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Know Some Essay Types and Structure by Instant Assignment Help

10+ Types of Essays with Examples and Structure

26 Dec 2023


Table of Content

What is the one academic paper that students find most challenging to write? For different students, the answers to this question vary from one another. However, the most common document that they do not like writing is an essay. There are even students who are unaware of the fact that there are different types of essays. So, while writing it, they search for essay help from online experts when they get stuck. Several thoughts hit their head before writing. Some of them include "How to start an essay?", "How do you conclude an essay?" and "What is an essay?" So, if any of these questions are revolving in your mind, then you are on the right page. 

In this blog, you can see some of the essay types and their structure. But, before anything, let's start with the fundamental question, "What is an essay?"

What is an Essay? Get a Brief

An essay is a piece of writing that aims to inform the readers about a specific topic. When you are writing it academically, it must be highly formal. The length of an essay depends on what is written academically the university gives it. 

So, sometimes, when a student has to write a lengthy, they get confused. It is because they need to have good knowledge and writing skills. These skills are necessary to create a perfect document. That is why they get essay writing help from professionals online. Well, taking assistance provides clarity and helps scholars to understand many things. 

This was a quick brief about an essay, and now, in the upcoming section of this article, we will provide detailed information on its types along with the structure. 

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Read About Some Essay Types with Structure Here!

Essays are one of the most common types of academic papers that scholars often receive in their university journey. Apart from this, there are a bunch of assignments they complete throughout their journey. Writing makes different documents challenging for them due to their poor knowledge and lack of skills. So, they look for assignment writing services and essay typer tools online. 

Well, talking about essay types, some pupils need to be made aware of this, so writing accurate information becomes a challenging task for them. If you are also among them, then check out the points below. 

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Narrative Essay

It is a type of Essay that describes a story from a personal experience told from an author's point of view. In this, the storytelling elements are used to engage and attract the readers.

Structure of a Narrative Essay

A possible structure of a Narrative Essay must include

  • Introduction: Tell what you learned and give a hint
  • Body: Narrate the entire story in this section and use compelling elements to hook your readers.
  • Conclusion: Provide all the essential points listed and the story's moral. 

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Descriptive Essay

It is a type of Essay that explains a particular event or object in detail. To write it, choose a topic around a person, place, object or event. Then, collect the specific details about them to write. Also, you can use figurative or imagery language to explain the details so the audience can experience it. 

Structure of a Descriptive Essay

The structure of a Descriptive Essay should be as follows: 

  • Introduction: In the introduction, give a glimpse of your topic by describing it in an interesting way. Also, include a hook for your audience. 
  • Body: Explain the topic with figurative language and sensory detail.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your Essay with a descriptive sentence. 

Expository Essay

In this type of Essay, a writer must list the factual details related to the topic and their opinion. Basically, in this, a writer does not need to discuss the perspective and make a balance between the data. 

Structure of an Expository Essay

Students often need clarification on the structure of this essay. If you are also one of them, then read below. 

  • Introduction: In the first section, a writer must provide background information related to the topic. 
  • Body: In this part, give details and facts without forming your argument. 
  • Conclusion: In the last section, you must briefly discuss all the main facts. 

Argumentative Essay

As the name suggests, this type of Essay includes arguments on any side of the topic. So, being a writer, you have to present it. Also, when doing this or forming an argument, you must clearly check all the evidence and facts. 

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

The structure of an argumentative essay includes: 

  • Introduction: Explain the topic by claiming your thesis statement. 
  • Body: In the body section, present your points with the supporting evidence. 
  • Conclusion: Restate your arguments by proving them. 

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Persuasive Essay

This type of Essay is written to persuade the readers. In a persuasive essay, a writer convinces their audience on a topic by their perspective. So, it works like an argumentative essay, where you present all the arguments with supporting evidence. 

Structure of a Persuasive Essay

The structure of a Persuasive essay is as follows:

  • Introduction: In the first section, one must always use an emotional hook to convince the audience to be on their side.
  • Body: The second section, which is the body, includes all the necessary supporting evidence that will convince your audience to be on your side, including your argument or opinion to support it. 
  • Conclusion:Unlike other essays' conclusions, the persuasive conclusion is somewhat different. Here, you need to ask your audience, now what? It will work like a call to action. 

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Informative Essay

Like an expository essay, a writer must also inform their audience about any topic. The main purpose is to educate the readers rather than just providing them with information about the facts.

Structure of Informative Essay

Outline of this Essay include:

  • Introduction: The first section must have a hook that provides background information. 
  • Body: Explain the topic with all the evidence. 
  • Conclusion: In the last section, restate the thesis statement with your point of view on the given topic. 

Compare and Contrast Essay

As the name says, you must compare two subjects and provide your thoughts. So, sometimes, many writers need help to write it. Hence, they search for essay examples online to have some clarity. 

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Structure of Compare and Contrast Essay

You must follow the below structure while writing this Essay:

  • Introduction: You must introduce two subjects you will be writing about. If you get stuck or something, then you can use our essay help. 
  • Body:This section mainly focuses on telling the difference between the two subjects and providing detailed information to readers. 
  • Conclusion: In this last section, you must wrap up by mentioning the primary comparison of the two subjects. 

different essay types and structures

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay talks about the point of view of a writer on a specific topic. It includes the emotional touch and humour of the writer. 

Structure of the Reflective Essay

The general structure of the Reflective Essay is as follows:

  • Introduction: A writer must provide a thesis statement and topic with details.
  • Body: Reflect your point of view on the topic
  • Conclusion: Include all your views briefly in the last section. 

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Cause and Effect Essay

It is another type of essay that discusses a specific situation's reasons for and consequences. This type of Essay often talks about historical events and plots. 

Structure of the Cause and Effect Essay

The structure of this Essay depends on the topic you are writing on:

  • Introduction: In the first section, briefly explain your topic and how it affects your thesis statement. 
  • Body: Before discussing the effect, discuss the event and defend your claim. After this, how are they related to each other? 
  • Conclusion: The last section must start with restating the thesis and claiming the relationship between cause and effect. 

Definition Essay

Like you must be understanding from the name, here you need to define a term or idea. It can be anything: historical words, abstract concepts or any idea. 

Structure of a Definition Essay

This Essay has a simple and straightforward outline, which is as follows:

  • Introduction: Provide a simple definition of your topic and what points you will mention in different sections. 
  • Body: Elaborate the topic with all the support and alternative definitions. 
  • Conclusion: Like others here, you must restate the thesis statement and other things you have discussed. 

Evaluation Essay

This Essay mainly evaluates a topic, product or any other subject. To do a correct evaluation, you have to prove points. 

Structure of an Evaluation Essay

The structure of the Evaluation essay is:

  • Introduction: In the first section, introduce the topic you are evaluating. 
  • Body: In body, prove everything you evaluate by defending your points. 
  • Conclusion: Provide the final impression and your thesis statement. 

These are some of the famous essay types that you write when you are at university. If you still have doubts, we are here to help you. 

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