor and Strutton, 2010). The website of this company has a chat box, on which the customers can give their suggestion and they can ask for anything. Through this concept the customer and the host can communicate with each other. Thin conversation may help the management to improve their customer relationship. The E-CRM is the medium through which the customers can know the information about this furniture company, their assets, their products and services.

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4.1 Internet marketing plan

Cost, time, method, availability, simplicity, and so many other things, all these things have to be mentioned in the internet marketing plan. The campaign of marketing which is planned, the coordination of such plan is not that much hard. The changes in that plan can be done at any time due to its flexibility.

  1. Customer's definition- The target customers should be decided by the company. Only the outline policy can be made if their have attention on their target customers. The requirement should be fulfil for both customers either it is male or female. The season in which the customers buys more furniture. Which kind of wood they would like to have.
  2. Target- The plan have so many targets that are decided by the management of the Smart Restoration Limited. The ability to understand the choice of customers, the website should have the advertisement which have the most like from the customers.
  3. Social media- Company is posting their furniture's photo on the Facebook and other sites.

Making the services fast and easy- The delivery of the furniture should be on time and with complete protection of it(Gilmore and Erdem, 2011). The orders which are placed from the website or the mobile application should get the fast service.

4.2 Poster presentation on pay per click advertising

PPC Marketing

Pay per click is another method of marketing and under this method individual have an account on the specific website and same have to view some advertisements for a few minutes. For doing so one is paid by the business firm. This is another approach that is used by the firms apart from traditional channel of communication. In this one receive money for viewing an advertisement and this acts as motivating factor for them. By following this approach firm attract attention of people towards its brand name and promote positive word of mouth marketing among the people. Thus, it can be said that pay per click have due importance for the business firms. However, there are some limitations of the pay per click method (Fagerstrøm and Ghinea, 2010). This is because people does not give much attention to many advertisement. On passage of certain time period they simply press a button and view next advisement. Hence, desired results cannot be fully obtained by the firm from pay per click method. Secondly, advertisements are not segregate nation wise. Means that someone is setting in India and viewing advertisement of the firm which entirely operating only in USA. In such a situation viewing of advertisement by an individual person proved useless for the business firm. Thus, it can be said that there are so many limitations of the PPC


In this report the different elements of internet marketing and the marketing tool has discussed. The interactive order processing has examined has outlined in this report. The working of SEO and email marketing's concept has explained and also the use of digital media has a brief in this framework. Secondary market research and a questionnaire for cutomer feedback and also the customer relationship marketing has described. Finally the internet marketing plan and a poster of PPC advertising has pasted. I believe that Smart Restoration Limited should have a portal on which people can give them the design, size and material of the furniture as they want.


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