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Communication Skills for Business Career

University: London School of Economics

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the importance of communication skills for business professionals.
  • What is Communication Skills.


Answer :


Communication is considered as the most important aspect for business without which carrying out trade is not possible. This assists in approaching buyers and retaining them for longer time span. Present report is based on the importance of good communication skills for a business through which competitive edge is created in the marketplace. Further, professional advancement and recognition of business is generated with the help of development and improvement in communication skills. Apart from this, transforming barriers related to performance and learning are also explained. In addition to this, requirement of effective communication for development of business has been explained in the report.

The importance of communication skills for business professionals

According to Nistorescu

Communication skills must be developed for successful operations of a firm in the market. It supports different stakeholders to access important information of business which enables them to take fruitful decision in the direction of growth and success of business. He asserted that there are number of positions in an organization such as financial analyst, accountants, markets and salesman which require good communication skills. For this purpose, business conducts different training and development activities so that people working on these different position can give their best (Nistorescu, 2012). Training session covers learning aspects in accordance with the requirement of business such as written, verbal or oral communication. Accordingly, effective mode of communication is applied at the workplace under which businesses put efforts to coordinate with each department. It can be critically evaluated that there are several consequences where professionals mainly do not have good communication. Owing to this, businesses are putting efforts to increase expertise of workforce so they can have appropriate set of skills in order to communicate well.

Furthermore, communication process consists of six elements under which the first one is sender who sends the message with an innovative idea or specific purpose. However, message is encoded to specify the purpose by keeping in mind specification of receiver. After encoding the message, it is sent via effective mode of communication so that receiver can decode the same for giving feedback. At last, possible additional feedback or reply is provided to receiver in accordance with the given feedback. These six elements of communication help business to contact suppliers and other stakeholders for meeting the purpose effectively. For example, management of company contacts middle level of management for getting work done at the right time. In the same manner, established objectives of business are communicated among blue collar personnel so they can put efforts to accomplish the same on time. Furthermore, study done by Nistorescu shed light on acquiring, development and improvement in communication skills for professionals associated with business. Though, companies ensure to organize formal or informal meeting with workforce for clarification of goals and aim. It serves as the motivational approach for employees by getting involved in the decision making process as well as they remain informed regarding each and every procedure of firm (Business Communication Strategies & Skills, 2016).

This research paper effectively presents all related aspects of communication skills which help developing one's personality. The major strength of this paper is inclusion of all important aspects such as communication process and its link with professional like along with development of individuals. It can be critically evaluated that professionals should follow the learning practices and appropriate approach which can be included in the paper and will serve as the tool to improve potential of people. Get online coursework help from our experts!

According to Bretag

Different subjects such as management, marketing and accounting as well as economics are important where one must possess effective communication skills. For this purpose, book is segregated into different parts such as professional communication, academic and other related topics of business through which students come to know about appropriate languages. Under this study, specific focus has been laid on the development of communication skills rather than acquisition of knowledge. This proves to be effective for developing deep understanding among students and ultimately, their strong base can be created for future development. However, there are many more subjects such as law, finance and international business where knowledge or development of communication remains at the top. Owing to this, professionals should possess skills like active listening, good written aspect and appropriate use of non-verbal communication (Bretag, 2008). Furthermore, reading and understanding are also covered in the book which demonstrate the ability of student to handle or manage their professional life in an effectual manner. With the help of sessions, students are learned to make notes and they can effectively improve their language.

The research gap exist in this paper is related to lack of acquisition of knowledge. This is because; researcher merely focuses upon the development of communication skills which might create issue for learner to manage their learning. Strength of this paper can be assessed in terms of coverage of number of subjects where people or students learn language to have command over the stated subjects. It will be helpful to recover the barriers which are being faced during improving communication. However, article sheds light on both development and acquisition of knowledge.

According to Dwyer

Communication for business and professions are required to adopt effective strategies. This assists people to understand the concept effectually and implement the same in real life. He also stated the role of social media and technology in terms of the way in which it helps to improve communication among personnel or people associated with corporate world. Apart from this, chapter of customer service is also added in the book which reflects the manner in which a businessman can understand the complaints made by customers. At this juncture, students come to know that how they can interact with others (Dwyer, 2005). This is because; there are several aspects which require close supervision from the side of students as well as trainers. It proves to be effective to identify the issues which are being faced by people or professionals. In this regard, variety of features and activities are explained for critical thinking of learning. It enables them to learn actively and resolve all issues at the end of professional life style.

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The research gap of this paper is related to absence of barriers in communication skills of professionals. This is because; paper done by Dwyer only shed light on different aspects but does not cover important issues that arise at the part of learners. Owing to this, focus can be given on number of factors through which learning can be enhanced for managing different business activities by using appropriate set of communication skills (Bretag, Crossman and Bordia, 2008). In addition to this, Dwyer effectively presented number of aspects associated with business communication. However, major aspect, that is, customer relationship and their satisfaction has also been covered which is derived only with inclusion of appropriate set of communication skills among a person. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

According to Sostrin

The barriers to learning and performance assessment which directly affects the performance of corporation to a great extent. This assessment consists of two aspects such as frequency rating and impact rating (Sostrin, 2011). Here, the first one consists of general information related to assessor and another one reflects the way in which barriers affect the overall performance of corporation as well as business. Thus, frequency and impact ratings are analyzed for improving learning as well as performance of employees in the professional field. It enables them to opt expert behavior and manage all professional affairs in accordance with the set standards. Therefore, assessment criteria is explained in the article of Sostrin which results in making individuals focus on lacking areas (Sostrin, 2014). He further explained that lack of reflection and learning from past success and failure tend to affect the learning of individuals. Along with that, one's ability to adopt fast changing and complex conditions negatively affect the organizational performance. This shows that barriers should be removed from learning and accordingly, professionals must be provided appropriate with learning session through which communication skills are polished.

Gap exists in the research of Sostrin is related to effective communication as it covers only barriers but not the standard criteria whereby professionals can bring improvement in their personality. However, this article presents barriers which are faced during learning so that accordingly, appropriate strategies can be adopted to remove the same (Porges and Stephen, 2011). It helps to accomplish the set objectives of professionals and motivate them to ensure free flow of production in business. Thus, communication skills play an important role in the professional life where individuals must focus on their learning.


The aforementioned report concludes that communication skills are developed with continuous learning and association of people in different activities. It enables business to integrate all organizational activities and accordingly, growth of business can be determined. It can also be said that barriers in learning and performance assessment are identified which in turn improve the areas in which individuals lack. This tends to create a competitive edge of business in the marketplace with increased rate of return.


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