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How to Write a Thesis Statement That Can Turn Out Strong & Qualitative

Perfect Guide on How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement Guide

‘How to write a thesis statement?’ Guess this is a very common question nowadays whose answer everyone knows already. You can find the tricks, tips, ways, etc. online easily. But the correct question will be 'how to turn it out strong and qualitative?'

For example- the one who is a boxer may know all the rules of it, but to become the best among the others, one should know the starting move. It will help to present as the strongest of all.

Just like that, everyone who is writing an essay, assignment, or any other paper, will already know how to write a thesis statement but, to become the best will require writing a strong and high-quality thesis statement.

Before you start writing, it is important that you should know what makes a thesis statement strong. Here are the strengths of a thesis statement that can be helpful for you.


To build strength in your thesis writing, you need to add some factors to it. Consider these 4 factors in your thesis statement while composing.

1. Elements

There are 4 main elements that are the strength of the thesis statement.

  • The first element - It is the main idea of your paper written in simple words.
  • The second element - It is the reason for supporting the chosen idea.
  • The third element - It is the opposite argument or statement to your one if there is any.
  • Fourth element - It is the evidence for the support of your position.

2. Length of the writing

The length of a thesis statement completely depends on the information you want to convey. However, it is important to write clearly and concisely. You can use 35-50 words generally, but you can extend it according to your need.

3. Placement

The thesis statement always comes at the beginning of a paper before the introduction as it introduces the readers to the matter of the discussion. Your faculty teacher may have a different preference for the precise location of the thesis statement.

4. Presence of Argument

For a thesis statement, the presence of an argument is its strength. It reflects that the statement is not an obvious fact & no one can agrees on it that easily.

Composing a thesis statement doesn’t take longer than the other parts of the writing, but it is very important to make it perfect. Now that you are clear about the strengths, we can go to the parts of the thesis statement.


There are 3 main parts of the thesis statement, that is -

The subject selection - Ask your instructor or the mentor and make sure that you choose a subject all according to their expectations.

The clear-cut opinion - Your precise opinion will provide the answer to the subject’s question. To know the goal of your paper writing is essential to the readers.

Plan of reasons - The plan is like a blueprint of a building that is under construction. It will show where you can find the bedrooms, living area, kitchen, etc. Just like that, here you should mention the various listing of the thoughts that a reader can find in it.

These are the main parts of thesis writing. After deciding the data for the various parts, now we need to decide what type of writing do we require in our thesis statement.


You can find various types of writing, but there are only 3 major types that we use in the thesis statement, which is expository, analytical, and argumentative.

The Expository Statement - When you use expository writing, make sure that you are clearly stating the main point of the topic with a full explanation of the facts and processes. Don’t forget to mention the key points that you will explain.

The Argumentative Statement - In augmentative writing, you aim to convince the readers with all the evidence and logical reasoning you have. In this case, the thesis holds a strong position in your paper.

The Analytical Statement - For the analytical type of thesis, mention the precise & considered elements that you will focus on. Write the vision of analysis that the readers will get by reading it.

Choose the type of writing that you would like to use in your paper, which will lead you to start writing one. 


After keeping all the points in mind, start writing your thesis statement. Follow these steps, and start writing a strong & qualitative thesis statement.

Step 1. Take the topic of your paper and change it to a question.

Step 2. Now conclude an answer to your question with a lot of ideas. You can do a Google search to find ideas.

Step 3. From the collection of the brainstorming ideas, create one main answer.

Step 4. Now, from the collection of your ideas, choose 3 - 4 best reasons for your answer and include them in your thesis.

Step 5. The above steps will help you to create a solid thesis, but to make it strong and qualitative, you can add two more points to it.

  1. Write how your point of view diverges from other writers.
  2. Use intensifying phrases like ‘in reality’ or ‘in fact.’

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