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Business communication Implementation

University: University of Roehampton

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will tell you about :-

  • Explain about the Business communication.
  • Discuss about the Analysis and discussion.
  • Discuss about the communication process.
Answer :
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Business communication is determined as the effective communication form incorporated by individuals while working within the company (Dubé and et. al., 2018). This reports places light on some of the important issues which have been discussed in the meeting and implementation of few new policies that will ensure that effective communication will going to be incorporated within the company in effective manner. It also focuses on the current barriers as well as challenges that which have been acknowledged within the company and proposed solutions for improving communications among different offices.


Literature review section is considered as the scholar paper which provides detailed knowledge on the particular topic. In this section, overall information is represented with the viewpoint of different authors and writers. For gathering information over the same, individuals who is gathering information is focusing on making use of use of different books, Journal, magazines, articles, online sites and other published data. In the present section, literature review has been conducted on the different forms of communication, its related issues which takes place at workplace and proposed solution that can be obtained by the concerned company in effective form. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

On the basis of viewpoint given by Kountz, (2009), it has been analysed that communication is two way interaction in which two or more person have discussion with one another on proposed topic. On one end communication helps company in simplifying working method as everyone has authority to have discussion and complete their work. On the other hand, this might create issue for the employees too as negative form of communication at workplace might create issues as well as conflicts at workplace. Moreover, it can be said that regular based communication helps company in improvising their relationship with the team members and make their work easier. This also supports company in taking quick decision and implementing their proposed plan in lucrative form. This ultimately contributes in the quick attainment of organisational goals and objectives. On the basis of overall discussion made in meeting session, it can be said currently concerned company is making use of below stated communication practices which are developing several issues at workplace. These communication practices are stated as below:

Formal communication: This is determined as the form of communication practice which states that communication basically takes place within the company through official channels. Here, employees have to go through the justified structure while having interaction with their work associated people. Incorporation of this form has fewer clashes as well as conflicts at workplace. This is so because, employees are only having communication with one another for work purpose of only. This also helps improves productivity of the employees as they are full focused towards their work.

Informal communication: This type of communication at workspace means that employees are allowed to have conversation with one another without any kind of barrier or restriction. Here, it can be said that organisation in which informal communication are taking place are having more soothing environment within the company. This is so because employees are allowed to have communication with their related people which contributes in the execution of their organisational work in quicker manner (Dibb and Simkin, 2015). This type of communication directly creates different issues as well as conflict at workspace. The main reason behind is that the employees are having extra communication with one another which directly creates conflicts due to differences in belief and perception.

According to the overall discussion made in the Skype meeting clearly states that employees within the concerned company follows informal communication as peer level and formal form of communication at superior level.

Communication is an act or process of transforming information from one person to another one. Organisations uses various verbal and non verbal tools to transfer their essential information. It plays essential part in achieving organisation's objectives. Success of organisation is totally depends on the effective communication skills of the leader of organisation. Communication skills helps in influencing and motivating people to work for achieving organisations goal. Communication helps in introducing new techniques and brings change within the organisation. There are various type of factors of principles which are used by managers for running business practices in an appropriate manner,some of them are mention in below:

  • Certain goal: For transforming information effectively managers needs to decide what goals and information they need to communicate to their employees. Manager of concerned company firstly needs to decide goals and messages to transform their employees.
  • Appropriate idea: It is essential factor of enhancing business practices, information of communication should be appropriate and releven so that employees can be easily understand their messages. The manager of concerned company only communicate those information which are reliable for them.
  • Listing skills: It is also plays important role in communicating information. Manager needs to develop listing skills as it is essential to reducing probability of conflicts they need to listen what their subordinates tries to tell them,only then they become effective communicator. Manager of the concerned company should need to develop their listing skills in order to communicate informations effectively.
  • Choose correct medium: Organisations use various medium to transform their information. Organisations decide to choose correct medium to share information. Manager of concerned company needs to analysis all the medium of communication and then apply these to communicate with their workforce.
  • Fixed process: Managers needs to use those process which they can use even after changes in market conditions. Manager of concerned company need to fix a certain way and process to communicate with their workforce in order to achieve their organisational goals with using effective communication skills. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Above are the variables which managers use to effectively communicate t=with their subordinates in order to achieve organisational goals and objective. Communication is vitals tool for success of an organisation, without proper and effective skills of communication organisation could not stand in the competitive market area. Thus it plays a very important part not in individuals but also in organisations life cycle.


On the basis of overall information presented in the above section it has been analysed that the main barrier associated with the communication in both the forms that is formal and informal are miscommunication among employees, delay in decision making process because formal communication, cultural differences and many others. According to the overall stated information it can be said that mainly employees as well as other management staff are not able to attain their objectives quickly as they are not following right form of communication. Miscommunication among employees mainly takes place within the company as employees and top management team are not having direct conversation with one another. This simply means that employees perceives all polices and procedures in the negative manner which is the clear result of miscommunication. Another major issue which has been determined from the overall description that employees are not able to take quicker decision. The main reason behind this was that respective company makes use of formal communication which creates barrier between employee and management. Here, employees are not able to have conversation with their superiors on timely manner that ultimately delays in taking major decision associated with the same


According to the overall information, it has been analysed that communication is plays integral role in the growth of the every company. In order to improve current issues related to the communication, there are few recommendation provided to the concerned company by which they can improvise their communication associated issues. At first, it is advised to the company that they should provide to their workforce at constant basis associated with the soft speaking skills. This ultimately helps company in creating soothing working environment as they are able to communicate with one another in rightful manner. At next, it is advised to have some directly meeting session for the employees and management where they can easily have discussion on major issues.


From the overall information, it can be said that effective communication is very in every company as it reduces chances of conflicts and miscommunication associated issues. It is highly important for businesses to make use of simple and clear form language at workplace so that everyone can understand effectively and execute their work responsibilities within the company in appropriate form.

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