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PowerPoint Presentation Tips

PowerPoint Presentation Tips for Trendy Results | Expert's 101 Guide

26 Jul 2022


In this fast-pacing world, everything is getting digitized; so is assignment writing. Now, the academic tasks are not submitted in paper format but in slides-form. Yes, PowerPoint presentations are taking over the traditional paperwork, and there is no doubt, students need PowerPoint presentation tips to familiarize themselves with this new normal.

If you are new to this type of assignment, you must read this blog for more information on this. Let’s get going with a brief introduction to it.

PowerPoint Presentation: An Insight into It

PowerPoint presentation is a digital presentation format where the presenter seeks help from slides to explain his point, provide information, present stats, or display pictures related to the topic he is speaking about at that particular moment. This has become very important lately since education and work have moved online. Many companies were using this for a long time now. Do you know why?

  • It catches the audience’s attention better.
  • It makes the information look appealing.
  • It is better to understand than the verbal presentation of data.
  • It improves subject-knowledge as it includes more research.
  • It focuses on presenting only what is important and to-the-point data.

These are a few of the many reasons why PowerPoint presentations are encouraged by businesses and adapted by the academic sector. Now that you know the importance of this, let’s take a look at how to make a good PowerPoint Presentation?

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

Many students who come to Instant Assignment Help, seeking assistance with their PowerPoint presentations, do not know how to create a PPT. So, first, let’s look into this simple process.

Step 1: Know Your Purpose & Audience

The first step of creating a PowerPoint presentation is knowing the purpose behind it. Yes, when you know why you are making this and for whom, you can plan and do it accordingly. Also, this shows you the big picture you need to work upon.

Step 2: Brainstorm & Research

The next step is where you brainstorm and find some interesting topics, which are informative and interesting. Conducting in-depth research will give you better ideas and support your thoughts. This will, in turn, help in presenting your choice in the best way.

Step 3: Create Outline & Finalize

Now, you need to create an outline of how you will present this. You can number the slides, use a rough structure, and visualize how your presentation will look once it is complete. This way, you get a clear insight into how your work will look and if you need to make any changes to it. Make sure to finalize this before you proceed.

Step 4: Proofread & Practice

The last step in this process is- proofreading the slides keenly. When you are prepared with the presentation, you often miss typos, spelling, and grammatical mistakes. So, keep an eye on them. Once you ensure the slides are good to go, practice your presentation, along with the slides to match coordination and catch up with the slide speed.

If you’ve been wondering, “How to do a good PowerPoint presentation?” then these are the four simple steps you need to follow. You can also try some software for your PowerPoint presentation tasks, such as:

  1. Google Slides
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Visme
  4. Slidebean
  5. Ludus

You can pick any of this software and get started. However, making a presentation and a good one are two different things. Anyone can make a presentation; but, the good one only impresses the audience. So, as a student, to score well and impress your professor, you need to make a good presentation. Wondering how to do that? Read the below section to know more!

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How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation?

Students often wonder how to come up with a good PowerPoint presentation that can win their professor's hearts and get them a good grade. So, for all such students, here are some tips and rules that can make your work easy:

Tips for a Good PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Content
    • Use simple and engaging content - Focus on easy-to-understand language and to-the-point content.
    • Limit the amount of content in slides- Do not add all the information in slides; instead, include only key points in there.
    • Do not over-punctuate data- Emphasize vocally instead of punctuating every detail in content.
    • Use visuals instead of simple content- Try adding some appealing elements and data structures to present content instead of boring paragraphs.
    • Do not just fill the slide- Don’t just write to fill the slide; add only what is needed and should be presented.
  1. Design
    • Use good quality pictures and videos- Good quality pictures and videos can easily catch your audience's attention and make a good impression on them.
    • Focus on the right font size and color -Right font size and color are very important to let the audience know what to focus on.
    • Do not ignore formatting and alignment- Poor formatting and alignment can end you up with poor grades and bad impressions as well.
    • Go for the latest designs and templates - Check on the latest trends and try some fresh PowerPoint presentation templates to give a unique and interesting look.
    • Add necessary elements for data- Using structures, tables, charts, and figures make content delivery smooth, easy, and appealing.
  1. Presentation
    • Do not read out the slides - Reading out the slide presented is of no use. You should instead try to provide an example or explain what is on the slides.
    • Try to coordinate with the slides -Sometimes, the running slide is behind or ahead of the topic being explained by the speaker. Try to coordinate speech and slides for better understanding.
    • Use different pitch and sentence length -Don’t go monotonous with sentence length and tone. Try to switch between pitches and vary sentence lengths to catch the audience’s attention.
    • Take a pause in between- Take a small pause in between so that the audience can recollect what you said and understand it better.
    • Practice before the date - Students, out of overconfidence, do not practice PowerPoint presentation and, at the endpoint, land in trouble. To avoid this, rehearse it well.

These are a few tips for PowerPoint Presentation design, content, and appeal. If you follow these, you can easily make a positive impression on your audience. Now, it's time you take a look at the rules you should follow when presenting a PowerPoint.


  1. 10/20/30

This stands for 10 slides, 20 minutes, and 30 minimum font size. It says that ideal PowerPoint presentation templates include 10 slides (max.), it goes for 20 minutes duration, and the minimum font size is not less than 30 points.

  1. 5/5/5

This stands for 5 words in a line, 5 lines in a slide, and 5 maximum text slides in a row. It says that you should write a maximum of 5 words in a line and not more than 5 lines in a slide. Similarly, if you are writing only text slides, then do not include them in a continuous row for more than 5.

  1. 2/4/8

This rule stands for 2 minutes on each slide, 4 bullets in one, and not more than 8 words in it. According to this, you should make a slide enough to cover 2 minutes, and each slide should have only 4 bullets and only 8 words in each of those bullet points.

These are the 3 main rules that a student should follow when creating PowerPoint presentation ideas. If you ever get stuck with it or need professional assistance, then turn to Instant Assignment Help. Wondering why? Read the below section.

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