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Persuasive Essay Topics

101 In-Demand Persuasive Topic Ideas to Make Your Essay Perfect

12 Aug 2022


Are You in Search of a Perfect Topic for Your Persuasive Essay?

Are you unable to find that one perfect topic? We understand your problem and know that it can be difficult to find a topic which is interesting for you as well as audience. Your search has come to an end now. In this write-up, we are sharing a list of topics which you can use for your persuasive essays. Make sure to choose a topic which genuinely interests you.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

As our essay writing service providers say, in simple words, persuasive essay is academic writing which tries to persuade the audience that your point of view about the topic is correct and logical. They are also called argumentative essays.

List of Persuasive Essay Topics

This list includes essay topics from different genres which will ease your work. All of them are different in their own way and interesting but choose the one which you find most engaging. Topics in the list provided below are categorized according to the fields of study so that you find a topic more easily as per your requirements.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Zoology

1) Is making animals neutered ethical?

2) Wild animals can be kept as pets.

3) Hunting should be treated as a hobby.

4) Is it unethical to euthanize animals?

5) Conservation of endangered animals is an important issue.

6) Zoo is a safe place for animals.

7) Animal testing should be illegal.

8) Is animal testing justifiable?

9) Perks of having a pet.

10) Pets must be adopted rather than bought.

Persuasive Essay Topic On Business

11) Is it unprofitable for the businesses to go green?

12) Work environment effects employee’s performance.

13) Significance of HR employees in an organization.

14) A graduation degree does not guarantee success.

15) Importance of communication in a business.

16) Cryptocurrency is the new future.

17) Social media is an effective marketing tool.

18) Bankruptcy : Leading factors and course of action.

19) Technology and business: Two inseparable entities.

20) Which is better: Increasing salary or promoting an employee.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Education

21) Does school uniforms do any benefit?

22) Boys and girls should not sit together in the class.

23) Class strength affects the quality of education.

24) Should marks exist in lower classes?

25) Homework burden should be made less.

26) Which is better: Technological education or traditional education?

27) Is it productive to make subjects mandatory?

28) E-classrooms are less effective than traditional classrooms.

29) Teacher’s behaviour effects the student’s performance.

30) Why more subjects are needed in schools?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health

31) Should medical care be made free?

32) Which is better: Homeopathy or allopathy?

33) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

34) Salt is harmful for human bodies.

35) Why organ donating should be made mandatory?

36) Medicines does more harm than good.

37) Why people are becoming more fat?

38) Obesity is a serious concern.

39) Animals should be used for testifying drugs.

40) Doctors should not promote particular drugs.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Law

41) Weapons should be legalized in every country with precautions.

42) Should minimum age for driving be increased?

43) Strict action must be taken against websites promoting sexuality.

44) Websites providing illegal music and movies must be banned.

45) Rich people should pay more tax.

46) Marijuana: A healthy drug.

47) Should weapons be legalized?

48) Local criminals should be banned from public places.

49) Should voting be made compulsory?

50) llegal immigrant should be jailed.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Travel

51) Should Antarctica be banned for people?

52) Airplane tickets should be made more cheaper.

53) How does travelling affect a person?

54) Bermuda triangle: A mystery.

55) Travelling makes a person open minded.

56) Travel companies are real money looters.

57) Tourism is an ever growing sector.

58) Should medical travelling be made free?

59) All travel guides should learn one common language.

60) Impact of travelling on an economy.

Persuasive Essay Topics On Environment

61) More solid rules are needed for endangered species.

62) Is nuclear energy justified?

63) Palm oil should be prohibited from using.

64) Hunting of animals helps nature indirectly.

65) Vegetarianism is promoting animal over-population.

66) Crime against environment must be taken strictly.

67) Are human needs justifying world’s deforestation?

68) Plastic bags should be prohibited from manufacturing.

69) Rainforest protection rules need to be more strict.

70) E-cars should be promoted by tax subsidies.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Media and Entertainment

71) Social media will replace media.

72) Public’s confidence on media: good or bad.

73) Newspapers have come to an end.

74) Media is becoming profit oriented rather than public oriented.

75) Too much power to media is dangerous.

76) Use of animals for TV shows is unethical.

77) Social media is helping global terrorism.

78) Television shows are encouraging orthodox and stereotypes.

79) Strict action should be taken against fake news.

80) Social media is causing more harm than good.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Technology

81) Technology is making human life more complex.

82) Do humans need smart phones?

83) Humans are becoming slaves because of technology.

84) How technology shaped 21st century?

85) Technology is making children introverts.

86) Pros and cons of social media applications.

87) Technology is making people more lazy.

88) Technology is working against environment protection.

89) Use of mobile phones should be limited by law.

90) Technology will ease future travel.

Other Persuasive Essay Topics

91) Does dieting really helps in weight loss?

92) Censorship is not justified.

93) Students should be made free to choose their subjects.

94) Should military be given the right to strike?

95) Physical education course should be made mandatory.

96) Reservation on any basis should be removed.

97) Scholarship should only be based on merits.

98) Is globalization man made disaster?

99) Violent video games effect children behaviour.

100) Tobacco products should be completely prohibited.

101) Actors are paid too much.

Winding Up

Now, You Have the Complete List of Topics to Choose for Your Persuasive Essay. You must keep in mind some things before you finalize a topic. Here are some tips.

  • Make sure that the topic is adhering to your university’s curriculum requirements.
  • Ensure data availability while choosing a topic.
  • Always be flexible about your topic.

With this topics list and precaution tips, it will become an easy task for you to chose a persuasive essay topic. You can also take online assistance for your essay from us at Instant Assignment Help.

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