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Android oreo

What Are the New Features of Android 8.1?

21 Jul 2023


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What can you expect from new Android Oreo 8.1 update?

The world we live in gives us the flexibility to stay satisfied and yet ask for something more. With time, this trend has provided us with just too many options to choose a thing from, and it applies to everything that sells. Same is the case with mobile phones. However, there are only two operating systems that are currently trending and gaining the confidence of the masses- Android, and iOS. While iOS is found only in Apple devices, Android operates inside most of the mobile phones present on the face of this earth. There are just two reasons that explain such a sale: premium software and interface, and low prices.
Android has a long line up of its versions of OS, but the latest one they are selling is called OREO. Also known as version 8 android, we can find it in every new android based mobile phone. The uncommon version which is not available on all, but a few Google supported devices like Pixel, Pixel 2, etc., is the version 8.1 of Android. All you can do now is wish that they release it on your device soon. Here are someof the features users have shared after using Android 8.1:

1. The Visual Core

One reason we buy Android is to get on the social network. Posting status updates are such 2007's thing to do; we want to upload pictures and videos now. Android on its attempt to catch up with iOS, has created something ridiculously good. The new technology, exclusive so far for OREO 8.1 version of Android works as a co-processor along with the mobile phone central processor. It helps your device to process pictures a lot faster and much clearer than it used to do.

2. The Neural Network API

It turns out that the new Android devices are going to be much smarter than ever. With the NNAPI in your device, you will be able to run as many variations of applications as Apple users. In new Android devices, by just speaking into the microphone your AI will translate the speech to any language. Annoying foreign tour guides, no more. And, that is only one feature which caught our eyes because it was so much in discussion. There must be many more such cool applications featuring in new Android devices with the Neural Network API.

3. Detailed Bluetooth Status Bar

No need to go inside the Bluetooth settings anymore to find your portable speakers connected. Your status bar will display much detailed information with battery status (for now). Let's see what later updates may bring. Also, an option to turn an external device on or off will be available in the notification bar.

4. Good Looking

The good thing about OREO like every new operating system is that it has got new looks. A little-modernised sort of display which allows you to still look at the background while working on Google Search. It is not that helpful, yet looks good, so what the hell? Give it to us. What's really proving to be of some use is the clock burned into the display. So, it does not matter if your device is locked or not, you can always tell the time, as if you are wearing a watch.

If you are using Pixel 1/ 1XL/ 2/ 2XL, Pixel C tablet or Nexus 5X and 6P, just why aren't you using the new operating system? It will give your phone a platform to utilise its 100% capacity. What do you know you might become the cool guy amongst Apple users. However, if you want to contribute to the new OS by developing a fresh application, then just as same as always, Android has kept its doors open for new developers to come and try the platform. Try to be as innovative as you can be.

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