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Business Management

University: Brooklands College

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Business Plan
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Question :

This sample will answer the following points:

  • Elaborating business management
  • Critical analysis of business
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Organization Selected : N/A


Marketing is an activity and a process that creates, communicates, delivers and exchange offers that is being valued by customers and society at a wide range (Knorr and Preda, 2004). Marketing mix is a set of deeds and planning that is used by the manager of an organization for promoting its product into market. It ensures placing of right product at right place at the right time. This selling tool includes price, product, place, promotion, packaging, positioning and people. Effective marketing is possible with the effective marking research only where the customers requirements and needs are find out through primary and secondary research that helps an organization in making sufficient production. This report carries out the marketing mix of Aldi and shows its competitiveness against competitors (Shi and  Halpin, 2003).

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Case study details and suggestions

The chosen organization in this report is a Aldi discount super market chain. It works in 18 countries with having 9000 stores. This organization serves quality products worldwide and was founded in year 1946 by Karl and Theo Albrecht (Mahoney and Chi, 2001). This organization is more successful and different from other firms because it facilitates best quality products to its customers at the lowest possible cost. It mainly sells the products according to their customer's preferences and also uses best ingredients and represents excellent worth of its customer's money. One more tactical strength of this organization is that it display the products on pallets instead of shelves so as to cut the restocking time and for saving money as well (Solomon, Duffy and Tarabishy, 2002). It is highly involves in the corporate social responsibility activities  that ensures environment safety and its work for society's  welfare. At the end of year 2013, it has been found that its pretax profit has increased from 65.2% to 260.9m and its market share got 3.1% to 4% and now in year 2014, it has reached up to 4.8%. As suggestion for the manager of Aldi is that the firm has to invest in new product development for gaining more competitive advantages from its competitors because its competitors are introducing new discounted product in the new target  market. Aldi can work more to increase its brand and to put more emphasize on the retailers for increasing its sales turnover. Manager of this organization should develop their website so as to attract more customers for the product and services of this organization. It helps in building their customer trust by entertaining them properly for their issues regarding its products and services (Scheer,  Jost and  Guengoez, 2007).

Critical analysis

The marketing tools and techniques used by the manager of this organization for increasing its sales and for gaining more market share is done through 7 P's of marketing. These are explained as below:

Product - It is a first tactic that is used by the company which identifies need and requirements of the customers and then make effective production in order to fulfill those preferences. A particular strength of this is that it helps the production manager to decide the quantity of product that it has to produce so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of material (Carpenter and Petersen, 2002).

Price - Manager of the organization always try to provide the worth for what its customer are paying. It ensures the competitive price for its products by providing extra services or better quality to its  customers. This could be challenged on the basis that it is the one and only element of marketing mix that increases product value and generates profit for an organization.

Place - It includes the place from where customer buy a product and services of an organization as per the convenience and appropriateness of him. The practical implications of this needs to be carefully considered so as to sell more products and to satisfy more customers in the market (Johnson, Bartholomew and  Miller, 2006).

Promotion - Once the production process is over in an organization, its manager of Aldi get involves in promoting its products and services by using social media and effective advertisement. It also provides special offers and festive discounts to its customers for increasing its sales. An alternative explanation might be that  these promotional activities should able to communicate the benefits to its customers for products rather than giving information only on the features of particular product.

People - These are the people who comes in contact with its customers or employees so it ensures proper training to its employees regarding its better quality services. The person who comes in contact with its customers provides a positive or negative impression. Problem with this element is that it considers the customers reviews before purchasing its products.

Process - It is a complete process that render quality products and services to its customers. It places too much emphasis on identifying the preferences and choices of customers so as to make them more satisfied (Schrepp, Held and  Laugwitz, 2006).

Physical Evidence -  It includes the level of comfort and attractiveness of service location that makes a lot of difference to the experience of user. It might be argued however that it can make use of bags, pens, letter pads which increases the value of its intangible services. It  is very important to differentiate the products of this corporation with other competitor's products in the market (Zimmerer, Scarborough and Wilson, 2002).

These marketing elements are very effective and beneficial to the organization as it helps in understanding the customer buying behavior and supports in identifying the business opportunities. By doing effective market research, it helps the organization in knowing the choices and preferences of customers. These seven elements of marketing mix helps in making effective production and promotion by using various promotional strategies. In the promotional strategies, it makes use of internet services and social media for getting in touch with its customers and other stakeholders. These services helps the manager to let their customers know about new schemes, offers and discounts regarding their products etc (Ross, 2003).


The manager of this company can easily build and maintain its public relation by effectively using internet services (Alon, 2003). It helps in getting touch with its customers and other stakeholders along with letting them to know about the new innovations and festive discount offers etc. Through email marketing also, they can manage their customer relationship and can easily sort out their issues and used to entertain them properly. They can also give advertisement of their products by using broadcast media like television and radio or by using print media such as newspapers and magazines (Knorr Cetina and Preda, 2004).

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From the undertaken report on business management, the business practices of Aldi has been understood. In this organization,the importance of marketing and its role in improving business performance has been made understood to the managers of firm. IN this report, there has been learning of the process of market research and its significance over business production system. Manager of this organization  studies the factors that differentiates the product and services of this corporation with other competitive products. It has involved various strategies for promoting its product into the market. The report has mainly shown the importance of using social media and other social networking sites for advertising of products. Further, it also focused on the role of each activity in marketing that underpins in achieving the organizational objectives.


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