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 Finer Writing Skills

5 Habits Every Student Must Develop For Finer Writing Skills

24 Mar 2023


Table of Content

Habits Every Student Must Develop For Finer Writing Skills

When it comes to writing essays, reports, research papers, or any other kind of academic assignment help, the prime concern of most of the students is in regards of writing skills. It is self-evident that developing good writing skills is not an overnight thing. One needs to practice enough to get to the stage of proficient writing style. No amount of writing tips can help, unless the core of the problem is resolved (lack of writing artistry, writing is indeed an art, that needs nurturing). And in order to solve that problem, one needs to evolve some practicable habits, some of which are discussed below-


Reading is something that is advised by every prominent writer (creative or otherwise). Doing so will not only enrich your vocabulary but would also make your writing style more engaging. Have you not ever observed that in almost all the fictional novels, protagonists are either avid reader, or they have a favorite book or something? Well, that is because writers are bound to be a reader, and s/he can not write something without living an impression of the self in it. All in all, if you want to create a great write-up you have got to know what your reader wants or expects, and the only way you can know the expectations of a reader is by being one yourself.

Carry Notebook

On an average, a normal person's short-term memory holds information for upto three minutes. So if you have great idea, say, while walking in a park, chances are high that you will forget about it as soon as you step out of the premises let alone reaching home, and if you are a thinker, you must already know that ideas can come in the weirdest of situations and at strangest of times. You never know when an interesting line about that English assignment help will cross your mind, but now you do know that the Prefrontal cortex of your brain    (holder of short-term memories) is not going to retain it for long. So, yes carry a notebook, or notepad with you always, or the ‘notes' app in your smartphone can also serve for the purpose.

Use Short Sentences

If you like reading out loud then you must already be a hater of gigantic sentences, after all, they cut on your supply of oxygen. However, long sentences are not only bad for reciting readers. Any peruser, including your assignment reviewer, despises long sentences. It is difficult to make sense of a sentence that has more than twenty-five words, without any punctuation. So what to do when the message you are trying to convey required that much of words, simple, break it down. Make use of the commas, semi-colons, and hyphen. Still, whenever it is possible to break a sentence into parts with periods on the end, do so without any hesitation.

Avoid Redundancies

“In addition, teachers should also consider some technological aspects of the theme”. If you have found the mistake in the preceding sentence then accept our cheers! You are already aware of the redundancies in writing and are probably defensive against it. But if you had not, then know this that the words ‘In addition' and ‘also' are conveying the same sense twice; and this is what we call a writing redundancy. There are many other such phrases possible, and the only way to safeguard your write-ups from them are by being vigilant or by taking the help of professional proofreaders.

Cite Properly

It is true that every other statement preceded by “A new study states,” sounds authentic. However, it would sound yet more credible if the writer cites the information properly. Whenever, you add fact, information, statistics, or anything of the sort from a reliable source, make sure to add that source to your references list or bibliography. Doing so will not only make your write-up appear more honest and reliable, but would also help you to follow the formal writing etiquette.

If you are able to implement all these points in your daily writing, then be prepared to receive some remarkable compliments from your faculty. After all, writing is as much a part of modern studies, as sound waves are that of verbal communication. But even after many attempts you fail to develop these habits, consider taking the assistance of our academic writers. They are working in the field of writing since many years and are also trained to provide you the required help.

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