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25 Jan 2023

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Do you take a step back when it comes to writing an essay? If yes, then do you know the exact reason? 

The root cause behind disinterest is a lack of knowledge regarding the fundamentals of writing. All you do is analyse the topic and start writing on it. This blog will guide you with all the principles to clarify your thought process before drafting anything on paper. The foremost step towards writing is to analyse what you have been assigned. It is critical to examine different essay types that can probably require help from cheap essay writing servicesSo let us dive deep into the topic to make you understand the importance of moulding the writing pattern according to the type of essay. 

What Are 5 Different Essay Types? 

A common mistake students commit while writing is they do not understand the requirement of their project, and just for the sake of delivering the content they choose a topic and conduct research. It makes no sense until and unless you do not fulfil what is asked and cluelessly write. Each essay type has some norms and regulations, that you should be aware of if any paper has been assigned to you. Let us understand essay type in detail, so it creates a clear image concerning guidelines. 

1. Narrative Essay 

A narrative essay can be considered as a personal statement required for a university or school application. The narrative essay aims to describe a story and is the most personal essay you can write. To make a narrative essay seem like fiction you can use literary techniques such as alliteration, analogies, imagery, and dialogue. The introduction of a narrative essay should be attention-catching and must give the reader a gist of the background story.

Its essence can be uplifted by mixing creativity and imagination. For example, you can narrate your first time experience of driving a car or how your job application motivated you to become a great lawyer. If you are not clear with this type of essay then address a cheap essay writing expert for better understanding.

2. Descriptive Essay 

A descriptive essay explains a location, an event, a person, or a thing. Unlike narrative essays, it focuses more on creative writing. The only difference between a narrative and a descriptive essay is that the first one focuses on the whole, story while the latter targets a particular subject. Instead of explaining a monotonous event or an incident try to add some emotions and sensory details to immerse the reader. You can make the descriptive essay more engaging by adding strong adjectives and verbs. 

3. Expository Essay 

Expository essay neither focuses on describing nor narrating it follows a strategy of explaining a topic neutrally. Professors give such essays to students for testing their knowledge of a particular subject. The best advice to write it flawlessly is not to include any emotion or a personal opinion. It focuses on providing factual information to the reader.

These essays follow a different format and start an introduction with a thesis statement. The body includes facts, and the conclusion summarises the main pointers. For example, if your topic is environmental conservation, do not state opinions or viewpoints of the third party, instead include details regarding valid facts. 

4. Compare and Contrast Essay 

It is the most common essay type in academic writing. It takes two topics or subjects and discusses their similarities and differences. It starts with an introduction, details one paragraph about identical aspects and talks about opposing characteristics in another. When it talks in detail it arrives at a meaningful conclusion. 

5. Argumentative Essay 

If you are writing argumentative content, your goal lies in convincing the reader of your argument or viewpoint. It focuses on giving factual data rather than providing an emotional twist to the essay. You must know the sources and cite them for building the credibility and authenticity of the information provided. For example, if your topic discusses why companies should include wellness packages as a part of employee salary structure. To this, your essay can talk about how regular exercise provides plenty of health benefits to people and reduces the scope of sick leave in corporate culture. 

Now that you are well-versed in a different essay it is time to take a step forward and pick a topic according to essay type. If you are satisfied with this information and what to complete your essay as fast as possible, then look for cheap essay help.

How to Choose a Topic According to Essay Type?

It is imperative to know how to choose a topic for essay writing according to the type because it is the first step to improving your grades. Topic selection unveils how better you will perform among your classmates. 

1. Narrative Essay 

  • Choosing a topic with which it is easy to narrate any story.
  • Pick useful ideas.
  • Keep experimenting.
  • Revise the essay structure.
  1. Descriptive Essay 

  • Choose a specific topic.
  • Compile information.
  • Make an outline.
  • Look for ideas to upgrade the language.
  1. Expository Essay 

  • Make a list of topics.
  • Evaluate the topics.
  • Narrow down the focus.
  1. Compare and Contrast Essay 

  • Start with picking two different subjects.
  • Find data on both that is same.
  • Gather information that make them different.
  1. Argumentative Essay 

  • See what your themes says.
  • Find something that is worth arguing.
  • It should have both pros ad cons.

You have probably understood the significant element is topic selection. Let’s hop on to the next step to understand the complete procedure of writing. 

Essay Writing by Cheap Essay Writing Expert  

Here is a complete guide on how to write essays. But, before starting with this information, you should know that there is a plan B for every problem. This plan is called cheap essay writing, instead of risking your content you should order online.

1. Narrative Essay 

Choose a Topic 

As you know narrative essays are mainly written for university applications the main goal should be to choose a topic that reflects your positive side and attitude. Pick a subject that can meet the paper requirements. 

Create an Outline 

When you decide on the subject and gather the data create a proper outline. It will direct you on what to include in each section. 

Write in First-person 

As a narrative essay focuses tends to include personal pronouns such as I, Me, and We. It is a way that gauges readers and compels them to read further. 

Use Creative Language 

Add enticing words and phrases to your straightforward writing to make it more appealing. Attempt to display your story by being creative. 

Proofread Your Writing 

It is the final stage of writing. Proofread your entire document to spot errors and typos that can happen unknowingly. 

2. Descriptive Essay 

Choose a Specific Topic 

Prepare a thesis statement at the start. Choose a topic where you have enough valid data to impress a reader because personal opinion will not have a dominant impression. 

Compile Information 

Gather information from various sources and compile it for proper presentation. Take your time to conduct phenomenal research. 

Make an Outline 

An outline is the first step if you want that your essay showcases connectivity. Additionally, it makes your work easy as you know what to include in each section. 

Start Writing 

Now that you framed the entire structure start writing. A descriptive essay focuses on explaining an event, or a place and tries to make it eye-catching by adding powerful terminologies. 

3. Expository Essay 

Create an Outline 

Prepare an outline because you have to describe a subject in detail. It means you should have ample knowledge of the theme. What to include and what to debar come under proper framing and structuring. 

Write Introduction 

The introduction is the beginning of your essay. The start is with the central idea stated in your thesis. 

Write the Body 

After the introduction starts with the writing body, it should support your thesis statement by using factual information. Ensure to maintain an objective opinion.

Write Conclusion 

Wrap up your essay by summarizing your supporting points from each paragraph. And, if writing is not your forte, you can get your hands on an essay typer that can write your document for you.

4. Compare and Contrast Essay 

Prepare a Venn Diagram 

A Venn diagram is a pictorial representation of differences and similarities between two subjects. One circle depicts the character of the subject taken, and the latter also showcases the features of the other topic taken. The overlapping circle tells what is typical between the two ideas. 

Develop a Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement depicts the main idea of your document. It is a road map for your essay and highlights the imperative pointers of both the topics to discuss in the paper. 

Create an Outline 

Though the statement and outline may sound the same to you are different. The outline is a step-by-step guide you will follow to maintain a coherent structure of your essay. 

Write the Body

Now that you have prepared the framework takes no time to start your writing. Think about how you will make your essay creative and engaging by making a comparison and then telling about typical beliefs. 


It is the final stage where you will revise and look for errors and even minute mistakes. Never rush and proofread in hurry, as it can impact your document quality. 

5. Argumentative Essay 

Select An Arguable Topic 

As an argumentative essay presents both sides of the topic, choose one that interests, excites, and puzzles you. 

Form a Thesis Statement 

Illustrate your arguments and counterarguments for a better understanding of the audience. Also, it acts as a guide to yourself and ensures that you follow the right track. 

Present Clear Evidence 

Pieces of evidence support the hypothesis. Hence ensure that you provide authentic and clear evidence in the form of facts, statistics, scenarios, cases, and anecdotes. 

Draft Your Essay

As is the case with any piece of writing, you should take your argumentative essay through multiple drafts. When writing and revising your drafts, make sure you:

  • provide ample evidence, presented logically and fairly
  • deal with the opposing point of view
  • pay particular attention to the organization of your essay. Make sure its structure suits your topic and audience
  • address and correct any fallacies of logic
  • include proper transitions to allow your reader to follow your argument

Edit Your Draft 

Put your reader's hat on after you have written a developed draught, and take off your writer's hat. Review your essay critically and with care. To get feedback, have your classmates read a draught of your content. Based on your evaluation of it and the suggestions from your peers, carefully revise your draught.

For self-assessment and peer response to your draft, you may want to use a peer editing sheet. A peer editing sheet will guide you and your peers by asking specific questions about your text (i.e., What is the thesis of this essay? Is it arguable? Does the writer include ample evidence? Is the structure suitable for the topic and the audience?). For this critical job, it is always to trust a professional. For that, you can hire experts of cheap essay writing service.

Still have Doubts? Experts Are Here!  

A complete procedure is critical to know before final submission. Now that you know each step completely it will be easy for you to write any essay. Still, if you face any trouble from research to writing seek a cheap essay writing servicesThe experts first analyze the essay type and then take a step ahead. They understand your and the university's requirements in the context of essay submission. There arises no possibility for hampered quality. They try to maintain the essence of an essay by following basic principles and guidelines. Additionally, they are available 24*7 and promise to deliver your content on time. 

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