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Habits of Brilliant Student

Six Habits Every Brilliant Student Has

20 Nov 2023


Table of Content

When your professors give you tough problems to solve, do you stare at the students you know have a solution? It's usual for one to think that these students are probably so brilliant that they create their own questions or have answers to all covered in the curriculum. But has someone ever asked what do they do to become a quick problem solver? We did. That's why we bring you six habits that every scholar can hone to become a great problem solver.

1.Not focusing just on completing the homework

Don't get too excited. Studious students are busy solving problems which somehow doesn't give them enough time to complete the homework. What did you think? If you thought that you can justify completion of your assignments without having relevant knowledge of the topic, then you were wrong. Solving various kind of problems helps you in improving academics and writing assignments as well.

On the other hand, assignments take a lot of your time and energy, and what it contributes is merely an additional 5% to 20% hike in your final grades.

2.Not reading just from the textbook

Textbooks don't serve the purpose of letting out the complete information. To get it, you need to rely on external sources such as Google, class notes, and expert's notes, etc. Studious students do the same. When they have a problem, they focus on trying to find the solution to that problem more than anything else.

3.Googling everything

As soon as the top students find a new concept, they search it on the web. If we don't understand a formula and its implications, then finding its solution becomes a dreadful task. We also need to learn from them the technique of gathering information on a particular topic.

4.Putting oneself through tough tests

Top students test themselves on the basis of information they have. They keep revising the problems and their solutions in their minds. Doing this will help you improve your memory, and the studious ones are the proof that the practice actually helps.

5.Solving the problems in reverse

Get to the answer, and then decipher where the last step came from. Why and where a formula has to be placed is something we all must know before starting to solve the problem. You can learn it in the normal way as well which is by solving a problem step by step. However, following the conventional method of steadily moving towards a solution is lengthier and requires a lot more time.

6.Not considering just the highlighted text

There are students around the world who prefer using highlighter on their textbooks. They use it to mark only few lines that are important. On the other hand, brilliant ones prefer to read everything in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the concepts. To them, highlights don't seem to solve the purpose. What you can do is use a pencil to mark what's important, and create notes if required. You can also summarize a topic at the corner of your textbook itself.

Everyone has their own qualities, and is trained to use their qualities in the best way possible. We are totally different from one another, our problems are different, and our solutions to a common problem vary from one another too. Try to find out how efficient can you be towards completing a common task. Be as good as you can.

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