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Global Business Environment Level 5

University: Imperial College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Analyse organisational culture.
  • Discuss about the Compare different management styles.
Answer :


Business environment is dynamic is nature it change in their day to day activity for that company need proper management tools (Abrahamsson and et.al., 2017). This assignment is based on this topic the developing manager it is an activity of enhancing skills and knowledge of specific person working in the organisation. Manager is the person who manage overall working of organisation in effective manner so they can achieve their goals and objectives which are pre determined. For smooth and easy flow of business there is requirement of manager because he\she is the person who control and manage entire working of business. Learn about the working of the business organization UKBC. This entire report is based on hospitality sector company which is Marriott it is founded in 1927 as well headquarter is in Bethesda, Maryland, United State. They are serving worldwide with their products hotel, resorts. Below mention project describe various knowledge and skills of manager which is necessary for remaining in business environment because it is full of competition (Allen and et.al., 2012).


1.1 Compare different management styles

For smooth and easy working of business and also for managing day to day activity there is requirement of several management styles. Because hospitality industry is wide and fast growing in the present scenario. Some of the management styles are given below:-

  • Democratic management style: In this management style manager allow every employees to take part in decision making process. Everyone have their own thoughts, opinion, some innovation all these assist in accomplishing goals and objectives in proper manner. There are two mode of communication in democratic management style. Although, it is utilised when there is any complex situation because individual in taking part in it. In this style leader value contribution of their employees and make them feeling important (Arends,2014). Furthermore, democratic style encourage staff member because in this every individual is free to share their opinion, views and ideas.
  • Autocratic management style: In this management style manager is the person who take decision for entire working of business. Their is no involvement of employees in judgement making of process overall process is done by higher authority and rest of the staff follow entire. Moreover, no changes can be can be done by any other personnel these must be followed by top to lower level working of business. Autocratic management style is followed by Marriott Hotel when there is critical situation in which manager must be confident about their decision making (Arnold and Boggs,2015). These judgement procedure gives direct reflect on personality, confidence, opinion and various other of manager. Generally this is used when there is no too much time required for judgement making and immediate decision is required. Get Online marketing assignment help from our experts!

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

Leader is important part of company because they control and manage entire activity which help in achieving goal and objective of Marriott Hotel. Along with this there are several characteristic of leadership which is important for better performance of employees and whole whole. Few of these are given below:-

  • Supportive thinking: manager and leader support their employees related to team work and motivate them to do work in effectual manner for accomplishing goal and objective of company (Aulton and Taylor, 2017). Instead of this there are several roles and responsibilities of manager and leader that they have to bring latest idea and innovation for doing modification in the organisation along with this they both support to all personnels for accepting suitable changes.
  • Motivators: leader and manager both are those person who motivate or encourage staff member for doing their work in effective manner. Which help in increasing entire performance and productivity this will assist in generating revenue and increasing profit.
  • Communication Skills: their should be two way communication in organisation so that information and data can be transfer to each and every employees. As well for success of business their should be proper path way of communication. Because if no full and proper information is provided to employees then they cannot do work in effective manner.
  • Friendly Behaviour: Leader must be friendly with their staff who are working with them so they can share their issues and problem which is important for providing job satisfaction to employees (Babbie, 2013). Friendly behaviour help in creating better working environment along with this such things help in building effectual working environment. Furthermore, the same assist in building trust within personnel which is necessary for carrying entire working in effective manner.

1.3 Evaluate communication process in selected business

Communication process is important in hospitality sector because with transferring proper information and data working of business cannot be proper. So, there is need of proper path way of communication through which necessary details can be transfer from top to lower level. With the same employees can share their problems and issues with leader or manager who can resolve (Bianchi and et.al., 2011). Communication process of Marriott Hotel is created with the intention of transferring information and for keeping personnel update:-

  • Downward Communication: This type of communication flow from top level to the lower level. Top management supply data and information to the lower level like policies of organisation, order, instruction and many more with several mode by using notice board, letter, emails etc. entire process can be possible when meeting between employees and senior manager can be conducted.
  • Upward communication: In upward communication process employees at lower level can communicate with their top level manager. This is opposite to the downward communication process (Cavanagh,2012). It is important because in this process data and information which employees can give to their leader or manager as well in revert they can gain feedback related to their work. Hospitality industry require this type of communication and interaction with their employees thus, they can give proper satisfication to customers.
  • Horizontal Communication: This type of communication process is efectuve because in this information and data related to working share with employees and management at the same level. Horizontal communication is used by Marriott Hotel for achieving their pre determined goal and objective in effective manner. Moreover, it help in developing friendly and health working environment.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in selected business

Organisation culture is important and it play crucial role in developing health and friendly working environment along with this it also help in motivating staff members. Culture of company includes several aspects like mission, vision, beliefs, values, language and habits of Marriott Hotel. The same Hotel use two types of organisation culture which is necessary for accomplishing competitive advantages:-

  • Hierarchical organisational culture: This type of organisation culture is important for Marriott Hotel because it assist in building culture of organisation in effective manner. Same company is applying this culture because hospitality industry have huge workforce. In enterprise there are numerous of personnel who are following this organisation culture for smooth and easy flow of business, making work simple and for managing issues or problems in better way (Cummings and Worley, 2014). Manager and group member are managing staff members or maintain other junior member who are working under them in hierarchical organisation culture. Hence, it help in defining goal and objective to the employees in better manner thus they can achieve it in effectual manner.
  • Clan organisational culture: this type of organisation culture is used by such company who don't have huge number of employees. In the clan organisation culture behaviour of each and every individual person is shaped by own management, tradition, loyalty, extensive socialization and personal commitment. Respective also can achieve unity in organisation by socialisation (David, 2011). Personnel who are working in the firm are aware of their history along with this they having understanding of the expected manner of conducting and organisation style.


2.1 Assess own management skills performance

There are several management skills which is needed in manager for controlling and managing entire activity of company and its operation. Me as a manager of Marriott Hotel have to execute various role and responsibilities (O'Neill and et.al., 2015). Along with this it is needed for keeping relation between personnel and manager. Moreover, entire performance can be enhanced and goal can be accomplished in effectual and effective manner. Some skills which are needed for managing and controlling hotel and its working is explained below:-

  • Proper Communication: this is important for communicating information or data for each and every employees. But for this there is requirement of proper pathway for transferring information in proper manner. It is also helpful in sharing ideas, thoughts, views, something innovative with the personnel of Marriott Hotel. With proper communication there is no chances of conflict and issues.
  • Decision making ability: there is requirement of decision making ability in manager because in business environment several situations may arise which require urgent decision making. While doing judgement skills and knowledge of manager are applied properly.
  • Problem solving Skills: environment in which business exist in dynamic in nature in that situation many problems may arises. Manager have several skills which is needed in solving problem, queries, issues of staff members. Hence, skills of manager are used for resolving issues and for achieving goal and objectives in effective manner.
  • Leadership Skills: this is best way through which leader can motivate employees along with this skills of leader used in managing or leading every individual working in company. Moreover, I have such qualities and ability which can easily motive or encourage employees and get work complete through others in proper manner. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

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Below given is assessment of own skills:-



Communications skills

I have graceful communications skills so it is rated number 1

Problem solving skills

I have knowledge about solving any crucial problem in various situations so it can be rated number 2

Decision-making ability

I can make any decision regarding the strategies adoption and taking corrective actions, so it is rated as number 2

Leadership skills

I can influence people and get work done by motivating them so it is rated as number 3

2.2 Analyse personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Above discussed are my skills and by assess these I found many strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Analysing all these assist in developing my skills and knowledge along with personality. Explanation of these is given below:-

  • Strength: after analysing skills which can be applicable in Marriott Hotel such as communication skills and decision making these both are many strength as well these help in building future. Furthermore, I have skills of motivating employees by rendering them coaching and mentoring. Main is leading all the staff member to work in team.
  • Weaknesses: Major weakness of my is that I don't have proper communication skills as well I am not having ability of speaking in front of many peoples because of less experience. For this weakness I am developing myself and trying for removing such weakness. Instead of this my another weakness is that I am not having patience which is required for working in the organisation for this I had join yoga and meditation classes.
  • Opportunities: hospitality industry is wide and having fast growth so manger who are working in this sector also have wide scope. Hence there are various advantages and achievements which assist in present and future growth of individual.
  • Threats: For working in present scenario there is requirement of latest skills so because of this reason manager can be replace and also can foster my future growth. Although, competitor is my biggest threat. External factors are main threat for development of career.

2.3 Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop own potential

Objective setting and target both are important because these help in doing work in effective manner and for achieving desired outcomes. Marriott Hotel must have to set their targets, objectives and goal beforehand which is necessary for them to accomplish. Manager have to analyse different opportunities which is addressable for achieving it is possible by utilising skills and ability of their own selves. Team must be formed or designed by the specialist and according to the skills and knowledge of individual because these help in achieving goal and objective of organisation along with their own. Thus, I formed some improvement plan and design plan of action for enhancing my own leadership and communications skills. I have improved few managerial concepts and making efforts for improving my theoretical knowledge and execute better.

Manager have to come out from their weakness for betterment of organisation along with this they have to utilise their strength in appropriate manner. Because hospitality industry is wide and fast growing so it have several opportunities also. Which directly help in development and growth in future and present as well.


3.1 Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective.

Team is important for accomplishing goal and objective of company in better manner. When work is divided according to team then there is no burden on individual and work wwill carried out in effective manner (Griffin,2013). Instead of this there are different strategies which can be used by manager for building team but group must be formed according to skills and knowledge of individual. So desired results can be gained by enterprise. Different activities are defined below which can be used by Marriott Hotel for accomplishing their objectives:-

  • Team Building: This is important work which must be done in proper manner by the professional according to the skills and knowledge of individual. Because better team can help in many ways but if formed group is not effective then this will give negative impact on working of firm. Thus, perfect team can be formed after identifying skills, knowledge, ability and working capacity of each and every employees.
  • Motivation: this can be in to form Financial and non-financial. In financial term money and several other monetary ways are used for motivating employees but on the other hand Non- financial are performance appraisal, appreciation, promotion and several other. Motivation and encouragement is main role of leader which must be performed by them (Jones,Jones and Del Campo,2013).

3.2 Justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goal or objective and recommendations for improvements Recommendation:

For employees company must have to conduct training and development program which is important for enhancing and gaining latest skills. Because hospitality industry is wide and full of competition and for smooth flow of business as well achieving goals and objectives there is requirement of latest skills. Apart from this satisfaction of customer play important role in hospitality industry and also help in generating more revenue and profit. Although, communication process is important for transferring information and data in proper manner. So their should be requirement of proper path way. 


4.1 Explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development

There are several managerial skills which give their contribution in success of enterprise:-

  • Leadership skill: This Skill is required in organisation for giving proper guideline to staff member that how they have to do their work and in what manner. Training must be provided to employees so they get skills of identifying that what is requirement of people (Leach-Kemon and et.al., 2011). Apart from this different department and team can be managed in company by implementing several leadership skills.
  • Communication Skill: Their should be proper path way of transferring information to each and every personnel. So they can manage their daily activity in proper manner. Communication should be proper from top to bottom level. Instead of this manager have to learn different languages because employees in one company are from several other nation.
  • Time Management: work in company should be managed on the time because if services are not provided to customers on time this will decrease image of company and customer satisfaction will also not gained (Leonard, 2011).

4.2 Review career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

There are several skills, ability and capability which I have and that support me in managing and controlling entire activity of organisation. But these are not enough and satisfying me so I have to improve my skills and knowledge. Moreover, all these type things aids me as well support in achieving higher place at working and also. Their is requirement of appropriate plan and properly developed plan so that can gain long term and also short duration goals and objectives. Apart from this, there is need of focus on weakness and try to come out from all such. Thus, they can be capable to become perfect leader and manager of the Marriott Hotel. Future development plan prepared for completing need and wants such as:

  • Customer relationship management is an software required in organisation for maintaining relationship between both of them in fine manner.
  • Team must be designed in effective manner according to skills so company can achieve their goal and objectives.


From the above discussion it has been concluded that, manager are important part of company because they manage and control entire working of business. Several roles and responsibilities are performed by them like encouraging and motivating employees, planning, coordinating, team building, applying business operation and several other. This entire assignment is based On Marriott Hotel which is organisation of hospitality industry. It is fast growing and large sector of business environment and in these satisfaction of customers play important role which can be possible by manager.


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