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D/601/0578 Unit 6 Managing Successful Business HND Business Level 5

University: London School of Economics

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1613
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: N/A
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Managing successful business planning, controlling and functioning are the main roles and responsibilities of an organisation. It makes important and effective business approach. Managing business is very crucial and important task for the organisation to achieve purpose and growth for the organisation.

Present research is based on managing successful business organisation with underutilization of digital technology and for this Qbic Hotel will be taken into account. It explains about the growth factor and creating good presence on market share. Besides, it will also explain about new technology and research tools and techniques for getting good output returns.


P1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario


Digital technology is considered as one of the leading aspects that has successfully provided various advancements in various sectors. There are various different aspects that are associated with the use of it and can also proved beneficial for an organisation to achieve popularity as well as productivity at a much higher rate (Comunian, Faggian and Jewell, 2015). SManaging a Successful Business Projecttill, there are various organisations that does not make involvement of digital technology and because of that, they have to overcome various challenging factors as well which further minimizes their productivity rate. The report is about challenges that Kensington College of Business (KCB) has to overcome because of the under utilization of digital technology and various preventive measures that can be apply to bring changes. .

Digital technology is the major impactful factor which necessary to get goof effects and opportunities. It introduces various positive technologies and growth factor for the organisations (Cleden, 2017). Moreover, advanced technology provides flexibility and innovative working process in a new environment. Due to underutilisation of digital resources, some organisations and companies faced low profit revenues. Qbic hotel if adopted digital technology to under pin the new opportunities, it would have helped to get a new customer base and attractive market growth. Present research based on the uses or importance of digital technology. Besides, it also explains the effects of digital technology.


Present study is based on Qbic Hotel, one of the popular hotels of London Street. They provide the best services and accommodation to its customers. also made good presence of making task to support best opportunity threat. Moreover, This hotel is required to adopt the best digital technology strategies to achieve better responses from customers Overall it must reinvent to influence new services or products. Qbic hotel is based on small scale. They require adopting the best possible action plans in order to make the best possible action. Digital technology is the most impactful and decision making process to enhance the best services and objectives (Crane and Matten, 2016).


To analyse a significant impact of digital technology on Hospitality industry. For this Qbic Hotel has undertaken for further study.


  • To identify impact of digital technologies based on business activities.
  • To identify various challenges and issues while adopting.
  • To identify the results of technology on different organisation department.

Recommend the ways and steps to grow the business activities.


P2 Small scale research to meet project aims and objectives

Research can be considered as a way of investigating about various different ways of collecting data that can help in making the research more effective and appropriate (Trevino and Nelson, 2016). Research methodology is classified as a systematic way of implementing the aspects efficiently to make the research appropriate. There are various different aspects of the research and all of these are discussed as under:

Research design

It is considered as a way how the information is gathered, analysed and then being used (Dutta and Bose, 2015). There are various ways by which it can be classified as co relational, descriptive, and experimental and semi experimental (Alper and Goggin, 2017). The researcher will use descriptive design as it can in analysing about the challenging factors, which KCB faced due to under utilization of the digital technology and how it can be improved.

Research approach

It is a method to be used in the research to make it effective. It can be classified as qualitative and quantitative. Here, the researcher will use the qualitative approach to provide a better understanding of the barriers and challenges KCB has to undergo because of under utilization of digitalization. So, the researcher ehre will make use of the qualitative approach.

Data Collection

It can be done in two ways, either by primary method or by secondary (Dutta and Bose, 2015). Primary collection of data includes information that is being done for the first time whereas secondary method is that approach where already done by an external body and then the same can be sued by the researcher. Sources of primary data involve surveys, focused groups, interviews and questionnaires (Kane, Palmer and Buckley, 2015). On the other hand, sources of secondary data includes online, books, journals etc. In this, the researcher will make involvement of the primary data as it can help in providing a better analysis of the challenging factors of under utilized digitalization in KCB.


For analysing, a researcher takes 10 employees for the questionnaire process which gives better opportunity to attain results. Through which they easily suggest the impact of digital technology on Hotel services (Hillson and Murray-Webster, 2017).

To sum up, research methodologies are reliable and productive in nature. It makes good presence of effective methodologies and work process. Along with that, it will also provide different techniques and methodologies factor to accomplish better opportunity growth.

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P3 Reflection

On the basis of given research on digital technology has been providing me great opportunity to showcase my skills and techniques. Throughthis research I learnt things technically as well as theoretically (Lock, 2017). With the help of this research project, I understood user-friendy skills and methods of data collection. It helps me to learn the importance of technology and its impact on organisation. Throughout this research I got to learn that research skills are the most required to do research (Polonsky and Waller, 2014). I also got to learn technical skills to present all data systematically for the research report. Through I used to enhance my skills which helps me for my further research. Moreover, in during the research I got the opportunity to interact with the people who is employees in the Qbic hotel to just get to know about digital technology. It also very much necessary for me to enhance the skills to make good relation with the other persons. Moreover, another process of making good research and overall grooming. Moreover, during the whole research process I also get to learn my self evaluation and measure that, I need to learn some more managerial skills to manage the project in more productive manner. It helps me to make good research report (Muller, 2017). Overall target plan of the research is that to know about due to underutilisation of digital technology how impact would face by Qbic hotel. I also get to know that my few weakness convert into my strength which is very much beneficial for me for my future growth.

On the basis of this research I learnt and enhanced my research skills. From personal analysis, I need to nourish my technical skills to become best in research process (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017).


From the basis of above section it has been cleared that Qbic hotel needs to acquire digital technology in order to grab customer attraction and quality services. Many organisations have adopted digital technology for their growing services. Moreover, present research has discussed overall research on weather company adopts digital technology or not. Moreover, research also presented different secondary and primary data to enhance the importance of digital technology in the business activities. It gives better way to start new things and opportunity to make better performance.


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