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A Destination and Enterprise Management is Growth Prospective for Visitors Preference

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The Search is conducted to Know the Management of Tourism

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There are different set of researches that are conducted but the areas of study that has been considered in this research is different. There are search conducted in order to know the management of tourism in the future but this area of research is different and covers wide area of aspects in relation with tourism sector (Gurung and Thing, 2016). This study will be helpful enough to know the factors that affect tourism negatively. Further, the research will be able to identify the areas with the help of which tourism will be raised.

This is an interesting area to study and it will help me to develop my understand over tourism. In this modern world, countries are understanding the importance of tourism and they are implementing strategies through which people can be attracted. Further, tourism is an exiting topic for me as it enables to know different type of cultures that are being practices at different places. This is helpful enough develop understanding of the various traditions and cultures that are being followed.

There are many historic places that at Pokhara but information to people around the people about it very low. In this context, there is requirement of improving the strategies that are being used by enterprise so that strong customers base can be developed. The gap is identified that, there are many areas in Nepal in which tourism can be raised with the help of its heritage and culture. However, the current research is speculated to particular area and that is Pokhara. Further, there are different type of issues that are being faced in cited place. Among which one of the main issues is of pollution. More specifically, it has been found that 58 tone of garbage is being dumped every day over the Seti river which is at the centre of the city (Pariyar, B. and Lovett, 2016). Further, it also includes noise and air pollution. In addition to this, the history of Pokhara is not very old but the maintenance effort made is not effective due to which heritage is getting negatively affected.

There are many benefits when this area of research is conducted. Among which one of the benefit is that, this will be helpful enough to develop strategies with the help of which tourism can be raised. Further, this will also contribute effectively towards the economic condition of the country. In addition to this, people will get to know about the culture that is being followed at Pokhara (Aoki, 2014). This way the rate of visitors will increase and more people around the world will get to know about famous spots at cited place.

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As per the time allocated, the current research will be achieved. There are different areas that will be covered in the research and proper time will be scheduled for each of the topics. This way each of the activities will be scheduled in such a way that the research will be achieved effectively and efficiently.

1. Title

“To identify ways in which A destination and enterprise management is growth prospective for visitors preference for pokhara, Nepal.”

2. A clear statement about what want to work on and reason for its important, interesting, relevant and realistic


  • To analyse the factors affecting preferences of visitors in pokhara, Nepal
  • To identify the recent market trends in tourism industry in context of pokhara, Nepal
  • To determine the issues that are negativelly affecting tourism at pokhara, Nepal
  • To understand the impact of destination and enterprise management on tourism industry.
  • To recommend ways to promote tourism of Pokhara, Nepal

Research Questions

  • What are the factors affecting preferences of visitors in pokhara, Nepal?
  • What are the recent market trends in tourism industry in context of pokhara, Nepal?
  • What are the issues that are negativelly affecting tourism at pokhara, Nepal?
  • What is the impact of destination and enterprise management on tourism industry?

3. Literature Review

According to Carlisle, Kunc and Tiffin, (2013) with time there are many changes that has taken place in trends of tourism. In this context, one of the preference of visitors is that they want to visit and search for place that are unique or untouched. In order words, they prefer to visit places that are least visited or places that are not known to most of the individuals. There perception of people vary from individual to individual. As per Sarkar and George, (2017) there are people who prefer to visit places where they get to know and to learn regarding the culture that is being followed at different countries. However, there are many positive factors that affect tourism but there are also negative affects in case countries does not take proper steps to reduce the issues that they and local people face. In this context, one of the negative issue is related with legal system. Wang, Zhong and Chen, (2015) stated that people develop negative perception in case the crime rate is high. People do not prefer to visit places that involves high risk. In this context, countries that has high security and threats of terrorism is low are preferred more when compared with countries in which risk of life is high. Technology, play viral role in attracting customers. As per the new trend, travellers prefer to make sure that they explore places that are close to their home town and countries that has high improvement in and advancement in technology. This has a positive aspect in which people get to reach out different places within not time. There are cases in which people fail to visit all the places in the same country due to lack of improvement in technology. However, places were is there is facility of transportation is helpful in attracting people and in satisfying them.

As per González, González and Ledesma, (2015) there are many factors due to which preference of visitors get affected. In this context, it includes reasons like climate. There are cases in which people prefer to visit places where there is present climate. More specifically, as per the data identified that place that are too cold are least preferred. Main reason for this is that the rate of risk for get issues related to health is high. With this respect, the countries in which the climate is proper are most visited places. According to Hjalager, Kwiatkowski and Østervig Larsen, (2017) political factor also play negative as well as positive role. In this context, in conditions where the policies that are followed in a country has many issues in relation with getting to it, then people will not prefer to visit. On the other hand, in case the policies are lenient and visa can be applied easily, then the rate of tourism will be raised. This way the rate of profitability can be raised.

Further, rate of currency all play vital role. In this context, when the currency rate are low, then people will be able to enjoy more of the services and products that are provided and available in the country. On the other hand, if the rate of currency is high, then the people will not be able to spend highly over services that are delivered by the country. In lower rates, people will be able to spend high and this also contributes for the development of the country. As per Reintinger, Berghammer and Schmude, (2016) there are people who prefer to have adventure sports. There are many countries that provide such faculties. However, there are people who visit other countries with an aim to enjoy different type of culture and historic places that it includes. These are helpful enough to grab attention of people from around the world. This also helps in understanding learning and knowledge about the type of system that is being followed in different countries.

Tourism industry is adversely affected by destinations and the organisations that have been working in this sector. According to Hussain and Ismail, (2015), the destinations are the major sources of income for businesses that have developed in the tourism industry. The activities that are undertaken by major industries which degrade the environment cause a lot of harm to the destination. This deteriorates the natural beauty and as a result, number of visitors decrease. On the other hand, enterprise management is an area of organisational development that transforms the entire functioning of a system or company. It is important to carry out the enterprise management activities accordingly so that there is no negative impact experienced over the tourist destination.

Sheng and Zhao, (2016) stated that government intervention is highly essential in managing the development activities of a tourist destination in the travel and tourism industry.

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The processes, methods and application packages which are involved in enterprise management must be strategically designed. The destinations that are also called as tourist attraction points have a deep impact over the functioning and economic situation of travel industry. The organisations that plan destination holidays and events must keep in mind the fact that every activity undertaken at the place should be with at most responsibility. Sustainability can be attained only when there is balance in enterprise activities and tourists actions. According to Wang, Zhong and Chen, (2015), both developing and developed nations experience certain implications when travel destinations are concerned. The contribution to the financial structure of travel industry is major through travel destinations.

4. Research Methodology

This is an important part in which it enables to present the information in a systematic manner. In this context, below given are the approaches and strategies that are included in research methodology:

Research Philosophy

It is considered as the researcher belief that how the data will be collected and examined. It consists of two different terms i.e. epistemology and doxology. There are two types of research philosophy such as interpretivism and positivism in order to seek business objectives. This is an important part in conducting research as it helps to develop strong base for investigation. It enables to conduct the research on the basis of subjective and objective (du Plessis and Van Niekerk, 2014). As per the current research positivism research will be conducted. This research will be applied as it enables to focus over investigation with the help of objectives developed. Further, different type of tools will be identified that will enables to raise tourism.

Research Approach

These are two type that are deductive and inductive. As per inductive, the investigation will be conducted from general to specific. On the other hand, deductive is type of research in which the investigation is conducted from specific to general. Among these two, research will make use of inductive and the research will be conducted from general to specific (Meredith, Dicks and Wagstaff, 2017). It will help to understand the concept that are included in objectives in an effective manner.

Research Design

There are different types of research design available with the researcher in order to assess the material facts and figures in relation to the chosen topic. It involves descriptive, analytical, case study, exploratory, correlation etc. This is an appropriate method that enables to develop whole systematically. In this current study, researcher will make use of descriptive research. This type of research focus on the case study. Further, it also helps in understanding the concepts and the areas in which improvements can be made with the help of which more and more traveller can be attracted.

Research Strategy

There are two type of research strategies included in this qualitative and quantitative strategies. In this research, investigator will make use of quantitative method. It is helpful enough to understand various theories and strategies that are included in the objectives that are set (Roberts, 2013). In addition to this, it also helps in understanding the required areas that will help to make sure that tourism can be raised and people can be attracted.

Data Collection

There are two sources with the help of which data can be collected. In this context, it includes primary and secondary data. Primary data is collected with the help of questionnaire, interview, etc. (Prescott, Gray and McDonagh, 2015). On the other hand, secondary information is gathered through books, journals, articles, etc. In this research, investigator will make use of both primary and secondary data. Primary data will be collected with the help of questionnaire. Further secondary will be collected through different articles.


This is a helpful method that enables to make the collected information in an effective way (Mansuri, Baig and Huda, 2017). The sample size will be taken 20. Random sampling method will be used as it will enable to provide eqaul opportunity to all the respondends selected. More specifically, tour operators will be provided with questionnaire and this will be helpful to know their perception and type of strategies that will be adopted by them through which the tourism will be raised.

Data Analysis

It is considered as the qualitative research and thus thematic analysis has been done. Also, graphical representation is done in order to obtain best results. Such analysis would help scholar in gaining the best outcome of the questionnaire so that results can be attained.


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