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BUS020N357A Social Media, Business Entities Level 5 Mont Rose College

Title: “To determine the impact of social media channels on enhancing performance level of small business entities. A case study on Ensoft Ltd.”


1.1 Overview

In current period of time, an organisation developing and making research at the time of taking such steps at the large market place which has been formulating their strategy and policies that assist firm for attaining their potential goals and objectives in proper manner. For small organisation, it is required for company is to recognise the impact of social media channels on enhancing performance level of small business entities. In modern era, social media is growing at fast manner. There are large number of people who are connected with social media sites and using them in effectively, the social media sector is bound to become larger in the future time period (Cascio, 2018). For increasing level of performance, each business required to leverage the accurate social media channels in the best possible manner. This will directly impact on small business organisation where social media attracting more customers towards their innovative goods and services.

1.2 Background

The research has been developed and formulated in the large market place which help in collecting and gathering accurate facts and figures for this industry and transform such data for using this in assembling information which manipulate the firm for performing in high level. Along with this, they required to analysing the impact of social media channels on enhancing performance level of small business entities. For analysing this, they required to using social media channels for attracting large number of customers towards their company goods and services in better manner. Therefore, employees of an organisation are adopting latest techniques and methods which assist them in gaining attention of more buyers at the large market place.

1.3 Significance of research

The major objective of this investigation is to analyse and examine those places where they required to establish new technologies and methods effectively. On the other hand, they also need to understand and evaluating the impact of customers at the time of using latest technology which is based on quality based goods and services in proper manner (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). With the help of achieving accurate target and goal, it is useful for considering the major effect of social media channels for increasing level of performance in the small business enterprise.

1.4 Aims and objectives

Aims- “To determine the impact of social media channels on enhancing performance level of small business entities. A case study on Ensoft Ltd.”

  • To ascertain the use of social media in business processes.
  • To identify the role of social media channels to reach large group of customers.
  • To study the impact of Social Media on Business Performance
  • Recommend some ways through which Ensoft Ltd., can increase its productivity and output level.

1.5 Research questions

  • What is the use of social media in business processes of Ensoft organisation?
  • What is the role of social media channels to reach large group of customers towards company?
  • Evaluate the impact of Social Media on Business Performance of Ensoft?
  • Elaborate the ways through which can increasing their productivity and output level?

1.6 Gantt chart

It is that thing which help in formulating accurate schedule of whole research project and this will assist in accomplishing with particular work or task in better manner. This can aid for showing various things in correct ways along with this, it is essential for them is to complete the report in given time period. In addition to this, it will demonstrate the overall project which help them in completing all business operations and its major activities that does not determine the needs and wants. The company manager need to separate entire work in various divisions which assist in smoothly running the business operations and their functions which is necessary for report by this they will gaining high level of income and profitability (Berman and et. al., 2012). There are different advantages which are explained as under:

Communication – This is required for each staff members is to developing accurate interaction in their whole department as per this they are handle their roles and responsibilities that help firm in finishing all functions and activities in proper manner.

Time management – For making and developing time schedule that can help in managing and maintaining groups or teams which assist in maintaining various activities or functions of the business concern.

Coordination – In an organisation, every employee need to do specific work which help them in making appropriate coordination and manager should encourage them in achieving desired task or work in better manner.

Understanding – In this, Gantt chart is such thing which assist in giving accurate and specific data by which they are easily completing their appropriate task or work that does not highlighting the main functions and activities in proper manner. Thus, it will help in doing research by evaluating entire facts and figures which make them specific regarding how they required to do work in given time period.


2.1 Use of social media in business processes of Ensoft organisation

As per the view of Cascio (2018) an organisation required to capable for implementing at the pace of international excitability in better manner. They can adopt latest trends, taste and preferences against their competitors that can develop and create defensible benefits. In Ensoft company, the social media help in improving the communication and interaction level among their employees as well as managers. The social media offer a chance for improving communication which help in improving procedures of the business. Along with this, the leading organisation are also using ability and power of social media which provide shape to their business processes. Social media is used in business procedures which assist them in increasing their employees performance and they are capable for attracting large number of customers towards their firm goods and services in proper manner.

According to Bratton and Gold, 2017 social media is the effective techniques and method which fulfilling the gap between external and internal networking sites. In an organisation, information technology department can use social media for interacting with the engineering division while doing work on new products. Along with this, the research and development department of firm can cooperate with theoretical investigating organisation by using associated society page to share the research collection and opinions. In addition to this, social media ca developing and making transparency for collecting, gathering and transmission the response which improving the presenting processes and also create new. Social media help in enhancing its business growth and development in the market place. It is one of the effective method or techniques which help company in performing business operations and functions in easy manner. This can be used for increasing its business visibility in order to promote their services and products among customers. Social media assist in generating more income and revenue for an organisation. Ensoft adopting this method through which they can attracting large number of customers of domestic as well as international level.

2.2 Role of social media channels to reach large group of customers towards company

According to the view of Armstrong and Taylor (2014) social media is the largest platform which can influence large number of customers towards their effective goods and services in proper manner. There are various social media channels which help in promoting their products such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and many more. The role of social media channels is not limited for geographical boundaries where products can reaching with their target customers in proper manner. There are various points which assist in determining that the social media used for target customers that are as under:

Attracting large number of customers – According to Boxall and Purcell, (2011) this is necessary foe Ensoft company is to reach with their audience for deliver them required goods and services at the large market place. By using social media channels the firm will easily gaining attention of their buyers towards their desired goals and targets in better manner. Ensoft company using social media method because it will assist in gaining attention of more buyers towards their products and services. By this, company increasing its growth and development level.

Providing desired information regarding products – With the help of social media, Ensoft firm can giving appropriate data and information about their creative and innovative products and services to their desired customers who are willing to buying their company commodities in better manner. Company post their products details on the online sites where any customer can identify the use of goods and whole description about the products in better manner.

Easily attracting international consumers – The social media channels help company because they are easily gain attention of domestic as well as international customers towards their services and goods by using this methods. With the help of social media, company can easily reach with desired customer from international market and encourage them to purchase such goods. Also they are retain their global level buyers through providing reasonable rate products as compare to their rivals.

Easily interacting with their customers – This is necessary for company is to communicate with their desired buyers who are survive in the local area and region where they required to use social media channels to increasing their business performance and growth level in effective manner. While interacting with their customers so that they will communicate them regarding their new products and also solve major issues and problems in proper way. Social media help company in interacting with their customer and also promote their product at different areas.

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2.3 Evaluate the impact of social media on business performance of Ensoft

As per the view of Crook (2011) social media can directly or indirectly affect on business performance which transform the availability of inputs into outputs. With the viewpoint of Guest, (2011) business performance can be analysed by developing and making appropriate targets and goals which help in increasing their income and revenue in proper manner. Along with this, there are various techniques and methods which includes self assessment, balance scorecard, process performance measurement system, workflow based monitoring and statistical process control. The social media is fast growing in the current period of time which directly impact on business performance and its growth. There are tremendous impact on business and the business of marketing in effective manner. Various famous websites which are help in increasing Ensoft company success and growth level such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and many more which show the opportunities for business to grab the attention of the customers and also developing effective image at the large market place. With the help of social media, firm is performing appropriate business operation and functions so they can get higher income and revenue in better manner. This is fast growing techniques in the current time period that can directly impact on business activities effectively. They can easily reach with their international customers who always buying company products or services. Along with this, it will assist in performing various functions and operations of the firm in order to gain high income.

There are various factors which impact the social media on business performance that are as under:

  • Using goal driven metrics – The firm require to set specific goals and targets for every social media campaign and this will assist in developing metrics which are based on such goals and objectives in proper manner. If social media campaign is designed and prepared for generating brand awareness after that engagement is performed in proper manner (Jiang and et. al., 2012). Therefore, if the social media campaign is intended for driving towards buying then they are doing conversation from their visitors.
  • Verify leading indicators – The social media engaged, measured by large number of page reviews, click thoughts, shares, likes and it is used as leading indicators of downstream sales results and outcomes. Hey also required to recognising the tracking such towards leading indicators which is valuable as firm that can gain profitability and income.

2.4 Recommend some ways through which Ensoft Ltd., can increase its productivity and output level

There are various ways by which company can enhancing their productivity and output level that are described as under:

  • Computer technology – Jiang, (2012) it is one of the effective source by which business can increasing their profitability and productivity in better manner. At the time of evaluation, the business required to analyse and examine the firm about their major competitors or rivals (Crook and et. al., 2011).
  • Empowered staff members – In an organisation, they require to do their jobs in more effective manner so they can perform their work for increasing productivity. They allow their employees on the floor flexibility for resolving their buyers issues and problems where company manager need to do essential tasks that includes planning for the upcoming time period and highlighting the needs of training.
  • Flexible schedules – It is necessary for all staff members to slick to the same rigid schedule of job functions and actual company required is bad for morale and firm productivity. The employees have flexibility with their schedule and doing working hours that can increasing productivity, developing trust and loyalty, motivate their employees for doing more desirable work or task for an enterprise.
  • Internet filtering – The internet can be impactful method and techniques of the business which is became major time drain for firm of all sizes. They are allow the staff members to access the internet networks which can be real productivity and the employees are expend more time on Facebook and eBay than on their existent business.
  • Use communication method and techniques – The advance employees and workers are very comfortable in interacting tool through text message and online chatting to the older style such as email and report boards. An organisation can support the quality of communication for increasing profitability and productivity to simply giving accurate method for the company.


3.1 Type of research

In this part learner who are going to highlighting the various tools and methods which assist in acquiring correct facts and figures where they are easily achieving desired goals and targets of the company in effective manner. In addition to this, this is very useful for firm where they get high growth and success for specific development of project due to this different techniques and methods are beneficial for represents the accurate data and information (Anitha, 2014). Thus, there are mainly two types of sources of data that includes qualitative and quantitative among this qualitative method is used for development of particular projects on the other hand, quantitative data can be used for collecting appropriate data and information in better manner. Thus, qualitative is generally useful for executing the necessary legal needs and demand of social media for increasing business performance within an organisation.

3.2 Research design

In this section, the association need to prepare and design accurate path to their employees which assist them in showing right direction for achieving desired goals and targets in better way. Thus, there are several other important techniques and methods which assist in making and developing particular investigation or research such as descriptive, experimental and exploratory method of research (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). By the assistance of descriptive research, an organisation can easily overcome with certain problems and issues which can occurs at the large workplace and they require to determine the future functions and activities in proper manner.

3.3 Data sampling

This is that term which define the specific techniques and method for gathering or collecting facts and figures which are associated with investigation project and this will develop accurate results in appropriate manner. It can be divided into two types that includes probabilistic and non probabilistic. Along with this, in probabilistic research method company select that data which is random. With the help of this, they need to set appropriate procedures which attracting large number of people towards their goals and targets in better manner. It is fully opposite of probabilistic sampling method and the main motive of this techniques is the main section of probabilistic sampling method. The sample size of respondents are 30 from whom researcher analyse their views and reviews regarding company goods and

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