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Business Skills Argos company

University: London School of Economics

  • Unit No: 17
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


The organisation should have proper business skills like sales, planning, marketing and many more to achieve the goals of company (Bachynsky and et. al., 2013). While using the business skills properly the company can lead in competitive market. The present report has taken various organisation to discussed their business skills. Argos is a retailer and subsidiary company of Sainsbury who trades the products and services through online as well as physical also. Along with this the manager of Mexican restaurant has taken the feedback on trip advisor. Further the use of social media and unique sell proposition has been discussed in order to fulfil the business objectives with in time period (Crook and Waterhouse, 2013).


Curriculum vitae for applying internship at Leveret Hardware.

Curriculum Vitae

Name- B Jain

Contact- 910987654321

Mail- Jain123@gmail.com

Career objective

To work in an organisation where I can use my skills and professional capabilities that lead to overall development of company. Seeking the position at internship where I can contribute and obtain the knowledge at a professional level.


Course work in business management and master in administration commerce


  • Excellent leadership skills and to provide the best training to others.
  • Committed towards providing the total quality of work.
  • Hard worker, quick learner and can perform the responsibility well in organisation.
  • Ability to sale the products to customers in easy way.
  • Good communication skills.

Personal Information

Name - B Jain

Date of Birth - 25thJanuary 1994

Address - XYZ Road, Gainesville, New york 1234

Father Name - Mr. AC Jain

Language known - English and French

Mobile number - 910987654321

I here by conformed that all the information provided above are true and appropriate to my beliefs.


New York


Covering letter of B Jain to company.

B Jain

XYZ Road, Gainesville, New York 1234, Telephone 085-5897456, Cell +98 96852769541


February 15, 2017

Stuart Destreza

Leveret Hardware Retailers

All Street

Any Town

City, New York

Dear Hiring Manger,

I am very excited to apply for the post of internship at Leveret hardware which was recently advertised on ABC websites and I have enclose my CV for your consideration.

I am fully qualified post graduation in business field. My experience includes the good communication skills, time management skills and to take the best decision for the organisation. I have a ability to take the decision for the benefit for the company and to deal with the difficulties. While doing internship in this company I am able to make the strong decision in regard to the business objectives.

Through out the career I have been recognized for improving the communication skills and for developing the innovative programmes for employees.

The accompanying resume will help you to provide more details of my background. I would like to discuss my application with top authority management and welcome the opportunity to attend the interview. I am flexible on my working patterns and haing restricts on my any work.

I will contact with you within few days to check that I am having an informal discussion if it is possible.

Yours sincerely

B Jain


The management of the Mexican restaurant chain, from last few days the services given by the restaurant staff was not good (Field, Jayachandran and Pande, 2010). It affects the customer and also the growth of the restaurant. It made a negative impact and aggression over in the customers and it is not good for the restaurant survival.

Firstly, the customers complaint about the food smell. They said that the food smell was not good and it become hard for them to ate that food. And the services are also bad and poor. The food got squished when it arrives to the customers. For this concern, the management have to appoint the staff who is good at cooking and also give their best services to them. So the customers get satisfied as much as the restaurant can.

The another thing is that the food is costly for the customers. The customers thought that in the restaurant rates they can go somewhere else and can eat food. So this become again a big problem for the survival so the management should have to take care about the rates of the so, the price determination can not become a big problem for the survival (Gardiner, 2012).

The another thing is that costumers are also not getting satisfied with the special menu of the restaurant. They thought that the cost for special menu is also high and the special menu items are also not so much attractive for them. The customers start making assumptions like that the restaurant is a fake franchise of the Mexican restaurant. The clients made many complaints against the cooking they said that the chef does not know how to cook Mexican food. So the management have to0 take some strict against for changing the staff team of cooking, and also the management have to give some concession over on the special menu.

The clients are also not satisfied with the management of the restaurant. They are getting dissatisfied with the mangers behaviour with them (Geringer and Pendergast, 2010). The manager made a unnecessary behaviour with the customers and this made a large aggression in the clients. The manager just for the profit made invalid items addition in the bills and also not accepting his mistake for that. So the management also have to change the manager and made some strict action against him.

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The clients are also not satisfied with the staff or with the waitress. The waitresses made the orders more than one time and also they not have proper information about the menu of the restaurant. It is making a wrong impact on the clients. The clients demand is that the prices are too high and the menu have less varieties but the size of the dishes are also small. So, the management should have to maintain their prices according to the menu and also have to increase the items in the menu card and also made the dishes according to the price. So by the more variations consumers got attracts towards the restaurant (Gorman, 2011).

Hence, the consumers are not getting satisfied properly and it decreases the customers. The mainly part for this is that the prices are too high and the customers are not get fully satisfied with the hunger and they are just paying double. It made a big impact and also they are dissatisfied with management behaviour with them. As a advisor, the management have to made such suggestions related to those situations. The manger have to take the customer feedbacks time to time so that they can also retain in market. On the other side, the company will able to provide the quality foods according to the needs of customers.



Unique selling proposition is one of the fundamental piece to sell the products in competitive market. According to this Alyssa Gregory (2017), it is the summary of the organisation value that provides the unique products and services and target the valuable market. The organisation have to analyse that they have to provide the better services to customers than their competitors (Grene, 2011). This is also a marketing concept where the manager propose to explain a pattern of successful advertisement. It is essential for every organisation to provide the unique products to customers and to maximize the profits. For creating the unique selling proposition Argos company have to follow some steps:

  • The manger have to target the customers properly to sale their products.
  • The company have to solve the problem of customers that what need or challenges they are facing.
  • Then manager have to provide the list of benefits to customers for choosing the best products. Again the managers have to think that from the view point of customers that why our organisation services are important for them (Karlan and Valdivia, 2011).
  • For the successful of unique selling proposition the manager have to promise with customers for selling the high quality of products and services.

The best quotation for best unique selling proposition is “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”


Now a the use of social media are very important to convey the message of company. There are various techniques of social media which help the organisation to attract the customers and to sale the products online also. Social media allow the organisation to behave in good way and get the frank recommendation from the customers to face the competitors. Social media include like Face Book, you tube, twitter and many more (Mbogo, 2011). The organisation can use the quotation for social media is that “Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, but they are the challenges for organisation”. Through this quotation the company can accept the challenge to retain in market for a long period of time. Sometimes it is not an improvement for the organisation to take the good decision for the customers but they faces some challenges to gain the competitive advantages. While using the social media techniques the company can make the strong position in market also. Through social media the company can update the new and latest information and can maintain the strong relationships with them. Through this it can increase the knowledge of employees and customers will be aware about the new and latest technologies of internet services (Robles, 2012).

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There are many social media websites on which company post their advertisement and it make the strong brand position also. Hindle and Albarran has used the department of media arts. As it includes the radios, television etc. these things can not be use as social media. The most suitable website for the social media is you tube, face book, twitter. In you tube the company can give their job advertisement for the potential employees. Now a days most of the people are using face books, twitter (Rue, Byars and Ibrahim, 2012). Through this they exchanging their photos, videos and can talk anytime with their friends. There are many advantages and disadvantages which can be face by the organisation or a person.

When user are using the face book site then they start chatting with their friends and relatives. On the side of face book page the company can advertise their post about the job vacancy or anything else. It allow the users also to connect with the business and this can be a advantage for the company to maintain the relationships with customers. Through this the company can sale and promote the products to the targeted customers. The using of face book sites have some advantages and disadvantage\ which are facing by the companies and users (Saunders and Lewis, 2014). The advantages are it is the best source for updating the latest news and information about the company objectives. The users can do video chatting to build a video chat services. The disadvantage of using this website is, it is most consuming time process. It generally waste the time of users as well as organisation. On other side, in modern era, most of the users are not using the feature of Facebook because in this privacy of user can be published publicly at any point of time. The organisation sometimes can not save their privacy and can not be able to update the latest information about the objectives.


After summing up the report it can be concluded that B Jain has applied in Leveret Hardware company for the internship. Further B Jain has written a covering letter that why company should appoint him for the internship. The manger of Mexican restaurant is taking the feedbacks from the customers so that they provide the quality of foods and retain them for a long period of time. Along with this, the company have to make a unique selling proposition in market to attract the large number of customers. The use of social media are using by many organisation. One of the technique is Facebook where the company are updating their basic information in social sites.


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